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None Dare Call It Sedition

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In information warfare, one of the tenets is the spreading of disinformation. And, one of the most effective tactics is misdirection of attention–get people to look away in another direction while you do something where they are not looking. It is known as a diversion–and in our current layman’s terms, a distraction.

No doubt all of us would agree that the Wuhan Virus, which is real, and the responses we have taken to it, are a distraction at an order of magnitude unheard of in our history. It is not hard to be distracted when you are locked down in your home, bombarded with bad news, cautions, threats, news 24/7, out of work, and afraid.

So, what have we missed while distracted? Quite a bit. To start with, the redacted footnotes from Inspector General Horowitz’s report on FISA abuse within the FBI are now–after months of demands–unredacted. They confirm what many knew, but you were vilified if you even discussed it. The new evidence confirms Russian meddling on behalf of the Clinton Campaign through the use of misinformation. The middlemen/buffers? Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele.

His further report on 19 additional FISA warrants where he discovered none were founded, and basically, in my words, that the court was misled, sheds a spotlight on one of the darkest, most dangerous activities begun and condoned by the previous Administration’s Justice Department, and FBI.

The newest material will likely pale in comparison to what Durham has uncovered so far. We do not know where his investigation will eventually end, but no doubt he is a bloodhound. The Attorney General has already indicated that the “deeply troubling” data he has seen so far, about meddling and interfering in the 2016 election campaign to destroy the candidacy of Donald J. Trump, is only prologue. He has intimated in the strongest way possible in recent interviews that as egregious as that was, it extended beyond the campaign and election into the Presidency itself. He has characterized it as “sabotage.” The intent? To overthrow a sitting President.

Friends, no matter your political party, or degree of emotionality you have for the various men and women who play in the swamp, YOU and YOU ALONE are the only ones who should oust a President. You do that by your ballot in the ballot box.

If anyone else attempts to do it, they are usurping your rights as a citizen of this country. Notice that when the national disgrace known as the Impeachment of President Trump (which followed the attempt to force him from office by the now-verifiable Russian Collusion Hoax, the Ukraine Hoax, and any other failed propaganda campaigns the American people have had to endure these last 3 years) failed, we suddenly had our attention directed to the Wuhan Virus.

The President himself was pre-occupied during his own Impeachment with his perception that a dangerous virus was about to arrive here. And while we were totally distracted–mesmerized by the foolishness in our Congress–he closed the border to anyone arriving from China.

Hoping we would not notice that the removal by Impeachment effort had failed, all guns trained on him then to accuse him of being racist and xenophobic for trying to stop travel from China.

And now, we are totally absorbed with our own survival. Distracted royally once again, and diverted from looking at the criminal investigations and their imminent findings, the next diversion is to turn your wrath on the President for the fact we had the virus at all, and that Americans died during it.

Adam Schiff has reared his ugly head again, and is beginning investigations to see if the President’s handling of the Corona Virus constitutes an Impeachable Offense. Flailing around, looking for anything he can find to attack, the stupidity and perfidy of the Washington swamp continues.

And, all of that, my friends, is the newest attempt to divert your attention from the real cause of all the turmoil we have been through these last 3.5 years. The cast of characters is the same. The attack lines have been diverse. But, it was all agreed to by elected and non-elected officials inside the previous Administration–whose influence extends into the current Administration as well.

This is not just harassment, in my opinion. This is not just “dirty tricks.” This is persecution. There is a word for it. I intend to use that word today. The word is Sedition. (Definition: Conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of a state or lawful authority.)

The known cast of characters includes former CIA Director John Brennan, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former FBI Director James Comey, former Counter Intelligence FBI agent Peter Strok, former British spy Christopher Steele, the Russian Intelligence disinformation crew, former Presidential Candidate Hilary Clinton, and the Clinton campaign who knew the file they commissioned was bogus. The FBI also knew it was, from the get-go. That is part of the new evidence. They knew, and they used it anyway–before and AFTER the election.

