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The Strategies Deployed Against You

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In the novel “White King and the Doctor” I theorized the strategies and tactics our then-enemy would deploy against America and Americans in order bring us down.   With limited manpower and resources, the Mastermind of Al-Qaeda and his Propaganda Chief assessed the areas of strengths and weaknesses within our government and country.   One by one, well-known military strategies–likely studied in military programs since the beginning of recorded warfare–have been deployed against you.   The difference is they were done so subtly, and with such skill, backed up by one of the best Public Relations campaigns ever conceived, that you didn’t notice it.

Long ago, a mentor of mine taught me how to cook a frog.  If you put a frog in boiling water, it is quick enough to jump out once it perceives the obvious mortal danger.   But, it you put it in cold water and turn the temperature to low, allowing the water to warm up gradually, the frog is lulled.   It adjusts to the temperature, until it is too late.   It is too weak, and can no longer escape.    America is being cooked.

These are the strategies being deployed against you.   The stunning accuracy of that novel came from my recognizing them, spotting them in our society, and writing a story that revealed them to you.   Unfortunately there is a real enemy out there.  And in real life, the strategies of war are being waged.   And you are the target.   See if you can spot which strategy lines up with the current political event or societal event you are preoccupied with–that has you scratching your head, wondering in fear how the world seemed to have tipped upside down.  The new world, and the goal of the enemy, is a world where right is wrong, and wrong is right.   That’s what drives sane people to yelling at the TV, and getting into arguments.

But, once you spot what has happened, I think you may find some relief.   I want to encourage you to comment on this.   Give me your ideas.   Here are some of the enemy’s attack lines:

  1. Divide and conquer.  ( I challenge you to look around at how Americans are being divided, and ask yourself, “who benefits?”)
  2. A lie told often enough becomes the truth.
  3. A truth so outrageous, it is rejected as a lie.
  4. Hide in plain site.   (This one is more insidious than you can imagine.)
  5. Turn America’s strengths into weaknesses.   Get them to do it to themselves.
  6. Use a Trojan Horse to bring the enemy inside.
  7. Recruit a Fifth Column: a military term for a force within whose purpose is to sabotage, and to break solidarity.

I used these to begin the analysis that unraveled so much in the White King Trilogy.   Asking myself questions about these strategies led me to the truth, and to actual people and organizations.   In upcoming Blogs we will look at each of these, spotting where each is being used against an unsuspecting people on a daily basis.   Should be fun!   Here’s why.   There is nothing a BAD GUY recoils from more than someone who sees him, knows what he is up to, and refuses to yield.   What’s even more fun is that the more playfully you can confront these strategies and the folks behind them, the more they unravel.   Trust me, this is going to be more fun than a video game!

Three Fingers Pointing Back

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Your mom or grandmother may have once said to you, “When you point the finger of accusation at someone, remember there are three fingers pointing back at you.”   It’s an image that sticks and makes its point.   If you haven’t done it, point your finger at someone, and see where the other three fingers are.   They are in fact pointing at you.

So, what was your grandmother, or friend, or mentor who said that to you trying to teach you?   Responsibility most likely.   They were trying to get you to understand that for every situation where we want to point blame at someone, or excoriate them, there is a part of that situation we must take responsibility for.   We contributed.   It’s a great life lesson.  And it’s a mature person who can ask himself, “What did I do?”

But there is a greater truth attached to it than even your grandmother may have known.   That truth is this:   When one has committed a very harmful act, in order to deflect attention and discovery away from themselves, they point the finger of accusation at someone else.   They blame someone else for whatever horrible thing they just did.

The more extreme the criticism of someone, the more “over the top” the accusation against that person is, the more vitriolic and hate-filled the accusation is, the more you know this:   the person making the accusation is the one who has in fact committed the very things he has accused the other person of.   He may be pointing the finger, and he may be skillful at it, but there are in fact three fingers pointing back at him.

This will be true, my friends.   My late husband was a turnaround consultant, and one of the things he had to do was locate who, within a company, was actively trying to destroy it.  (Remember the Blog about Good and Bad.)   And one of his greatest detective tools was his understanding of the truth of this:   The harmful act speaks very loudly in accusation of others.  Therefore to locate who did what, he had only to find the one doing the most extreme criticism of others, the one whose tone was the harshest and seemingly the least grounded in reality, and he knew he had located the person who was not just upset and disgruntled, but–get this–the person who was doing the very thing he was accusing others of doing.

It never failed.   Find out who is pointing fingers in an unusual and inflammatory or defamatory  way, and rest assured that person will have done the very thing they are trying to pin on someone else.   The person is guilty of the accusation they are making–if it seems extreme, unverifiable, and unduly emotional or unrestrained.

This is how I uncovered many of the villains and truths you experienced in the White King novels.   I looked around in life, and listened for who had preposterous and highly emotional things to say about another person in authority.    Some horrible things said are true.   But, when it defies common sense–no matter how much you may want to believe it–the accusation may be your clue as to what the person himself has done.   Ignore this insight at your own peril.   Because one day they will turn that finger at you, and you, though innocent, will be accused,

There is one man I have a great deal of attention on right now, because I have observed him openly threaten the President of the United States on multiple occasions on major news channels.  I have observed this former Director of the CIA–where precedent would normally have a Director leave office and remain quiet, in the shadows as they have likely been throughout their career–step out into the daylight and make outrageous accusations against the current President.

