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DC Swamp’s Latest Racket–Extortion

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Extortion: to obtain from a person by force, intimidation, or undue or illegal power. Webster’s Dictionary.

Now, right out the gate, I want all of you–Democrat, Independent, Republican– to understand that I believe the virus threat is real, just like the flu is real. It is deadly, just like the flu is if it progresses to pneumonia. We do, and are, taking drastic actions to curb its spread, and limit its economic impact.

This Blog is not about that. On that, we should all be on the same page. And there is something else I believe we may find ourselves on the same page about. And that is that the Emergency Stimulus Bill (or whatever it is finally called) which passed the Senate–in its present form–was produced by the extortion of you, the American people. It was done to your surrogates, your Senators–most specifically your Republican senators. It was done by the Democrat Senators and the Speaker of the House. But they all represent you, and it is your tax dollars which will pay for the bill, or your grandchildren will pay for it in the future. Your senators could not get the emergency help to you, or the medical people, unless they “paid.”

What do you mean “paid”, you ask? The problem is the big chunks of spending that have nothing to do with the Wuhan Corona Virus and its defeat. A battle raged in the Senate between Republicans and Democrats. The Republicans wanted to create a targeted bill for economic relief, stimulus, and medical assistance. The Democrats threatened to scuttle it unless there was funding to the Arts, to the Kennedy Center, cancelling all student loan debt, same-day voter registration, mail-in ballots, bailing out the US Post Office, and many other more controversial projects. They delayed the bill for days on end, while American were dying.

Rep. Clyburn of S. Carolina said words, if I recall, “This is an opportunity to restructure things to fit our (Democrat)vision.” The issue is not whether their vision should be debated. The issue is whether it is moral for a group of politicians to risk the health and economic well-being of 350 million Americans for “their vision.” By refusing to sign, unless some wasteful and controversial elements were included, they held us all hostage. Those issues are for the electorate to decide and vote on in our election. We the people should decide about immigration and asylum policies, waiver of loan debts etc.–not a handful of extortionists in the halls of Congress.

There are many points in the Bill which are worthy of debate. That’s just it. The debate–per our form of government–should be with you the people. We debate, we vote, and we decide what is happening in Washington, and what we want done. If we don’t like what our elected officials do, we vote them out.

But, if members of Congress see themselves as the senior branch of government, instead of separate but equal branches, and if they see themselves as superior to their bosses–the American people–they can hold a much-needed bill hostage until they get what they demand that they know you will not likely want to pay for otherwise. You will be stuck with the price tag, however, and you had no say.

That is not a republic, or even a democracy. It is an authoritarian government in sheep’s clothing. And that is what just happened. The Congress can undermine and circumvent elections–in the name of the public good. (Keep in mind, again, that we do need to do something. But, in my opinion, it should be targeted at the immediate financial and medical crisis, not other issues we can decide later.)

If there had been a true and honest sense of urgency, Nancy Pelosi (what is she doing dictating to the Senate anyway? She does not understand the Constitution, I am afraid, or doesn’t give a whit about it.) and the Senate Democrats would not have held up financial aid to you, and the companies that employed you, for over a week. They would not have allowed you–ALL Americans–to suffer. They would not have allowed the media to beat you into fear and submission–grateful for any crumb the government gives you. ( Even Thursday, with the bill on her desk, Speaker Pelosi took the day off and did nothing with it.)

If there was a true sense of urgency, they would have allowed a bill that addressed the financial and medical aspects of the crisis, and nothing else. Instead, because they do not trust your voting inclinations in November, they decided to force the Republicans to accept elements of the bill–or there would be no relief for the people.

The Republicans fought back hard and got many of the demands wiped out. But, in the end, they caved on some. You probably would have too. I would have. To live to fight another day. That is the nature of extortion. You cannot be safe, or have what you need to keep your doors open, unless you give to the extortionist what he wants. In this case, certain politicians demanded a very high price for your stimulus bill which everyone is glad to have. The price? Forfeiture of your determination by ballot of the things you want and will pay for. You were rendered insignificant, my friends. In order to “save” you they had to steal from you, and override your sovereign authority. Your voices will never be heard. Or so they think.

