The “Five Year” Question: a message for “Suburban Women.”

For many years I have worked with some of the finest business minds in the world, studied success principles from masters of success who have stood the test of time. I have been mentored and coached. And I have mentored and coached others.

One of the first things my early business coach taught me about relationships–whether it was a personal relationship, a business relationship, a team relationship, or any other kind–was this: Before you go down the path of disagreement, emotionality, or undecidedness, ask yourself this question. Will this matter in five years? Will I even remember it then, or is it a temporary thing?

The answer to that question can help us sort out priorities as well, and help us make decisions. Some situations are urgent, and some are important. There is a distinction, though we don’t always see it in the throes of emotion. It is the long-term important situations that demand our best attention. The urgent are just that–urgent. Deal with them quickly, and move on. Or do not deal with them at all. Recognize they may be just noise.

As we approach the election in 10 days, I understand that some are undecided as to whether to vote for Trump or Biden. Some of you may really like the policies of the Trump Administration and myriad accomplishments and improvements over the last 4 years, but you are put off by the personality and style of the President.

Some of you may like the gentler, softer style of Biden, but you are concerned about policy indications such as the elimination of the entire fossil fuel industry, the apparent agreement with defund the police movements, the desire to increase taxes and regulations, and the termination of successful actions regarding Mid East peace etc.

So, here’s what I recommend. Stop. Take a deep breath. Clear out all the noise and ask yourself, “do I decide on personality or policy?” And then ask yourself the 5 year question.

Will the personality of Donald J. Trump–which you are apparently still hung up on–matter in 5 years? The answer is likely no. He will be gone in 4 years, and you won’t have to deal with his “personality” in 5 years.

But, you will be dealing with his policies. His policy has demonstrated the ability to increase the median income of Americans dramatically. His policy has put a spotlight on, and brought illegal immigration to the table. His policy has brought about a type of peace in the Mid-East that has eluded every other President for 50 years. His policy has brought about the lowest unemployment in my lifetime, and most definitely the lowest unemployment in history, for Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians–and the lowest in 60 years for women.

His policy is one of law and order. He condemns rioting, arson, vandalism and assault, and mob rule. At the same time his policy has brought about prison sentencing reform, criminal justice reform, opportunity zones for inner cities, a Platinum program intended to bring capital into minority businesses to help them, school choice for those in inner cities, and the list goes on.

Will those policies still be here–or the ramifications of them–in 5 years? Yes.

If you like those policies, and the outcomes–even if not perfect or complete–and you want the new list of projects for the American people to continue, then make your decision on policy, not personality.

The reverse is true of Biden. Will his personality matter in 5 years? No, he will be gone from office. Will his policies matter in 5 years? I suggest you take a good look at his policies, and the effect they will have on your life in 5 years. His policies will matter in 5 years.

I have spoken as rationally as I can to you “undecideds.” Personally I am exhausted listening to people complain about the President’s personality while they are benefiting from his policies. To me, policies trump personality any time. No pun intended!

You decide. Five years from now, we will be living with the policies of the winner on Nov. 3. They and their “personality” will be gone. But, you will be living with the residue of their philosophy and implementation of that philosophy.

Choose wisely.

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