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A Man Named Samir Revisited

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At the beginning of the year, I revealed a shocking but very real attack upon us by a man named “Samir.”  Some of you may not have seen that Blog.   But, in light of recent events, and the surfacing of the evidence of a coup attempt in the United States, and the growing evidence of the complicity of certain Media, I thought I would repost it.   It is that important!


Years ago,  a business mentor made a very shocking statement to me.   Looking at what he viewed as a declining education system, disintegrating family values, rising immorality, and group think dominating the young, he suggested there might actually be a group determined to bring America down from within, by gradually turning right into wrong, and wrong into right.

If true, this would be a propaganda victory of historic proportions.   Can you imagine the disinformation, misinformation, and misdirection campaign it would take to cause an ethical and moral people to reverse their thinking and actions?   What would it take to have them abandon the things they held righteous and true, to have them think that things which they held to be “right” are now “wrong” and things which they held to be “wrong” are now “right?”

What a challenge that would be to an enemy of freedom!  What a coup!   From the point of view of evil, flipping the entire Western Civilization and its values on its head would certainly write you into the history books of infamy on this planet.   Does such a person or group exist?

Yes, they do.   When I wrote the White King Trilogy I was attempting to reveal through fiction what seemed to be a plausible approach to causing us to dismantle our own form of government, to kill our young with deadly and addictive drugs, to render our education system nothing more than indoctrination centers, and to turn over power to financial interests outside our country–allowing them to dictate and control us.

Though fiction, the books have seemed prophetic, if not indeed true.   The headlines you read today manifest the exact line of attack laid out in the novels.   The exact line and substance.  The good news is that to defeat this enemy, you need to read the books for yourself.   Once you do, you spot how they are operating, and once you spot it, the strategy and tactics lose all power over you.   There’s a challenge for you.

I took the challenge for myself.   I asked myself, “Was it possible that someone had inserted a Fifth Column (see earlier Blogs) into the US, under cover of a Free Press?   Would our very Constitution provide sanctuary for the enemy, and would their skillful propaganda undermine the members of the Press themselves?  You can answer that yourselves, if you are honest.  We need an honest free press.   But, suppose it got flipped, is now upside down, and has become a dishonest free press.    That threatens us all.

In “White King and the Doctor,” Ayman Al-Zawahiri–the real life mastermind of Al Qaeda–dispatched a Public Relations/Propaganda Chief to hypnotize Americans so that he could then implant commands which would be followed without questioning.  That is mind control on a mass level.

And before you scoff, you should understand this had been done before.   Stalin knew this technology, Mao knew this technology.  They mastered indoctrination in order to control a population otherwise too large to control.

The technology was passed to a man named “Samir.”   He was assigned the take-down of the American Free Press.   He was assigned to get us to turn our strengths as a nation into weaknesses.   If he succeeded, we would implode, feeding on ourselves.  If you dare, read that book, and see if you can see Samir’s fingerprints on current events.  And, then, after that, ask yourself, “Have I been ‘Samirized’?”   Did he get to me?

Samir is a fictitious name for someone–or several people–but he does exist.   I believe I have located him, and know who he has been using to make right wrong, and wrong right.   Your mission is to locate him and his Fifth Column, before he gets to you.  The good news is that evil can not thrive in the light of day.   It hides in the darkness–in the shadows of fear.   So, assuming you have some ability to confront evil, just your eyes gazing at evil causes it to wither.

I will give you a HINT:  if you hear one credible news agency make a statement, and then all other agencies blindly repeat it, using almost the exact same wording, you are looking at victims of Information Warfare.  Their thinking, discerning minds compromised, they are now going over a cliff.   Samir is there.   He planted the first statement.   He threw the bait into the water.  The others, who were dim and lazy, just turned a lie into the truth, and smashed the truth down into a lie.   Remember, a lie told often  enough becomes the truth.  Here’s the kicker.   He preceded all that by getting the Press to first have an agenda.  Once members have an agenda, their own agenda blinds them from truth, and makes it possible for Samir to plant all manner of outrageous material.   Samir knows that if the “lie” conforms with their agenda, or can be perverted to conform with their agenda, he now has an “unwitting” accomplice.

Until a truly righteous person stands up.  Is that you?  I hope so.

Stay tuned for more of Samir’s tactics and strategies.

