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Happy Thanksgiving, Mr. President

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Americans have an innate sense of fair play I think.   We don’t like one-sidedness, hypocrisy, double standards, subterfuge, and ambushes.  And, I believe we know that if one is being attacked every day of the week, all day, on all sides, and about all subjects, something is wrong–with the attacker.   And, it is probably not all wrong with the guy who is being attacked.  When the attack is too extreme, it is a truth in life that the one launching the attack is in fact guilty of what they are accusing.

This datum is used in investigations to ascertain who has truly done what to whom.   The extreme, hysterical accuser has done to you exactly what he is accusing you of doing.   Good way to quickly identify a culprit and their crime, if you ask me.   I saw my late husband, who was a “turn-around guy,” use this often to locate who was bringing a company down from within.

Which brings me to a present situation. Even the vilest amongst us are treated better than the President of the United States.  So, today I felt compelled to write him a thank you note.   For what?  For being willing to do the job at all.  I was one of the “deplorables”–apparently now, according to the always vituperative Media, a “cult follower”–who felt that dramatic change was needed in Washington.   So, I, and 63 million other Americans sent him to Washington to do something for all of the country.

Here is the email I sent to him today.   It’s just a note.   Just a thank you.  His personality, leadership style, and effectiveness have caused a lot of people to surface who otherwise would have remained hidden for even more decades of decay from within.   For that, I think we should all be profoundly grateful.

“Dear Mr. President,  I want to tell you I am thankful for you, for your leadership, and your courage.  Before, when I last communicated, I told you I was sorry you have to go through this.  But you do.  We picked you on some divine instinct that you would be able to bear up.  Lincoln faced something similar.  And, sadly, we are in a civil war today–philosophically and culturally.  Americans know that, and we picked you to stand in the gap, with us at your back.

I am an 8th generation descendant of a poor man recruited by George Washington to fight in the Revolution.  He did–for land and freedom.  And he survived.  Descendants in my family also served in the Civil War, World War II, and the Korean War.  I am now an author of prophetic, political fiction.   I fight for this great nation and its amazing people with words.

Along the way–and because of what I write about–I was honored and humbled to have been inducted into the Dazzling Daughters of the DAR.  Approximately 130 women in our history have been invited into that remarkable group, including Clara Barton, Susan B. Anthony, Eleanor Roosevelt, Laura Bush.   Every woman served our country in some way.  For me, it was through the arts.

So, Mr. President, here is my Thanksgiving message to you.  You are the bravest man I have ever seen. My ancestors, I know, are cheering you on. Don’t take these attacks personally, no matter how personal they seem.   They are aimed at you, but they are intended for us all.   I think you know this.  None of us could have known it would be this bad, when we decided to drain the Swamp.  But, it is.  You can bear up.  We all can.  The United States of America, and its Constitution will stand.

Again, I am profoundly thankful for you.  Happy Thanksgiving!”



Nancy Needs A Civics Lesson

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This may come as a shock to anyone but Baby Boomers, but we used to have a class in school called Civics.   We learned about the Constitution, the form of our government, the branches of government etc., and the underlying reasoning behind it all.   The reason?  To insure that we arrived as educated, aware adults, capable of voting with some understanding of who we are, and how things work.

To refresh us just for the purpose of this Blog, there are three branches of government:   The Legislative Branch, the Executive Branch, and the Judicial Branch.  They are SEPARATE, BUT EQUAL BRANCHES.  That means that we are not one amalgam, with 3 subdivisions which people can cross-over at will in the performance of the prescribed duties and responsibilities.  No one person wears all three hats.   If serving, you are in one of those branches, and you do not cross over into the Constitutionally identified responsibilities of the others.

Each branch is also EQUAL TO THE OTHERS.  No one branch is senior to the other two.  The Legislative Branch, the Executive Branch, and the Judicial Branch are equally important and serve as a check on each other.   In recent years, we have had challenges with one branch trying to assert seniority or supremacy over the other two.   That makes for good drama.   It also results in confusion.

So, Nancy, Nancy, Nancy, is it possible that you never took this class and yet somehow  ended up the Speaker of the House–TWICE?   Or is it possible that you know it, and you are still violating it?   You are a very smart woman, Nancy Pelosi.   You are also a cunning political animal.

Speaker Pelosi has twice become Speaker of the House–the second in line for the Presidency if a President falls.   The Vice President is first.   Should something happen to both President and Vice President, the Speaker becomes President.  That position is a great accomplishment for any person, and I am not criticizing that she achieved that.

