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“Wag the Dog 2”–new cast, same deception

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The film “Wag the Dog” was released in 1997. The plot involves a President trying to get reelected who gets caught in a scandal. His spin doctor hires a Hollywood producer to create a war, one so convincing that the media and public will be distracted by the war, and not notice the scandal. The war was fake, but, through the filmmaker’s genius, appeared real. Real enough to fool the country.

It was a brilliant and funny satiric revelation of just how manipulative politics, media, and Hollywood can get. Through skillful writing, filming, and editing, one can make anything appear real–even a completely false story. You could fool the media into taking the bait. But, what if the media was part of the deception–willfully part of the deception?

You should note that when I was researching Bin Laden and Ayman Al-Zawahiri for the insights that eventually led to “White King and the Doctor,” I discovered that it was reported Bin Laden’s favorite movie was “Wag the Dog.” That is in fact what gave me the idea to have Bin Laden in a film studio filming various scenarios that might happen in the future, and to have him launch his propaganda chief into an attack that would undermine the American free press, causing the American people to bring themselves down from within. All of it, based on creating something out of nothing, and then making the “something” appear so real that it was accepted as the truth.

There is a “Wag the Dog 2” being created right now. Many of you may see some things on the news but have not trained your eye to spot what is missing. You may be watching Trump or Biden rallies on TV–or the parts the media allows you to see–and you have missed something.

I currently live in a state where rallies have taken place locally, and the local news reporters and their cameramen sometimes capture things CNN would never allow out for example. If you have been anywhere in the vicinity of a Trump rally, whether local or national news covers it or not, you know the rally is there and it is large. I have also personally witnessed car and truck parades miles long spontaneously happening in my state of Florida. Boat parades and rallies are popping up all around the peninsula I live on.

The reverse is true of Biden rallies. I first noticed it when Biden came to Tampa to handle something with a voting block, and a rally was announced. I do not know what you saw on cable news networks, but what I saw was that those who showed up were Trump supporters.

That caught my attention. After that I began to watch every time Biden came out to a “rally.” Occasionally the cameraman would slip up and show the audience area, and it was obvious that there was either no one there but the Press, or a dozen or so people. The camera would then cut away immediately to avoid the embarrassment or truth of the event. During his train campaigning, when he stopped at various towns, the camera accidentally showed no audience.

Then I checked Kamala Harris, and at her rally a week or so ago, even though she came out to the stage in the park or field (the usual setting for Biden or Harris) waving to fans and, in a very unconvincing performance, peering out over what seemed like a large and sprawling crowd extending into the distance, once again the camera caught the attendees. There were about 25 people in the audience. My response? I simply said to myself, “Oh, no…”

Even more telling is the Obama rally in Miami area last week. It was, like most Biden rallies now, a drive-in rally. I assumed there would be a lot of people at this rally, given that it was the former President in a historically Democrat area. This time, even the cable network got caught up. They turned the camera at an angle, revealing the car audience from the point of view of President Obama. In my estimation, there were perhaps 100 cars–meaning 200 attendees.

Another rally this week interviewed Biden supporters after it. They explained they had heard about a rally, and came to see him, but were turned back at the venue. They were told it was a “private event” and they could not come in. They waited outside the publicly announced venue, and eventually a small caravan of cars came out honking.

Folks, this is a classic Wag the Dog. The Biden campaign has skillful cameramen, editors, and PR people, and the result is that you have been led to believe there actually is a vibrant, massively-supported candidate. The news then hammers the idea home with the polls every night.

In reality, there is almost no one coming out. It is a faux campaign. I am now convinced that all the polls are wrong–and possibly even deceptively created to put us in fear and uncertainty, and to make us convinced that a candidate who is not attracting a crowd as large as your office staff is clobbering his opponent. The visuals are being distorted to make you believe the vast majority of Americans are clamoring for Joe Biden, and would love to see him.

Someone may successfully create a work of fiction that actually puts the man in the White House, but it will have been through manipulation of the American people’s perceptions. A coordinated effort is being fed to you in what I will characterize as a Voter Suppression effort, and a Voter Intimidation effort.

The solution: turn off the TV and radio for the next 3 days. Watch no cable news–not even Fox–and do not look at any polls. No matter what juicy stories, scary forecasts or speculations come out today, tomorrow, and Monday, just do your job! Our job is to take the responsibility that comes with our citizenship: to VOTE on Tuesday, or before, in person.

