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Hate Kills

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Webster’s defines “hate” as: an intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury.

At this point in my life, one of the saddest things for me to watch is what I predicted would be the outcome of a true Fifth Column attack upon the great American people–ALL Americans. The purpose of the Fifth Column in military terms is to sabotage and to break the solidarity of the group it is attacking. It is where subterfuge, and disinformation, and exploitation lies. It is always an inside job.

You can read my books. They have proven prophetic. But, today I only want to say something about that one word–hate.

Hate does kill others, if it is acted upon. That is obvious and sophomoric. Hate does kill the hated. It even kills the innocent.

But, mostly, hate kills the hater.

It kills the body actually with depository illnesses and the like. It weakens the body.

It kills the mind by destroying reason, intellectual curiosity, rational clear thought, fairness, compassion and the other things we hold as desirable in a workable society. It drives one to psychosis and insanity. Nothing prospers in the stimulus-response world of hatred.

But, worst of all, it kills the soul. It quashes all the higher, enlightened, spiritual aspirations of you. And as you or I cease to be good, we cease to do good.

Hate also blinds the hater. One who hates can not see truth, will not examine factual data, and will not ask questions that probe further. ( One such question is “why?”) Regrettably, the hater can not see who or what he hates. He can not even see himself.

Hate opens the door to the “exploiter.” It always has.

The way out? Decide to stop hating. Decide to slow down and learn how to ask the questions that will help you come to understanding. You can do it. Understanding one’s fellows and their intentions can dissolve quickly the hard residue of hatred. And, it defeats automatically the “exploiter.”

Keep Everybody Safe. Is that the Goal? Really?

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No matter where you turn these days you find people–including government officials, and all media– piling on the Covid bandwagon, using the mantra of, “the goal is to keep everybody safe.”

Better stop here for a moment. Examine this. Don’t swallow the marketing button–otherwise known as propaganda–without at least a common sense look.

Is it the responsibility of government to keep everybody safe? Is that our goal as individuals? To be safe our whole lives?

Are you making choices in all areas of life based upon what’s safe? Or are you stretching, risking, winning and losing? This country was conceived and created by people who did not play it safe. We built a great nation, not by staying safe, but by pioneering, dreaming, trying, failing, and trying again. There is nothing “safe” in the American character. We are a bold people.

Now before you get your underwear in a twist, I know what you are thinking. We are talking about physical safety and health when we look at this virus, or overall ill-health, etc. etc.

I’d like to suggest to you though that the goal is not to stay safe–especially if it means hiding from the virus. The goal is to defeat this virus. And that means head-on!

Like it or not, we all die at some point. Did we live our lives staying “safe?” Or did we take chances, challenge ourselves, put ourselves at risk?

If the goal is to be safe, what are you going to say when that day comes in the future that you are on your deathbed? “Well, here I am dying. But, by golly, I got to death safely!!”

What do you say we all stop trying to hide from this virus, and all work together to kill it, without killing our neighbors’ livelihoods and well-being? We can do both. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

The “Five Year” Question: a message for “Suburban Women.”

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For many years I have worked with some of the finest business minds in the world, studied success principles from masters of success who have stood the test of time. I have been mentored and coached. And I have mentored and coached others.

One of the first things my early business coach taught me about relationships–whether it was a personal relationship, a business relationship, a team relationship, or any other kind–was this: Before you go down the path of disagreement, emotionality, or undecidedness, ask yourself this question. Will this matter in five years? Will I even remember it then, or is it a temporary thing?

The answer to that question can help us sort out priorities as well, and help us make decisions. Some situations are urgent, and some are important. There is a distinction, though we don’t always see it in the throes of emotion. It is the long-term important situations that demand our best attention. The urgent are just that–urgent. Deal with them quickly, and move on. Or do not deal with them at all. Recognize they may be just noise.

As we approach the election in 10 days, I understand that some are undecided as to whether to vote for Trump or Biden. Some of you may really like the policies of the Trump Administration and myriad accomplishments and improvements over the last 4 years, but you are put off by the personality and style of the President.

