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The Cans at the End of the Road

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This past election was the 50th election I have had the privilege of voting in.  If you read the Blog “Dream Debt,” done last August and archived here, you probably understand that I have been watchful and engaged in the decisions I and my fellow countrymen make, and who we send to Washington.

This is the 13th President I have experienced.   Many Congresses have come and gone.   But always, there have been major issues facing us.  I have watched each President be willing to address one or two of them, and then “kick the can down the road” on the others.   Whether it was lack of responsibility, courage, political will, intelligence, wisdom, talent, creativity, or a winning mindset,  I don’t know.   But, each President and members of Congress tackled something on behalf of the people, and crowed about their accomplishment.   Usually it was the one they would receive the least criticism or resistance on.   And in the name of bi-partisanship, they kicked the rest down the road.

The problem is the cans didn’t go away.   Like trash in the environment, or a cancer growing, these issues have grown, festered, and have become a clear and present danger to this country and its future generations.

Here are a few of the “cans”.   I am sure you will recognize them, and you may have been working on them yourself–sounding alarm bells:  Social Security, Medicare, Immigration and Illegal Immigration, the Rule of Law and the will to enforce the laws enacted by our representatives, Medical Coverage (by the way we don’t have a Health Care problem in this country; we have a Medical Coverage problem), Drugs, North Korea and Iran, Russia and other nations meddling and stealing, Education, Equal Justice under the law, National Debt, and the Balance of Trade Deficit.

That last one is something most people know nothing about, yet it is a precursor to a whole host of other economic issues we have faced.   When I was in college, my debate partner and I became national debate champions.   The issue he understood so well, and which we annihilated our opponents on, was the issue of Balance of Trade Deficits.   The other, more Ivy League-type schools didn’t bother to delve into that one.   They kicked the can down the road and focused instead on the delicious, controversial topics related to the Viet Nam War etc.  We were prepared on all the cans, however, and knew as a small college we couldn’t kick any can down the road if we had a winning mindset, and were determined to win.

Through my adult life, as I would watch Washington wimp out, I knew–and I hope you did too–that one day there would be an “end of the road.”  And all the cans would pile up.   Almost too terrifying to think of, isn’t it?   Being at the end of the road, at the day of reckoning, confronted with the daunting task of handling them all–at once.

Moreover, as a young woman, and then as a middle-aged woman, I knew that some future President down the road would inherit them all.  That President, as it turns out, is President Trump.  Whether he desired this or not, the best image I can give you of how I see his situation is this:   The President is standing at the end of the road, looking down at his feet, only to see he is knee deep in cans.   Each one bears the label of one of the issues I mentioned–and many I didn’t.

But this President doesn’t just stoop down and pick up one or two.   No, he looks at all of them and picks them all up at the same time.  If I were to show you the next image in my mind, it is him standing there with his arms full of cans–not just one or two or three that he can juggle–ALL OF THEM.   And in the mind bubble you see in cartoons, he is thinking, “Well, I have ideas on how to solve each of these.   Something can be done about all of this.   Let’ START.”

And for that reason alone–regardless of party, his background, his personality style, or anything else he is savaged for–I admire the man.   He is the gutsiest President I have seen in my lifetime, and I for one wish him well, and plan to weigh in to help, not resist or obstruct.  One man is standing at the end of the road, and the American people sent him there to handle the cans.

Personally I feel that praying people should pray that he has wisdom, understanding, vision, creativity, and strength.  Because the most disappointing time in my life has been having to watch the attacks from members of both parties, the incompetence of members of both parties, the absolute abdication of all professional responsibility by the hate-filled Merchants of Chaos, and the cliched, parrot-like discussions of people who are quick to criticize, but who don’t even take the time to properly examine one of the “cans,” let alone understand it well enough to create a solution.   Talk’s cheap, but trash talk and smack talk are even cheaper!

Solutions have apparently eluded some very fine minds over the years.  Succumbing to an inability to achieve a solution, they caved, and sent the “can” down the road for future generations.

