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Russian Collusion

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In my novels, my villain who compromised the American Media and took down a global Media empire was a man named Samir.   Since I firmly believed he does exist, or a group of men exist, I continued watching current events to locate him in real life.    Perhaps I have an advantage over you in that I have lived with this character for a decade, and I wrote about how he was taught and what his propaganda strategies would likely be.    And scenario by scenario proved true in actual life years after.   You will likely be unable to differentiate between fact and fiction in my novels, because my projections of his tactics into our American culture have proven to be accurate.

So, it was not a surprise to me to find a group who specialized in Black Propaganda–otherwise known sadly as Opposition Research today.   Opposition Research in my opinion might involve dirt, but it should be true dirt, don’t you think?   Not something made up wholesale and then planted on gossip channels as “anonymous sources” forever protected by one of our Constitutional Guarantees.    Gossip, rumor, behind-your-back shadowy accusations cannot be defended.  They should not be classified as “research.”   (Catch the deception in the name itself?  The lie that making stuff up is research, if told often enough, becomes the norm through which you view things and evaluate them.  Many Americans think that if it was done by a research firm, it must be true. Making stuff up is creative writing, not research!)   The name deceives you. In my opinion, the “opposition research” today, if unscrupulous, is the sanctuary of the Black Propagandist, who gleefully knows his lie will bloom.   After all, who doesn’t love a good juicy scandal, especially if it brings down the powerful?


Remember also that one of the strategies of propaganda warfare is to tell a truth that is so outrageous it will immediately be dismissed as a lie.   Remember when newly-elected President Trump suddenly announced he believed his campaign was being spied on in Trump Tower?   Remember the mockery the press made of that, and politicians too as they ridiculed him, claiming he was insane.   Well, turns out he WAS being spied on, and that inconvenient truth–initially dismissed as a lie–has exposed a cabal.

I was honing in because of my discovery of the Black Propaganda Group Fusion GPS.   Long before that bunch came on your radar screen, let alone is becoming a household name much to their chagrin, I believed I was very close to identifying Samir.   At a book event, I brought it up to the people attending, admonishing them to remember that name, as I believed it would surface within a year and become a subject of great controversy and shame in our political landscape. I concluded that “Samir” is not actually part of that group, but rather he is manipulating them.   And that should terrify, not only us, but also Fusion GPS.

Well, Fusion GPS didn’t disappoint me.  Very likely, it is one of this group who manufactured and planted the lie that became the Steele Dossier.   That Dossier spread through media and political circles, and the unwitting embraced it as true–eventually leading to the accusation of Russia Collusion.    The brainwashing on this has gone on now for over a year, and I venture to guess that most Americans will embrace it–unexamined–as true.   The lie told often enough becomes the truth.  I do not believe “Samir” is part of that group, but rather that he is manipulating them.

Sadly for Fusion GPS, however, some brave American souls have brought this nasty bunch up into the daylight.   NOTE TO MEDIA, AMBITIOUS POLITICIANS, AND THE JUSTICE DEPT:   YOU KNOW WHAT I AM SPEAKING ABOUT IS TRUE. IT HAS TO BE.   THE LIE HAD TO BE COVERT, IT AND ITS SOURCES HIDDEN.   THEREFORE THEY HAD TO CHOOSE YOU IN ORDER TO HIDE BEHIND THE FREEDOM OF THE PRESS, THE PROTECTION OF SOURCES, AND THE SECRECY OF A COURT.  A Secret Court.  Think of it my friends.   Anyone could say anything in secrecy, and the target of the lie would never even know it had been said, let alone be able to defend.  This would make the judges of the Spanish Inquisition salivate.

This will prove true.   And I want you all to stop for just a moment.   Set aside your bias, any personal prejudices, (we all have them), and your emotions.   I don’t care whether you love Donald Trump or can’t stand Donald Trump.   The lie has obscured a very important truth.   There is the office, and the man or woman who occupies it.   We as Americans must never forget this.

If anyone dares to do this to the President of the United States, what do you think they would dare to do to you?   Even more alarming, if they dare to do it out in the open, brazenly eliciting your help in the “lynching,” who among is safe?

To really understand, our next couple of Blogs will address Differentiation: the ability to see differences.  We will address how to overwhelm someone’s reason. And we will further address a globally known and taught military term known as the Fifth Column.   In the words of the infamous former CIA Director John Brennan, “Stay tuned…stay tuned.”

The Fifth Column & “Anonymous”

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What is a Fifth Column, and is there one operating within the United States?  I’ll define this first, A fifth column is a clandestine, subversive group within a country furthering an invading enemy’s aims.  Their purpose is to break the solidarity of the people, and to sabotage.  Once weakened, then the target can be easily attacked from  the outside.

Brace yourself.  There are multiple Fifth Columns operating within our country today, so this subject will come up more than once.   And I challenge you that the survival of this nation depends upon you finally identifying for yourself who the true invading enemy is.   My novels address the fifth column that is dumbing us down and drugging us up.   You really should read them.