Some of you may like the gentler, softer style of Biden, but you are concerned about policy indications such as the elimination of the entire fossil fuel industry, the apparent agreement with defund the police movements, the desire to increase taxes and regulations, and the termination of successful actions regarding Mid East peace etc.

So, here’s what I recommend. Stop. Take a deep breath. Clear out all the noise and ask yourself, “do I decide on personality or policy?” And then ask yourself the 5 year question.

Will the personality of Donald J. Trump–which you are apparently still hung up on–matter in 5 years? The answer is likely no. He will be gone in 4 years, and you won’t have to deal with his “personality” in 5 years.

But, you will be dealing with his policies. His policy has demonstrated the ability to increase the median income of Americans dramatically. His policy has put a spotlight on, and brought illegal immigration to the table. His policy has brought about a type of peace in the Mid-East that has eluded every other President for 50 years. His policy has brought about the lowest unemployment in my lifetime, and most definitely the lowest unemployment in history, for Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians–and the lowest in 60 years for women.

His policy is one of law and order. He condemns rioting, arson, vandalism and assault, and mob rule. At the same time his policy has brought about prison sentencing reform, criminal justice reform, opportunity zones for inner cities, a Platinum program intended to bring capital into minority businesses to help them, school choice for those in inner cities, and the list goes on.

Will those policies still be here–or the ramifications of them–in 5 years? Yes.

If you like those policies, and the outcomes–even if not perfect or complete–and you want the new list of projects for the American people to continue, then make your decision on policy, not personality.

The reverse is true of Biden. Will his personality matter in 5 years? No, he will be gone from office. Will his policies matter in 5 years? I suggest you take a good look at his policies, and the effect they will have on your life in 5 years. His policies will matter in 5 years.

I have spoken as rationally as I can to you “undecideds.” Personally I am exhausted listening to people complain about the President’s personality while they are benefiting from his policies. To me, policies trump personality any time. No pun intended!

You decide. Five years from now, we will be living with the policies of the winner on Nov. 3. They and their “personality” will be gone. But, you will be living with the residue of their philosophy and implementation of that philosophy.

Choose wisely.

“In Search of Liberty”

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Last year I played this movie for some of my business colleagues who wanted to learn more about the Constitution–and who wanted to have an evening of entertainment, popcorn, and good clean fun. They loved it!. This award-winning film was written by a friend of mine. It is a feature film, designed for families to watch, be entertained, and learn about the Constitution–each Article of that document.

The premise is that Benjamin Franklin comes into present time, and though visible initially only to the dad in the family, he begins to educate the dad, and subsequently the whole family, about each Article, and how it can be applied to our lives today.

The movie is very engrossing, well-written, and fun to watch. It is a family film, and one which will cause the family to talk to one another and discuss it. In other words, it is the best. You have fun, yet learn something.

It had been my plan to simply promote the movie to you–with a recommendation that everyone watch it before the election, as it may help you sort some things out for yourselves. You will be able to think through the issues, if you use this as a foundational approach to current, day-to-day life situations at work or school etc.

Then, a few days ago, I got this email. There is nothing repulsive or divisive or “controversial” in this movie. Yet, it has been censored, by way of censoring ads about the movie. Below is the email about the discrimination lawsuits the film’s owners are filing. I urge each of you to read the email. I urge each of you to get and watch the film, and be the judge for yourself.

One thing I know: The First Amendment of the Constitution guarantees Freedom of Speech. And, if we don’t stand for that, and stand against censorship, then God help us all.

This is your America. Make it a great one.

