Distasteful Research

In order for me to draw some parallels between the story line in “White King and the Doctor,” involving the planting of indoctrination buttons into the American Media by the Propaganda Chief of Al Qaeda, and the current nightly news you are being bludgeoned with, I must first do some research.

So, for the next week, I will be torturing my intellect and my patience by observing some news channels in order to identify “the lie told often enough becomes the truth” strategy I spoke of in the last Blog.   It is important for you, I believe, to be totally aware of the insidious indoctrination that has taken place.   Frankly, I don’t think the individual journalists or anchor people who are doing it even know they have been compromised.   They have, however, and they are now an unwitting tool of enemies far smarter than they are.

Like something slipped into a cocktail that makes you go unconscious and not remember whatever bad deeds occurred during your blackout, the current American Media in my opinion has been “slipped a mickey.”   And once unconscious have been hypnotized into responding in a rote and predictable way–including exact verbiage–to various daily happenings around the world.

It should be somewhat hilarious when I bring to you the words from their own mouths.   What we all will be looking for is this:   Who was the first network to make the statement?   The others will follow verbatim.   Anyone even casually familiar with mind control, and mob think, will recognize that.   What’s important is to identify the source point.   Who is first to plant the “button” and who gave that individual or network the “button.”

I know it will come from psych ops people, and propaganda warfare people.   What should be fun is to see if we can find out who.

At the very least my research this next week should reveal some of the “what” that is being fed to these so-called journalists.   Much as I would prefer to prevent people from embarrassing themselves, I am afraid that horse has left the barn.   Let’s see if any of the mainstream media personnel can turn themselves around.

What they do not know, but I think you do, is that they are so confused now that they do not know the difference between an opinion and a fact.   They have confused news anchors with opinion talk show hosts.   In doing so, when you turn them on to watch, you are watching what is supposed to be news, but instead is all flagrant opinion disguised as news.   That creates a distortion for you.   And often you turn on an opinion show host, only to be bombarded with what turns out to be false information upon which they based their opinion.

Not to mention the confusion between professionalism and emotional rantings coming from deep-seated psychological issues.   In a word, the Press is a mess.   Most have lost their way.   Seduced by ratings and obscenely high salaries, they just say whatever is on their mind–whether it is their job to do so or not, and whether it is corroborated or not, and whether it is true or not.

But then again, in that misdeed, they merely are copying government investigative officials who seem to have no interest in verifying the accuracy of a claim before using it to lynch someone.  What a fog!

I look forward to sharing what I observe this week.

3 thoughts on “Distasteful Research

  1. Jay MacMichael

    Hi Lee,
    As a “progressive” who teaches high school world history in Charlottesville, VA… and as a graduate of Andover High School who remembers your father well, I have great interest in following your little research project. I must admit to you that I have not read your books as yet, but I pledge to visit Amazon soon! My dear brother, Tom (who sent me the link to your blog), and I disagree on nearly every issue along partisan lines, much like the rest of America. I trust that you will not limit your research to looking only at what some have come to label the “mainstream media.” I was a little disappointed to see the term used in your blog, but I am hopeful that you will include a fair cross-section of the TV news media in your search. Like you, I view TV news as woefully lacking on many levels, however, I tend to defend the “journalistic integrity” behind the lion’s share of what makes it to air as “news.”
    The hypothesis to your “research” project, while intriguing, bears little resemblance to any I have previously seen. Perhaps I am hoping for more than you are offering since you seem to have reached your conclusions prior to doing the research. Your criticism of the repetitive nature of the news is fair, but I do not share in your reasoning as to cause. Still, I am interested as I have often begged a number of my conservative friends for specific examples of their accusations against the “mainstream” media, both TV and print. I have yet to be satisfied with a response. Though I am not yet familiar with your previous blogs or your “the lie told often enough becomes the truth” strategy, I look forward to reading what you have to offer.
    I don’t think it is remotely possible to take part in a campaign of “insidious indoctrination” without knowing that you are doing so. If you are indeed correct in what are substantial charges against the “media,” then those involved are most certainly willing participants.
    Congratulations on your impressive career. I wish you continued success and I hope your book takes off on Amazon. When can we expect a movie?

    1. Lee Kessler Post author

      Jay, I appreciate your comments. I would encourage you to read the White King Series, beginning with “White King and the Doctor,” since it is the novel which revealed an unprecedented attack by a real-life, real-threat enemy upon the United States. The books have been embraced not only by the general public, but also by the highest levels of the Counter-terrorism, and Intelligence communities. The trilogy of books has proven “prophetic.”
      The research that allowed me to arrive at conclusions I use as the underpinning of the Blog entries was done before I even wrote the books.. It is that research that led to the books. The Blog is simply a way for me to reveal some discovered truths to people who may not have read the books. There are no conclusions here that were not researched.
      My own background is professionally suited to evaluate this whole arena, and to humbly hope to educate people. I have a background in Marketing, am an actress whose expertise allows me to evaluate driving motivations of people–especially real life people, and I have been a student of the mind and human behavior for a long time. My understanding of the criminal mind, and the tools used by the brightest of those, is quite expert.

      So, why don’t you read each of the Blogs in sequence from the beginning, and that may illuminate the issues more. I could care less about labels like Progressive or Conservative, Republican or Democrat. There is a real enemy out there, Jay, which you can learn about in the novels. One of the things that enemy understands about us, that we do not understand about ourselves, is covered in the Blog “Good’s Dilemma.” It applies to all of us–you and me.

      Between the Blogs and the novels, I think we would later have a lot to talk about. I encourage you to look into all of it–in sequence. At the very least, you will be very entertained. Merry Christmas! Lee


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