The Strategies Deployed Against You

In the novel “White King and the Doctor” I theorized the strategies and tactics our then-enemy would deploy against America and Americans in order bring us down.   With limited manpower and resources, the Mastermind of Al-Qaeda and his Propaganda Chief assessed the areas of strengths and weaknesses within our government and country.   One by one, well-known military strategies–likely studied in military programs since the beginning of recorded warfare–have been deployed against you.   The difference is they were done so subtly, and with such skill, backed up by one of the best Public Relations campaigns ever conceived, that you didn’t notice it.

Long ago, a mentor of mine taught me how to cook a frog.  If you put a frog in boiling water, it is quick enough to jump out once it perceives the obvious mortal danger.   But, it you put it in cold water and turn the temperature to low, allowing the water to warm up gradually, the frog is lulled.   It adjusts to the temperature, until it is too late.   It is too weak, and can no longer escape.    America is being cooked.

These are the strategies being deployed against you.   The stunning accuracy of that novel came from my recognizing them, spotting them in our society, and writing a story that revealed them to you.   Unfortunately there is a real enemy out there.  And in real life, the strategies of war are being waged.   And you are the target.   See if you can spot which strategy lines up with the current political event or societal event you are preoccupied with–that has you scratching your head, wondering in fear how the world seemed to have tipped upside down.  The new world, and the goal of the enemy, is a world where right is wrong, and wrong is right.   That’s what drives sane people to yelling at the TV, and getting into arguments.

But, once you spot what has happened, I think you may find some relief.   I want to encourage you to comment on this.   Give me your ideas.   Here are some of the enemy’s attack lines:

  1. Divide and conquer.  ( I challenge you to look around at how Americans are being divided, and ask yourself, “who benefits?”)
  2. A lie told often enough becomes the truth.
  3. A truth so outrageous, it is rejected as a lie.
  4. Hide in plain site.   (This one is more insidious than you can imagine.)
  5. Turn America’s strengths into weaknesses.   Get them to do it to themselves.
  6. Use a Trojan Horse to bring the enemy inside.
  7. Recruit a Fifth Column: a military term for a force within whose purpose is to sabotage, and to break solidarity.

I used these to begin the analysis that unraveled so much in the White King Trilogy.   Asking myself questions about these strategies led me to the truth, and to actual people and organizations.   In upcoming Blogs we will look at each of these, spotting where each is being used against an unsuspecting people on a daily basis.   Should be fun!   Here’s why.   There is nothing a BAD GUY recoils from more than someone who sees him, knows what he is up to, and refuses to yield.   What’s even more fun is that the more playfully you can confront these strategies and the folks behind them, the more they unravel.   Trust me, this is going to be more fun than a video game!

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