At least this President knows he works for ALL of the American people, and comes up with ideas daily on everything.  I respect that.   But, do we respect ourselves and our country enough to step up like mature adults, and put our shoulder to the wheel?  Are we ready to grapple with the “hard?”  Are we willing to be embarrassed, ridiculed, and criticized?   Will we press on?   Or will we spectate as if we are watching Cage Boxing, delighting at every drawn drop of blood?

I told you I am an optimist.   I believe in the people of this country.   I just feel we need to accept the responsibility that we caused our politicians to “kick the can down the road” because they were afraid of our ire.   After all, we hold the power to vote them out of office.   And since we didn’t want to face the solutions–which might involve personal sacrifice–we now are staring at the consequence of our own cowardice:   a pile of cans at the end of the road.  And one lone man–imperfect as he may be, or as imperfect as you may think he is–stoops down and picks them all up.

It’s New Year’s.   What’s your resolution?   I have made mine.


Merry Christmas & Other Controversial Salutations

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Being older now, I just want to say Merry Christmas!  Admittedly my roots are in upstate New York, a small village of almost no diversity other than 8 different Christian denominations.  Naturally, we all had one thing in common at least.   And that was the celebration of Christmas.

In recent years, where many people seemingly live to take offense at almost anything that is said or done, many have strayed away from celebrating the reason for the season, or retreated into quietly doing it, so as not to offend anyone of another faith, or no faith.

Personally, I have come to know that if I get “offended,” it means I am not controlling my emotions.  Each of us can choose at any moment to let our emotions control us, or we can control them.   I prefer to take responsibility for my reactions and actions, and not point the finger at someone else for expressing an opinion or belief different than mine.  Though not perfect by any means, I practice this each day. When someone does something offensive, I don’t “get offended” anymore.   I merely look at it, and choose the emotion I want to display next.  The challenge is to display an emotion that creates some affinity and understanding, not one guaranteed to breach it.   It’s a challenge worth taking up. Humbling actually…

Along the way, I decided to not only celebrate Christmas with cheerful salutations of “Merry Christmas” but I have also chosen to be joyful of others’ holidays as well.   I just join in–and am willing to take happiness and togetherness wherever I find it.  Personally I believe we could all use a little more grace and cheer.   This time of year affords us lots of opportunity to smile and sincerely wish someone well–wish them some joy.   So, if there is an honest celebration going on, man, I join in!

So, with that said, I want to wish you ALL a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!



Crisis–a new definition

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In my business travels, I had the opportunity of opening a Free Enterprise business in Communist China in 1995.  While I was there, enjoying the people, and the culture, I learned something about words and definitions.

Our definition of Crisis is very stark and forboding.   But, in Chinese, the word Crisis means Opportunity Riding a Dangerous Wind.   What a wonderful way to define any crisis in our lives.   We can view a crisis as something that terrifies and paralyzes us, or we can view it as something–which if we handle it right–can become a great opportunity.

It was this abiding understanding of that that enabled me to pursue, and “see” what I saw in the White King series.  It is a matter of choice, my friends.   In any crisis in our lives, or in our country, we can choose to face the danger and see the opportunity in it for something brighter and better.

These Blogs are intended to help you see and seize the opportunity that the “dangerous winds” that are blowing in our county present to us.   We can either be overwhelmed by the danger, shrink, cower and hide from the circumstances or forces, OR we can face them, and seize the day.

I have been blessed with an optimist’s attitude toward life.   Whether my mother and father gave that to me, I do not know.   But I do know that I have always CHOSEN to see the glass as half full, not half empty.   And when hard times came to me–and believe me they have in my life–I chose to believe that there was an opportunity hidden in all the junk.

Today, as we watch and listen to the political machinations in our great country, know that they are just that–machinations.   Is there danger in each of the issues we face as a nation?  Of course. But there also is a choice that we can make individually and collectively that will embrace experiencing the danger and the fear, and cause us to create something greater and better and more “just” than what existed before.   To my mind, all human progress has been precipitated by a “crisis” where those alive and in the moment chose not to succumb, but to seize the opportunity.