Back to Crossfire Hurricane

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In an earlier Blog, I asked the question who was the target of this Operation Crossfire Hurricane?   Who was caught in the crossfire, and who did it?   Here are some answers.

The target was candidate Donald Trump and his campaign.   When that failed to stop his election, President Trump became the target.   Sadly, it was done–not just by foreign adversaries, but by the top echelon of the FBI, and, I believe, the CIA and other Intelligence personnel.

Almost a magic act of deception and misdirection, a lie was concocted and then planted, and then bounced around the country.   Sucked into its hurricane were media journalists like Michael Isikoff, Senators like John McCain., Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Atty General Rod Rosenstein.   Begun by Peter Stok, Andrew McCabe, and Lisa Page most likely, it appears to have been orchestrated by FBI Dir. James Comey, CIA director John Brennan, and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.  Other names to pay attention to as the data surfaces, and the evidence mounts are Sally Yates, Samantha Powers, Loretta Lynch, and the former President. The question to answer is this:  Who ordered the implementation of Crossfire Hurricane?  Who in the UK, Australia, Ukraine, and Italy were complicit?

The objective?  to take down the President of the United States.

Why? In investigations one has to identify the Who, the What, the When, the Where.  But, there will always be an underlying Why.  Some of you may not care to know the Why.   Some of you may be gleeful that for whatever reason they did it, you won’t pursue it because you have disdain for this President, and don’t really care what happens to him.

Now, here’s the point.   This time they did it to my guy.  The next time, it will be done to your guy.  None of these people care about Republican or Democrat, Conservative or Liberal.   They care about power and control.   And you, the American people, got in their way.   Certain they were set for life, the American people threw the grenade called Donald Trump into their cozy little den.   His presence threatened everything.

But, be sure, you are the ones they hate.   Why?   Because you have the annoying habit of believing you are smart, insightful; you have the tendancy to make decisions and to think independently.  Further, you are operating under the delusion–in their opinion–that you are the boss, and they are working for you.

To them, you are stupid and self-centered, and need to be governed. You were called “Deplorable” and recently you have been called “Garbage.”  James Comey last week said that you were a mob that should be put in a dark corner. Don’t miss this people. Regrettably, Crossfire Hurricane spilled out into our lives as well.   Donald Trump was not the only victim here. You were also the victim–and in my opinion the actual intended target.

You stepped out of line.   You superseded your “authority” in their minds.   You sent a true change agent.  And that person was capable of dismantling all their power and money structure.  Why?  Because, as an executive, he has the habit of asking the question, “Why?”   It’s part of the package of true executives.  They need to know why something is working or not working, why stats are going up or down, why public relations are strong or not strong.   The list of questions is endless, but always governed by the need to know the real reason why.   Once they identify the underlying “why” they can begin to fix and expand.

The American people sent an executive to Washington, not a self-serving, career-enhancing politician.   And that was a “sin” in the minds of the authoritarian swamp rats.   They may know that they can not get rid of the guy–at least by now they know that.  But the real message is one for YOU.   The message?   Don’t ever do this again.  If you try, we will destroy you, and anyone connected to you.

Talk about voter suppression!  Something to think about, my friends.   Something to think about…


Next Blog…”Make America Law Abiding Again”

Be A Fruit Inspector

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Years ago, a mentor of mine taught me and my business colleagues that if we were going to be leaders of people that we should learn what it is to be a fruit inspector, not a judge in black robes.

This lesson has completely escaped the MedIa and a very shrill public who seem not to understand a basic botany fact.    The fact is:  a bad tree cannot produce good fruit.   But a good tree can.   So, when in doubt about someone, look to what they produce–the “fruit.”  If it is good fruit, even though you may have a distaste for the person, or his/her appearance, or mannerisms, or leadership style, if it is good “fruit” the tree is good.

Instead, in today’s America, we are being programmed to put on black robes, and judge everyone and everything–based upon our own biases, and in many cases our own ignorance and emotional immaturity.   Make no mistake, when you are “triggered”–as I have covered many times relevant to Propaganda Warfare, and the stimulus-response reaction it produces–it is proof to others that you are not in control of your emotions.   Someone else is.   Who is that?   And what is their motive?

Could it be they want to trick you into believing that “bad” fruit is “good,” and good for you?   They may even look great, sound great, speak smoothly with platitudes galore, but what is their fruit?   Is anything improving?

