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The Unasked Question

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One of the things most troubling to rational Americans right now is the increasing lawlessness.  I am not speaking of the recent “ricin” attacks against members of the Administration, or the “suspicious devices” attacks upon prominent Democrats.   Those are acts of terrorism–domestic or international–designed to do just what Lenin said to do:   the purpose of terrorism is to terrify.   And with the Merchants of Fear and Chaos salivating over ways to frighten you further, you can be sure there is plenty of media coverage.

What I speak of is the apparent willingness of the population at large to break laws rather than to change them.   In a nation of laws, where the rule of law supersedes the knee-jerk, stimulus-response of the emotionally immature and intellectually lazy, if the population becomes increasingly emotional, and self-centered to the point that every individual feels they have a right to break every law they personally don’t like, that society will degenerate into lawlessness.   From there to anarchy, and from anarchy–history shows–to totalitarianism.   Either one man will rise up as dictator to restore order over the unruly population, or a group of men do.   Either way, it marks the end of freedom.

Well, if that is the end game, then the beginning is the encouragement and allowing of each of us to disregard or break laws at will.   At first it seems innocuous, and always justifiable, Remember that every bad act we have ever done has had its justification in our minds.  But as time goes on, the lawlessness becomes more pronounced.   Soon, the rights of the people are in jeopardy and are at the whim of individuals whose reason can not necessarily be trusted.  So, a good thing to teach our young people is this:   IF YOU DON’T LIKE A LAW, CHANGE IT!  DO NOT BREAK IT!  One path leads to anarchy, and the other leads to reevaluation and reform.

Not every law is necessary or workable now.   If we examine them, we can identify which ones we want to change, or abolish altogether.  This can only be done however if one learns to ask the right questions.   To understand a law, you have to have enough intellectual curiosity to understand why it came about in the first place, and what problem was the law–or some part of the law–intended to solve.   From that question comes follow-up questions like, “did it accomplish that goal?” and “is it even relevant to today?”  “Does it need modification to hit the right target?”   There are many questions that can be asked.

But, if the population is dumbed down and drugged up, spurred on by Merchants of Fear and Chaos who do not want an individual to act out of reason, but rather out of emotion and feelings, then gross errors can be made.  Take for example, the situation a few months back when our Southern Border was besieged, and folks were set up in temporary holding quarters–young children separated from their “mothers.”

The Black Propogandist had a field day with this one.  I personally have friends who could not even talk about the issues because they were so upset by seeing families “ripped apart,” children “torn from the arms of their parents,” and “scarred for life.”   It’s not the compassion and concern of my friends that I doubt or challenge, it is the fact they succumbed to pure emotion and feelings, and failed to ask the right question.   Instead, politicians and Media started promoting the abolishment of ICE (which is the wrong agency by the way.   The incident occurred at the border and was handled I believe by Border Patrol. Even I admit ignorance in these areas.)   The emotional impetus was to break the law and have others break the law because one didn’t like what they saw and were angry, sad, enraged, disgusted etc.   NOTE ALL OF THESE ARE EMOTIONS THE BLACK PROPOGANDIST PLAYS WITH.


I am not advocating here that our Immigration laws don’t need reform.  In fact I believe the hodge-podge quilt approach we have created over the years leaves much to be fixed.   But, having written the novels I have, and done the research for “White King and the Battle of America: the Endgame,”  I want to direct your attention–ALL OF YOU, NO MATTER YOUR POLITICS–to a book entitled “A Crime So Monstrous” by undercover investigative journalist E. Benjamin Skinner.   And I want ALL OF YOU to ask yourself another unasked question:  “What is human trafficking, and what does it encompass?”

As evil as this is, and emotion-generating as it is, there are men and women who kidnap children and take them across our border, masquerading as a family that is just trying to get to a better way of life in the United States.   The problem is the child is now a slave, and is going to be sex-trafficked in the US potentially.   So, the children are separated from the woman who claims to be the mother, or the man who claims to be the father, until officials can sort out a few things. Namely, is the child DNA connected to the parents, and are there signs of abuse?   Ironically one of the things our Border people were most reviled for recently is one of the things we condone in the US under Child Protective Services, when a child seems to be endangered.

