When is a “Conspiracy Theory” not a Conspiracy “Theory?”

Answer:  When actual facts surface that validate the premise of the “theory.”  Dealing in the dark world of subterfuge for this past decade as a writer of political fiction, and becoming somewhat expert in Information Warfare and Black Propaganda, the new “Big Con” is to say that every time someone in authority advances a theory and begins an investigation, they are dealing in “conspiracy theory” territory, and they are relegated to the irrelevant–to the nut case status.

Unfortunately, not all “conspiracy theories” are inaccurate.  It is my certain conviction that all of us Americans–and Europeans as well–are going to have to face some shocking, demoralizing truths in the months ahead.   The truth was always there, but it was obscured by an elaborate disinformation and misdirection campaign.  Our innate goodness made it almost impossible for us to look, let alone see. It was programmed to be a booby trap if anyone came close to discovering it.  The automatic PR line is to dismiss it as a “conspiracy theory.”   And since reasonable people do not want to be associated with absurd theories, the mere accusation has been enough to cause us to flinch and look away.

However, the Mysterious Missing Mr. Mifsud, the Maltese professor–though he sounds like a character out of Film Noir–is real.   The information he holds is real.  The facts that he revealed, or left to be found in the event of his death, I believe, are  what triggered US Attorney Durham–after being invited properly by the Italian Prime Minister to view secret data–to declare that the investigation he has been conducting has changed from an Administrative Review to a Criminal Investigation.

If the news you are viewing does not tell you this, you need to change news sources.

The larger point for all of us however, during all of our lives, is to understand the Rule of Law and know and protect the differentiation between opinion and fact.   A theory is an idea to explain phenomena.   The phenomena are real.   A conspiracy is a possible explanation.   Any “theory” remains a “theory” until facts and data proven factual emerge that establish the theory to be correct.   At that point, with information, documents, emails, texts, phone transcriptions, witness testimony etc. one could  justifiably call the phenomena a conspiracy, and the “facts” presented in court may result in convictions.  (Conspiracy is defined as: the act of joining in a secret agreement to do an unlawful or wrongful act, which becomes unlawful as a result of the secret agreement.)

The Media knows this.   They act as if they don’t and they try to make you doubt yourself.   Do not doubt yourself.   You know this.   You are fair-minded, and you know that the Rule of Law only works if facts and data support the theory.   Anything else is opinion. You must remember this, since some of you will be on juries in trials.   The juror can not and must not deny a fact. That denial is the stuff that witch hunts, inquisitions, and even lynchings are made of.

Webster defines theory as: “an unproved assumption,”   “a hypothesis assumed for the sake of investigation.”

Attorney General William Barr and US Attorney Durham had an assumption unproven.   The invitation by the Prime Minister of Italy to view something in a classified environment which the Italians felt was relevant, and which led immediately following to a reclassification of the investigation to a criminal one, is your sign that the “conspiracy theory” is probably no longer a “theory.”   It is a Conspiracy!

And that, my friends, is what I have alluded to all along.   If you have followed my Blogs this past year, you know I have been on the trail of many things–amongst them the Truth.   Emails, texts, documents on a proper timeline will reveal the Truth.

We all know that something went horribly wrong in 2016 relevant to the election, and to the subsequent attempt to remove a President.  Even if you hate Donald J. Trump, you can not deny there has been a movement to remove him.   The issue for all of us–Republican, Democrat, Independent–is to find out who conspired to manipulate us into actions they desire, and which are not in our best interest.

You are soon to be looking at an actual conspiracy, not a conspiracy theory.

Whatever happened in Italy related to the Mysterious, Missing, Mr. Mifsud will come out.

Director John Brennan should be having night sweats. So should James Clapper and James Comey.  Here’s why.  One of the things I love most about the United States, and the Rule of Law is that–in the end–justice is served.  An honest investigator, whose purpose is to preserve law and order, is a formidable opponent.

Director Brennan and Company, we are patient in America.   Australia is throwing in the towel.   The Ukraine already has.   The UK is.   Italy has.  You, Director Brennan, have no where to hide.

I am eager for the American people to see and hear–in a court of law–what you and others did. And, one of them will spill the beans on why they did it.   Mark my words.   To save themselves, they will abandon you.

Time to return home, Director Brennan.   And for my readers, look up Aldrich Ames…and Sandy Grimes and Jeanne Vertefeuille.   And there you have my very own “conspiracy theory.”   Keep a sense of humor. Don’t get your underwear in a twist.  After all, it’s just a “theory.”

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  1. CJ Johnson

    There are an amazing number of opinionated “journalists” with even more amazing theories. Looking forward to learning the facts.


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