4th of July Addendum–Strong Stuff

First, I appreciate the extraordinary amount of positive feedback and sentiment I received regarding my 4th of July post.  It is appreciated.  Especially since several of you felt it was a challenge as well.  That said, I have something to add relevant to the news that day and the following.

Now, I expected the insanely compromised media to hate the 4th of July Celebration in Washington.   Their predictability borders on the worst that could be said of any actor or writer.  They are a cliché, and everything they do recently demonstrates it.

Take the 4th of July celebration.   I personally watched it, after I had posted my last Blog.   I found it moving, and fun.   It was a celebration.   Now, I know my history a bit.  And the Doolittle Raid was over Tokyo, if I remember, not against the Nazis.  So, the President and his speechwriters got that wrong, and perhaps other things.   I don’t know.   Because that was not the point of the vitriol that came his way the following day.

Obviously small-minded people will harp on such an obvious mistake, or mistakes.  No small-minded person would have been moved by the personal tributes the President gave to specific Americans who were singled out for their contribution to the American story. That, by the way, was the bulk of the celebration.   It was an honoring of free Americans and many who did extraordinary things. But, as I said, small-minded, small-spirited people would not care about that.

No, the main attack was predictably on the honoring of our armed services, the celebration of the branches of the military, the role these people have played in our freedom, and the military flyovers etc.   Comparisons have been drawn by the media to vile dictators.

Now, I understand you may hate Donald Trump.   You may hate America even.   But before you get on your “Intellectual” high horse and condemn his speech writers for their understanding of history, consider this:  to not place the armed services in the celebration, along with the fireworks that our forefathers envisioned, is to reveal a colossal ignorance of what happened on July 4, 1776.

When those 56 men signed that document–in case you missed it–they were signing their own death warrants, and they were beginning a revolution!!!   I don’t know how the NY Times, CNN, MSNBC, or any other pea brain missed it.  This was not a church social.   This was not a classroom debate. This was not an office Super Bowl pool.  This was the real deal.  And to bring it off, it would require MILITARY ACTIVITY AT A LEVEL NOT SEEN IN THE WORLD UP TO THAT POINT.

(Please forward this part to any media people you know, or any blowhards.  I am tired of being berated and belittled for enjoying a celebration of what my ancestors commenced that day.   And I am tired of cowardly bullies trying to rain on everyone’s parade. I make my living as a public speaker, and I don’t care if someone flubs a teleprompter reading, or if there is a gaff now again.   Anyone who actually works for a living talking live in front of others has had an embarrassing moment or two. So, grow up.)

Because it was a military endeavor that began that day, it would be almost a dereliction of duty not to honor the flag, the military branches, and salute them in some way for what Washington’s Army did then, and for what all of our military have done since then to make it possible for these ignorant people to pontificate from their self-righteous perches.

A 4th of July celebration that includes our military is an appropriate thing.   And, if you think otherwise, I suggest you stop talking about whether Donald Trump’s speech had an historical inaccuracy in it.  For all you are revealing is a complete ignorance of what really happened that day, and what we are celebrating and honoring still to this day. If your ignorance had prevailed back then, there would be no United States of America, and there would be precious few free people anywhere.

So, to the critics, I give you an F in history.  Forget the Doolittle Raid.  You missed the whole point of who we are and where we came from. You are engaged in a race to the bottom of the class.   God help any who read you, listen to you, emote with you, and form their opinions on the basis of your pitiful ignorance.

Now, this is about the angriest you will see me.  For those of you who prefer I be more gracious, too bad.   Today, I am John Adsit’s great, great, great, great, great, great granddaughter. And, that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

6 thoughts on “4th of July Addendum–Strong Stuff

  1. Bev Moreland

    Good afternoon Lee
    After reading your article that had been forwarded to me by my Aunt, I felt the need to write. I am a proud Canadian, but I also have many friends in the US and of course our media is filled with US politics and events (as it should be) daily. Having said that and the reason for my email is this – BRAVO! When all the hoopla was being reported about all the festivities planned for the 4th of July and all the negative comments were made in the media about the amount of dollars spent with the placing of tanks and armoured vehicles on Capital Hill, about how unnecessary it all was, I thought then – are these people that stupid? Do they not realize that the display of such equipment is the reason that they can complain, question and even protest? Donald Trump is proud and is showing off. It’s is like showing off your price bull at the fair! Come on people – get a grip.
    Thank you for posting.

    Best regards


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