If it wasn’t extortion, then it was a hoax. A true sense of urgency, for a true crisis, demands immediate and simple, clean action. The Democrats delayed this bill for over a week! 800-plus pages packed with “pork” is not simple, targeted, and clean. It has circumvented you. And, I suggest you take your authority back. Identify for yourself every heinous section you find in a bill which you otherwise would have approved. Identify which member of Congress demanded that section in order to get his/her support, and fire them in November–NO MATTER THEIR PARTY. They appear to care more about “their vision” than your safety, and prosperity.

We needed help, and we all are willing to pay for it out of our taxes, but the extra stuff was a con, secured by extortion. What a racket!

Is there no one in that party who remembers the story of Solomon and the two women, both of whom claimed to be the mother of a baby. Solomon, in his wisdom, said he would tear the baby in half, so that each could have part of it. Immediately, one woman exhorted him not to do that, and to give the baby to the other woman. Solomon knew then that she was the true mother, because she would rather lose her child altogether, than have it hurt.

It appears the Republicans were the mother who surrendered the baby to save it. Is there no “Solomon” in Washington who will call out the other “mother” for willingness to destroy you, the baby, in order to get their way? I am afraid not.

You will have to step up and take that role yourself in November. Find every piece that was extorted, un-elect who did it, and reverse it, if you don’t like the consequences.

In the meantime, we will use the bill to save ourselves, our companies, and our families and friends. Just remember, though, how it feels that someone “obtained this from you by force and intimidation.”

Three Types of People

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No one ever erected a statue to a critic. That is something to ponder I believe. Statues and monuments have been erected to those they criticize, but no one remembers the critic–the pathetic soul who can only tear down.

Which brings me to something I have observed over the years and in my life experiences. There are basically three types of people, for our purposes: Those who enhance, those who dominate, and those who nullify.

I know each of us probably strives to be the person who enhances the lives of others, who adds value to those we meet in life, and who endeavors to lift people up–whether they be our children, our colleagues at work, or people we meet randomly as we live. When we enhance, we are happy, but so are the people we enhance.

The second group is comprised of those who would dominate your thoughts, your actions, your emotions, your livelihood, your speech– basically who you are. When in the presence of those who would dominate, we do not feel free. We feel squashed, held down, even overwhelmed. Our only solutions seem to be to succumb, fight, or flee. If you have ever been around a college professor who dominates how you think, or what you believe, and who holds the threat of a bad grade over you if you disagree, you know what I am talking about.

The totalitarian belongs in this class. They have to dominate and control.

The third, though, is the most destructive of all, for they make nothing out of every good thing you do, say, or demonstrate. They are the miserable souls whose goal is to nullify all success, all progress, all upward movement etc. They are happy only when you have not only been dominated, but you have been stopped, and any progress you made has been wiped out.

If a president and his team brings about the lowest unemployment in history, the nullifier either denies that fact, or says it doesn’t mean anything.

If you form a team and raise money for a neighborhood cause, the nullifier says you were taking money for yourself, and the cause wasn’t worthwhile in the first place.

If you ever took one of your drawings as a child to a friend for them to see your art work, and they belittled it, and ridiculed it, they were a nullifier at that moment.

If a group of private citizens starts to clean up the streets of a city in distress due to the homeless population, cleaning up the debris and dangerous waste, the nullifier criticizes them.

If you expressed a dream you believed in and wanted to achieve, and your friend scoffed and said, “You’ll never have that,” Or “You’re not good enough for that,” they were nullifying you and your dreams.

If the President bans travel from China to protect us from the Wuhan Virus, he is called a xenophobe. The desire to protect is nullified by the criticism.

If you attempt to call the Wuhan virus the Wuhan virus, after its point of origin, the one who dominates will insist you call it the Corona Virus. Your good intention is nullified by the name calling.

No one responds well to the nullifier. No one feels good, uplifted, inspired, or bigger in the presence of a nullifier. So, remember, no one ever erected a statue to the critic (nullifier). The Media in the United States has degraded now in my opinion to pure nullification. They will make nothing out of anything positive–and try to obliterate it. Negative sells. They get rich by belittling accomplishment, and creating fear and chaos.

