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On Oct. 2, 2022 America lost a true American patriot, and an especially brilliant and talented man. Stephen Luckey was a friend of mine–I had known him and his wife Jeannie for 17 years. Steve was the first person to really encourage me and support my novel “White King and the Doctor,” and every book since in the series. He had a strong belief in what I was doing, and his furtherance of the book made all the difference in what has happened since. I am profoundly grateful to the man who met a perfect stranger, believed in her, and supported her.

But the book I would encourage you all to read is his own autobiography, “Lucky Man: A Life Lived One Shot at a Time.” Written during the final two years of his life, it reveals his delicious irreverence, his courage, his vastly diversified areas of expertise, and his great love of country and family. It is the story of an American hero, told humbly. Steve Luckey was the winner of a Bronze Star for his groundbreaking and tremendously dangerous work in Viet Nam. And that was just the beginning of a long, successful life adventure.

He fought valiantly against the disease that ended his life. From the moment of the diagnosis I believe he knew the eventual outcome. Yet he was determined to take every moment, every day of life, and live it with valor and with humor. There were two warriors in that fight. His wife Jeannie was never not at his side, creating a normalcy where none would otherwise have existed. I admired the two of them, as they faced all challenges together. “Lucky man” found a great mate who had the stamina and the will to fight along side him.

These bonds and characteristics represent the best of us I believe. Steve lived his life professionally to secure our great country from so many different enemies. He was respected for that. Yet, at his Memorial Celebration, it was evident to me as his family spoke about their dad that he lived his life personally with the same passion and commitment–determined to make this a better world for his family, and the families of all of us.

I am grateful to have known him. I am reassured in the goodness of our country, for having known him. I am inspired by the strength of the American family and am dedicated to making sure the family unit is never destroyed in this country. Though I did not know him through any of the incredible adventures you will read about in his book, I am proud to have watched a hero face the end with honor and grace.

Steve Luckey, you will be missed. But you will never be forgotten.

I encourage you all to pause, and remember. Here is the link to his book:

California–the Prototype for the Nation

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When I arrived in California in the 1970’s as an idealistic and enthusiastic young actress, I remember how enamored I was with the beautiful state, and Los Angeles itself. Intellectuals in New York used to disparage Los Angeles, claiming pridefully that artists in Los Angeles were just wannabes, and that the real creative genius of our country lay undisputedly in New York City. Artists almost had to apologize for being from Los Angeles if they wanted to be taken seriously.

Alas, all has changed now, however. The ever-expanding totalitarian creep that has permeated all of our foundational institutions–education, family, religion, justice– has taken root in California, flourishing there at a breathtaking pace, and setting the example for the rest of the United States. That example, in my opinion, will ruin us all. Once called the “land of fruits and nuts” California has now risen to become the “prototype for all social and environmental experiments in the United States.”

If the news is to be believed, California proudly leads the country in its dictatorial, invasive, unfair policies aimed at its citizens. These are almost too numerous to mention and have been addressed in depth by those covering the exodus of Californians to other freer states.

However, I have a word of warning for all who think they are escaping the repressive policies. You are not. This horror show will be “coming to a theater near you” very soon. Whoever has set the vision for the United States in the future–and it has been set, make no mistake–have chosen all new things to be tested in California first. If successful there, no matter how outrageous it seems to you, it will be exported to other states. One by one, states will succumb to the cancer of socialism. And I predict you will see ignorant or complicit leadership gleefully embrace policies that, in the end, could impoverish us all, and enslave us all.

For example, many of you probably read about the ban on all new gas-powered cars in California by 2035. Whether the citizen wants it or not, whether the citizen can afford it or not, he will have to buy electric vehicles if he wants a new car, struggle to find gas for his old car, or bicycle around. You may have thought that idea was ridiculous and won’t catch hold. Wrong! Even before it has been implemented fully, California’s reputation for being the place where all “progressive” innovations, and forward-thinking ideas flourish is causing other states to salivate. Just a few months after Newsom announced this new blatant interference with free commerce, free choice of the consumer, and is leading his people like sheep to the alter of the Climate God, New York has apparently announced they will do the same. Why? Because all these “bright ideas” are tested first in the Golden State, and then can roll out elsewhere. That is the definition of a prototype.

Take also the guaranteed minimum income of $1000/month that is starting as a test project for three years in parts of Los Angeles. Heated debate is going on about the effects of such a thing on the taxpayer/producer, and on the unsuspecting person who receives something he didn’t earn. No better way to make a person weak than to treat him as if he cannot produce. Yet they are doing just that. Many of you may have already scoffed at that idea, shaking your heads in dismay. Well, that too is “coming to a theater near you.” Cook County in Illinois suddenly says it wants to do the same thing. They may be a bit more timid than Los Angeles, though. They are only offering $500/month to those whose hopes and dreams will be destroyed by being labeled unable to succeed. Once again, before the prototype has even been thoroughly tested, it is being embraced.

In the medical area, you may have read that the bill passed in California and has been signed by the Governor that punishes physicians for advice and guidance they give to patients, if that advice does not align with the “approved science” of the WOKE and ignorant. See the NY Times, Aug. 29. Nothing like some bureaucrat who probably never even took an advanced science class to be dictating to doctors what they can and cannot recommend to their patients. Forget the doctor’s oath; forget the doctor/patient confidentiality. Medical professionals can now be disciplined by the “state” for doing what they were trained to do: observe, diagnose, evaluate, recommend, and treat the individual in front of them.

How long do you think it will be before another state decides to create such legislation? Who wants to take bets on who it will be? Are you living in that state right now?

I have a message for those fleeing California. It might be better to “defund” the lunatics who create these social justice and environmental prototypes, lest you move to another state, only to find the cancer has spread there too.

So, to my friends around this great country–especially in New York and Washington, DC: Don’t underestimate California. Do not ignore the disgusting, repressive ideas they come up with, and put into policy and practice. If the prototype works in accomplishing their goal, it will roll out. The citizens are losing their freedom to choose. They are losing their hard-earned income, witnessing the beginning of the redistribution of their money under the guise of “social justice” and “fairness.” And the medical professionals will surrender their ethics and integrity, or risk losing their ability to honestly practice their profession.

Just as in the justice system, once a precedent has been established, it carries forward and becomes the justification for future rulings. Make no mistake. This is California’s role in the brave new world I write about in my novels. They are the testing lab for an enslaving future. If you want to know what is planned for your state, look to California. What a nickname, huh? “California–the prototype for the nation.”

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