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All Roads Lead to Rome, Part 3

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Remember, we are trying to triangulate and find the real life “Samir,” the fictitious villain of “White King and the Doctor.”   In the last part, I was tracking along a line relevant to the Russia Collusion Investigation.

Well, changing perspective slightly, and looking at attacks upon the President, and the policies of the President, I found some connections you will want to note.   I’m just going to lay out the “cast of characters” that keep cropping up, which I believe connect the  dots.   These people, and who they work with and for, also lead to The Democracy Integrity Project.

One of the other most emotional times for Americans this past year was the confirmation hearing of Judge Kavanaugh, and the accusations made by Christine Blasey Ford.   Regardless of your political beliefs and who you support, please pay attention here.   If you know the Rule of Law, and Due Process, you know something went radically wrong.  So, here’s the cast of characters involved in that play:

Michael Bromwich, who is a former Inspector General for Bill Clinton, and who prosecuted Oliver North, now represents former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, who has been fired, and who is likely under criminal investigation.  He has another illustrious client as well–Christine Blasey Ford.  That is an odd intersection of interests.

In addition, David Laufman, former Deputy Attorney General for Counter-Intelligence–and one of the lawyers, along with Peter Strzok, who interviewed Hillary Clinton in the email investigation–represents Monica McClean, Christine Blasey Ford’s best friend who allegedly helped her put together her letter that started the Kavanaugh debacle.

You can probably guess what her former profession was.   Ms. McClean is a former FBI Investigator and Public Affairs person.  That is Public Relations related, and she currently runs a Public Relations and Consulting Firm in Washington, DC.  She and Laufman also run in the circle of Strzok, and Bruce Ohr, one of the top 4 DOJ execs.

This is a cozy little group, isn’t it?  Roads are leading to “Rome.”   So, how does Daniel J. Jones fit in?   He is the former top aide to Senator Diane Feinstein, through whom the Blasey Ford letter was leaked,   He was a Clinton volunteer back in the day, who graduated to–you guessed it–FBI Investigator, specializing in International Investigations and Counter-Intelligence.

Not only was he trusted by Senator Feinstein, but he was trusted by Senator John McCain.  We are almost at “Rome.”

Jones started The Democracy Integrity Project in 2017 and it feeds information/disinformation about investigations and dirt to the national media, to Congressional investigators–the folks members of Congress rely upon and trust to give them accurate information so they can fulfill their Constitutional duties–and to Federal Law Enforcement. I believe the briefings are daily.  (Remember:   Garbage In, Garbage Out)

He has apparently hired Glenn Simpson, Christopher Steele, Fusion GPS.   Clapper and Brennan I am quite sure are in the mix since they were linked to the dissemination of the Steele Dossier to Congressmen and women, the Media, and to the FBI.

I will leave it to you to discover for yourself who initially and probably now still funds the organization, which is listed as a non-profit.  Google it.    It’s chilling.

You will find “Samir” camouflaged somewhere in the world of Daniel Jones, in my humble opinion.   He (or she) will be a public relations and spin guy, He will be in the shadows, hiding in plain sight much like I theorized Ayman Al-Zawahiri was hiding in Switzerland, using a double identity as Phillipe Monet, philanthropist and humanitarian.   Look for someone in this merry bunch who may be linked to International Humanitarian or Human Rights Organizations. He will be US educated, from Princeton, Yale, Harvard, or some other Ivy League School.  He is not an ideologue.   He is driven totally by power, money, and the love of destruction.  But he talks a good game! His target is the United States itself.  He is accepted as trustworthy by all of this bunch.

And, Director Brennan, for all those who think you are in up to your eyeballs in seditious behavior yourself, you should look especially closely.   Because, “Samir” is your “handler–” whether you know it or not.   You may have masterminded the Russian Hoax, but someone is masterminding you.   Someone much smarter than you.  You should start looking around.

All roads lead to “Rome.” ” Samir’s” there.   His first two Propaganda Warfare hoaxes have proven stunning.   The first one led the US into a 16-year-long war.   The second one almost overthrew the President of the United States, nearly taking down the Presidency.  So, what’s next on “Samir’s” mind?  That question keeps me on my toes.   Other people have and will continue to investigate and sort out the sordid details of what happened here in the United States in the last few years.   I am not the one to do that.   My theories are the speculations of a fiction writer who writes about modern history.   But, before you dismiss fiction writers, relying only on the non-fiction “research” which led to this travesty, you should remind yourself we all would have been better off to have listened to Tom Clancy.   In at least two of his novels, he nailed what happened to us.