What I am challenging is this:   Speaker Pelosi apparently thinks she also runs the Executive Branch, and that she is senior to the Judicial Branch as well.   Here are 4 examples which lead me to believe that Nancy needs a Civics Lesson.

In 2007, Speaker Pelosi of the Legislative Branch–on her own authority and with the strong disagreement of the President in the Executive Branch–set up a personal diplomatic mission with Bashar al-Assad of Syria.   She felt the foreign policy set by the President and his Secretary of State was not right, and she decided to engage in foreign policy talks of her own–thereby interfering in the foreign policy efforts of the Administration at the time.   Foreign Policy is set by the President of the United States and his State Department.   Both the President and the State Department are in the Executive Branch.

I know this seems remedial to some of you.   But, apparently not to some Americans.   The House of Representatives is in the Legislative Branch.   So, Speaker Pelosi asserted the supremacy of the Legislative Branch, and inserted herself into the Executive Branch.

That’s bad enough, but she did it again.   Last month, in 2019, after she once again became Speaker of the House, she disagreed with the President’s foreign policy decisions relevant to Syria and our military.   So, she, and a few other legislators that she chose, initiated their own diplomatic mission to create their own foreign policy.   In doing so, she usurped the authority of the Secretary of State and the President of the United States.   Not good, Nancy.   Remember the “separate but equal” stuff in the Constitution you swore to uphold and defend?

They first went to Jordan, thinking they would be welcomed.   Instead, they were rebuffed when the King of Jordan informed them that he agreed with the current US foreign policy.   The delegation returned home I believe, and I am quite sure that the Media did not cover that little fiasco.

There’s more.   In the last week, she has really usurped the authority of both the Executive and the Legislative branches, as well as the constitutionally protected authority of We the People.

The Speaker of the House has apparently concluded that YOU should not choose the fate of the current and future presidents.   She was asked why not let the people decide during the election?   Why impeach when in a few months the American citizens will decide, as we have for over 200 years?  Her response?   That this was too dangerous or important to leave to the voters.   After all, I guess she assumes we Americans of all parties are just too dim to be entrusted with an intelligent vote.

Then, just a few days later, after challenges occurred in the Impeachment Hearings and she was asked how the issues which were being taken to the courts relevant to subpoenas, executive privilege, witnesses, evidence etc. would effect the Impeachment timeline, she responded authoritatively that they (the small Intelligence Committee of the Legislative Branch) were not going to be delayed at all by pesky legal issues.  (The word “pesky” is my choice of words and reveals my disdain for her disdain.)   Point of fact, she said, they were not going to be at the “mercy of the courts.”   They were just going ahead anyway–right now and in a hurry. (legal issues and precedents be damned.)

In those four examples alone, I find that Speaker Nancy Pelosi usurped the authority of the Executive Branch and the Judicial Branch.   She apparently does not feel they are separate, let alone equal.   She apparently feels they are all under her authority.  One branch of government, all controlled by Nancy Pelosi.

And that, my friends, is a “fine kettle of fish,” as my educator father used to say.  I believe you know all of this.   You studied Civics.   But, somewhere along the line we lost control of our government.   Perhaps we put it on automatic while we were busy living our lives, working, playing, using social media to find out what the “jones’s” are doing.   Perhaps we trusted we could let the Congress take care of our business.

Well, in my opinion, it is time to wake up.   The Legislative Branch is clearly at war with the other two branches in a power struggle for supremacy.   It’s time to give Nancy a Civics lesson to remind her of what she learned long ago, but apparently forgot.  She is not going to run the Oval Office, the State Department, the Justice Department, the Defense Department, or the Courts.  She can have opinions, and create laws that influence those areas, but she can not unilaterally, on her own authority, usurp the authority of those other branches.

That, Nancy, is the true definition of abuse of power.

Good’s Dilemma–Revisited

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I am revisiting an earlier Blog, to refresh your memory, empower you, and equip you to evaluate a great many “current events.”  This one is worth studying.

“One of the difficulties we Americans have in dealing with the upsetting cultural and political climate we find ourselves in has to do with the fact that we are basically GOOD.  None of us is perfect, yet we try in varying degrees to do what’s right and to see good in ourselves and others.   Therefore GOOD has a hard time seeing and understanding BAD.   Good people have a hard time identifying bad people–let alone dealing with them–because the “good” look through their own eyes, and their own motives, and intentions.

Regrettably, the BAD understand this trait and can remain camouflaged, manipulating their way, causing havoc.   There are two things to address.  One is the driving motivation of “good” people versus “bad” people.   By “good” I mean those who strive to Create, and by “bad” I mean those who strive to Destroy.    I’m not talking about accidentally being destructive of people or things.  We all fall into that category from time to time.  I am talking about people whose goal is in fact to destroy.   They work on the complete counter agenda to those whose goal is  to create.   You will be well off in my opinion to think of this as a game and have a sense of humor about it.

Just remember that there are people who CREATE and there are people who DESTROY.   Embracing that simple fact alone may cause a weight to lift.  You may have struggled trying to justify why someone did something horribly contrary to you, your family, your group, or your country.   Being good, you think you brought this on yourself.   You think you must have been wrong, or  done something wrong.   That’s how basically good, emotionally mature people think.   They try to take responsibility for all the foul ups and upsets.  They try to make things better.   They try to trust.

And it is that one trait alone that makes it possible for the Black Propagandist to operate: to remain hidden, to prey upon, manipulate the emotions and actions of others he despises, to undermine, and even turn the target of his enmity into an accomplice.   There is no one blinder than the unwitting accomplice of a Black Propagandist.  Staying close to us, gaining our trust, they gnaw away at our faith in institutions, people, government, and even ourselves.  Their goal is to destroy and they are gleeful when there is chaos, fear, declining statistics, mistrust, and violence.   The “good,” on the other hand, are despairing in the face of those factors.   They are happy when there is calm, freedom, safety, upward trending statistics and on and on.

So, second, what is a Black Propagandist and why is he such a cunning and dangerous foe to face?  The Black Propagandist is one who plants and spreads lies about someone through gossip or rumor in order to destroy the reputation, the livelihood, the position, and possibly the life of someone he targets.  He is driven by fear and hatred.   He can not compete in the open, so he adopts a covert attack. Getting others to pick up his lie and move that lie forward assures that he can remain hidden and that the lie will spread like wildfire–if he attaches the lie or lies to a modicum of truth.   His equation is something like this:  100 lies + 1 truth = 101 truths.  The one truth makes the 100 lies somehow true.   We struggle with overwhelming data, and say, “Well, that one piece of data is true, so I guess all the rest of the info must be true too. And now 100 lies become “true.” We know somehow that is insane.   Or do we?

And that brings us to how perhaps the best propagandist on the planet–a man I, in 2005, fictionally named Samir in “The White King Trilogy”–recruited an unwitting American Press to do his work.  He did it deliberately and ruthlessly.   Knowing how important a free, honest, and unbiased press is to our society, the attack was launched there.  (NOTE TO THE MEDIA: SOMETHING WAS DONE TO YOU. YOU HAVE BEEN SUBVERTED AND CONVERTED INTO A WEAPON. SOME OF YOU SENSE THIS IN YOUR GUT; YOU FEEL TRAPPED AND BETRAYED SOMEHOW; YET YOU DO NOT EVEN KNOW HOW TO ARTICULATE IT, LET ALONE ESCAPE IT.)  In the next blog, we will look at some current examples of “Samir’s” successes and we  will start the education of how does one in fact create a modern-day sanitized lynch mob–but, a lynch mob nonetheless. It begins with a 5th Column attack.  And I believe all of us will be well served to know what that is. Stay tuned.

“Oh, what a web we weave…”

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If you have read “White King and the Doctor”–and I implore you to do so–you may remember that our enemy’s Propaganda Warfare Chief, who owned an international public relations firm, laid out a plan to take down the United States.   That plan involved what is called a Fifth Column.  (See my early Blogs last year)   It is a military term for a force operating inside a country whose purpose is to sow divisiveness in order to break the solidarity of a people, and it also may involve actual sabotage.  Pay attention now please! If it is Information Warfare, there may be sabotage of the information the people receive.  The end result of a successful 5th Column attack is the weakening of the core of the nation, and an eventual implosion.

In our case, the United States does not have to be done away with.   But, for those whose goal is world domination, it does have to be relegated to a lesser status where it can be controlled and manipulated by others outside our country.

What I need you all to understand is that the United States is We The People.  To bring the United States down, we the people have to be rendered impotent.   Now that is a tough challenge in a country as diverse as ours, and with a population that is smart, innovative, rugged, and brave.

I would rather you read this in the novel, as it will allow you to get your bearings, discover some truths for yourself, and to digest it in a story that makes current life understandable.   But, there is not time for only that now.   Here’s why.