In recent years, take for example the “crisis” in N. Korea.   Is there danger there?   For sure.   Is there opportunity there?   Yes.   It is possible that 50 years from now, we all will look back and note that in 2018 a new vision emerged, a seed was planted, and 50 years later a great people are free and prosperous.   All because men and women who preceded them, and whom they had never met, chose to find the opportunity in that dangerous wind.

Take for example the turmoil related to politics and the blood sport going on in Washington today.   None of us can afford to flinch now in the face of the danger this presents to the nation, and to our Republic.   Personally I believe the world your grand children will live in 20-30 years from now is being determined by the choices you and I make right now.   The United States will still be here in 20 years, but whether or not it is a Constitutional Republic is being determined by us now.   Will it be a fading Democracy destined to die on the ash heap of history along with all other attempts at self-government, or will the people of the United States recognize this as an opportunity to not only preserve the Republic, but to enhance it and take it to an even higher, fairer standard?

These are dangerous times.   The cold dangerous winds blow daily.  Yet, riding it, in the face of a daunting bitter wind, is an undying optimism and courage which characterized our ancestors–slave or free man–and which hopefully has survived in us.  Don’t be a cliché.   Don’t think like others think, just to fit in and not make waves.  Don’t remain silent in the face of injustice and unequal application of the law.   Don’t let ignorant or lazy journalists who may not even know the difference between a fact and an opinion, sway your opinion.   YOU KNOW MORE THAN THE JOURNALISTS TODAY.   YOU DO NOT NEED TO CONSULT THEIR CRYSTAL BALL OR WISDOM.   YOU ARE THE ONE WHO WILL RIDE THE DANGEROUS WIND.   THEY ARE DESTINED TO MERELY WRITE ABOUT AND REPORT ON WHAT YOU WILL DO.  THEY WILL REPORT ON THE OPPORTUNITIES YOU CREATE.

A business mentor long ago taught me something I have never forgotten.  I will expound upon this more in a later Blog.   But, remember this.   No one ever erected a statue to a critic!

We are approaching a new year.   It will be ushered in by dangerous winds.   Let’s ride that wind, and seize the day–seize the opportunity to help our country, and to preserve it, and freedom, for all future generations.   This is no small game.   It is not “small ball.”



How Mistakes Get Made

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How is it that we make mistakes in our lives?   When we are good people, trying to do the right things, how is it that sometimes we make an egregious error?  Errors in judgment, or action, at work can cost one his job.  Errors in relationships can cost one the relationship.  We are smart, discerning, we think.   How is it then that either you make mistakes, or those around you do?

There actually is an anatomy to mistakes:  one or all three of these ingredients comprise the mistakes we make.   It boils down to this:   Mistakes occur when there is False Data, Omitted Data, or Misevaluated Data.  When one of those elements is in play, the possibility, if not probability, of a mistake occurs.

We have often heard the phrase, “Garbage in; garbage out.”   In the computer world that implies that if you feed the computer false (garbage) data, it computes on the false data, and spits out a false (garbage) conclusion.   The same is true for us.   If we are given false information, and we accept it as true, we are likely to proceed with the false data, and end up with a totally corrupted product or end result.   If a pilot is flying relying upon weather data which says there will be clear visibility at his destination–not knowing that the weather data is two days old, and a lazy employee just posted the data again, without consulting the most current meteorological data which shows heavy fog at the destination–that pilot could be in a world of hurt.   His decision to fly becomes a mistake–potentially a fatal one.   The danger was not in the pilot’s skill, it was in the false data he had been given.

Omitted data is the hardest to spot, because it IS OMITTED.   It’s hard to see something that is not there.  Suppose a prosecutor in a case omits some exculpatory evidence, and proceeds vigorously with the facts that point toward guilt.  If the defense is not aware of the data, it is now also omitted from their defense.   And the jury forms a conclusion of guilt.  An innocent person is convicted, and a life is ruined–because of the omitted data.   Now  you see why “discovery” is such a big part of any litigation, and why there are penalties for failure to disclose.

When I was younger I was fascinated by the writings of Thomas Hardy.   His star-crossed love stories were replete with missing data, which caused his hero and heroine to fail to connect.  It was almost agonizing to be the reader knowing something that neither character knew, and which they needed to know, to achieve happiness and fulfillment.   Frankly, it’s a good way to depress yourself.   Read Thomas Hardy, and see how to make horrible mistakes in relationships.   The culprit–missing information.

All of this leads to misevaluated data.   Sometimes the data is there, and it is true, but the person looking at it completely misevaluates it, and makes a bad decision as a result.  One of the exceptions I take to our jury system is the rule that does not allow the jurors to look up the meaning of words or symbols.   They have to just rely upon their evaluation of the data, and what they think the data means.   Horror stories have emerged where jurors had true data in front of them, but one juror misunderstood the definition of a word, thinking it meant the opposite of what it actually meant.   Refusing to change their mind on what they thought the word meant, they stuck to their guns, producing a mistrial.  The juror thought the word “culpable” meant “innocent” and when a witness assigned culpability to the defendant, the juror thought that witness was attesting to his innocence.   Plain to see, there would be a mistake there.

What does this have to do with propaganda warfare or information warfare, you may ask?   Everything, my friends, everything.   The Propagandist will rely upon withholding critical information from you, or planting totally false information in your mind, or boldly promoting a misevaluation of the circumstance so that you embrace the false impression and make mistakes in your actions, attitudes, and evaluations.

This is why gossip, rumor, lying, and innuendo are so very dangerous.  They are the tools of the mind control guys.

These three things can mess up your life in ordinary situations–but they can also destroy nations.   My concern is our nation.  That is what prompted me to do the research that led to the White King Trilogy.

Distasteful Research

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In order for me to draw some parallels between the story line in “White King and the Doctor,” involving the planting of indoctrination buttons into the American Media by the Propaganda Chief of Al Qaeda, and the current nightly news you are being bludgeoned with, I must first do some research.

So, for the next week, I will be torturing my intellect and my patience by observing some news channels in order to identify “the lie told often enough becomes the truth” strategy I spoke of in the last Blog.   It is important for you, I believe, to be totally aware of the insidious indoctrination that has taken place.   Frankly, I don’t think the individual journalists or anchor people who are doing it even know they have been compromised.   They have, however, and they are now an unwitting tool of enemies far smarter than they are.

Like something slipped into a cocktail that makes you go unconscious and not remember whatever bad deeds occurred during your blackout, the current American Media in my opinion has been “slipped a mickey.”   And once unconscious have been hypnotized into responding in a rote and predictable way–including exact verbiage–to various daily happenings around the world.

It should be somewhat hilarious when I bring to you the words from their own mouths.   What we all will be looking for is this:   Who was the first network to make the statement?   The others will follow verbatim.   Anyone even casually familiar with mind control, and mob think, will recognize that.   What’s important is to identify the source point.   Who is first to plant the “button” and who gave that individual or network the “button.”

I know it will come from psych ops people, and propaganda warfare people.   What should be fun is to see if we can find out who.

At the very least my research this next week should reveal some of the “what” that is being fed to these so-called journalists.   Much as I would prefer to prevent people from embarrassing themselves, I am afraid that horse has left the barn.   Let’s see if any of the mainstream media personnel can turn themselves around.

What they do not know, but I think you do, is that they are so confused now that they do not know the difference between an opinion and a fact.   They have confused news anchors with opinion talk show hosts.   In doing so, when you turn them on to watch, you are watching what is supposed to be news, but instead is all flagrant opinion disguised as news.   That creates a distortion for you.   And often you turn on an opinion show host, only to be bombarded with what turns out to be false information upon which they based their opinion.

Not to mention the confusion between professionalism and emotional rantings coming from deep-seated psychological issues.   In a word, the Press is a mess.   Most have lost their way.   Seduced by ratings and obscenely high salaries, they just say whatever is on their mind–whether it is their job to do so or not, and whether it is corroborated or not, and whether it is true or not.

But then again, in that misdeed, they merely are copying government investigative officials who seem to have no interest in verifying the accuracy of a claim before using it to lynch someone.  What a fog!

I look forward to sharing what I observe this week.