The Mass Murder Not Covered Last Week

The alarming rise in suicide/homicide mass murders is something I will discuss in depth in a later Blog.   Meanwhile, if you read “White King Rising” you will get a glimpse of the real and underlying cause.

This should concern us all, so I am in no way diminishing the hurt and the pain of last week, as more innocent lives were senselessly taken.

Today, as the Media hysteria, and Political hysteria swirls–threatening to engulf all reason, I want to point out that there was another mass killing last week.   This one, however, got no real coverage.   No one wanted to rally around it.   No one seemed to care–or even ask–about the victims and their grieving families.

On Aug. 8 in Orange, Ca. and I believe in Santa Ana, Ca. a single killer took knives and I believe a machete and randomly targeted and killed 4 people, and injured another 2 before he was taken down.   He too survived, so I am sure they can learn something from him.   He did not use a gun, yet he was equally deadly.   He was Latino according to the flash of a news snippet I saw, and his victims were all Latino.  Although he was a member of a gang, this was apparently not a gang thing.   These appear to be random victims.

Why was this senseless act of violence not brought front and center as an example of the third killing in less than a week?   You know the answer.   It did not fit any talking points of any Media, or any politician.  Apparently lives only matter when they suit a certain narrative.

And, it is that negligence and disinterest, which I call journalistic mal-practice, that has allowed the real underlying cause of these killings–whether by gun, knife, truck, Anthrax or bomb–to go undiscovered and unhandled.   One thing you can be sure of:   It is all about the money.

More on that later…

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  1. Jackie

    I wish everyone would read the White King Rising trilogy. I had my grandkids this last weekend, and I passed my set (The White King Rising) on to them.


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