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On Oct. 2, 2022 America lost a true American patriot, and an especially brilliant and talented man. Stephen Luckey was a friend of mine–I had known him and his wife Jeannie for 17 years. Steve was the first person to really encourage me and support my novel “White King and the Doctor,” and every book since in the series. He had a strong belief in what I was doing, and his furtherance of the book made all the difference in what has happened since. I am profoundly grateful to the man who met a perfect stranger, believed in her, and supported her.

But the book I would encourage you all to read is his own autobiography, “Lucky Man: A Life Lived One Shot at a Time.” Written during the final two years of his life, it reveals his delicious irreverence, his courage, his vastly diversified areas of expertise, and his great love of country and family. It is the story of an American hero, told humbly. Steve Luckey was the winner of a Bronze Star for his groundbreaking and tremendously dangerous work in Viet Nam. And that was just the beginning of a long, successful life adventure.

He fought valiantly against the disease that ended his life. From the moment of the diagnosis I believe he knew the eventual outcome. Yet he was determined to take every moment, every day of life, and live it with valor and with humor. There were two warriors in that fight. His wife Jeannie was never not at his side, creating a normalcy where none would otherwise have existed. I admired the two of them, as they faced all challenges together. “Lucky man” found a great mate who had the stamina and the will to fight along side him.

These bonds and characteristics represent the best of us I believe. Steve lived his life professionally to secure our great country from so many different enemies. He was respected for that. Yet, at his Memorial Celebration, it was evident to me as his family spoke about their dad that he lived his life personally with the same passion and commitment–determined to make this a better world for his family, and the families of all of us.

I am grateful to have known him. I am reassured in the goodness of our country, for having known him. I am inspired by the strength of the American family and am dedicated to making sure the family unit is never destroyed in this country. Though I did not know him through any of the incredible adventures you will read about in his book, I am proud to have watched a hero face the end with honor and grace.

Steve Luckey, you will be missed. But you will never be forgotten.

I encourage you all to pause, and remember. Here is the link to his book: