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My Bad–CNN did cover it!

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Well, I was wrong. CNN did cover the President’s trip to India. Then all the other media sheep followed them with the exact same coverage.

Of course, CNN did not cover the purpose of the trip in any great depth or analysis. They did not cover the 110,000 excited fans in the arena, nor the reported other 100,000 people lining the streets for the motorcade, except as backdrop for the real story.

The real story according to CNN? The dietary habits of President Donald J. Trump. They decided to belittle and ridicule our President for his eating habits. They were all obsessed with what he was going to eat in India, since he likes steak. And they just couldn’t imagine that he would be able to endure the vegetarian diet that Modi would likely present to him. (Sounds a bit stereotypical to me. But then, no one is accusing these journalists of original thought or observation.)

They even had the ubiquitous “anonymous White House sources” tell them the President rarely even eats a salad. And, ignoring the trade deals, the cementing of an alliance with an ally, the potential securing of the region, they spent their time joking and demeaning.

Can you believe these folks are paid millions? As a former Human Resources and Labor Relations executive, I recommend you send every mean-spirited, shallow person you run into over to CNN to apply for a job.

They should fit right in.

So, there you have it–my official correction of my original inaccurate “reporting.”

The 110,000 person non-story

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Today, more than half way around the world, 110,000 excited people filled the world’s largest cricket stadium. The motorcade arriving at the stadium drove through record crowds, throngs of people along the streets–many waving American flags–and deposited its occupants backstage.

Who drew such a crowd? For whom was such enthusiasm displayed? Who drew even bigger crowds than President Trump typically does in the United States?

I heard about this while driving to my yoga class this morning. I happened to turn on a morning business show to check in on what was happening business-wise when the host of the show, Stuart Varney, was lamenting the fact that there was almost no coverage of the event. He wanted to see and hear more.

But, our media was only begrudgingly commenting on this historic crowd and speechmaking. True, it occurred in the middle of the night ET, so perhaps they were just too exhausted hyping political activities here in the US to have been able to get up that early, or to stay up that late. Or perhaps they lacked the intellectual curiosity to find out why so many people were out, flag-waving, in a foreign country.

More likely they knew, but couldn’t stomach admitting the admiration the speaker was getting. Perhaps they couldn’t admit that this person is not universally hated. Perhaps the images of 110,000 cheering people in a stadium were so great a contradiction to the narrative they have told Americans for so long that they couldn’t even find words.

Some found a picture. Some may have reluctantly shown a small clip of a moment or two of the event in that stadium. Then they returned to the usual onslaught of negativity and falsehoods that we all have become accustomed to.

So, who was the visitor to India? President Donald J. Trump.

I challenge you to look it up and see what you can learn about why these people appear to love our President. You can be pretty sure you will need to ferret it out yourself.

Because if the conspiracy-theory Media has its way, you will soon be given a long list of countries that they believe are trying to interfere in our election. Any world leader who appreciates the United States and who respects our President will have to be added to the list of possible co-conspirators.

So far, we can add Prime Minister Modi of India, Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Great Britain. the Prime Minister of Canada, the President of Mexico, the Director of NATO, the President of Russia, the President of the Ukraine, the Prime Minister of Australia, the President of France, the President of Brazil, the President of Colombia, the Prime Minister of Israel, the King of Jordan, the Prime Minister of Japan, the President of China, the President of South Korea.

And the list goes on. Boy, that is an awful lot of countries who could be engaging in interference with the next election because they want to continue to work with our President!! Wow, former CIA Director John Brennan is going to be awfully busy framing all of those guys! It’s going to take the help of a whole crew of people. For sure he is going to need Comey and Clapper.

The “swamp” is going to be overworked for the next few months. This is going to be fun to watch!

Stay tuned, Director Brennan. Don’t forget “the Bloodhound” is still out there, getting closer and closer. You might want to up your doses of anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, and sleep medications.

Too True

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Last week I posted a Blog entitled “Who Benefits? The Answers” I encourage you to read the Blogs AND because only two days after I posted the “answers” analysis, the predictions I made in it started to happen.