Most families crossing the border illegally are in fact families, but I believe in this last group, some were found to have no DNA connection, and appeared to be sexually abused.   If that is true, and even one child was found, rescued, and later returned to their rightful parents, then in my opinion it would have been worth it.   Do the optics look bad?  Of course.   The Black Propogandist is counting on that.   But, is the saving of a child worth the criticism?   You answer that for yourselves.

I can only tell you that if I were a family crossing the border of the United States of America, hoping to get my family into this great country–even if it meant breaking the law to do it–I would not be hyper-critical of the citizens and government of this country for trying to do it in an orderly fashion.   And, more importantly, even if my rightful children were “ripped from my arms” for a few weeks–admittedly lonely and confused–I would teach them that it was the right thing to do, if this small temporary sacrifice could help save another child wrongfully in the hands of a criminal human trafficker, or slave trader.   I would teach my children that.

Remember, the “one” does not always equal the “whole.”   Each issue in this complicated immigration issue has to be addressed separately, with solutions for each that serve our country well.   Neither you, nor I, nor our government officials should be bullied into NOT asking the question:  Why was the action taken?   Out of a hateful motive to punish and injure?   Or out of a desire to help?

And last, remember to do the most good you can, and the least harm you can.   That double-edged sword cries out for honest, rational questions to be asked and answered.   There is no room for hysteria, histrionics and drama when it comes to being “just.”   Speak to your government, and ask them the questions you feel need to be asked in order to do what is best for this country and all those blessed to live within its boundaries.

Merchants of Fear & Chaos

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Years ago I filmed a Sominex commercial.   It was a sleep aid, and the commercial aired regularly in prime spots.   When I got my first residual statement from my agent, it showed the commercial was airing only in the then-nightly news on ABC, CBS, and NBC.  (Believe it or not there was a time not so long ago when we were not deluged with the 24 hour news mania of cable news.   It used to be one half hour each night.)   I called my agent and mentioned to him that it was only airing on those news shows.   I have never forgotten his words:   “Lee, how naïve can you be?”   Stunned, I asked what he meant.   And his response has shaped my thoughts and actions ever since.  “The only products that advertise on the news are Sominex, Bayer Aspirin, and Pepto Bismol–because after you watch the news you have a head ache, an upset stomach, and can’t sleep!.”   True story.

The news is engineered to sow fear and chaos, because the creators know that we have a tendancy to be drawn to negative like a magnet.   The Media learned long ago that positive does not sell, but negative does.   And the more negative the better.

Fast forwarding to present day, each of those mild over-the-counter medications has been supplanted by psychiatrists and doctors and the pharmaceutical industry with heavy prescription meds–many of which are highly addictive, and many of which have the known side effects of suicide and even homicide.   If you doubt this, you can read my trilogy which exposed this attack line, OR–even better–you can turn on your news and see who is advertising on those shows.   And listen to the disclaimers on the drugs for sleeping, the drugs for pain, and the drugs for anxiety and depression.   Really listen.   You will see it.

Here’s the cycle:   You watch the news.  It angers you, frightens you, and fills you with doubt and anxiety.   Then you take a medication so that you feel less anxious, less afraid, and less restless.  Then you watch the news again, and the cycle repeats, over and over again.   Before long you are addicted to two dangerous “narcotics”–the narcotic of the negative news, drawing you to it like a moth to a flame, and the narcotic of the medication to calm you down so you can survive.

Many, however, do not survive.   They end up experiencing a side effect known as ideation of suicide, and they end up killing themselves.

I’d like to suggest that a better and much safer solution is to turn off the news, and disconnect from your Internet sources that are pummeling you the same way.   (If you experience difficulty doing this, just know that you are addicted.   Change.   And when you do, you will have released yourselves from the fear and chaos these merchants peddle.)

You may ask, but how will I know what is going on?   Trust me, you will hear of things.   And my best recommendation is that you watch the actual event–whether it be a hearing, a campaign rally, a full-length interview, or any other thing which interests you, and which you can replay in its entirety.  We are in the YouTube Age you know!   When you watch for yourself, you can experience the whole thing, and draw your own conclusions.   That is infinitely better than letting someone else “tell” you what you missed, what was important, their opinion  and emotion about it, and how you should FEEL about it.   You may be surprised to watch something, knowing full well you understood it, and gathered certain data from it, and then you turn on your favorite channel or news show only to realize that they may have completely falsified the data, or left out crucial data, or misevaluated what you heard with your own ears, and saw with your own eyes. Do not doubt your own reality on what you saw.   But be prepared to doubt someone else’s interpretation of what they saw.