However, someone may erect a statue to you one day, but only if you become an enhancer of lives in such quantity and significance that who you are deserves memorialization. I believe someone reading this Blog is that person. Someone reading this Blog will build great things, and serve many.

I encourage you to look around for examples of these three kinds of people in your own life, and in the news. You’ll feel better.

Corona Virus–Economic Warfare

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Before I board a plane today to live my normal life, I am compelled to publish this. It may seem real to you. If you have read “White King and the Battle of America: the Endgame” this will cause you to nod your agreement, and perhaps have an “aha” moment.

For those of you who have not read it, I recommend you drop everything, put it on your Kindle, buy an Amazon copy, and read it immediately. Stop listening to the news. Stop reading your political non-fiction material, and take up this book. I am serious about this my friends.

I am NOT self-promoting here. I am trying to save your lifestyle and future freedom. To date, everything written in the novels that make up the White King Trilogy have played out in real life so eerily true that I had to actually defend myself to people prominent in intelligence, counter-terrorism, propaganda warfare and the like.

If they took this seriously, you need to as well. Here’s why:

The final battle in the trilogy is a global economic warfare game, set-up and initiated outside the United States. The target? YOU, and your prosperity.

Today, you are looking at a real-time example of this story. This whole Corona Virus, in my opinion, is the excuse for countries around the world to collapse their own economies. The Virus is real. The Media has hyped its seriousness, however, to a degree that we are literally shutting down the US economy in order to make sure you don’t get the flu.

Think about that. Propaganda warfare tools are being used against you to frighten you so much, you will cave in your own livelihood. You will yield to the “saviors” that wait outside our shores– you, helpless and in grateful need of their “assistance.”

Yesterday, the first of those “saviors” offered a helping hand. You didn’t notice. I doubt President Trump noticed. If you did, you welcomed it. But, that offer to help is a signal that we are living in the actual “White King and the Battle of America: the Endgame” story. Fiction is becoming fact.

Therefore, even if you have not read the first book which reveals the takedown of the US from within, exposing who did it and why, and who is complicit–wittingly or unwittingly–you should read the third book.

Even if you did not read the second book, “White King Rising,” which reveals the shocking truth of HOW we are being brought down–by a Trojan Horse–you should read the third book.

It reveals WHO sent the Trojan Horse, who recruited the unwitting help they needed inside the US, and it clearly exposes HOW they plan to bring the world to its knees economically.

The virus is the excuse. A happy coincidence? Or an actual weapon? Either way, this opened the door for the surreptitious take-down designed to plunge the world into chaos. And, waiting in the wings, the saviors.

Here’s the good news. Once you spot this enemy, and the attack line, you will calm down. Whatever rough waters lie ahead, you will have a steely clear-eyed vision on the end victory by you. The attack evaporates as soon as you look at it.

Take heed here.

Schumer’s Done This Before

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Brace yourselves, my fellow countrymen. Whether you are a Democrat, Independent, Republican or whatever, we all need to be sure that Sen. Chuck Schumer never becomes the Majority Leader in the Senate.

Normally he is quite covert in his back-stabbings and undermining activities. Recently however–whether emboldened by the fact his House colleagues pulled off yet another hoax, or whether he is just inadvertently showing his true colors–he has surfaced into open threats and intimidations.

If you actually listen to what he said to Supreme Court Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, and you understand that he is a leader from one branch of government threatening members of another branch of government, you will perhaps understand the assault upon the Constitution, let alone two Justices who have a job to do.

This time he blurted it out arrogantly and defiantly right in front of the Supreme Court while all Justices were hearing arguments on a case. Schumer wanted a particular outcome. What’s wrong with that? Well, he said directly to the two Justices, “You have sown the whirlwind, and you will pay the price….You won’t know what hit you.” The venom was pointed and unmistakable. Of course, he is walking it back now, trying to get you not to believe your own “lying eyes” and “lying ears.”

Was he threatening physical violence? I doubt it. He seems to be spinning this that he was talking about political consequences. What “political” consequences could he be talking about with Justices who are appointed for life? Impeachment. If they did not vote the way he wanted them to vote, he was threatening them with Impeachment.

