“The Last Guy I Would Ever Vote For!”

There is so much to say, and so little time before the election. There is much I would like to tell you, and perspectives I would like to share. But fortunately, there are many voices you are likely listening to as we approach Nov. 3.

A few moments ago, I proudly completed my absentee ballot for this election. It is being returned by Priority Mail so that I can be assured it arrived, and there is a specific election official who is expecting it.

I have always been a populist–always regarded myself as a person of the “people,” not the “elites.” Perhaps that is why, though I may hear a news story or commentator, I do not trust any of them to get the facts straight.

My career revolves around communication, around speaking or writing and being understood. So, I do not necessarily fault the intentions of well-meaning journalists and TV pundits, but I have found their duplication of a speech they are listening to is often faulty. They make mistakes, or worse. They misunderstand. And they often misunderstand the speaker’s content altogether.

Therefore I have a habit of using their comments simply as a tip-off to something I might want to watch myself–to see what I see, to hear what I hear. With technology today, it is fairly simple to locate the original policy speech or rally in this highly emotionally charged climate.

Last night, I heard something that I believe sums it all up. It explains why polls and pundits are getting it wrong. There is something they can not comprehend. They do not feel it.

President Trump did a rally in Michigan, and then immediately flew to a rally in Wisconsin, in a section of the state that is typically Democrat. It was believed that many in the huge audience were Democrats.

Prior to the start of the event, as they were waiting for Air Force One to arrive, journalists were out in the crowd asking attendees questions about why they were there, and how they felt. The usual stuff.

But, one man’s response says it all. He was perhaps 60, standing straight and tall. He was not wearing a red hat. He looked the journalist right in the eye–this is pretty close to an exact quote–and said, “In 2016, Trump was the last guy on earth I would have voted for. But, Kenosha… Kenosha was burned to the ground. Now, I would crawl across 20 miles of broken glass to vote for him!”

Can you feel it? Do you understand? Washington politicians, and elites in Media, Entertainment, Government, and Big Business have never cared to understand.

I pray you do.

4 thoughts on ““The Last Guy I Would Ever Vote For!”

  1. CJ

    Excellent. Those who are irresponsible for others and motivated only by money and power are incapable of “feeling” it – and there are many.


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