My point though is simply this. We are distracted for sure. Just don’t be so distracted that you dismiss the arduous, dangerous work that has led to new evidence, and which will lead to even more.

Someone wants you to rebel–legally or illegally, civilly or violently. Someone wants you to be “the patsy.” Hiding in the shadows they are trying to get you to do the dirty work. (If you really want to identify who they are, read my trilogy.)

Oh wait, I could be wrong. It may in fact be treason. (Definition: Violation of allegiance towards one’s country or sovereign, the betrayal of one’s country by purposely aiding its enemies.) Ahh, but we are not at war, right? So, our enemies can not be called that. They are to be called adversaries for legal purposes.

But, in the vernacular, I think you understand both terms. And, I think we have all been the victims of sedition and/or treason for 4 years.

If you have followed my blogs, you know I have been calling out Director John Brennan for some time–ever since I saw him on television in an interview where he looked directly into the camera and said, “Stay tuned Mr. President.” That was a direct threat to the President, and as an American citizen, I did not like it. I would have had the same reaction, by the way, if one had done that to President Obama, Bush, or Clinton. I am not talking about some talk-show host shooting off their mouth. I am talking about a person who has the power and wherewithal to do unthinkable deeds.

Read the Blog entitled, “The mysterious, missing, Mr. Mifsud” I believe for sure that John Brennan is the “TARGET” ( and I mean that in legal terms) of the Durhalm criminal investigation. I believe the man I call “the Bloodhound” is closing in.

So, some may have been distracted, Mr. Brennan. But “the Bloodhound” doesn’t appear to be one of them. Me either. “Stay tuned, Director Brennan, stay tuned.”

Who Benefits? The answers

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Well, I certainly sparked a lot of communication from you with the last Blog. Your answers involve people who are all involved to some degree. The two that I was specifically referring to are directly relevant to the attempt to destroy a political opponent, and then, later, to overturn an election.

Most of this is public data now. But, I may connect a few dots for you differently. The one who launched the rumor line which triggered eventually the Mueller Investigation is Hillary Clinton, and the DNC. Using a law firm, it is known now that they hired an “opposition research” (otherwise known sadly as slander and lies team) firm to dig up dirt on candidate Trump. That led to the now-discredited Steele Dossier, which led to leaks to the Media, which led to FISA warrants, investigations, and the Mueller Investigation.

Mrs. Clinton doggedly refuses to not be President of the United States. She is waiting in the wings now, I believe, to be “drafted” by her party to give the President a run for his money. The Ukraine scandal I believe was intended to take out a political rival in her own party–Joe Biden. And, it was intended to damage President Trump, so that he would be bruised and weakened by the long, brutal Impeachment proceedings. It was a two-for.

Masterminding the implementation of this whole thing, I believe, is former CIA Director John Brennan. Clinton, Comey, Brennan, and Clapper were all high-level Obama officials, running the State Dept., the FBI, the CIA, and National Intelligence–not all at the same time, but all under the same administration and boss. However, the latter three ran together. An odd type of perverted Three Musketeers.

By the way, you can count on George Soros to have his fingers in almost every political pot globally. If it involves destruction and overthrow, you will find him there.

But, this operation was created by the man who thinks he is smarter than anyone else, and who apparently feels he should be the sole determiner of who sits in the White House. Whether he and Clinton actually conspired, I do not know. It will take a very brave prosecutor to ferret that out.

Brennan, nonetheless, took the Steele Dossier and sent it surreptitiously around to various individuals and countries in order to give it credibility. But, the stream-lined approach we now know went something like this. Fusion GPS hired Christopher Steele to “dig up dirt” on Trump on behalf of Clinton and the DNC. Steele either fabricated the content of the “dossier” or was duped by Russian Intelligence (or the Ukraine–pay attention to this one later).

The “dossier” then found its way to the Justice Dept. through a very suspicious connection between Fusion GPS and the Justice Dept. From there it reached the FBI. And, it found its way to Senator John McCain, who also gave it to the FBI.