This is your country, your government. You are the boss. And, if my experience at the polls in Florida this past week helping my 91 year old brother get to the polls for a vote in person in a wheelchair is any indicator, you will have fun. They are well-organized and trained here. Voter fraud at the polls would be very hard, and there will not be intimidation in the parking lots.

You have already been intimidated enough by the nightly cable news, and by fake, scripted, phonied-up rallies.

Shut out all noise now. It is “blinders on” time. Head down. Do not allow “Wag the Dog 2” to become a national bestseller. Films die when poorly attended. Don’t let cable news continue to sell you this “movie.”

For All JFK and Blue Collar Democrats

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This is a special message for all my Democrat friends who remember President Kennedy and his famous remark. “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

It is a special message for all loyal Democrats who work hard, pay taxes, educate their children, who seek security both financially and physically for themselves and their families.

I believe–despite all the noise and myriad points of disagreement and argument–this election comes down to one thing right now. Let’s distil it to one final thing to look at, and one final issue that trumps the others. For now, at least. If we lose on this one, we will not be able to debate or resolve the others.

This election–for reasons you may never know–your party has left you. By now you know that a radical, militant, and demonstrably violent group has taken control of a proud political party. Someone is financing them, and it is likely not you.

For me, now, with just days to go, all the other issues pale. One issue should be the deciding reason to vote Republican straight across this one time. That issue is again playing out on your television screens nightly. It is: rioting, looting, arson, assault, and community destruction. No matter the purported justification, you know there is no justification in a lawful society for wantonly destroying your neighbor’s property, burning down his business, destroying the livelihoods of people who are hardworking Americans like yourself. They now will have no job, possibly no ability to rebuild.

For months we have been subjected to menacing mobs wreaking havoc and destruction everywhere they turn up. Lives have been lost. Whole neighborhoods have been destroyed. And your fellow countrymen are living in fear, forced to capitulate or risk being destroyed themselves. It is a type of mob extortion. The message is clear: Do as we say, or we will take you down.

I realize that there are many policy issues we can debate, and disagree on. But I hope to God that you do not stand with your party this time. The politicians who support this mayhem–even if the support is just their silence–must not be allowed to have a victory. There is a truth in life that what works and produces the desired result will continue. It becomes the successful action. So, if rioting, burning, assault, robbery, looting work–and force a change in Washington and bring in Congressmen and women who will not insist on law and order or rule of law–then you will be subjected to this during the next election season. And the next! It is not a party thing. It is a power thing.

The men and women who schemed up this political tactic will now know that they can bully Americans into submission, and they will continue to do it. And, if history is any teacher, it will escalate.

You may say, Lee, the Democrat politicians don’t want this. They are not involved in this anarchy. If that is the case, then why did not ONE SINGLE DEMOCRAT MAYOR, GOVERNOR, OR POLITICAL CANDIDATE condemn this anarchy and destruction months ago when it began? It was weeks before Biden even came out with an anemic statement about not liking rioting, only peaceful protesting. Weeks!

Some, to this day, have still not condemned or denounced the deplorable actions of thugs. Even if they give lip service to it, their actions speak louder than words. They have allowed it to continue in their cities, and that jeopardizes all citizens of the city. It risks the security of every citizen–and that is you, my friends.

You have been viewed as collateral damage in the rush to tear down the system. You have been betrayed.

And that is why I suggest that you do not vote based upon past habits. Don’t give power to these people simply because your grandpa, dad, and you have always voted Democrat before. These candidates do not reflect the words, much less the spirit of President John Kennedy. They do not reflect the spirit of the decent, hardworking, honest blue collar and middle class Democrat friends I have known my whole life.

Let them all lose this time. Then you can retake control of your own party. Remind them who they work for. And the only way to do that is to force them to lose massively 5 days from now. A group of people who despise you too believe that if this works, they can control all of us. Join with Republicans and other like-minded JFK Democrats to give this mob an electoral beatdown.

They resort to violence, and have for months–in the name of “social justice.” You, I, and others can demonstrate the rule of law, revere our Constitution, and make our statement with our ballots.

After that, take back your party. It has been kidnapped by a Marxist philosophy that will be unhealthy for all of us.