So, let’s take a look, for example,  at some of the President’s “fruit.”  You have been told repeatedly that he is evil, vile, nefarious, inept, and the worst thing that could have happened to the United States.   Your disdain is so great that you may not want to hear the truth about Operation Crossfire Hurricane.   All right.   Let’s accept that.   But let’s just look then at some of the fruit on the tree of this President so far:

  1.  African-American unemployment is at an all-time low.
  2. Hispanic unemployment is at an all-time low.
  3. Hispanic incomes rising.
  4. Female unemployment is the lowest since 1969.
  5. Income for Americans has risen at least 3%.  (As it continues to rise, the middle class is being rebuilt)
  6. GDP is above 3% when the previous administration prepared us for a new normal of 1-2%, if I remember.
  7. Regulations lifted have allowed companies to expand, and are hiring.
  8. Companies that fled the US for economic reasons are returning.
  9. Mexico is cooperating more than ever on controlling the border to the US, and beginning to tackle the Drug Cartels.
  10. We have full, albeit emotional, attention on our own southern border.
  11. He and the First Lady are attacking the Opioid Epidemic head on.
  12. 3 Million Americans have come off food stamps.
  13. He is working diligently on the Balance of Trade Deficit with China and others.  (Our balance of trade deficit has been a problem since I was a National Debate person debating the issue back in the late 1960’s)
  14. He has brought the N. Korean dictator to the table to negotiate. (The entry point to resolving conflict is in fact communication.   If there is no communication, nothing changes.)
  15. The President of South Korea has publicly stated, and I heard this myself. “You are truly the Peacemaker.”
  16. The Caliphate has been destroyed.  Though Al Qaeda and Isis still exist, the land they took for their Caliphate has been retaken, and many enemy killed.
  17. He has started Opportunity Zones in the inner cities and rural areas where the youth have no economic opportunity and where crime is high. The program is designed to bring business and jobs to these areas, coupled with education, and security.
  18. He has reformed prison sentencing, so that people don’t end up serving a life sentence for a crime that should not carry that. He has worked on in-prison reforms that truly prepare the parolee for a Fresh Start.
  19. He is proposing that the Pell Grants be changed to allow African-Americans and others to use the grant for education which results in high paying jobs. Taking two years, and preparing those who want for jobs in trucking and manufacturing etc.
  20. Overall unnemployment is at an all-time low, in my lifetime.   (By the way, only 1 in 15 of those employed now has two or more jobs. The rest are living on just one job.  I believe that is the current stat.)

Look at it.   We do best when we look, don’t listen.   We can check the stats with the various government agencies who track the results of programs.

So, how’s the fruit on the tree?

4th of July Addendum–Strong Stuff

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First, I appreciate the extraordinary amount of positive feedback and sentiment I received regarding my 4th of July post.  It is appreciated.  Especially since several of you felt it was a challenge as well.  That said, I have something to add relevant to the news that day and the following.

Now, I expected the insanely compromised media to hate the 4th of July Celebration in Washington.   Their predictability borders on the worst that could be said of any actor or writer.  They are a cliché, and everything they do recently demonstrates it.

Take the 4th of July celebration.   I personally watched it, after I had posted my last Blog.   I found it moving, and fun.   It was a celebration.   Now, I know my history a bit.  And the Doolittle Raid was over Tokyo, if I remember, not against the Nazis.  So, the President and his speechwriters got that wrong, and perhaps other things.   I don’t know.   Because that was not the point of the vitriol that came his way the following day.

Obviously small-minded people will harp on such an obvious mistake, or mistakes.  No small-minded person would have been moved by the personal tributes the President gave to specific Americans who were singled out for their contribution to the American story. That, by the way, was the bulk of the celebration.   It was an honoring of free Americans and many who did extraordinary things. But, as I said, small-minded, small-spirited people would not care about that.

No, the main attack was predictably on the honoring of our armed services, the celebration of the branches of the military, the role these people have played in our freedom, and the military flyovers etc.   Comparisons have been drawn by the media to vile dictators.

Now, I understand you may hate Donald Trump.   You may hate America even.   But before you get on your “Intellectual” high horse and condemn his speech writers for their understanding of history, consider this:  to not place the armed services in the celebration, along with the fireworks that our forefathers envisioned, is to reveal a colossal ignorance of what happened on July 4, 1776.