I realize that common sense is almost a paranormal experience in America today, but YOU have it.   Do not doubt yourself.   Just get out of the clutches of the Merchants of Fear, and the Merchants of Chaos.

Differentiation vs Identification

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Differentiation and Identification.   Understanding these two words, I believe, will make  all the difference to the quality of life we will all live in the future–and to our sanity itself.   I believe it will untangle for you why so much of recent events seem to reflect a world inverted, operating almost on the opposite of the values and standards you were accustomed to.

American Heritage dictionary defines Differentiation as: perceiving or showing the difference in or between…   You fill in the word. Ex. Perceiving the differences between people or groups, or ideas.

It defines Identification as: considering something as identical, equating.

One word leads to sanity, and the other to insanity.   Plain and simple.   In life, many things, attitudes, actions, ideas etc. may be similar.    But it is the every rising intelligence and sanity of an individual that allows him or her to see the differences.   Conversely, it is the every lowering intelligence and sanity of an individual that compels him or her to see things as identical.

This subject explains mob rule, civil insurrection, lynch mentality, social injustices, and the erosion of the Rule of Law.   The Rule of Law that is a part of the American Experiment requires that one be able to differentiate, and not identify.   It requires facts, distinguishable facts, and not a blur of one fact obscured by mounds of emotion.

Take for example a woman who is mugged by a black man.   Though a bad thing obviously, the quality of her life and others will be influenced by whether she differentiates or identifies from there forward.   If she differentiates, she holds no animosity toward other black men, let alone all black men.   She holds animosity toward the ONE man who harmed.   But, if she identifies, she will see every black man from there forward as bad, and concludes irrationally that all black men are bad because one man was.   If she is truly insane, she assumes all black people are bad.

The Me Too Movement, in my opinion, would be wise to study this.  And the participants should look closely at the degree of sanity or insanity manifested in the behavior of the movement’s leaders.   Each woman who has experienced sexual harassment, assault, or worse is right to revile the man who did it.   If she differentiates, however, she will not hold all men responsible for the acts of one–even if she is part of a group where each INDIVIDUAL member has experienced something similar.

On the other hand, if she identifies, then ALL men are sexual predators of some sort in her mind, and any future accusation can set her off.   Associating with other women who may also be identifying one bad actor with all men can also cause her to further identify.   Before you know it, she sees all men as threats to be dealt with.   Instead of handling the one actual “bad actor,” she rails against all and habitually hits the wrong target.

In a just culture, when we are wronged, we should seek redress.  But, it has to be against the right target, not some other innocent and uninvolved person whose only sin was that they were part of the group the bad actor came from.

The absence of this sanity and the ability to differentiate, sorting out fact from fiction, fact from opinion, and rationality from emotionality, has led throughout history to racism, lynching (literal and figurative,) brandings, pillories, riots, genocide, and much more.

I will leave you with this thought.   There was a time prior to World War 2 when the German people could look at their neighbors and evaluate them for themselves.   But once the brainwashing and mind control efforts began and were skillfully continued, an entire nation of people began to see the one Jew that acted inappropriately as representative of the entire group called Jews.   As the identification dug in further, they no longer sought to punish the one, but rather equated the one with the whole, and sought to punish the whole.  We all know that was one of the darkest periods in man’s history.

I have always been an optimistic person.   I adopted a personal philosophy that each person I meet or know is basically good.   I do not expect the worst from them.   And except on those days when I may be acting like a jerk, I hold the view that the other person has my basic respect automatically.  My disrespect, on the other hand, has to be “earned.”   Therefore, if someone does some harm to me, or others, they as an INDIVIDUAL may engender my disapproval, thereby earning my disrespect.    But it is their actions, not the actions of the gender or race or religion they are part of, which influences my thinking.

I’d like to think that is sanity.   How about you?

And when I saw mobs of people willing to literally throw out the Rule of Law in the US because of their identification of one man who may have harmed them in the past with ALL men, thereby hitting a wrong target and destroying lives in the process, I call that insanity.   Human decency says, before you destroy someone be sure they are the right one.   And if they are, then temper the punishment to the offense.

