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Pop Quiz: How To Tell If You Are A Racist.

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I learned long ago that talk’s cheap. Anyone can say anything. But, it is what they do that reveals their true thoughts and character. Learn to look, don’t listen.

“Their actions speak louder than words.” That’s something we have all heard. Here’s another cliche which is true. “Your actions speak so loudly I can’t hear what you are saying.” “Do as I say, not as I do.” That’s the poster child for poor parenting! So, pick your truth.

And let’s see what you would do and support, or have done and have supported. Let’s all take this quiz:

Do you support bringing the unemployment of blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and women to historically record lows? OR Do you support keeping those groups with perpetually higher unemployment than whites for example?

Do you support rising wages for blacks, and other minorities? OR Do you support holding them in the low income class, rather than the middle class?

Do you support stopping the killing of blacks and Hispanics in the inner cities like Chicago? OR Do you just turn a blind eye, dismissing them as criminals and “untouchables” that deserve what they get?

Do you support bringing business investment into depressed neighborhoods and inner cities to provide employment for the impoverished youth? OR Do you want to have them remain without work, dependent upon you and what you dole out of your wallet?

Do you support giving the parents of inner city youth the choice to take their child to a school where they have some hope of an education and chance for the future? OR Do you want to force them to remain in the inner city schools, even if it means they could never have a hope of competing and succeeding?

Do you support ending draconian life sentences for crimes that did not warrant that penalty? OR Do you want to continue that Clinton Era law, and keep a lot of criminal blacks, Hispanics, etc. off the streets permanently?

Do you support programs that help convicts come out into society and get a second chance, and employment? OR Do you ridicule the men and women who work to create those programs and believe that black people can’t change?

Do you support permanent funding of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities? OR Do you want them to have to beg every year for the money to keep their doors open, and their legacy continued?

Do you support encouraging a traditional and nuclear family where the parents take responsibility for their children? OR Do you want the state to become the “parent” of minority children, and take full responsibility for how they think, and what they can earn, and how high they can climb?

Do you insist that all black and minority lives matter, and refuse to only talk about black lives related to law enforcement? OR Do you turn a blind eye to all issues related to the loss of black lives, except for those related to law enforcement?

Do you believe that one is not “guilty by accusation,” and deserves Due Process–no matter their race, no matter the alleged crime? OR Do you rush to judgment at every bad act and actor and form your own “lynch mob”–demanding that no Due Process occurs?

Let’s check ourselves out on this. If you predominantly answered affirmatively to the first question in each series, you are not a racist–in my opinion. If you answered predominantly affirmatively to the second question in each series, you–in my opinion–are the racist.

For the record, Trump answered affirmatively to all of the first questions, and did not do so just with “words.” He did so with actual programs that have worked and resulted in dramatic improvement where the programs have been allowed to be implemented. So, if Donald J. Trump is a racist, he is really bad at it. He would surely get an F in a “How to Be A Successful Racist” class.

His opponents have chosen to predominantly support none of the first questions–not even with words–and appear to be the racists. Their actions or inactions speak louder than words. I think they would ace a class entitled: “How to Keep Minorities Down.”

There is a lot of noise out there, my friends. Look, don’t listen.

Facebook “Adds to” a Lee Kessler Blog

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I don’t know whether to be flattered or angry. I’ll choose angry today. Two weeks ago I posted one of my Blogs from It had to do with voting, and my recommendations–not on who to vote for–but on how to make sure your vote gets counted, and counted in a timely manner, this election.

The Blog was one of the ones most commented on by you, my readers, and most forwarded. Facebook, however, was not satisfied with it, and decided to do their own improvements.

It’s bad enough that some company feels they can censor your words and thoughts, that are not at all inflammatory. It’s even worse when some millennial “woke” person creates an algorithm, and the algorithm then finds words, and then Facebook adds their commentary or evaluation.

In this case they added right on top of my Blog–as if it were part of it–a box with all kinds of “helpful” information on voting during this election. If you click on their link, you find some good information there. And you also find “evaluations” and opinions about mail in voting. And that is just what it appears to be–an opinion, not supported by current facts necessarily. If they cared about facts they would have stated what the rejection percentage has been in recent years and months with mail in ballots, or the number of fraud cases in recent elections.

