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Hate Kills

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Webster’s defines “hate” as: an intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury.

At this point in my life, one of the saddest things for me to watch is what I predicted would be the outcome of a true Fifth Column attack upon the great American people–ALL Americans. The purpose of the Fifth Column in military terms is to sabotage and to break the solidarity of the group it is attacking. It is where subterfuge, and disinformation, and exploitation lies. It is always an inside job.

You can read my books. They have proven prophetic. But, today I only want to say something about that one word–hate.

Hate does kill others, if it is acted upon. That is obvious and sophomoric. Hate does kill the hated. It even kills the innocent.

But, mostly, hate kills the hater.

It kills the body actually with depository illnesses and the like. It weakens the body.

It kills the mind by destroying reason, intellectual curiosity, rational clear thought, fairness, compassion and the other things we hold as desirable in a workable society. It drives one to psychosis and insanity. Nothing prospers in the stimulus-response world of hatred.

But, worst of all, it kills the soul. It quashes all the higher, enlightened, spiritual aspirations of you. And as you or I cease to be good, we cease to do good.

Hate also blinds the hater. One who hates can not see truth, will not examine factual data, and will not ask questions that probe further. ( One such question is “why?”) Regrettably, the hater can not see who or what he hates. He can not even see himself.

Hate opens the door to the “exploiter.” It always has.

The way out? Decide to stop hating. Decide to slow down and learn how to ask the questions that will help you come to understanding. You can do it. Understanding one’s fellows and their intentions can dissolve quickly the hard residue of hatred. And, it defeats automatically the “exploiter.”

Who Benefits?

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Well, the “trial” is over. The acquittal is won. Millions were spent. And the politicians who smugly think they won by bringing the coup attempt all the way to the Senate, and to the final step of an Impeachment of a President, have been flimflammed.

Mitt Romney doesn’t know it yet. Joe Biden doesn’t know it yet. Nancy Pelosi and even Adam Schiff don’t know it yet. But, they were hood-winked, bamboozled, hustled, and the victim of any other word for conned that you want to use.

Ironic, actually. Except for this truth. One is blind and stupid in areas wherein they have committed crimes. So, if you have felt that these people were just stupid, ignorant, or corrupt, think again. Their own “crimes” from times gone past caught up with them, causing them to miss seeing the obvious. Or, if they did see it, their own crimes caused them to go into agreement, and become a co-actor.

Time will unravel much of this mystery, and expose the culprits who conceived it and pulled it off. I think you all may figure it out earlier than most if you will ask yourself: Who benefits?

Who benefits from a “revelation” by a Whistleblower? (By the way, don’t fall for the propaganda line that Whistleblowers are to remain anonymous. They are NOT to remain anonymous. They are to be protected from retribution such as being fired etc., but due process dictates that they can not be anonymous.)

Surely Trump did not benefit. Neither did Biden. Nor his son. Nor the corruption-fighting President of the Ukraine. Nancy Pelosi did not benefit. Her legacy now is one of connivance and perfidy. Schiff did not. He is too dumb to know he did not benefit. But, he is the subject of ridicule.

Mitt Romney did not. His political career is over. CNN did not. They are a disgrace in the world of TV news. The New York Times did not. They have fallen for anonymous, unsubstantiated accusations so many times, the public wonders if the Times itself is the source of these slanderous reports.

The FISA courts did not. Congress may not renew this national security tool due to the apparent abuse of power.

Who benefits by knocking out Joe Biden for sure, and by hopefully knocking out the President as well–or at the very least damaging him so much that he would not be a formidable adversary? Think, my friends.

Who got caught triggering–to date–the largest, most dangerous political dirty trick of all time? And who pulls that person’s strings? Who is the brains behind this whole 3-year-long national nightmare? The answer is in front of you. Just step back, step up a thousand feet, and look.

You will see it. Two people. One who launched the rumor-line , out of a blind, personal ambition, and one who masterminded its implementation. His motive? Destruction and control.

I have spoken of him many times. He is not as smart as he thinks he is, but you got to give him points for determination.

Hint: He lived in the shadows, and has been the source of this 5th Column that almost destroyed our Republic. And, he dared to directly threaten the President of the United States.

Can’t wait to hear your answers.

Mr. Schiff

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As a former citizen of the once great and now-decaying state of California, I have to tell you–as an expert in the mind, and the world of Propaganda Warfare–that you are an absolute and unrepentant, pathological liar.