Having failed to prevent Trump’s election and inauguration, John Brennan–still in the shadows–appears to have directed FBI Director Comey to meet with the President and show him the “dossier”–purportedly to prove to him why he needed daily briefings. If you assume, as I do, that the Intelligence Community is the insidious core of much of our country’s struggles, then each President can be controlled in his foreign policy by who briefs him, how often they brief him, and what the content of the briefing is. Ask yourself: If I were President of the United States, how would I know what is true and/or important? You wouldn’t. You would tend to rely upon the Intelligence team.

Trump is a maverick in more than one way. If you haven’t noticed by now, he has his own operating style and he trusts his own instincts and judgments. Having notified them that he did not need daily briefings, Comey ostensibly used the document to prove to him what kind of “stuff” can come up.

That was the cover. But, it was a con. Under Brennan’s direction, once Comey had shown it to the President of the United States, it was now official. The President had seen it, and it was now a legitimate subject of leaks and Media attention.

Immediately following his meeting with the President, Comey notified Clapper of that fact, and Clapper (Director of National Intelligence) was then unleashed to get it to key Media, who ran with the story now that it appeared to have credibility attached to it. The words, “Take the kill shot” are now starting to surface. Brennan, always in the shadows, I believe was running a covert op against the President, and staging a coup.

Well, of course, you know that led to the Russia Collusion accusations, the Mueller Investigation, and the findings of nothing. 30plus million taxpayer dollars were spent. But, the President was still standing.

So, now, members of the National Security Council, who were placed there by the previous administration, began to leak “stories” about Ukraine and election interference. You know where that led: to secret, one-sided, no-due process hearings in the basement of the Capitol, railroading of Democrats to sign onto the indictments, and eventually to the absolutely ludicrous Impeachment Trial.

Trump is still standing. But, Joe Biden is going down because of what was exposed in the “leaked” phone call. This always was an Intelligence op. Folks, the target was Biden. Trump was collateral damage–a secondary target.

The Democrats are facing primaries where the most popular candidates are all very much socialistic. And the DNC and Democrat elites are unhappy for sure. They will be searching for any way they can to knock off their top socialist candidates.

Hillary Clinton is still out there. Watch what she says and does in the coming weeks. And don’t get flimflammed.

Crossfire Hurricane Part 2

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Last week I reminded you of a con run under the color of law. Meant to look totally legit, and fool you, something truly terrifying was devised and implemented. The Horowitz report confirms it. And that report confirms that Devin Nunes was right, and telling the truth. And that Adam Schiff was not right, and not telling the truth. Keep that in mind as you watch the spectacle of a President being impeached for two non-crimes.

One of the Articles of Impeachment is gone already, since the Supreme Court has decided to take up the President’s appeal regarding privileged material. That automatically makes that a legitimate argument under our Constitution. In a conflict between the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch, one turns to the Judicial Branch for guidance and decision. So, try to prove somehow that the President using that channel– as has been done many, many times in our history–is “Obstruction of Congress.”

The other Article is a travesty. So, here is the second Blog I wrote about Operation Crossfire Hurricane. I encourage you to read the Horowitz Report about this operation. Then, pay very close attention to the FOUR countries I named last July as being involved. It may color your opinion of the farce that is about to show up in the Congress on Wednesday.


In an earlier Blog, I asked the question who was the target of this Operation Crossfire Hurricane?   Who was caught in the crossfire, and who did it?   Here are some answers.

The target was candidate Donald Trump and his campaign.   When that failed to stop his election, President Trump became the target.   Sadly, it was done–not just by foreign adversaries, but by the top echelon of the FBI, and, I believe, the CIA and other Intelligence personnel.