Please help end this Discrimination
          Discrimination   After continuously advertising on Facebook for three years, the Behemoth that is Facebook decided on September 23, 2020 (the last day of Constitution Week), to stop our two most successful ads for the award-winning In Search of Liberty Constitution movie.   Their position is that the First Amendment right of free speech does not apply to them, as they are a company, and they may censor, take down, remove or stop anything they want on their platform.   However, they are not Above the Law when it comes to Discrimination.   That DOES apply to companies!   Thus, IC Liberty Films has filed Discrimination complaints against Facebook with the California Department of Justice (the state where they are headquartered), the Florida Attorney General’s Office (where we are located), the Federal Trade Commission, and the United States Department of Justice Civil Rights Division.   As we work to get our ads back up and running we are asking fellow Patriots to spread the word about our movie.   For a limited time anyone may purchase individual DVDs or Blu-Rays for 20% off + FREE S&H. During checkout enter code: USA2020   Of course, our Buy Two Get 1 FREE special + S&H is also available for the DVD, DVD Education Edition, or Blu-Ray offerings. No code required.   Please share this message and these specials with your family and friends by forwarding this newsletter far and wide.   We must be forever vigilant when it comes to our rights, our freedom, our liberty.   As principal author of our Declaration of Independence and third president, Thomas Jefferson, said, “Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.”   And, Patriot and Founder Patrick Henry, said, “Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.”   We will NOT be ruined!!!   Visit the Liberty Store   For a limited time, SAVE 20% on individual DVDs and Blu-Rays + FREE S&H At checkout, use code: USA2020  
In Search of Liberty | 140 Island Way, Suite 251, Clearwater Beach, FL 33767

Pop Quiz: How To Tell If You Are A Racist.

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I learned long ago that talk’s cheap. Anyone can say anything. But, it is what they do that reveals their true thoughts and character. Learn to look, don’t listen.

“Their actions speak louder than words.” That’s something we have all heard. Here’s another cliche which is true. “Your actions speak so loudly I can’t hear what you are saying.” “Do as I say, not as I do.” That’s the poster child for poor parenting! So, pick your truth.

And let’s see what you would do and support, or have done and have supported. Let’s all take this quiz:

Do you support bringing the unemployment of blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and women to historically record lows? OR Do you support keeping those groups with perpetually higher unemployment than whites for example?

Do you support rising wages for blacks, and other minorities? OR Do you support holding them in the low income class, rather than the middle class?

Do you support stopping the killing of blacks and Hispanics in the inner cities like Chicago? OR Do you just turn a blind eye, dismissing them as criminals and “untouchables” that deserve what they get?

Do you support bringing business investment into depressed neighborhoods and inner cities to provide employment for the impoverished youth? OR Do you want to have them remain without work, dependent upon you and what you dole out of your wallet?

Do you support giving the parents of inner city youth the choice to take their child to a school where they have some hope of an education and chance for the future? OR Do you want to force them to remain in the inner city schools, even if it means they could never have a hope of competing and succeeding?

Do you support ending draconian life sentences for crimes that did not warrant that penalty? OR Do you want to continue that Clinton Era law, and keep a lot of criminal blacks, Hispanics, etc. off the streets permanently?

Do you support programs that help convicts come out into society and get a second chance, and employment? OR Do you ridicule the men and women who work to create those programs and believe that black people can’t change?

Do you support permanent funding of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities? OR Do you want them to have to beg every year for the money to keep their doors open, and their legacy continued?

Do you support encouraging a traditional and nuclear family where the parents take responsibility for their children? OR Do you want the state to become the “parent” of minority children, and take full responsibility for how they think, and what they can earn, and how high they can climb?

Do you insist that all black and minority lives matter, and refuse to only talk about black lives related to law enforcement? OR Do you turn a blind eye to all issues related to the loss of black lives, except for those related to law enforcement?

Do you believe that one is not “guilty by accusation,” and deserves Due Process–no matter their race, no matter the alleged crime? OR Do you rush to judgment at every bad act and actor and form your own “lynch mob”–demanding that no Due Process occurs?

Let’s check ourselves out on this. If you predominantly answered affirmatively to the first question in each series, you are not a racist–in my opinion. If you answered predominantly affirmatively to the second question in each series, you–in my opinion–are the racist.

For the record, Trump answered affirmatively to all of the first questions, and did not do so just with “words.” He did so with actual programs that have worked and resulted in dramatic improvement where the programs have been allowed to be implemented. So, if Donald J. Trump is a racist, he is really bad at it. He would surely get an F in a “How to Be A Successful Racist” class.

His opponents have chosen to predominantly support none of the first questions–not even with words–and appear to be the racists. Their actions or inactions speak louder than words. I think they would ace a class entitled: “How to Keep Minorities Down.”

There is a lot of noise out there, my friends. Look, don’t listen.