Because it was in doing my research to write the novels inspired by actual  events that I stumbled upon, and affirmed, an actual enemy.   This is not “conspiracy theory.”  It is genuine information warfare to misinform and misdirect.  I found my way through to truth by asking the fundamental question:   IF an enemy is doing this, and using a fifth column to accomplish it, WHY?

This brings us to this past week’s clown car–Anonymous and the New York Times.  Written without any name assignation, therefore hiding in the cover of darkness, and protected by the shield of the Press, an individual or group of individuals injected gossip and rumors into an Op-Ed piece.  Appealing to those who have already been seduced by lies told often enough, and to lies attached to a modicum of truth, the intention  was to get a broader audience of people to doubt, to hesitate, to fear, and even to react.   The target is the President of the United States including his Administration.   Or does it go beyond that?

Remember that one of the symptoms of having been brainwashed is the stimulus-response knee jerk reaction to news, accompanied by extreme negative emotion.   This week was a circus of people whose reason had been short-circuited.  Pavlov would be proud. Stalin would be proud.

One of the sane, rational principles of our nation is that the accused has the right to know his accuser’s identity, and to face his accuser.   Without the ability to see actual data and confront an actual person, any number of slanderous, libelous accusations can be made.   Careers, reputations, relationships are destroyed by this technique in America daily because of an erosion of this guiding principle.

And for their own clandestine reasons, the New York Times chose to “dance with the devil” and promote gossip.  Worse yet, anonymous gossip.  You wouldn’t let your children get away with such harmful, atrocious, and anti-social behavior.  Don’t let the Times get away with it either.  They have a right to do that, and we have a right to recognize them as less honest than your grocery store tabloids.   When the National Enquirer becomes more accountable and accurate than the New York Times, you know somebody has fallen victim to some very skilled Information Warfare operatives.   Someone told a lie often enough that the New York Times  has accepted it as true, and now someone has actually gotten the Times to be complicit.

The Times would do well to have a specialist come in who can teach them how to recruit a Fifth Column.   Then, they would likely spot that “someone” did that to them.

If there is a sane journalist or editor still there, they would be wise to find out who has gotten into their midst.   Who is trusted?   Who could have caused them to breach all normal journalistic practices and not even flinch?   Someone in their sphere has successfully compromised their reason, and it will go hard for that company.  Bias run rampant has always led to tyranny and loss of freedom.

Sadly, the New York Times is now doing the bidding of the Fifth Column.  We all need, for the sake of our own survival, to identify who that Fifth Column is, and bring them into the cleansing light of day.

Stay tuned…

A Lie Told Often Enough Becomes the Truth

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One of Hitler’s known strategies was his understanding that a lie told often enough becomes the truth.  He used propaganda to get the German people to believe that the Jews were the source of Germany’s economic ills.   It was a lie, but the constant repetition of the marketing message in his perverse campaign to gain power, eroded, over time, the peoples’ natural reason. Pin that in your notebook.  The strategy of those who destroy is to make certain that reason does not prevail when an issue comes up.   They want a stimulus-response knee-jerk reaction to occur.   They desire to have emotion overwhelming reason.   Because then, and only then, can one  manipulate otherwise good people into an angry mob,  mobilize a group into a lynching,  stampede people  into riots and looting, or inspire people to overthrow a government.

Pavlov studied stimulus-response with dogs, eventually getting them to salivate at just the sound of a bell.   Skinner, that delightful fellow who is reported to have kept his own baby in a glass box for a year, to see how a child responds to no human contact, carried research into stimulus-response in man.   You have to ask yourself why?   For humanitarian purposes?   Hardly.   They were looking for ways to control men, and the behavior of men, through things they could do to their minds.

Their task–mind control and indoctrination techniques in order to overwhelm the natural reason of the individual and make it possible to control him and his actions.   The emotion–either fear or hatred, or both.   It is an enslaving mechanism.  To the Black Propagandist, you are not a soul, with values and morals, which would make you an independent thinker,  You are simply an animal to be controlled. Do not doubt this.  He has complete disdain for you as he feeds you the lies, and watches you do his dirty work thereafter.  Anytime you find yourself suddenly incapable of controlling a fear response or anger response to some news item, and you want to leap to a generality and tidily end all discussion because you “feel” that ALL people are just like the one bad apple you encountered or read about, you have been victimized.   Discernment has been erased, the ability to differentiate has been obscured, and you stand there howling to the moon that “the one equals the whole.”   And you then start repeating the mantra.   And the lie spreads further.

Let’s take an example or two of where I see the behind the scenes manipulator getting good men and women in this country to do his dirty work.   One powerful man engages in sexual harassment, whether it be a Harvey Weinstein or Matt Lauer.   And the knee-jerk reaction is to believe all powerful men  must also be sexually harassing women.  The assumption now is that powerful men are scoundrels and we women must take them down. Told often enough by the Me Too Movement that all women have had to put up with sexual harassment, a casual observer could conclude all men in America are reprobates who don’t deserve to have any power.   Because dozens of guys did bad things, now all 150 million American males are suspect.