For my fans, I have watched this man for the better part of 20 years, and none more closely than in the last three. It is said that elections have consequences. Well, that is certainly true. Whether you are Democrat or Republican, this past election had the consequence of placing a pathological liar and sociopath at the helm of the House Intelligence Committee. Think about that.

It would take hours for me to break down lie by lie to you, as I have periodically tuned in to see what he was saying, testifying to, or presenting to you, the American People. I do not have that time. You do not have that time. But, if you care to–and you dare to–you can communicate with me, and we will lay this out, detail by disgraceful detail.

But you need to KNOW, and really understand, that Inspector General Horowitz’s report stated the Nunes Memo to be true, the Schiff Memo to be false. (BASED UPON EVIDENCE AND INVESTIGATION) And that falsehood led to the disgraceful and very expensive Mueller Russia Investigation. And to the demise of the American Media.

I write fiction based on fact. It is your turn now. You either decide to run with liars who present fiction as fact, or you run with folks who present facts–even at GREAT PERSONAL RISK.

Adam Schiff will be memorialized in the history of the United States. If we survive as a Constitutional Republic, and the history books accurately portray this time, he will be a villain. Make no mistake about it. He is not the hero some would have you believe.

In this country, you are not guilty by accusation. You may have suffered such an injustice in your work, or even under the law. But it was nonetheless an injustice. Neither is President Trump guilty by accusation. You need to understand this is not a class thing. It is not a race thing. It is not a gender thing. It is an American thing.

Further, you have a right to be faced by your accuser. NO WHISTLE BLOWER CAN REMAIN ANONYMOUS. THEY CAN AND SHOULD BE PROTECTED FROM REPRISALS, BUT THEY MUST COME OUT AND FACE THE PERSON THEY ARE ACCUSING. Imagine a world where anyone could state anything, and remain anonymous. You could never defend yourself.

You are not presumed guilty until proven innocent. Neither you, nor the President, need to prove your innocence. Ever!!

Laws are clear, and need to be followed. This Washington debacle can not even site a law that has been broken. No crime, no evidence. Only Adam Schiff’s skillful, devious rhetoric alleges hoped-for crimes.

So, tell your Senators of both parties to end this with an acquittal tomorrow. Tell them not to be hoodwinked by a con artist the likes of which you have not seen before.

And, for all of you who have people convicted of crimes while he was a prosecutor in Los Angeles–and possibly still in prison– I suggest you get a really good lawyer and have EACH AND EVERY CASE REVIEWED FOR POSSIBLE WITHOLDING OF EXCULPATORY EVIDENCE. LOOK FOR PROSECUTORIAL MISCONDUCT.

He did not just start down this path with the Impeachment of a President. He started down this path a long time ago. And, to my neighbors in Burbank, un-elect this disgraceful man in November.


A Warning from the Past

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 “Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper.  Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle.  The real extent of this state of misinformation is known only to those who are in situations to confront facts within their knowledge with the lies of the day. . . .  I will add, that the man who never looks into a newspaper is better informed than he who reads them; inasmuch as he who knows nothing is nearer to truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods & errors.” 

Attributed to Thomas Jefferson (June 11, 1807) – Principal author of the Declaration of Independence, 3rd, President of the United States from 1801 to 1809

Food for thought for today’s climate: What is “lying by omission?” And then ask yourself how devastating is it to you if the Press omits key facts that would allow you to properly evaluate?

You are the boss. Never forget that. 286 days!! Help is on the way!

Until we talk again.

They’re Back!

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Remember the movie Poltergeist II, with cute little Heather O’Rourke sitting in front of her television, yelling in fear to her parents that the poltergeists had returned. “They’re back,” was one of the scariest lines in horror film history. Because we had seen the first movie, we knew just how awful the ensuing scenes were going to be. We braced ourselves to be traumatized and terrified, having to face yet Round Two with the malicious, deadly pranksters.

Well, brace yourselves America. For the last two weeks you could calmly turn on your TV to watch football, your favorite show, a parade, or even the evening news in some areas and not be tormented by demented cries of “Impeachment!” What a relief it was not to have to listen to our modern day supernatural spirits.

Regrettably, it’s over now. Our reprieve from the horror show in Washington, DC was granted to us by the Congress who went home to enjoy their lives for the holidays, while leaving us dangling and angry. Day by day though it seemed to slip into a memory, as if it were some scene from a nightmare we had awakened from. We may have even talked ourselves into believing that the House of Representatives had not in fact lost its mind.

But, the reprieve was fleeting I am afraid, as fleeting as the famous cease fire on Christmas Eve in the World War I. Sadly, Congress has returned to Washington.

They’re back!