The problem is, he has done this before. The word “Impeachment” should ring a bell. I am speaking sarcastically here! Sen. Chuck Schumer seems to be the enforcer/ring leader for someone. He’s the one who arrived at the Supreme Court steps to deliver the covert message of extortion and intimidation. The message? Yield, or suffer the consequences.

It was Chuck Schumer who “warned” newly-elected President Trump not to mess with the Intelligence people, because they can get you “six ways from Sunday.” At the time it was presented as if it were a friendly bit of advice to the newcomer. My guess is Trump received the advice as he does much advice–politely. Then he disregarded it. And in doing so, opened the door to the last 3.5 years of national nightmare–investigations, hoaxes, trials, vitriol. Because the Intelligence Community can in fact get anyone of us “six ways from Sunday.”

But suppose this was not a collegial warning to the “new guy.” Suppose it was in fact a threat–delivered behind the Cheshire cat smile that Schumer can make as he peers over his glasses.

Whether Trump recognized it and chose to ignore the threat, or whether he believed it to be a warning given to help him, we will likely have to wait until long after he is out of office to know.

But, here is what we know happened: (If you don’t know this information, you must be Rip Van Winkle, dozing somewhere, because this is now all documented, testified to, and being further investigated criminally.)

After ignoring the threat that–if the President tried to press the Intelligence Community, and discover some truths on his own–he would be attacked, the attack did in fact happen. We have all watched as it seemed to have been coming from a multiplicity of directions, a variety of sources, hidden communication lines, betrayal by insiders and complicity by Media.

1. Schumer warned or threatened. The President disregarded it.

2. Then FBI Director James Comey showed the President a section of the Steele Dossier, ostensibly to educate the greenhorn as to why he needed Intelligence briefings daily. That was a ruse.

3. Right after leaving that meeting, Comey then called Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, stating, “Mission accomplished.” What mission you might ask now? Planting the material they planned to use to bring down a President.

4. Now that the document had been “officially” shown to the President, it was news-worthy. Clapper then leaked information about that meeting to, if memory serves me, two Media outlets who had been standing by.

5. They could now officially run with it. After all, their source was James Clapper–a high-ranking government official. And run with it they did. And we have not had a day of peace since. Nor has the President.

6. Illegal FISA warrants were issued. A Court was lied to, and as a last act of perfidy before leaving office, Comey leaked government information through a friend to the Press, for an admitted purpose of forcing the Justice Department to create a Special Counsel.

7. Then, onto the stage stepped Robert Mueller.

Meanwhile demure Mr. Schumer could hide behind his original “warning,” shake his head in feigned disbelief, and tell us all that he had tried to warn the President. He almost got away with it.

Except for his blunder earlier this week. Watch the video. You will see that the underlying hatred, anger, and disrespect he has for the Judicial Branch of our government surfaced unmistakably. At that moment he was what he truly has been all along–a rabble-rouser with a cause.

The cause? I believe time will show that his goal is the overturning of our form of government, which is a Constitutional Republic. Mr. Schumer is one of those corrupt and delusional people who believes that our form of government has to be replaced. He may want one branch–the Legislative Branch. He may want a Parliamentary form, whereby Presidents can be thrown out, despite the will of the people. He may want a more totalitarian form of government.

Make no mistake. You are the target, my fellow countrymen. Heed his warning. “Don’t mess with the Intelligence people. They can get you six ways from Sunday.”

And brace yourselves. Because, soon, vile rumors and made-up accusations delivered by “anonymous” people will create false narratives. The Hoax will begin again. The goal? The removal, by Impeachment, of Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh.

If he becomes Majority Leader in the Senate, that is where and when it will begin. You be the judge. Were his words to Kavanaugh and Gorsuch just a rhetorical warning? Or were they a threat intended to intimidate?

It was just such analyses as this, and others that I have done along the way, that led to the story of “White King and the Doctor.” It was just such a little essay that I would write to myself, with projected attack lines by an enemy, that led to a novel so “true” no one has been able to discern what is fact and what is fiction.

You might want to heed me on this one.

Socialism–A Russian’s Story

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In 1989, before the fall of the Soviet Union, my late husband surprised me with an all-day, spa-day at the famous Aida Thibiant Med Spa in Beverly Hills.