When I checked the source of the Facebook-approved voter recommendations, it is Jason Grumet’s think tank, the Bipartisan Policy Center. Grumet is a former Obama energy and climate advisor.

You can form your own opinion. You read my Blogs because hopefully you value my opinion on some issues. I doubt you needed Facebook’s! So, I am going to post it again. You can read the original post. It is just to the right of this one, under Recent Posts. Title: How to Ensure Your Vote Counts

Rachel Maddow’s Latest

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This week, while driving home from Montana, I listened to the revelation about the Abraham Accord between Israel and the UAE. For anyone who has lived long enough to know the struggle in that region, and our country’s part in it for decades, the magnitude of this agreement and the very unique and untried approach the President took to the problem over the last 3 years was patently obvious. Breathtakingly obvious. No one with any intellect or compassion could say anything other than this is HUGE.

The world we live in changed last week. It was changed by one man’s campaign promise. A promise kept. His vision started a chain of events and meetings that culminated with two brave, visionary leaders in the Mid-East striking a new accord.

The direction he took was forward–not backward. Trump looks forward to create the future. (A lesson Black Lives Matter sycophants could learn. We don’t go back down a time track to when things were worse. We go forward from where we are, and create something better.) Israel and the UAE shook off preconceptions, and past failures, and looked through new eyes, from a different angle, at a possible future.

A business mentor of mine often says, “Your past does not equal your future.” The President did not attempt to solely solve the Israeli/Palestinian issue which had embroiled the whole region for decades, if not centuries. He attacked the Israel and Arab states issue relevant to Iran, terrorism, and economic potential.

So, platitudes like “historic,” “huge,” “world-changing” seem to be the best we can do to express the magnitude of the shift in relations in that arena. But, this time, the platitudes apply.

Anyone who downplays this, or demeans it, or dismisses it, is frankly in the camp of those who destroy, not who create. Or they are too intellectually dim to comprehend, and should therefore lead no one.

Those of you who have read “White King and the Doctor” probably remember that the protagonist was an 18 year old Grandmaster chess champion who ended up discovering a very elaborate and layered chess game being played against us by a very brilliant enemy. Not relying on chest text books, or past Masters’ winning moves and games, Andy Weir was a “natural” chess player who simply played the invisible opponent in the moment, not by rote repetition of moves from the past. He cracked the case. Trump and his team appear to have done the same.

Now for my point. Fox was covering it massively in their evening opinion shows. I decided to see what Rachel Maddow on MSNBC had to say about it. Turning to her channel, Maddow was not only not covering it at all, she was off on another conspiracy theory using “anonymous” sources and allegations of a document sealed somewhere that proved Trump had offered his golf course for a major tournament, and therefore she once again was establishing for her viewers just how vile and criminal our President is. At least that is the gist of what I gathered. In her mind, she was laying the foundation for yet another “impeachable offense.” Stunningly vacuous!

For the last three years–if you slowed down to observe and really think about the various actions we took that led to this accord–Donald J. Trump has been playing Three-dimensional Chess. And Rachel Maddow has been playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey!

Here’s a link to: where you can read that book, and learn what it takes to be able to play 3-dimensional chess!

Election Choices Made Easy

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Well, as complex and numerous as the issues are that we face in the US today, you may be in a quandary about who to vote for in November. So many things to consider, so many choices, so much noise. Medical dilemmas, foreign policy issues, economic issues, social issues. So much noise!

Here are two questions that may simplify this particular election for you.

Do you like watching mobs seize neighborhoods, vandalize and loot stores, destroy people’s business dreams, burn buildings, blind federal agents, throw Molotov cocktails? Or like watching young children gunned down in the street in their own neighborhood? Is that the America you want to live in going forward?

If no, go on to the next question.

Did your mayor, city council members, governor, state senators and representatives, US Congressperson and Senators, and Presidential candidate stand up and openly decry the lawlessness? Or have they remained silent, in tacit agreement with the anarchy?

Assuming you understand that what you reward you get more of, you only need to decide what kind of world you want. If you reward lawlessness, you get more lawlessness. If you reward anarchy, you get more anarchy.