My writing style is different from Clancy, but I have been compared to him.   That’s humbling.   Actually, I am just an American writer–a descendant of a Patriot in the American Revolution– who is acting like a sleuth, ferreting out some real vermin.

We all need to be patriots now, I think.   I am always an optimist.    And I know these people lose in the end.  So, the road may be bumpy right now, but as you can see a lot of these “characters” have been screwing up our Republic for quite some time with their delusional, ambitious games.   Newsflash:   they lose!

Abortion–The Third Rail

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It’s taken me a while to write about this because of the highly sensitive, career-destroying nature of the topic.   Just the word brings about stimulus-response reactions on both sides of the issue.  The word alone engenders divisiveness.   But, before any of you hyperventilate, feel your blood pressure rise, or your stomach sink, relax.   This is not going to be what you think.

It is my hope to examine something from a different perspective, and in so doing, I hope to ease your spirit and mind, and open up a possibility not addressed.  This piece is not judgmental; it is not political; it is not incendiary.   It is to help you navigate past the “Third Rail.”

In an earlier Blog (Guidelines for Living) I spoke of a friend who expressed to me what he had taught his children regarding how to live:   Do as much good as you can.  Do as little harm as you can.  Those simple sentences hold, I believe, an answer for women and men who may be in anguish on this subject–torn, and suffering emotionally.

Let’s begin by using those rules as guidelines.   Abortion is legal in the US, and will remain so. Though one has that choice, It may not be the best option.   So, let’s calmly, and rationally, look at another option.

Do as little harm as you can.   If a woman is pregnant and does not want the child whether because of  money, being unmarried, fear, career, circumstances of conception, or health, she is often encouraged to abort the child.  So, she “harms” the child in order to “help” herself and her future.   There are, however, three things in play:   The mother, the child, and a couple who is childless somewhere in America who pray nightly for a child, and who would love to adopt.

Therefore, a decision to abort no doubt allows the woman to go on with her life without the child and all that comes with that baby.  But, harm is done to the baby.   It is not really debatable that the fetus is a separate entity, with separate DNA.   It is not a tumor.   It is a human being, with a DNA blueprint, growing in what is supposed to be the nurturing and protecting womb of the mother until birth.  To destroy the fetus is to harm the child and whatever potential exists with that being. It also harms a couple in their quest for a child they would love and care for the remainder of their lives.   The decision to abort then helps one, and harms two.

The decision to deliver the baby and give it up for adoption is an alternative.   Let’s take the other rule.   Do as much good as you can.   Giving it up allows the mother to be free and to move on.   That’s good for her.   It allows the child to live and have a chance to laugh, to squeal, to learn to walk, run, read and BE.   it allows a desiring and deserving couple to have and cherish a dream.  It helps all three, and harms none.

Put it all together now.   Do as much good as you can; do as little harm as you can.  It is not a sin, and you are not a bad person to want to protect yourself from perceived harm or disaster. But, isn’t it worth looking at this:  to free yourself in such a way as to do good for the baby, and for others?   Why can’t everyone win?  I’d like to suggest that peace of mind, and emotional calm are more likely here.  My experience in life has taught me that any time we can do more good than harm, we prosper as an individual.  We feel strong, empowered, and confident in ourselves–not in our perfection (which is unattainable), but in our meeting a potentially devastating challenge and surmounting it for the good of many.  In that we attain a degree of wisdom.

Sadly, my experience in life has also taught me that when we act in our own self-interest–no matter how justified–but harm others in doing it, we are less empowered, less confident.   We know, somehow, that we are better than that.

I encourage everyone to slow down, ruminate on this a bit.   Because in the coming days you are going to be confronted by your elected lawmakers with laws that will require more than the Wisdom of Solomon.   They will require a sanity that no psychiatrist or psychologist has even a glimmer of understanding, let alone accomplishing for themselves.  Those two simple rules are sane.   They open a window to the light.  They lead to physical and psychological freedom.