Not all offenses are equal.   It is my hope that we evolve again into a society that is not so lazy.   One where, if we see some similarities between things, we are intellectually and emotionally mature enough to look for the differences.    Differences lead to sanity.   Identifications lead to insanity.   Sanity and happiness are aligned.   Insanity and hate-filled unhappiness are also  aligned.


Guidelines for living

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I recently attended the memorial service for a friend of mine.  He was an attorney, and highly respected human rights advocate.  We had a talk just before he passed, in which he imparted to his grandsons, who were also in the room, how he had raised his children.    He said, “I had just three guidelines for them.  This is how they should live life. This is how I raised them.”   I will give you the first two in this blog.  “Do as much good as you can.   Do as little harm as you can.”

There you have it.   You can pretty much sort out life along those two guidelines.   One could make decisions on difficult issues strictly by asking how much good does this do, and how little harm does this do?   So, it begs the question then why the world today almost seems as if people have inverted that and are trying to do as much harm as they can, and as little good as they can.   It’s perplexing, but it rests on some issues we will address in this and the next few blogs.

First, in order to overwhelm reason and turn it into hysterical, contagious rantings of extreme and irrational emotion, all the Black Propagandist has to do is figure out what would cause you to become irrationally emotional.   In the novel “White King and the Doctor,” the Doctor teaches his propaganda chief Samir exactly how to begin the process.  And the scene on the French President’s balcony is a stunning example of how Samir compromised the top media mogul in the world, and eventually brought down his empire.   It began with a generality.

A generality takes something specific and turns it into something general, where the one can equal or represent the whole of society, and where one can no longer differentiate or distinguish one thing or person from another.   Words that will alert you to a generality are something like, “Everyone knows…”  “Everybody thinks…”   “They say…”  Absent a specific identified person or thing, the propagandist can overwhelm the lone individual’s reason by causing you to think in categories, lumping everyone into a whole.   You no longer see the differences or individuality.  You have been made to think that one specific person or behavior now represents the whole behavior of a group.  And you believe the statement, whatever it is, reflects volumes of people, not just one–or possibly even none.

Generalities are often sneaky, and gradually corrosive.  Generalities are at the root of all lynchings–literal or figurative.  They are the foundation of witch hunts and inquisitions and social branding. They are also accompanied by anonymous accusations, rumor, and hidden inferences,   And they seem to be impossible to refute.   (I will address in the next blog how to refute these, how to regain control of the emotion and become restored to reason.)   If you have found yourself stymied and agitated by someone blathering at you about, “Well everybody knows that everyone there was BAD…They are ALL like that.   So, we can’t let them get away with it…,” you know how helpless you felt since there was no one specific individual being called out. It seemed unfair or unjust somehow to you.  Without the ability to differentiate and isolate specifics, your mind became progressively more agitated, confused, and progressively less discerning.

This is the very essence of mob mentality.   Each person’s reason is overtaken by emotion and blurred by the lack of precision to the point they can be made to take action against an entire group of people, rather than isolate and handle the one culprit–if any.

The problem is that you can’t be effective in doing as much good as you can if you think and operate on equations that include such thoughts as “all cops are killers, all women are manipulative, all Blacks are lazy, all white men are wrongfully privileged, all women are victims, all men are abusive, and the list goes on and on.   You can play a game right now to see how many generalities you hear on the TV news, and see if you can spot how that makes it almost impossible to sort out fact from fiction, fact from opinion.   And see what happens to reason. Note how you FEEL.   Angry?   Sad?  Frightened?

In the absence of reason, the BAD (those whose goal is to destroy) have a field day doing–not as LITTLE  harm as possible–but rather as MUCH harm as possible.   Remember, their goal is to destroy, and they need to recruit unwitting allies to promulgate the destruction.  Luring you into repeating generalities, you start to see everyone the way they want you to see them.

Be very aware now, as the American Media has been compromised by master propagandists whose intellect is greater than members of the Media.   I would call today’s Media a wandering generality, attracting to them like a magnet those who can not differentiate, and who can only parrot what they heard someone else say, and who can be provoked into mindless emoting and histrionics.

You may say, “Lee, that was a generality, what you said about the Media.”   Indeed it was!  I wanted to see if you were alert, and I challenge you to now find amongst that group the journalists you feel represent their group with distinction, and independent thinking.  Look for any who seem to want to do as much good as possible, and as little harm as possible.   Those who want to Create rather than Destroy. Have fun, and let me know who you find.