Almost a magic act of deception and misdirection, a lie was concocted and then planted, and then bounced around the country.   Sucked into its hurricane were media journalists like Michael Isikoff, Senators like John McCain., Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Atty General Rod Rosenstein.   Begun by Peter Stok, Andrew McCabe, and Lisa Page most likely, it appears to have been orchestrated by FBI Dir. James Comey, CIA director John Brennan, and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.  Other names to pay attention to as the data surfaces, and the evidence mounts are Sally Yates, Samantha Powers, Loretta Lynch, and the former President. The question to answer is this:  Who ordered the implementation of Crossfire Hurricane?  Who in the UK, Australia, Ukraine, and Italy were complicit?

The objective?  to take down the President of the United States.

Why? In investigations one has to identify the Who, the What, the When, the Where.  But, there will always be an underlying Why.  Some of you may not care to know the Why.   Some of you may be gleeful that for whatever reason they did it, you won’t pursue it because you have disdain for this President, and don’t really care what happens to him.

Now, here’s the point.   This time they did it to my guy.  The next time, it will be done to your guy.  None of these people care about Republican or Democrat, Conservative or Liberal.   They care about power and control.   And you, the American people, got in their way.   Certain they were set for life, the American people threw the grenade called Donald Trump into their cozy little den.   His presence threatened everything.

But, be sure, you are the ones they hate.   Why?   Because you have the annoying habit of believing you are smart, insightful; you have the tendancy to make decisions and to think independently.  Further, you are operating under the delusion–in their opinion–that you are the boss, and they are working for you.

To them, you are stupid and self-centered, and need to be governed. You were called “Deplorable” and recently you have been called “Garbage.”  James Comey last week said that you were a mob that should be put in a dark corner. Don’t miss this people. Regrettably, Crossfire Hurricane spilled out into our lives as well.   Donald Trump was not the only victim here. You were also the victim–and in my opinion the actual intended target.

You stepped out of line.   You superseded your “authority” in their minds.   You sent a true change agent.  And that person was capable of dismantling all their power and money structure.  Why?  Because, as an executive, he has the habit of asking the question, “Why?”   It’s part of the package of true executives.  They need to know why something is working or not working, why stats are going up or down, why public relations are strong or not strong.   The list of questions is endless, but always governed by the need to know the real reason why.   Once they identify the underlying “why” they can begin to fix and expand.

The American people sent an executive to Washington, not a self-serving, career-enhancing politician.   And that was a “sin” in the minds of the authoritarian swamp rats.   They may know that they can not get rid of the guy–at least by now they know that.  But the real message is one for YOU.   The message?   Don’t ever do this again.  If you try, we will destroy you, and anyone connected to you.

Talk about voter suppression!  Something to think about, my friends.   Something to think about…

Next Blog…”Make America Law Abiding Again”

“Crossfire Hurricane,” the Dirty Penny!

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In June of this year I published the first of two Blogs on Crossfire Hurricane as a preview of coming attractions.   I have reprised it below so that you can read it.  You can read the part two of it for yourselves  (Crossfire Hurricane Revisited)

Deception and Misdirection are tools of the Information Warfare establishment.   Call it Propaganda, Black Propaganda, Opposition Research, Horror stories–call it whatever you want.  Nothing changes the result: a manipulated and hyper-emotional you who can not distinguish fact from fiction, whose reason and emotions are at the effect of the propagandist, and whose level of hopelessness is dragging you down.

This is the stuff I write about in my prophetic fiction that is fact-based.   Today, I have Good News for you!!   Although CNN refused to cover the opening statement of the Horowitz hearing yesterday about his 400 plus page report on abuse of power, and other networks didn’t cover it at all, you can watch the whole hearing.   C-Span should have it.  Don’t rely upon any media outlet such as YouTube.   Go to the government source.

And know that while the fools on the House Judiciary Committee were hammering out the last bit of their putrid attempt to overthrow a President of the United States on grounds that aren’t even crimes, the source of their cancerous hatred was being exposed in the Senate Judiciary Hearing with Horowitz testifying about his report.  It remains to be seen how many Congressmen and women were actually complicit in this, and how many were just unwitting victims of a brilliantly executed, deadly, counter-intelligence hoax run against us.