The strategies the man named “Samir” laid out to accomplish bringing America down from within were to get us to do it to ourselves.   No one else would have the money and military resources to do it in a conventional way.   Therefore, by default, the attack would have to be done through Information Warfare.   Whoever controls the information you and I receive, and whoever manipulates the interpretation of facts or lies, will control us.

Two strategies were deployed by “Samir” (please see the Blog “All Roads Lead to Rome”).  One is that a lie told often enough becomes the truth.   The other is that a truth told can appear so outrageous it is dismissed as a lie.

This is shockingly and, though obvious to me, perhaps unknowingly being done to you right now.  In November of 2020, the American people will elect their next President.   It will either be the current President, or it will be someone else.   It matters not who your preference is for this discussion. It matters that you understand within an inch of your life that the key thing is that the American People–and only the American People–are to decide who is President.

Now, I am about to express a truth so outrageous you may be tempted to dismiss it as a lie.  Don’t yield to that knee-jerk response.   Slow down, take a deep breath, and listen.   To me?  More to your own still, quiet heart.

A coup attempt is in fact going on in the United States today.  The target appears to be President Donald J. Trump, but he is only your stand-in.   I am not diminishing his capabilities etc. but I want to make it clear he is your representative.  So, an attempt to overthrow him–less than 1 year from when you all have the opportunity to legally and constitutionally pick your President–is an attempt to overthrow you, and undermine your power.

The two strategies to divide us all, and to render you confused and fearful, are these.   Be on the lookout for them.   You are already caught in the eddy, and the whirlpool is intensifying.   Here is what the Information Warfare tactics will be.   You will be bombarded  from all directions, every day all day, by lies– from Media and other politicians too dim to know they are being used. Lies planted carefully and deviously, supported by other lies, and intertwined with yet other lies, connecting to even broader webs of lies.  They may be about the President, or about those working with him, but make no mistake.   YOU are the target.   The goal is to overwhelm your reason with so much false information you eventually succumb and accept the lies as truths.  You begin to doubt your own reality, and the reality of those around you.

Sir Walter Scott said it best in a poem, “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.”

This web of deception will be done ahead of some major truths that will be exposed in the next few months.   Those truths are being relentlessly ferreted out through investigation, and those truths, I believe, will disrupt the world order as it is today.  And that, my friends, would be very devastating to those who want to control.  Therefore their propaganda campaign will flood the area with lies, so that when the truth appears, it will seem so outrageous to you–in the context of the lies–that you will dismiss the truth as a lie.

And bingo, the whole system goes upside down.   If “Samir” succeeds, you will be living in a world of political lies so pervasive you come to accept it as the norm–The “New Normal” in truth.   Only it is all a web of lies.  Then, you, on your own, will push aside or squash the truth when it comes out, since your mind will have been reprogrammed to view and evaluate through the filter of reversed truth.   You will be tempted to reject the truth in favor of the lie, and believe you are doing the righteous, patriotic thing in doing so.

Do you see how maniacal that is?   How Machiavellian?

The flaw in the ointment is this.   Americans are pretty smart.   We still have “gut instinct” and “common sense.”   And we are fiercely independent.   I think you know someone is doing something to you.   I think you feel it.   It feels like something may be trying to separate you from your own logic.

Sadly, this is part and parcel, stock and trade for the Black Propagandist, the Information Warrior.   He is the polar opposite of you.   He is the polar opposite of sanity.   Therefore, if you feel somehow that the world turned upside down, and you are wrestling with obscene illogics and punitive reasoning, just know the attack is on.

When I wrote the two books, “White King and the Doctor” and “White King Rising” which expose this and a whole lot more, and were stories of fiction inspired by actual events, I expected a tremendous amount of pushback from the readers, from the Intelligence Community, and others.   Instead, I got a resounding affirmation.   The immediate comment upon finishing the story from almost everyone was, “My God, I think this is true.”

Hold onto your truth, my friends.   You are being forced to reason on the foundation of lies that has been put in place.   It is, however, shifting sand.   There is something someone does not want you–the American People–to do in November of 2020.

My best solution:   Look at what the elites want you to do, what the Media wants you to do, what the Intelligence Community may want you to do, what some politicians may want you to do. Stand your ground, and do the opposite of what they want and expect.   That act alone may right the ship.

70 million Americans pulling the chain on this toilet can flush it all away.   We are the land of the free.    It still remains to be proven that we, as a people, constitute the home of the brave.

Hint:   When someone says they need to overthrow a President ahead of your election in order to save the country, you are looking at a lie.   Don’t let it become a truth, lest you forfeit your own power.   That power?   Your vote, my friends, your vote.