I heard that the Drudge Report was trying to confirm “rumors” that were circulating in Washington. The rumor was that Michael Bloomberg and Hillary Clinton were going to team up on the ticket to run against the incumbent president.

Then, over the weekend, Dick Morris, who worked closely with President Bill Clinton as an advisor, and who now writes for Newsmax, predicted that Hillary will run again…that she will step into the race.

So, as I said last week, watch what she says and does in the coming weeks. Anonymous leaks and planted rumors are her stock in trade. If enough people go into agreement with the idea as the rumors take hold, then she could be “drafted” by her party. And thus, would not have to bother about the pesky and exhausting primary campaign trail.

And, if the necessary support never materializes, it all can be dismissed as “mere rumors,” not founded in any substance. So, what do you think? Is she testing the waters already? Or is she setting herself up to make a deal of some kind?

Who Benefits? The answers

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Well, I certainly sparked a lot of communication from you with the last Blog. Your answers involve people who are all involved to some degree. The two that I was specifically referring to are directly relevant to the attempt to destroy a political opponent, and then, later, to overturn an election.

Most of this is public data now. But, I may connect a few dots for you differently. The one who launched the rumor line which triggered eventually the Mueller Investigation is Hillary Clinton, and the DNC. Using a law firm, it is known now that they hired an “opposition research” (otherwise known sadly as slander and lies team) firm to dig up dirt on candidate Trump. That led to the now-discredited Steele Dossier, which led to leaks to the Media, which led to FISA warrants, investigations, and the Mueller Investigation.

Mrs. Clinton doggedly refuses to not be President of the United States. She is waiting in the wings now, I believe, to be “drafted” by her party to give the President a run for his money. The Ukraine scandal I believe was intended to take out a political rival in her own party–Joe Biden. And, it was intended to damage President Trump, so that he would be bruised and weakened by the long, brutal Impeachment proceedings. It was a two-for.

Masterminding the implementation of this whole thing, I believe, is former CIA Director John Brennan. Clinton, Comey, Brennan, and Clapper were all high-level Obama officials, running the State Dept., the FBI, the CIA, and National Intelligence–not all at the same time, but all under the same administration and boss. However, the latter three ran together. An odd type of perverted Three Musketeers.

By the way, you can count on George Soros to have his fingers in almost every political pot globally. If it involves destruction and overthrow, you will find him there.

But, this operation was created by the man who thinks he is smarter than anyone else, and who apparently feels he should be the sole determiner of who sits in the White House. Whether he and Clinton actually conspired, I do not know. It will take a very brave prosecutor to ferret that out.

Brennan, nonetheless, took the Steele Dossier and sent it surreptitiously around to various individuals and countries in order to give it credibility. But, the stream-lined approach we now know went something like this. Fusion GPS hired Christopher Steele to “dig up dirt” on Trump on behalf of Clinton and the DNC. Steele either fabricated the content of the “dossier” or was duped by Russian Intelligence (or the Ukraine–pay attention to this one later).

The “dossier” then found its way to the Justice Dept. through a very suspicious connection between Fusion GPS and the Justice Dept. From there it reached the FBI. And, it found its way to Senator John McCain, who also gave it to the FBI.

Having failed to prevent Trump’s election and inauguration, John Brennan–still in the shadows–appears to have directed FBI Director Comey to meet with the President and show him the “dossier”–purportedly to prove to him why he needed daily briefings. If you assume, as I do, that the Intelligence Community is the insidious core of much of our country’s struggles, then each President can be controlled in his foreign policy by who briefs him, how often they brief him, and what the content of the briefing is. Ask yourself: If I were President of the United States, how would I know what is true and/or important? You wouldn’t. You would tend to rely upon the Intelligence team.

Trump is a maverick in more than one way. If you haven’t noticed by now, he has his own operating style and he trusts his own instincts and judgments. Having notified them that he did not need daily briefings, Comey ostensibly used the document to prove to him what kind of “stuff” can come up.