Word of warning:   Don’t be lazy here!    Don’t rely upon news headlines for their one line summary of the Horowitz report.   Listen to the whole hearing.   Better yet, read the whole report.  If you want to understand “Abuse of Power,” I challenge you to dig deep. This report is only the beginning.   Its release was necessary so the data in it can get folded into the ongoing criminal investigation.   All of the Blogs that I have written that have been political in nature are about to come together at a nexus.   You will have that nexus in about 5-6 months.  All roads do in fact lead to Rome!

For now, refresh your memory with my Crossfire Hurricane Blog, and then go read about the Crossfire Hurricane details in the Horowitz Report, and watch the Dec. 11, 2019 Senate Hearing. It may scare you, it may embarrass you, it may horrify you, it may anger you.   But, it will not bore you.  Truth has a way of surfacing.   Hang on America.   This is the beginning of the final ride on this roller-coaster from hell.


If you have not heard that term, you have not been watching or reading the right news sources.  In the coming months, you, as Americans, are going to have to face something you never could have conceived, you never would have believed, and may not know how to handle.

Be calm, daylight reveals the truth.

Some of you who follow Congressional hearings have heard of Crossfire Hurricane, and it may have caused you to shudder.   It is real; it was testified to under oath by top FBI personnel; it was deployed against an American.   And we are going to explore it in the next few Blogs.

But, for now, just take a look at the name itself.   Ask yourself what crossfire is.  It is fIre from more than one direction converging on a single spot.  Ask yourself if you would like to be caught in a crossfire.   Certainly it is a tactic to guarantee that you hit the enemy from both sides, thus insuring he falls.

And Hurricane.   Well we all know the devastating force, winds, inundating floods, and treacherous clockwise/counterclockwise churning that a hurricane creates.   Not to mention its sudden changes in direction.   And it is broad, almost inescapable if you are in its direct path.

So, your tax payer dollars have been used in the last three years to create a hurricane deployed against American citizens.  Simultaneously, the individuals caught in the hurricane were hit with crossfire in an attempt to bring them down.

Who would conceive of this diabolical plot?   Who would further name it in such a sinister way?  Who was the target?  Did they survive?

Let’s talk.

“Oh, what a web we weave…”

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If you have read “White King and the Doctor”–and I implore you to do so–you may remember that our enemy’s Propaganda Warfare Chief, who owned an international public relations firm, laid out a plan to take down the United States.   That plan involved what is called a Fifth Column.  (See my early Blogs last year)   It is a military term for a force operating inside a country whose purpose is to sow divisiveness in order to break the solidarity of a people, and it also may involve actual sabotage.  Pay attention now please! If it is Information Warfare, there may be sabotage of the information the people receive.  The end result of a successful 5th Column attack is the weakening of the core of the nation, and an eventual implosion.

In our case, the United States does not have to be done away with.   But, for those whose goal is world domination, it does have to be relegated to a lesser status where it can be controlled and manipulated by others outside our country.

What I need you all to understand is that the United States is We The People.  To bring the United States down, we the people have to be rendered impotent.   Now that is a tough challenge in a country as diverse as ours, and with a population that is smart, innovative, rugged, and brave.

I would rather you read this in the novel, as it will allow you to get your bearings, discover some truths for yourself, and to digest it in a story that makes current life understandable.   But, there is not time for only that now.   Here’s why.

The strategies the man named “Samir” laid out to accomplish bringing America down from within were to get us to do it to ourselves.   No one else would have the money and military resources to do it in a conventional way.   Therefore, by default, the attack would have to be done through Information Warfare.   Whoever controls the information you and I receive, and whoever manipulates the interpretation of facts or lies, will control us.

Two strategies were deployed by “Samir” (please see the Blog “All Roads Lead to Rome”).  One is that a lie told often enough becomes the truth.   The other is that a truth told can appear so outrageous it is dismissed as a lie.