When is a “Conspiracy Theory” not a Conspiracy “Theory?”

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Answer:  When actual facts surface that validate the premise of the “theory.”  Dealing in the dark world of subterfuge for this past decade as a writer of political fiction, and becoming somewhat expert in Information Warfare and Black Propaganda, the new “Big Con” is to say that every time someone in authority advances a theory and begins an investigation, they are dealing in “conspiracy theory” territory, and they are relegated to the irrelevant–to the nut case status.

Unfortunately, not all “conspiracy theories” are inaccurate.  It is my certain conviction that all of us Americans–and Europeans as well–are going to have to face some shocking, demoralizing truths in the months ahead.   The truth was always there, but it was obscured by an elaborate disinformation and misdirection campaign.  Our innate goodness made it almost impossible for us to look, let alone see. It was programmed to be a booby trap if anyone came close to discovering it.  The automatic PR line is to dismiss it as a “conspiracy theory.”   And since reasonable people do not want to be associated with absurd theories, the mere accusation has been enough to cause us to flinch and look away.

However, the Mysterious Missing Mr. Mifsud, the Maltese professor–though he sounds like a character out of Film Noir–is real.   The information he holds is real.  The facts that he revealed, or left to be found in the event of his death, I believe, are  what triggered US Attorney Durham–after being invited properly by the Italian Prime Minister to view secret data–to declare that the investigation he has been conducting has changed from an Administrative Review to a Criminal Investigation.

If the news you are viewing does not tell you this, you need to change news sources.

The larger point for all of us however, during all of our lives, is to understand the Rule of Law and know and protect the differentiation between opinion and fact.   A theory is an idea to explain phenomena.   The phenomena are real.   A conspiracy is a possible explanation.   Any “theory” remains a “theory” until facts and data proven factual emerge that establish the theory to be correct.   At that point, with information, documents, emails, texts, phone transcriptions, witness testimony etc. one could  justifiably call the phenomena a conspiracy, and the “facts” presented in court may result in convictions.  (Conspiracy is defined as: the act of joining in a secret agreement to do an unlawful or wrongful act, which becomes unlawful as a result of the secret agreement.)

The Media knows this.   They act as if they don’t and they try to make you doubt yourself.   Do not doubt yourself.   You know this.   You are fair-minded, and you know that the Rule of Law only works if facts and data support the theory.   Anything else is opinion. You must remember this, since some of you will be on juries in trials.   The juror can not and must not deny a fact. That denial is the stuff that witch hunts, inquisitions, and even lynchings are made of.

Webster defines theory as: “an unproved assumption,”   “a hypothesis assumed for the sake of investigation.”

Attorney General William Barr and US Attorney Durham had an assumption unproven.   The invitation by the Prime Minister of Italy to view something in a classified environment which the Italians felt was relevant, and which led immediately following to a reclassification of the investigation to a criminal one, is your sign that the “conspiracy theory” is probably no longer a “theory.”   It is a Conspiracy!

And that, my friends, is what I have alluded to all along.   If you have followed my Blogs this past year, you know I have been on the trail of many things–amongst them the Truth.   Emails, texts, documents on a proper timeline will reveal the Truth.

We all know that something went horribly wrong in 2016 relevant to the election, and to the subsequent attempt to remove a President.  Even if you hate Donald J. Trump, you can not deny there has been a movement to remove him.   The issue for all of us–Republican, Democrat, Independent–is to find out who conspired to manipulate us into actions they desire, and which are not in our best interest.

You are soon to be looking at an actual conspiracy, not a conspiracy theory.

Whatever happened in Italy related to the Mysterious, Missing, Mr. Mifsud will come out.

Director John Brennan should be having night sweats. So should James Clapper and James Comey.  Here’s why.  One of the things I love most about the United States, and the Rule of Law is that–in the end–justice is served.  An honest investigator, whose purpose is to preserve law and order, is a formidable opponent.

Director Brennan and Company, we are patient in America.   Australia is throwing in the towel.   The Ukraine already has.   The UK is.   Italy has.  You, Director Brennan, have no where to hide.

I am eager for the American people to see and hear–in a court of law–what you and others did. And, one of them will spill the beans on why they did it.   Mark my words.   To save themselves, they will abandon you.

Time to return home, Director Brennan.   And for my readers, look up Aldrich Ames…and Sandy Grimes and Jeanne Vertefeuille.   And there you have my very own “conspiracy theory.”   Keep a sense of humor. Don’t get your underwear in a twist.  After all, it’s just a “theory.”