The truth is some specific men did inappropriate things, or worse.   Their sins need to be individually identified, and an individual solution created to handle their misconduct.   But the lie told often enough now has men fearful of women’s “reaction” to their praise, conversation, flirtation etc.    If the goal was to make men afraid, goal achieved.   If the goal was to destroy healthy relationships in America which could lead to a strong family unit, then obviously having women hating men, and men afraid of women is a victory.

Do not misunderstand me.   If you got angry right then, slow down and take a deep breath.   The point is not whether bad behavior has occurred between men and women, where the man took advantage of a woman.   That is a given.   The point is that the conclusion that ALL men have this proclivity is not rational, and is a lie.   And I would like to suggest to you that what used to be called the Battle of the Sexes has now escalated into the War Between Men and Women.   Ask yourself, does that create, or does it destroy?   What does it destroy?   Trust, confidence, partnership come to my mind.   What comes to yours? And, who benefits from men and women at war with each other?

The next Blog will go right into the Lion’s Den.   The subject:  The Fifth Column, the New York Times, and the Feinstein Letter.


Good’s Dilemma

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One of the difficulties we Americans have in dealing with the upsetting cultural and political climate we find ourselves in has to do with the fact that we are basically GOOD.  None of us is perfect, yet we try in varying degrees to do what’s right and to see good in ourselves and others.   Therefore GOOD has a hard time seeing and understanding BAD.   Good people have a hard time identifying bad people–let alone dealing with them–because the “good” look through their own eyes, and their own motives, and intentions.

Regrettably, the BAD understand this trait and can remain camouflaged, manipulating their way, causing havoc.   There are two things to address.  One is the driving motivation of “good” people versus “bad” people.   By “good” I mean those who strive to Create, and by “bad” I mean those who strive to Destroy.    I’m not talking about accidentally being destructive of people or things.  We all fall into that category from time to time.  I am talking about people whose goal is in fact to destroy.   They work on the complete counter agenda to those whose goal is  to create.   You will be well off in my opinion to think of this as a game and have a sense of humor about it.

Just remember that there are people who CREATE and there are people who DESTROY.   Embracing that simple fact alone may cause a weight to lift.  You may have struggled trying to justify why someone did something horribly contrary to you, your family, your group, or your country.   Being good, you think you brought this on yourself.   You think you must have been wrong, or  done something wrong.   That’s how basically good, emotionally mature people think.   They try to take responsibility for all the foul ups and upsets.  They try to make things better.   They try to trust.

And it is that one trait alone that makes it possible for the Black Propagandist to operate: to remain hidden, to prey upon, manipulate the emotions and actions of others he despises, to undermine, and even turn the target of his enmity into an accomplice.   There is no one blinder than the unwitting accomplice of a Black Propagandist.  Staying close to us, gaining our trust, they gnaw away at our faith in institutions, people, government, and even ourselves.  Their goal is to destroy and they are gleeful when there is chaos, fear, declining statistics, mistrust, and violence.   The “good,” on the other hand, are despairing in the face of those factors.   They are happy when there is calm, freedom, safety, upward trending statistics and on and on.

So, second, what is a Black Propagandist and why is he such a cunning and dangerous foe to face?  The Black Propagandist is one who plants and spreads lies about someone through gossip or rumor in order to destroy the reputation, the livelihood, the position, and possibly the life of someone he targets.  He is driven by fear and hatred.   He can not compete in the open, so he adopts a covert attack. Getting others to pick up his lie and move that lie forward assures that he can remain hidden and that the lie will spread like wildfire–if he attaches the lie or lies to a modicum of truth.   His equation is something like this:  100 lies + 1 truth = 101 truths.  The one truth makes the 100 lies somehow true.   We struggle with overwhelming data, and say, “Well, that one piece of data is true, so I guess all the rest of the info must be true too. And now 100 lies become “true.” We know somehow that is insane.   Or do we?

And that brings us to how perhaps the best propagandist on the planet–a man I, in 2005, fictionally named Samir in “The White King Trilogy”–recruited an unwitting American Press to do his work.  He did it deliberately and ruthlessly.   Knowing how important a free, honest, and unbiased press is to our society, the attack was launched there.  (NOTE TO THE MEDIA: SOMETHING WAS DONE TO YOU. YOU HAVE BEEN SUBVERTED AND CONVERTED INTO A WEAPON. SOME OF YOU SENSE THIS IN YOUR GUT; YOU FEEL TRAPPED AND BETRAYED SOMEHOW; YET YOU DO NOT EVEN KNOW HOW TO ARTICULATE IT, LET ALONE ESCAPE IT.)  In the next blog, we will look at some current examples of “Samir’s” successes and we  will start the education of how does one in fact create a modern-day sanitized lynch mob–but, a lynch mob nonetheless. It begins with a 5th Column attack.  And I believe all of us will be well served to know what that is. Stay tuned.