The “Five Year” Question: a message for “Suburban Women.”

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For many years I have worked with some of the finest business minds in the world, studied success principles from masters of success who have stood the test of time. I have been mentored and coached. And I have mentored and coached others.

One of the first things my early business coach taught me about relationships–whether it was a personal relationship, a business relationship, a team relationship, or any other kind–was this: Before you go down the path of disagreement, emotionality, or undecidedness, ask yourself this question. Will this matter in five years? Will I even remember it then, or is it a temporary thing?

The answer to that question can help us sort out priorities as well, and help us make decisions. Some situations are urgent, and some are important. There is a distinction, though we don’t always see it in the throes of emotion. It is the long-term important situations that demand our best attention. The urgent are just that–urgent. Deal with them quickly, and move on. Or do not deal with them at all. Recognize they may be just noise.

As we approach the election in 10 days, I understand that some are undecided as to whether to vote for Trump or Biden. Some of you may really like the policies of the Trump Administration and myriad accomplishments and improvements over the last 4 years, but you are put off by the personality and style of the President.

Some of you may like the gentler, softer style of Biden, but you are concerned about policy indications such as the elimination of the entire fossil fuel industry, the apparent agreement with defund the police movements, the desire to increase taxes and regulations, and the termination of successful actions regarding Mid East peace etc.

So, here’s what I recommend. Stop. Take a deep breath. Clear out all the noise and ask yourself, “do I decide on personality or policy?” And then ask yourself the 5 year question.

Will the personality of Donald J. Trump–which you are apparently still hung up on–matter in 5 years? The answer is likely no. He will be gone in 4 years, and you won’t have to deal with his “personality” in 5 years.

But, you will be dealing with his policies. His policy has demonstrated the ability to increase the median income of Americans dramatically. His policy has put a spotlight on, and brought illegal immigration to the table. His policy has brought about a type of peace in the Mid-East that has eluded every other President for 50 years. His policy has brought about the lowest unemployment in my lifetime, and most definitely the lowest unemployment in history, for Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians–and the lowest in 60 years for women.

His policy is one of law and order. He condemns rioting, arson, vandalism and assault, and mob rule. At the same time his policy has brought about prison sentencing reform, criminal justice reform, opportunity zones for inner cities, a Platinum program intended to bring capital into minority businesses to help them, school choice for those in inner cities, and the list goes on.

Will those policies still be here–or the ramifications of them–in 5 years? Yes.

If you like those policies, and the outcomes–even if not perfect or complete–and you want the new list of projects for the American people to continue, then make your decision on policy, not personality.

The reverse is true of Biden. Will his personality matter in 5 years? No, he will be gone from office. Will his policies matter in 5 years? I suggest you take a good look at his policies, and the effect they will have on your life in 5 years. His policies will matter in 5 years.

I have spoken as rationally as I can to you “undecideds.” Personally I am exhausted listening to people complain about the President’s personality while they are benefiting from his policies. To me, policies trump personality any time. No pun intended!

You decide. Five years from now, we will be living with the policies of the winner on Nov. 3. They and their “personality” will be gone. But, you will be living with the residue of their philosophy and implementation of that philosophy.

Choose wisely.

“The Last Guy I Would Ever Vote For!”

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There is so much to say, and so little time before the election. There is much I would like to tell you, and perspectives I would like to share. But fortunately, there are many voices you are likely listening to as we approach Nov. 3.

A few moments ago, I proudly completed my absentee ballot for this election. It is being returned by Priority Mail so that I can be assured it arrived, and there is a specific election official who is expecting it.

I have always been a populist–always regarded myself as a person of the “people,” not the “elites.” Perhaps that is why, though I may hear a news story or commentator, I do not trust any of them to get the facts straight.

My career revolves around communication, around speaking or writing and being understood. So, I do not necessarily fault the intentions of well-meaning journalists and TV pundits, but I have found their duplication of a speech they are listening to is often faulty. They make mistakes, or worse. They misunderstand. And they often misunderstand the speaker’s content altogether.

Therefore I have a habit of using their comments simply as a tip-off to something I might want to watch myself–to see what I see, to hear what I hear. With technology today, it is fairly simple to locate the original policy speech or rally in this highly emotionally charged climate.