This is shockingly and, though obvious to me, perhaps unknowingly being done to you right now.  In November of 2020, the American people will elect their next President.   It will either be the current President, or it will be someone else.   It matters not who your preference is for this discussion. It matters that you understand within an inch of your life that the key thing is that the American People–and only the American People–are to decide who is President.

Now, I am about to express a truth so outrageous you may be tempted to dismiss it as a lie.  Don’t yield to that knee-jerk response.   Slow down, take a deep breath, and listen.   To me?  More to your own still, quiet heart.

A coup attempt is in fact going on in the United States today.  The target appears to be President Donald J. Trump, but he is only your stand-in.   I am not diminishing his capabilities etc. but I want to make it clear he is your representative.  So, an attempt to overthrow him–less than 1 year from when you all have the opportunity to legally and constitutionally pick your President–is an attempt to overthrow you, and undermine your power.

The two strategies to divide us all, and to render you confused and fearful, are these.   Be on the lookout for them.   You are already caught in the eddy, and the whirlpool is intensifying.   Here is what the Information Warfare tactics will be.   You will be bombarded  from all directions, every day all day, by lies– from Media and other politicians too dim to know they are being used. Lies planted carefully and deviously, supported by other lies, and intertwined with yet other lies, connecting to even broader webs of lies.  They may be about the President, or about those working with him, but make no mistake.   YOU are the target.   The goal is to overwhelm your reason with so much false information you eventually succumb and accept the lies as truths.  You begin to doubt your own reality, and the reality of those around you.

Sir Walter Scott said it best in a poem, “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.”

This web of deception will be done ahead of some major truths that will be exposed in the next few months.   Those truths are being relentlessly ferreted out through investigation, and those truths, I believe, will disrupt the world order as it is today.  And that, my friends, would be very devastating to those who want to control.  Therefore their propaganda campaign will flood the area with lies, so that when the truth appears, it will seem so outrageous to you–in the context of the lies–that you will dismiss the truth as a lie.

And bingo, the whole system goes upside down.   If “Samir” succeeds, you will be living in a world of political lies so pervasive you come to accept it as the norm–The “New Normal” in truth.   Only it is all a web of lies.  Then, you, on your own, will push aside or squash the truth when it comes out, since your mind will have been reprogrammed to view and evaluate through the filter of reversed truth.   You will be tempted to reject the truth in favor of the lie, and believe you are doing the righteous, patriotic thing in doing so.

Do you see how maniacal that is?   How Machiavellian?

The flaw in the ointment is this.   Americans are pretty smart.   We still have “gut instinct” and “common sense.”   And we are fiercely independent.   I think you know someone is doing something to you.   I think you feel it.   It feels like something may be trying to separate you from your own logic.

Sadly, this is part and parcel, stock and trade for the Black Propagandist, the Information Warrior.   He is the polar opposite of you.   He is the polar opposite of sanity.   Therefore, if you feel somehow that the world turned upside down, and you are wrestling with obscene illogics and punitive reasoning, just know the attack is on.

When I wrote the two books, “White King and the Doctor” and “White King Rising” which expose this and a whole lot more, and were stories of fiction inspired by actual events, I expected a tremendous amount of pushback from the readers, from the Intelligence Community, and others.   Instead, I got a resounding affirmation.   The immediate comment upon finishing the story from almost everyone was, “My God, I think this is true.”

Hold onto your truth, my friends.   You are being forced to reason on the foundation of lies that has been put in place.   It is, however, shifting sand.   There is something someone does not want you–the American People–to do in November of 2020.

My best solution:   Look at what the elites want you to do, what the Media wants you to do, what the Intelligence Community may want you to do, what some politicians may want you to do. Stand your ground, and do the opposite of what they want and expect.   That act alone may right the ship.

70 million Americans pulling the chain on this toilet can flush it all away.   We are the land of the free.    It still remains to be proven that we, as a people, constitute the home of the brave.

Hint:   When someone says they need to overthrow a President ahead of your election in order to save the country, you are looking at a lie.   Don’t let it become a truth, lest you forfeit your own power.   That power?   Your vote, my friends, your vote.