When those 56 men signed that document–in case you missed it–they were signing their own death warrants, and they were beginning a revolution!!!   I don’t know how the NY Times, CNN, MSNBC, or any other pea brain missed it.  This was not a church social.   This was not a classroom debate. This was not an office Super Bowl pool.  This was the real deal.  And to bring it off, it would require MILITARY ACTIVITY AT A LEVEL NOT SEEN IN THE WORLD UP TO THAT POINT.

(Please forward this part to any media people you know, or any blowhards.  I am tired of being berated and belittled for enjoying a celebration of what my ancestors commenced that day.   And I am tired of cowardly bullies trying to rain on everyone’s parade. I make my living as a public speaker, and I don’t care if someone flubs a teleprompter reading, or if there is a gaff now again.   Anyone who actually works for a living talking live in front of others has had an embarrassing moment or two. So, grow up.)

Because it was a military endeavor that began that day, it would be almost a dereliction of duty not to honor the flag, the military branches, and salute them in some way for what Washington’s Army did then, and for what all of our military have done since then to make it possible for these ignorant people to pontificate from their self-righteous perches.

A 4th of July celebration that includes our military is an appropriate thing.   And, if you think otherwise, I suggest you stop talking about whether Donald Trump’s speech had an historical inaccuracy in it.  For all you are revealing is a complete ignorance of what really happened that day, and what we are celebrating and honoring still to this day. If your ignorance had prevailed back then, there would be no United States of America, and there would be precious few free people anywhere.

So, to the critics, I give you an F in history.  Forget the Doolittle Raid.  You missed the whole point of who we are and where we came from. You are engaged in a race to the bottom of the class.   God help any who read you, listen to you, emote with you, and form their opinions on the basis of your pitiful ignorance.

Now, this is about the angriest you will see me.  For those of you who prefer I be more gracious, too bad.   Today, I am John Adsit’s great, great, great, great, great, great granddaughter. And, that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

4th of July–a point of honor

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Not long after 56 men signed a document that would change the world, and put humanity on an upward trajectory toward freedom and prosperity, they selected a famous British General to lead the Continental Army.

The choice was critical since each man had pledged his life, his fortune and his sacred honor to the cause.   Each knew that if they failed, all would hang for treason.   Each knew also that there would be bounties placed on their lives, their wives’ lives, and their children while the coming war would be waged.

In fact, many of those men did lose their lives.   Many lost their fortunes.  Many lost their families. But, none lost their honor.   They stayed the course–no matter the price.   And we are richer for it today.

As I am packing my home to move out of state, I stood today at the wash stand that has come down to me through the centuries in our family.   In a small upstate village on the Vermont/New York border, Washington was recruiting to try to fill out his army.   Most of you may not know that the whole American Revolution was supported by a tiny percentage of the population.

Like any great recruiter, Washington painted the vision, but he also offered incentives for those who might enlist and fight.   John Adsit, my ancestor, was a poor man who dreamed of one day owning land.   George Washington signed a land grant to him that day, giving him and his heirs property.   He sat at the humble wash stand which was the only place available, and promised the land to our family–if they won.

John Adsit was not a young man, but he had a dream.   And he knew that a free society was necessary for him or his descendants to ever have anything.  So, he signed.  He went with Washington, leaving the family behind.  He stayed the course of the entire war, and he returned to work the land.

Why?  The promise of freedom and prosperity resonated with him I would guess.   And so he too pledged his life, his fortune (which was small), and his sacred honor to the cause.  Wealthy and poor alike believed in the dream and the rewards, and they fought and bled together to bring about opportunity for generations to come.

Today, as you eat your hot dogs, and bar-b-q, please reflect on the vision that precedes you, on the commitment that precedes you, which affords us a land where men and women are free to pursue their dreams.   We are not guaranteed the outcome of our efforts.   But we have been given the chance to expend our effort.

Ask yourself, what are you willing to pledge your life, your fortune, and your sacred honor to?  Hopefully you know.   But, if not, pray for the wisdom to identify something worth your life, worth your fortune, and which requires your honor.

Enjoy your day.   Enjoy your family and friends, and a delicious meal.  As for me, I look at that table, and salute a man who 8 generations ago, risked it all–for me.

Happy Birthday, America!