Last night, I heard something that I believe sums it all up. It explains why polls and pundits are getting it wrong. There is something they can not comprehend. They do not feel it.

President Trump did a rally in Michigan, and then immediately flew to a rally in Wisconsin, in a section of the state that is typically Democrat. It was believed that many in the huge audience were Democrats.

Prior to the start of the event, as they were waiting for Air Force One to arrive, journalists were out in the crowd asking attendees questions about why they were there, and how they felt. The usual stuff.

But, one man’s response says it all. He was perhaps 60, standing straight and tall. He was not wearing a red hat. He looked the journalist right in the eye–this is pretty close to an exact quote–and said, “In 2016, Trump was the last guy on earth I would have voted for. But, Kenosha… Kenosha was burned to the ground. Now, I would crawl across 20 miles of broken glass to vote for him!”

Can you feel it? Do you understand? Washington politicians, and elites in Media, Entertainment, Government, and Big Business have never cared to understand.

I pray you do.

The Ultimate “October Surprise”

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While I write this, there is another story playing out that almost NO media is covering. That story is one I have been chasing and writing about periodically–for you–for two years. And the documents were just declassified and released–after months and years of demands by the Congress.

No agency has the right to stonewall and withhold information from the American people. NO AGENCY or AGENCIES. I am a writer of political fiction, fiction so plausible it became the truth. My antennae have been up on this, and my “swinish suspicion” as the writer of investigative fiction is working overtime. Who knows, it may become another book.

But, I have said to Director John Brennan and others to “stay tuned.” Well, this weekend, the information that members of Congress have begged for was released. Look it up. You won’t find it on CNN or MSNBC. You will need to search for it. DNI Radcliffe just released it, with the full motherload still classified. The data is factual. It will, in my opinion, become evidence in a court of law. It is not fictional “conspiracy theory.” The names are there. The incidents are there. The dots are connected.

Having said that, the diversion that is distracting all Americans today–and logically so–is the President of the United States and his battle with the China virus. He will win that battle. All of us will win that battle.

But, I can not take off my “hat” of writer of political fiction that turns out to be true. You will be directed to–like Pavlov’s dogs–salivate over the idea that if the President had not been out in public and treated mask wearing more seriously, he would not have gotten sick. You will be discouraged from realizing that the Gov. of Virginia–who wears masks religiously–also contracted the disease. Instead of being encouraged to learn something about virology, you will be directed to rote political rhetoric and condemnation.

If you have taken the bait, you are already finger-pointing, and you may not see something I see. The reason I mentioned the release of those documents has to do with the fact they PROVE a political dirty trick, conspiracy, and coordinated attack, the likes of which the United States has never experienced. If you were to accept them as true, you will be in a state of shock, and true righteous indignation–determined to never allow people like this to get power again. This story is like a major Hollywood political thriller. Regrettably, it is true.

The distraction, to keep you away from even looking? The “October Surprise” of the President’s illness, and the illness of others. The coverage of it gives you something to be self-righteous about. Be careful, my friends. You are being played.

Interesting to me, and hopefully to you, is the fact that not only did the President come down with this, but also his closest advisor Hope Hicks. Also, the First Lady. But–PAY ATTENTION HERE NOW–also the head of the Republican National Committee. Her job is monumental. She is responsible for the election of every Republican House Member and Senator, as well as the President.

To have her sidelined too is to potentially wipe out an entire Party’s ability to campaign in the final weeks of an election vital to the interest of all Americans.

Republican Senators on the Judiciary Committee who will determine the next Supreme Court Justice also fell ill.

The President’s debate coach also fell ill.

And the Chinese Press officially endorsed the other candidate, while the President of the United States could have been mortally wounded.

Stupidity you say? That’s the pat, propaganda line. Coincidence you say? I doubt it.

Granted, I am just a lowly fiction writer. Who am I to challenge conventional wisdom? I connect dots differently. And, as I connect the dots here, they do connect–the top story in this Blog, and the President’s story.

And if you will take the time to ferret out what that top story is, I think you can see why this “October Surprise” is such a brilliant and bold diversion to keep American citizens from seeing what their government has done to them in the last 5 years.

There is always a “who.” I would like someone to help me identify the man standing directly to the right of Hope Hicks at the most recent rally. I will recognize him, but I do not know his name.

There is something I want to check. And, perhaps I can connect an important “dot.”