So, if you answered no to #1 and #2, then your vote is simple. Any politician who has failed to stand up and OPENLY decry the criminality–no matter the ostensible justification–wants that world to continue. Your government leaders have the power to stop it and restore order. If they did not do so, and if you reward them with re-election or election, you will have more of what invades your household daily on the news. Only soon, this traveling show will show up in your pristine, tranquil neighborhoods.

As for me, I will not vote for ANY politician who did not take a stand against chaos and anarchy. If they encouraged the mayhem, they are gone. If they stood silent while their constituents suffered, they deserve to be unelected.

All the rest is just blabber and political pandering. It can all be debated post election. Unless of course the American people decide they want to live in the world that is being created now by violent anarchists. In that world, nothing will be debated. Censorship and violent extortion will silence all dissenting voices. And none of these other important issues that you are trying to decide on will be solved. It is impossible to solve America’s problems while America burns, and anarchists force you into submission.

The choice is yours. No matter your party, this one is real simple.

The Greatest Diversion Ever!

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Hey, Director John Brennan, the “Bloodhound” is closing in now. The world may have been distracted by the China virus–a very real-world, real-threat situation. It may have been distracted by America burning, and the seemingly relentless nights of anarchy and violence in the name of social justice.

People are struggling to wrap their wits around something that is supposed to be peaceful, righteous, and motivated toward an end of equal justice, when their cities and streets explode with Molotov cocktails, broken glass, shattered statues, vandalism, theft, physical assault, and even murder. Unless one is brain dead or a sociopath, the words “social justice” and this mayhem don’t jive.

But, it sure has created a diversion for you and your cohorts to elude a true American “equal justice under the law.” Media eyes are on explosions and blood. America’s eyes are on the same. That is a great military strategy to provide cover, and potential escape.

“The Bloodhound,” however, has never taken his eyes off from you.

My friends, daily now for some time, declassified material–actual documents, notes, sworn testimony, government files–have been released to the public for you to read and understand the reality of an attempted coup. Yes, that is what it will likely be called. A conspiracy to overthrow a duly elected President of the United States. You were more than misled, my fellow Americans. You were outright lied to and deceived.

Now, that is a scandal. That is a crisis. These other “distractions”–albeit mighty ones–will pass. And if you truly love your country and freedom, you should be more than just dismissive or disdainful of this, more than just mildly interested in it. You should feel your hair stand up on end, and you should have trouble sleeping at night.

Because, while we all have sacrificed for our fellow countrymen in order to save lives, while we all have maintained extraordinary restraint in the face of nightly bullying by rampaging mobs, a group of men and women tried to steal your government.

They are still trying. Their names are all known now. I have been writing about them for two years to get you prepared for the reality of what you are about to have to face. The Media may not want to cover it. They long ago ceased to be News, and have turned into social activists and political activists. One established and renowned journalistic empire will likely be listed among the people who advanced the coup. You may want to deny it, and drive yourself batty in doing so. But, when these documents start showing up in a court of law–criminal and civil– as evidence, and juries are being selected, and the prosecutors or plaintiffs open their case, it is going to become staggeringly real to you.

No longer a parlor game, or material for Twitter wars, and the rantings of uninformed celebrities and politicians as they dismiss facts and embrace “anonymous” gossip, this is going to be VERY REAL.

‘The Bloodhound”, as I like to refer to him, has likely found evidence and connected dots in the UK, Canada, Australia, Italy, the Ukraine, possibly Russia, and sadly the good ol’ USA–in the Media, Government Agencies like the State Department, the Justice Department, possibly the Defense Department, and the Treasury Department, and in the halls of Congress.

We’ve stood up to Covid-19. We are standing up to anarchists masquerading as saints. We will stand up to this.

Once, more than two years ago, you, Mr. Brennan, looked straight into the camera and threatened the President of the United States. Well, it’s your turn now, sir. Truth has a way of surfacing. And traitors have a way of turning on each other. Your words, “Stay tuned…” have boomeranged on you. These diversions will no longer divert the eyes of justice. They will no longer provide you “cover.” Stay tuned…