Having spent so many years of my life in front of a camera in television work, I was not particularly interested in the hair and make-up, manicures and pedicures. But, there was a one-hour facial booked with their esthetician which I looked forward to. The room was private and quiet and a lovely woman in her 30’s was my technician.

Most at that salon did not speak English–they clearly spoke Russian–and it was my guess that somehow Russians were leaving the Soviet Union, and finding their way as refugees perhaps to the United States. But, this woman spoke English quite well, albeit with an accent that forced me to really listen in order to understand.

I don’t believe personally that you should have conversations with people unless you are interested enough to listen and understand them. To me, to do otherwise is disrespectful. Since we had time together, we began to talk.

At first it was obvious that most of the wealthy clients who patronize that salon apparently did not engage in talking with the people who were providing services to them. But, I was neither wealthy, nor elitist, and I decided to talk with her. She warmed up to that, and began to tell me some of her story. We later became friends, and I got to know her family well.

But, that day, she shared a story that I believe is very relevant to ideologies being promoted today. Ism’s like Marxism, Communism, Socialism sound fascinating when one is in the safety of their college classroom, or sitting in a Starbucks waxing poetic. However, Socialism has always had consequences. In the end, it turns into the equal sharing of poverty.

Here is the tender story she shared unabashedly. Her husband had gotten out first, made his way to the United States, and gotten settled in a Russian-filled area of Woodland Hills. He was a mechanic, and was able to get a job with one of his former countrymen. The point is, he had begun.

A while later, he was able successfully to bring his wife and son to America. Keep in mind he had been here long enough to get acclimated to the American way of life, and to an abundance that we take for granted.

When they were joyfully reunited, he began to introduce her to the neighborhood, and made the first stop the local Ralph’s grocery store. We all have some local grocery store chain. It is just a part of the American way of life.

As they entered the store, he secured a cart and headed to the produce section which was straight in front of them. She stopped, frozen, afraid to proceed. When he inquired into her reluctance to go and pick up fruits and vegetables for their dinners, she could not speak.

Almost pushing her closer to a table that was stacked top to bottom with bananas, oranges and apples, she refused to even touch the fruit–let alone take any. She blurted out, “Someone has made a mistake and left all of this fruit out. We must not touch it or we will be arrested.”

Remember, he had been here long enough to have forgotten some of the day-to-day deprivations of life in Moscow. Suddenly he realized what was wrong, and he assured her the fruit was there to be purchased–in whatever quantity she desired. She began to weep, as she gingerly touched the fine fruit.

For, in her life, under the communist regime and the socialist economic system, deprivation was the norm. The citizens of Moscow were obliged to stand in lines blocks long for hours every day, just for the privilege of buying even one banana or orange. All quantities were rationed by the State. And the State did not care if it took half a day just to get into enough lines to acquire sufficient food to feed your family that night.

Her husband was kind. He let her cry, then explained again that this was life in America. There was an abundance of food, a variety of selection, and that although Americans complained about the long lines at the check out counter, her wait would in fact be short. Finally, she understood that everything she saw displayed was available for her. When it got depleted, men and women with carts would come and refill the tables.

She roamed the store that day in wonder at the “fruit on the tree” of the Free Enterprise system. She touched and withdrew. Touched and withdrew. Until she realized something that she had never realized in her 30 plus years in the Soviet Union–she could HAVE.

Her whole life had been lived through scarcity, but here, she could HAVE the American Dream she had heard about. One fruit table in an ordinary food chain had proven to her that what she had heard about on the radio, and had read about surreptitiously, was real.

And so, she found a way to earn a living, and to begin to create a nice life for herself in the United States. She knew she would have to work, and work hard. But, here, at least, she could accomplish and rise according to her own efforts. And, she could eat!

I have never forgotten her. For the simple reality is that the inevitable outcome of those “ism’s” is poverty and deprivation, no matter how hard one works. There are no guarantees here. Our constitutionally protected rights can portend great things however: the right to life, liberty, and the PURSUIT of happiness.

Many of my countrymen today would be wise I think to give some thought to this before they, out of ignorance, throw away the freedom to enterprise. Don’t be bamboozled, my friends. Anyone peddling socialism is conning you, and they will turn on you once you have surrendered power to them. It has always been so.