I leave you with this.   Today, I heard the Governor of Virginia defend a lawmaker who is proposing abortion of the child during childbirth, including after birth potentially.  This is America.   How did we come to this?   Where is it going to end?

We are better than this.

Differentiation vs Identification

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Differentiation and Identification.   Understanding these two words, I believe, will make  all the difference to the quality of life we will all live in the future–and to our sanity itself.   I believe it will untangle for you why so much of recent events seem to reflect a world inverted, operating almost on the opposite of the values and standards you were accustomed to.

American Heritage dictionary defines Differentiation as: perceiving or showing the difference in or between…   You fill in the word. Ex. Perceiving the differences between people or groups, or ideas.

It defines Identification as: considering something as identical, equating.

One word leads to sanity, and the other to insanity.   Plain and simple.   In life, many things, attitudes, actions, ideas etc. may be similar.    But it is the every rising intelligence and sanity of an individual that allows him or her to see the differences.   Conversely, it is the every lowering intelligence and sanity of an individual that compels him or her to see things as identical.

This subject explains mob rule, civil insurrection, lynch mentality, social injustices, and the erosion of the Rule of Law.   The Rule of Law that is a part of the American Experiment requires that one be able to differentiate, and not identify.   It requires facts, distinguishable facts, and not a blur of one fact obscured by mounds of emotion.

Take for example a woman who is mugged by a black man.   Though a bad thing obviously, the quality of her life and others will be influenced by whether she differentiates or identifies from there forward.   If she differentiates, she holds no animosity toward other black men, let alone all black men.   She holds animosity toward the ONE man who harmed.   But, if she identifies, she will see every black man from there forward as bad, and concludes irrationally that all black men are bad because one man was.   If she is truly insane, she assumes all black people are bad.

The Me Too Movement, in my opinion, would be wise to study this.  And the participants should look closely at the degree of sanity or insanity manifested in the behavior of the movement’s leaders.   Each woman who has experienced sexual harassment, assault, or worse is right to revile the man who did it.   If she differentiates, however, she will not hold all men responsible for the acts of one–even if she is part of a group where each INDIVIDUAL member has experienced something similar.

On the other hand, if she identifies, then ALL men are sexual predators of some sort in her mind, and any future accusation can set her off.   Associating with other women who may also be identifying one bad actor with all men can also cause her to further identify.   Before you know it, she sees all men as threats to be dealt with.   Instead of handling the one actual “bad actor,” she rails against all and habitually hits the wrong target.

In a just culture, when we are wronged, we should seek redress.  But, it has to be against the right target, not some other innocent and uninvolved person whose only sin was that they were part of the group the bad actor came from.

The absence of this sanity and the ability to differentiate, sorting out fact from fiction, fact from opinion, and rationality from emotionality, has led throughout history to racism, lynching (literal and figurative,) brandings, pillories, riots, genocide, and much more.

I will leave you with this thought.   There was a time prior to World War 2 when the German people could look at their neighbors and evaluate them for themselves.   But once the brainwashing and mind control efforts began and were skillfully continued, an entire nation of people began to see the one Jew that acted inappropriately as representative of the entire group called Jews.   As the identification dug in further, they no longer sought to punish the one, but rather equated the one with the whole, and sought to punish the whole.  We all know that was one of the darkest periods in man’s history.

I have always been an optimistic person.   I adopted a personal philosophy that each person I meet or know is basically good.   I do not expect the worst from them.   And except on those days when I may be acting like a jerk, I hold the view that the other person has my basic respect automatically.  My disrespect, on the other hand, has to be “earned.”   Therefore, if someone does some harm to me, or others, they as an INDIVIDUAL may engender my disapproval, thereby earning my disrespect.    But it is their actions, not the actions of the gender or race or religion they are part of, which influences my thinking.

I’d like to think that is sanity.   How about you?

And when I saw mobs of people willing to literally throw out the Rule of Law in the US because of their identification of one man who may have harmed them in the past with ALL men, thereby hitting a wrong target and destroying lives in the process, I call that insanity.   Human decency says, before you destroy someone be sure they are the right one.   And if they are, then temper the punishment to the offense.

Not all offenses are equal.   It is my hope that we evolve again into a society that is not so lazy.   One where, if we see some similarities between things, we are intellectually and emotionally mature enough to look for the differences.    Differences lead to sanity.   Identifications lead to insanity.   Sanity and happiness are aligned.   Insanity and hate-filled unhappiness are also  aligned.


Guidelines for living

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I recently attended the memorial service for a friend of mine.  He was an attorney, and highly respected human rights advocate.  We had a talk just before he passed, in which he imparted to his grandsons, who were also in the room, how he had raised his children.    He said, “I had just three guidelines for them.  This is how they should live life. This is how I raised them.”   I will give you the first two in this blog.  “Do as much good as you can.   Do as little harm as you can.”

There you have it.   You can pretty much sort out life along those two guidelines.   One could make decisions on difficult issues strictly by asking how much good does this do, and how little harm does this do?   So, it begs the question then why the world today almost seems as if people have inverted that and are trying to do as much harm as they can, and as little good as they can.   It’s perplexing, but it rests on some issues we will address in this and the next few blogs.

First, in order to overwhelm reason and turn it into hysterical, contagious rantings of extreme and irrational emotion, all the Black Propagandist has to do is figure out what would cause you to become irrationally emotional.   In the novel “White King and the Doctor,” the Doctor teaches his propaganda chief Samir exactly how to begin the process.  And the scene on the French President’s balcony is a stunning example of how Samir compromised the top media mogul in the world, and eventually brought down his empire.   It began with a generality.

A generality takes something specific and turns it into something general, where the one can equal or represent the whole of society, and where one can no longer differentiate or distinguish one thing or person from another.   Words that will alert you to a generality are something like, “Everyone knows…”  “Everybody thinks…”   “They say…”  Absent a specific identified person or thing, the propagandist can overwhelm the lone individual’s reason by causing you to think in categories, lumping everyone into a whole.   You no longer see the differences or individuality.  You have been made to think that one specific person or behavior now represents the whole behavior of a group.  And you believe the statement, whatever it is, reflects volumes of people, not just one–or possibly even none.

Generalities are often sneaky, and gradually corrosive.  Generalities are at the root of all lynchings–literal or figurative.  They are the foundation of witch hunts and inquisitions and social branding. They are also accompanied by anonymous accusations, rumor, and hidden inferences,   And they seem to be impossible to refute.   (I will address in the next blog how to refute these, how to regain control of the emotion and become restored to reason.)   If you have found yourself stymied and agitated by someone blathering at you about, “Well everybody knows that everyone there was BAD…They are ALL like that.   So, we can’t let them get away with it…,” you know how helpless you felt since there was no one specific individual being called out. It seemed unfair or unjust somehow to you.  Without the ability to differentiate and isolate specifics, your mind became progressively more agitated, confused, and progressively less discerning.

This is the very essence of mob mentality.   Each person’s reason is overtaken by emotion and blurred by the lack of precision to the point they can be made to take action against an entire group of people, rather than isolate and handle the one culprit–if any.

The problem is that you can’t be effective in doing as much good as you can if you think and operate on equations that include such thoughts as “all cops are killers, all women are manipulative, all Blacks are lazy, all white men are wrongfully privileged, all women are victims, all men are abusive, and the list goes on and on.   You can play a game right now to see how many generalities you hear on the TV news, and see if you can spot how that makes it almost impossible to sort out fact from fiction, fact from opinion.   And see what happens to reason. Note how you FEEL.   Angry?   Sad?  Frightened?

In the absence of reason, the BAD (those whose goal is to destroy) have a field day doing–not as LITTLE  harm as possible–but rather as MUCH harm as possible.   Remember, their goal is to destroy, and they need to recruit unwitting allies to promulgate the destruction.  Luring you into repeating generalities, you start to see everyone the way they want you to see them.

Be very aware now, as the American Media has been compromised by master propagandists whose intellect is greater than members of the Media.   I would call today’s Media a wandering generality, attracting to them like a magnet those who can not differentiate, and who can only parrot what they heard someone else say, and who can be provoked into mindless emoting and histrionics.

You may say, “Lee, that was a generality, what you said about the Media.”   Indeed it was!  I wanted to see if you were alert, and I challenge you to now find amongst that group the journalists you feel represent their group with distinction, and independent thinking.  Look for any who seem to want to do as much good as possible, and as little harm as possible.   Those who want to Create rather than Destroy. Have fun, and let me know who you find.