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Unabashed Self-Promotion

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Often we hold back promoting something we have done, or who we are, for fear of seeming self-centered, conceited, greedy, or engaging in some other version of self-interest.  Good deeds, though,  need to be well known and well publicized or they go unnoticed.

A business mentor of mine taught all of us to point out the good deeds and successes of others far and wide–to put as much attention as possible on who was doing something right and worthwhile.   And, he also taught me that if there is no one there to promote you, you may have to promote the good deed, or the accomplishment yourself.   It still remains a thing of value, even if you are doing the promotion yourself.

So, I am about to promote something to you.   After the quotes from the men I am about to describe, I will explain WHY I did this, and why I think you should act upon their words.  Steve Luckey, Paul Vallely, and Jerry Molen met me after the publication of my first book, “White King and the Doctor.”  They sought me out.  They offered support for the message of that book, and the subsequent books.  One even appeared with me on “Fox and Friends” to add credibility to my message.

Ivan Passer had known me for years.   He directed me in the movie “Creator,” and we became professional friends.   I especially appreciated his character, and his own stunning story of escape from what was then Czechoslovakia, after being targeted as a dangerous dissident film maker.

The resumes for each of these men would take pages and pages.   Here is a snapshot.   Steve Luckey is one of the top  International Counterterrorist Experts in the world.  He successfully recruited, trained, and ran a Fifth Column inside the North Vietnamese Army back in the Viet Nam Conflict.   He went on to become chief of security for the Airline Pilots Association.   He partners with a few others who are at the top of their field in figuring out what bad guys will do, and how to stop them.  One of Steve’s areas of expertise is psychological and Information warfare.  Among the rest of the group is the top chemical weapons expert in the world.   About 5 years ago, Steve was given an award in the security field that has only been awarded 4 times I believe in nearly a century.   Steve was the fourth, and was vetted for years before being given that honor.  Google search him yourself.

Major General Paul Vallely was the commander of special forces in the Iraq War, author of the book “Endgame–the Blueprint for Victory in the War on Terror,” a television military analyst,  radio host, and founder of Stand Up America, USA.

Ivan Passer is a filmmaker.   He impressed Hollywood with his film “Cutter’s Way” and was directing the stunning film “Stalin” in the Soviet Union when the wall fell.  Google search him and the heroism he displayed for his beloved Czechoslovakia, and the love he has for the country that took him in.

Jerry Molen was regarded as Steven Spielberg’s favorite producer.  Before leaving Amblin, among the many films he produced are “Jaws,” “Jurassic Park,” and he won an Oscar for the movie “Schindler’s List.”

All four of these men love this country and their countrymen, and desire always to educate, and empower you so that you can not only face adversaries, but so that you will be ahead of the adversaries–smarter than them.  They all want to see you and your grandchildren free and prosperous.   They do not want to see you subjugated.   They are brilliant, dedicated, aware, and engaged.

Here is what Steve Luckey had to say about “White King and the Doctor.”  “It’s a breathtaking adventure, involving some of the world’s most dangerous terrorists and dedicated American adversaries–playing the chess game for keeps.   The book combines insightfully accurate detail with suspenseful, cinematic drama.  Its completely new wrinkle provides a compelling perspective and a very emotional tactical challenge.  A Must Read”

Of “White King Rising” he wrote:  “…It is an eloquently written sequel to ‘White King and the Doctor’–a monumental revelation that will capture your emotions and keep you on the edge of your seat…Ms. Kessler has done the free world a genuine favor!”

And of the final book, Luckey wrote: “One of America’s great story tellers is a super talent who has blown the lid off in the dynamic conclusion of the White King series.  This riveting suspense -packed epic thriller really gest the juices flowing as she takes you on an emotional journey through the most challenging international terrorist plot ever conceived.   No one does it better, and I sincerely hope the entire intelligence community makes this a must read book.”

Paul Vallely wrote of “White King and the Doctor.”  “Strategic thinking must connect the dots of international terrorism…’White King and the Doctor’ makes for a shocking and suspenseful story of immense proportions…I urge everyone to read this book.”

After reading “White King Rising” he wrote, “In order for Al Qaeda’s number two man to plunge the Middle East and world further into international terrorism, he needed to complete a sophisticated plan in Iraq and then launch his new chess game on the doorstep of America.  This is a terrific book…”

He concludes with “White King and the Battle of America: the Endgame.”  “Another great novel that builds on the impact of radical Islam on the world and, in this case, the financial infrastructure of our societies.  Al Qaeda penetrated deeply into America, its technology, and its media–teaching their minions the power of propaganda.  Now, the end of the trilogy reveals how bankers, media moguls, and other influencers of Western power were led down a path of naivete and misguided decisions.   This is an important read for everyone…”

Jerry Molen found me after the first book.  He wrote this about “White King Rising.”  “This fast-paced, stand-alone epic has me wondering how much of it is actually fiction.   It will challenge all of your senses, and as each page reveals yet another move in the ‘game,’ it will shock, terrify and embrace your deepest fears of what tomorrow may bring.”

His comments about the final book, “White King and the Battle of America: the Endgame”  “With her unique writing prowess and prescient look into the final installment of the ‘game,’ Lee Kessler has woven a tapestry of intrigue and suspense. She takes the reader for a ride so intense the heart threatens to stop as the world arrives at the brink of financial Armageddon–at stake, the very future of America.”

And last, from Ivan Passer.  “Its main theme (terrorism) is something you and I think about anxiously almost daily.  But the surprising reward is the realization that something very frightening IS indeed happening to us–something that makes us vulnerable to an enemy who understands us better than we understand ourselves.  Lee Kessler is a veritable artist.”

For “White King Rising” he wrote, “Her almost clairvoyant take on the mindset of the United States’ deadly enemy creates an exhilarating sense of getting to know him–the most important step on the path to his annihilation.”

Here are Passer’s words about “White King and the Battle of America: the Endgame.”  “…a story so close to existing global conditions that one shudders realizing how little it would take for the bad guys to bring the world to its knees; dramatic description of Al Qaeda’s brutal business of kidnapping women; a loving peek into Montana’s unique soul; and a solution to our looming financial troubles inspired by the history and tradition of this country–so simple and beautiful that I found myself misty-eyed more than once.”

I thank each of these men for their support. The third book is the story of WHO sent the Trojan Horse I wrote to you about last week. Hint:   It is not Al Qaeda. 

I promised to tell you why I revealed these comments to you, and imposed upon your time and willingness to read them.   It is not to aggrandize myself, or sell books just to make money.   I learned long ago that any businessperson who chases money alone will lose.   But, when you create and provide a great service or product for the end user and you get it into his hands, money does follow.   It is a question of intention and sequence.

My intention has always been to give you insight and hope.   I have “seen” and assessed, apparently very accurately, what evil can do.   The books were written to save you, your children, and grand children from living in slavery.

Today, I am writing this Blog because the drumbeat that heralds the story of “White King and the Battle of America: the Endgame” has begun.  The game, in real life, has started.  There is time for you to stop it–to win.  But, you must first understand that there is an evil game being played.  Disinformation and misdirection are rampant.  You can not flinch now.  You must not look away.  “Sir Harley Grantham-Jones” is counting on the fact that you will look away, that he can deceive you. I am counting on the fact that you are better than that.

Who is Sir Harley Grantham-Jones, you ask?  Read, “White King and the Battle of America: the Endgame.”

In coming Blogs I will put a spotlight on some of the tell tale signs of the imminent attack.  Hint:   those who are promoting an upcoming Recession are part of it–wittingly or unwittingly.

“The Big Reveal”–The Underlying Cause of Mass Shootings

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To begin with, buckle up everybody.   This Blog is going to be a rough ride for some of you.   For others it will be a confirmation of what you already know, or suspected.  It will require a paradigm shift to see the truth of it.   But, it is there.   It is true.   You were looking at it all along, but through a different paradigm.

For those of you who have read the three novels that became the White King Trilogy, you probably had a paradigm shift or two as you made the journey with Andy Weir and Brian Washington Carver.   If you have not read these books, I highly recommend you do so, as soon as possible–for your own mental health.   And get all of your angry unhinged friends and family to read these novels too.  They were written to reveal truth, and to produce hope and understanding, while having a lot of fun reading them.   Read the comments by Amazon readers, and you judge for yourself whether I succeeded or not.

But, time is short.   The situation is critical in the US.   And I am going to attempt to do for you in a Blog what frankly is much better done in a novel.   It is the same truth, however.  You will just have to be very brave, and very desirous of solutions, to slow down, read this, digest it, and then see what you now see after your paradigm shift.

Here are the questions:  Why are we in the US experiencing so many mass shootings (or van attacks, knife attacks, bombs etc.)?   And why is the frequency increasing?  The answer to these questions was set up in “White King and the Doctor,” and then exposed in the novel “White King Rising.”  These are the first two books in the trilogy and they `remained #1 and #4 top customer-rated books in political fiction on Amazon Kindle for 8 months!  They address a global enemy and attack line which, in order to succeed, has to neutralize the United States.   The books deal with the strategies and tactics deployed by a brilliant enemy.  And the books reveal the real target of the attack.

Buckle up.   I asked myself back in 2004, “If I wanted to take down the United States, how would I do it?   Who would I target?  What would I do to them?  Who would I use to administer the death blows?  And I answered those questions for myself, and for you, in the novels I subsequently wrote.

But, one of the strategies was to use a Trojan Horse.   Plant it inside the United States, and let the enemy slide out from the belly of the horse and attack at will–inside our own homes.  To understand how that works, you need to remember this.  Never forget it.  A Trojan Horse is accepted as a gift.   You welcome it.  You embrace it as a friend, a solution, and a wonderful gift.  You are grateful for it. And, my friends, it will KILL you!  Worse yet, you do it to yourself by accepting the Trojan Horse.

For some years I had watched the exceptional work of Citizens Commission on Human Rights–a mental health watchdog group.   I learned a great deal from their exposes, and their valiant efforts to check the power of the pharmaceutical companies–most specifically as it related to the creation of, administering of, and promulgation of mind-altering psychiatric medications.  (I challenge you to go to their website to explore this in depth.)

But for our purposes today, I want to call your attention to something you have observed, but probably didn’t really “get.”   There are black box warnings on these medications.   There are disclaimers during every TV or radio ad for these drugs.   The pharmaceutical companies were forced to do this by the organization I just mentioned.   Here’s why.

Next time you turn on the TV, note, when the side-effects of the tantalizing drug the ad is promoting are being listed, that with many medications known side-effects range from headache, rash, and diarrhea to thoughts of suicide or homicide.   Now I don’t care how sick you are, you are probably not going to choose a medication that might cause you to kill yourself, or someone else!

The manufacturers will argue that the risk of that side effect is much lower than the risk of some of the more mundane side effects. They probably even have an “acceptable” risk percentage which they take to the FDA.  The issue is, and it should be obvious, the percentage should be zero.   Otherwise an unsuspecting patient may take something that will cure their sleeplessness, or irritable bowel syndrome, but will cause them to kill themselves.   That might be a good strategy if you want to reduce the planetary population and bring people into addiction so that you can control them.   But, it sure isn’t what we expect when we take a medication for a physical situation–especially when the medication is recommended by someone we trust.   Who is that?   The medical professionals.

The black box warnings talk about ideation of suicide or homicide.  So, what is “ideation?” In psychology it is defined as: (buckle up) thoughts about suicide which may be as detailed as a formulated plan. The same is true for homicidal ideation.   What’s important is that it is not just detailed thoughts about killing oneself and/or others, it can involve extensive planning of how to do that.  Thus the apparency of premeditation.

Those who have experienced this have talked about having uncontrollable thoughts and ideas about killing, compulsions which seem to come from no where, and which they can’t seem to control.   At the very least this is devastating to their confidence in themselves and their sanity, and at the worst, results in actions taken–whether they want to do it or not.

Although the cultural issues we face may seem complex, although there may be contributing factors like isolation, bullying, violent computer games, domestic abuse, violent movies etc., the actual underlying cause is likely to be proven to be something much simpler.   No less devastating, but much simpler.

I learned from a mentor long ago that when things seem so complex that we get confused, stuck, or hopeless in confronting them, it is because there are lies in the mix.  When one gets down to the simplicity, there is hope.   Truth lies in simplicity, not in complexity.   That’s why you see everyone tearing themselves apart trying to solve the mass shootings etc. in this country.   They are mired in a complexity.   And the complexity camouflages and obscures the true cause.  And, it may lead to solutions that become an even worse problem.   Witness the confusion in Washington today as every Tom, Dick, and Harry proposes their solution.

Here’s the simplicity:   Do a study to find out how many of these mass murderers were on some kind of psychotropic medication, or had just come off one.   (I believe Citizens Commission on Human Rights has been tracking this.)  Buckle up again.  I believe that if this study is done thoroughly and honestly, the percentage will be nearly 100%–if not 100%

There can always be some whacko that would have done it anyway, as they are a true homicidal sociopath.   But, in the case of most US shooters, they are mostly young boys or men who–although perhaps odd or disturbed–had never done a harmful or criminal act in their life.  Ask yourself, “Could it be they were placed on a medication by some well-meaning person who never paid attention to the black box warnings?   Could it be the drug itself caused the aberrant behavior and carnage?”

If the percentage is as I expect, you are looking at a simple truth.   The drugs which were supposed to be a defense against undesirable  mental phenomena (depression, aggression, anxiety etc) are actually an offensive chemical.   They cause the thing they were supposed to prevent.

At this point, you are going to argue with me that so many have been helped by various medications and the people did not display any of these killer side effects.   That is likely true.   Some side effects are tolerable and worth the risk.   But, what parent is going to want to take the risk that their teenager turns out to be one whose negative reaction to the drug is on the extreme end? What parent wants to take the risk that the medication they are giving could turn their child into a stone cold killer?  Russian roulette?   Suppose you or someone you know is the “unlucky” one.

Only a small percentage will get ideations of homicide, and a smaller percentage yet will likely pick up a gun or any other weapon and kill people.   So, why is the frequency increasing?

The answer is also simple.   It is not that we as a people are becoming more evil.  I understand that close to 1 in 4 Americans is now on some kind of dangerous psychiatric medication (79 million. 8 million are children, 1 million under the age of 5, and 200,000 under the age of one.) In 2013 it was 1 in 6. So, even if the percentage of people who will experience an extreme negative side effect and become killers remains the same as when the drug company made the drug, the larger quantity of people using these drugs insures that the quantity of mass murderers will increase.  Here is an example.  This is not an actual statistic, just an example for you to “think” with:  .5% of 360,000 Americans is one thing (1800). .5% of 360,000,000 is a much larger number (1.8 million).   Same percentage.   Larger pool.  Larger outcome.

IF one finds that all the mass murderers we have struggled to understand in recent years were on psychiatric medications, or had just gotten off from them, the solution is simple.  Stop promoting psychotropic medications like the anti-depressants, anti-psychotic, and anti-anxiety medications.   They are addictive at best, and deadly at their worst.  Then safely wind it down.  Take people safely through the withdrawals.   Don’t focus on the “triggers.”   They exist.   But, without the underlying drug influence, the “triggers” of life are just that–life issues.  Without the underlying drug, no bad act results.

It is important for you to note also that these drugs are not always labeled as psychotropic medications.   They may carry different names from something like Prozac or Xanax etc.   They may be prescribed for physical situations that are very real.   You will know them however by the stated side effects that the manufacturer has been forced to list.   If you see thoughts of suicide, increased aggression, or even homicide, listed, just know that even if the drug is being promoted for your migraines for example, it nonetheless has the potential side effects of the dangerous psychotropic meds.

We can not wait until the Pharmaceutical Industry has done such a good job marketing their wares that 1 in 2 Americans is on meds which may turn the user into a mass murderer.  The doctors and the manufacturers will try to distract you and confuse you.   They are diving in right now to say, “We need more Mental Health.   We need more screening.   We need more preventative medication (defense). They are doing this because they know it will be easier for them to get  you to capitulate and do more “Mental Health” than it will be for them to get you to give up guns.   They are also very smart and know that the Constitution prohibits certain knee-jerk solutions.   But, if we do something that is constitutional to ourselves, by our own choice, they can win.  And they can never be faulted.  We did it to ourselves.

No. What we need is some good offense of our own.   Find out the common denominator.   Approach this rationally and scientifically.    Work backwards to the source.

And then be prepared for the fight of your life, my friends.

There is in fact an enemy who is doing something to you.   Until now, he has been camouflaged and contained in the Trojan Horse.  He has been hidden.  That enemy has his reasons and his motives.   Do not expect him to give up without a fight.

My prayer for you is that you are not ON any of these medications when you try to solve this.

All of this is of course my opinion based upon my research.  You could dismiss this Blog saying, “well that’s just her opinion!”  You could.   But, do so at your own peril.  Worse yet, at the peril of your children.



The Mass Murder Not Covered Last Week

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The alarming rise in suicide/homicide mass murders is something I will discuss in depth in a later Blog.   Meanwhile, if you read “White King Rising” you will get a glimpse of the real and underlying cause.

This should concern us all, so I am in no way diminishing the hurt and the pain of last week, as more innocent lives were senselessly taken.

Today, as the Media hysteria, and Political hysteria swirls–threatening to engulf all reason, I want to point out that there was another mass killing last week.   This one, however, got no real coverage.   No one wanted to rally around it.   No one seemed to care–or even ask–about the victims and their grieving families.