That was the cover. But, it was a con. Under Brennan’s direction, once Comey had shown it to the President of the United States, it was now official. The President had seen it, and it was now a legitimate subject of leaks and Media attention.

Immediately following his meeting with the President, Comey notified Clapper of that fact, and Clapper (Director of National Intelligence) was then unleashed to get it to key Media, who ran with the story now that it appeared to have credibility attached to it. The words, “Take the kill shot” are now starting to surface. Brennan, always in the shadows, I believe was running a covert op against the President, and staging a coup.

Well, of course, you know that led to the Russia Collusion accusations, the Mueller Investigation, and the findings of nothing. 30plus million taxpayer dollars were spent. But, the President was still standing.

So, now, members of the National Security Council, who were placed there by the previous administration, began to leak “stories” about Ukraine and election interference. You know where that led: to secret, one-sided, no-due process hearings in the basement of the Capitol, railroading of Democrats to sign onto the indictments, and eventually to the absolutely ludicrous Impeachment Trial.

Trump is still standing. But, Joe Biden is going down because of what was exposed in the “leaked” phone call. This always was an Intelligence op. Folks, the target was Biden. Trump was collateral damage–a secondary target.

The Democrats are facing primaries where the most popular candidates are all very much socialistic. And the DNC and Democrat elites are unhappy for sure. They will be searching for any way they can to knock off their top socialist candidates.

Hillary Clinton is still out there. Watch what she says and does in the coming weeks. And don’t get flimflammed.

Who Benefits?

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Well, the “trial” is over. The acquittal is won. Millions were spent. And the politicians who smugly think they won by bringing the coup attempt all the way to the Senate, and to the final step of an Impeachment of a President, have been flimflammed.

Mitt Romney doesn’t know it yet. Joe Biden doesn’t know it yet. Nancy Pelosi and even Adam Schiff don’t know it yet. But, they were hood-winked, bamboozled, hustled, and the victim of any other word for conned that you want to use.

Ironic, actually. Except for this truth. One is blind and stupid in areas wherein they have committed crimes. So, if you have felt that these people were just stupid, ignorant, or corrupt, think again. Their own “crimes” from times gone past caught up with them, causing them to miss seeing the obvious. Or, if they did see it, their own crimes caused them to go into agreement, and become a co-actor.

Time will unravel much of this mystery, and expose the culprits who conceived it and pulled it off. I think you all may figure it out earlier than most if you will ask yourself: Who benefits?

Who benefits from a “revelation” by a Whistleblower? (By the way, don’t fall for the propaganda line that Whistleblowers are to remain anonymous. They are NOT to remain anonymous. They are to be protected from retribution such as being fired etc., but due process dictates that they can not be anonymous.)

Surely Trump did not benefit. Neither did Biden. Nor his son. Nor the corruption-fighting President of the Ukraine. Nancy Pelosi did not benefit. Her legacy now is one of connivance and perfidy. Schiff did not. He is too dumb to know he did not benefit. But, he is the subject of ridicule.

Mitt Romney did not. His political career is over. CNN did not. They are a disgrace in the world of TV news. The New York Times did not. They have fallen for anonymous, unsubstantiated accusations so many times, the public wonders if the Times itself is the source of these slanderous reports.

The FISA courts did not. Congress may not renew this national security tool due to the apparent abuse of power.

Who benefits by knocking out Joe Biden for sure, and by hopefully knocking out the President as well–or at the very least damaging him so much that he would not be a formidable adversary? Think, my friends.

Who got caught triggering–to date–the largest, most dangerous political dirty trick of all time? And who pulls that person’s strings? Who is the brains behind this whole 3-year-long national nightmare? The answer is in front of you. Just step back, step up a thousand feet, and look.

You will see it. Two people. One who launched the rumor-line , out of a blind, personal ambition, and one who masterminded its implementation. His motive? Destruction and control.

I have spoken of him many times. He is not as smart as he thinks he is, but you got to give him points for determination.

Hint: He lived in the shadows, and has been the source of this 5th Column that almost destroyed our Republic. And, he dared to directly threaten the President of the United States.

Can’t wait to hear your answers.