On Aug. 8 in Orange, Ca. and I believe in Santa Ana, Ca. a single killer took knives and I believe a machete and randomly targeted and killed 4 people, and injured another 2 before he was taken down.   He too survived, so I am sure they can learn something from him.   He did not use a gun, yet he was equally deadly.   He was Latino according to the flash of a news snippet I saw, and his victims were all Latino.  Although he was a member of a gang, this was apparently not a gang thing.   These appear to be random victims.

Why was this senseless act of violence not brought front and center as an example of the third killing in less than a week?   You know the answer.   It did not fit any talking points of any Media, or any politician.  Apparently lives only matter when they suit a certain narrative.

And, it is that negligence and disinterest, which I call journalistic mal-practice, that has allowed the real underlying cause of these killings–whether by gun, knife, truck, Anthrax or bomb–to go undiscovered and unhandled.   One thing you can be sure of:   It is all about the money.

More on that later…

New Twist on Voter Suppression

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I got to tell you, Americans are the most innovative people in the world.   And, when that talent runs amuck, you get some interesting gyrations and distortions–particularly in the world of politics.

For some years now I have had to show my driver’s license with photo ID to check into a hotel, even a small motel.  I have certainly had to show my photo ID to get on an airplane, or anywhere near a gate even.   I even had to show my photo ID to pick up an order I placed online at Target. And I certainly had to show my photo ID to get into my own safe deposit box.

The reason?   They want to make sure that I am who I say I am, and not committing a fraud by getting into a safety deposit box, or hotel, or picking up merchandise, when I am not the person listed.   Just our name is no longer sufficient.   We have to prove who we are everywhere.   And I don’t disagree with that.

The most sacred right a US citizen has is the right to vote.  We aspire to it when we are young and look forward to the day we can participate in the democratic process.   Immigrants coming to the United States are thrilled when they get citizenship, and can now weigh in with more than just an opinion.

Yet, the number of people bleating loudly that it is somehow unconstitutional–or worse yet racist, or xenophobic–to ask to show our photo ID in the form of a voter registration card is skyrocketing every day.   Somehow proving who you are and that you are in fact a legally registered voter is an act of “voter suppression.”  Forget the illogic that anyone registered who wants to vote won’t mind, and someone trying to cheat the system in some way–whether voting without being registered, or voting for someone else, or voting multiple time–will be deterred by it.   No, the argument is that somehow certain groups of Americans will be so terrified to even have to produce proof that they registered and that they are who they say they are, that they will not even vote.   And, therefore there vote will be “suppressed” by this heinous act of carrying a voter registration document.

Hogwash.  That leaves our precious system open to fraud–plain and simple.   And I would like to suggest that someone who fears their vote may be suppressed step up and insure that fraud can not occur.   In other words, take some responsibility for the system they want to be part of–warts and all.

But, the creativity in the last few days has sunk to a new, and frightening level.  A politician by the name of Castro in Texas decided to post information that, while available in the public domain if someone wanted to search for it, would normally remain private.   He decided to post the names of those who had contributed money to the Trump campaign, and the employers of those people.   In an attempt to shame them, or get them fired, boycotted or killed, the action sinks to a new and very dangerous low.

When did we turn into a totalitarian state where you can be pilloried for your thoughts, and your expression of your thoughts or the expenditure of YOUR money?  When did we elect officials who think they can stifle not only your right to participate in our democratic process, but also cause harm to anyone who dares employ you?

Now that, my friends, is “Voter Suppression.”   Scare you and your employer so much that you don’t dare show up to vote.   You don’t dare contribute to the causes you believe in, or the people who may need your financial contribution.

The last time I checked, this was still America.   Or is it?  No matter your party, or your ardent beliefs, this should scare you.   It should rock you to the core.   This time it happened to Trump supporters. Next time it will happen to you.   Make no mistake.   This is about power and control, and if you dare cross the likes of “Mr. Castro”–and his/her counterpart in the future–you may find yourself wearing a “Star of David” on your sleeve, or hunkered down in your home because there is an angry mob outside your door.

The question you should ask yourself is:   What if the “mob” decides to breach my door?   Will I be able to protect myself?

For now, I suggest that the people of Texas whose vote sent him into government exercise their right to vote and send him “home.”  (Not to some other country.  Send him back to his house, and un-elect him.)

He blatantly engaged, in my opinion, in an act of Voter Suppression and worse.   Use your vote.  Defeat him in his next election.