I don’t really care what your opinion is about the President, but I am trying to direct your attention to the fact that the harmful act speaks loudly in accusation, and I believe there are three fingers pointing back at Director Brennan right now.   Someone needs to pull the string on him.   Just turn the light of investigation on him, and I believe you will discover more than you dreamed possible.

Take just one of many things he has said, directly TO the President, not just about him.


“When the full extent of your venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes known, you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history. You may scapegoat Andy McCabe, but you will  not destroy America…America will triumph over you.”

That’s a little bit over the top, don’t you think?  Vitriolic and hate-filled?  Maybe not for Robert DeNiro, but certainly for a former high-ranking government official that we trusted with all our secrets. (The person he is defending, you ask?  Andy McCabe is the now-disgraced and fired Deputy Director of the FBI.   The Inspector General has made a criminal referral to the DOJ on him, and he, I believe, currently has a Grand Jury looking into his possible misdeeds.)  To my investigative writer’s mind, I can’t help but ask myself, “What are those three fingers pointing back at you, Director?  What have you done, that you need to point that finger in such a reprehensible way?   What are you hiding in that clenched fist?   If I pull the string, what will I discover?”

I hear grandmothers’ words, and my husband’s targeted words as he would ask the finger pointer, “what have YOU done?” And my own life experiences tell me that we should look for those reprehensible traits of venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption in the man who is making the accusations.

Stay tuned.   I am not done with this subject yet.  Director Brennan’s remarks have caused me now to bring Andy Weir and Brian Washington Carver out of retirement.   For those of you who do not know them, and their formidable skill sets, I invite you to read my trilogy.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!   We have much to be thankful for.   We are still free!

“A Child of Arthur” wins Best Book Award

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If I may toot my own horn for a moment, my inspirational novel, “A Child of Arthur” has just become an award-winning finalist in American Book Fest’s 2018 Best Book Awards.   Read more about this book which can help anyone answer the questions:  What do you do when hope fades?  Where do you go when you no longer believe in the future?   Go to:   and

This is the first major award for this novel, but I doubt it will be the last.   At this Christmas season, I encourage you all to read it, and gift it to those you love in your life who may have experienced loss or disappointment in life.    The book is praised by all ages, backgrounds, and both genders.   It is a story of hope.   And, it is autobiographical.

The woman who writes these blogs, and who has lived a life that led to awareness of the issues I have been sharing with you, would not be that same woman but for the incident that happened on that mountain in Switzerland long ago.   I invite you all to the mystery and the journey of “A Child of Arthur.”

The “Deplorables” I Know

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No news agency covered this.    Even major influential talk show hosts missed the point.   News agencies who were covering the rally would have likely cut away–as it represented too much dead air time.

Last night in Missouri, at the last Trump Rally he did for the candidates, there was an unusually enthusiastic, committed crowd of attendees who stood outside in the rain for hours to get in.  I challenge you to look up this rally online, and watch the whole thing.   It doesn’t matter the outcome of elections.   It does matter that you understand the character and grace demonstrated there.

Well into his talk, a woman suffered a medical situation.   What transpired from there reveals the “Deplorables” I know.   I grew up with them. I went to school with them. I work with them.   It wasn’t just that the President spotted her, and drew attention to the fact she needed a doctor.   It wasn’t just that he did not go on with the rally, as he had his attention on getting her medical help.   So, thousands of people just waited patiently while the rally was interrupted–not for 30 seconds, but for MANY minutes.

It wasn’t just that the President from the side of the stage spoke often to the doctor saying, “Take your time, Doctor.   It’s all right…”   Then later came back to him again, leaning in to reassure him, and almost coach him, “It’s all right Doctor.   Don’t be nervous.   Take whatever time you need.   We have plenty of time…”

It wasn’t just that the crowd, that had been the most boisterous crowd I have ever watched, came to silence while this was happening–apparently taking their cue from the President.

And, it wasn’t just that the crowd at one point tried to encourage her by applauding.   That is something I learned from brilliant business mentors of mine over the years.   When someone is struggling with fear, or mistakes, or body situations, if you applaud them, it encourages them, and empowers them, and says, “you are doing fine!   We are with you.   Keep going.”

What it was is this:   When the situation continued on, and it was obvious by the President’s face that he was still concerned–and it was also obvious something very serious must be happening– the audience spontaneously started singing “Amazing Grace.”   It was everyone, singing in unison, and a peace and grace came over the room.

Right after that, she apparently was handled enough that she could be moved.   The President went back to the podium, but still kept referring to her.  And the rally continued.

What I took away was the fact that the audience knew something serious was happening, and the President was soothing and encouraging a doctor.   When she did not get up, I expect that they didn’t know if she would ever get up.   Whatever was on the mind of each individual there, they reached for the song “Amazing Grace,” and I could not help but note that it would be those words and music that she would hear, and come around, or it would be those words and music she would hear as she left this life…

Either way, there was comfort there–not directed by anyone, not forced, not phony.   Just the genuine grace that one human being can give to another.   These are “the Deplorables” I know.

Ask yourself this:   the people that I hang with, and listen to, what would they have done?   The answer to that will speak volumes.

What You Reward…

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There is a truth in life that what you reward you get more of.   If you reward good behavior or thought–whether the reward be monetary or attention–you get more good behavior and thought.   And if you reward bad behavior with attention or money or support, you get more bad behavior.

Americans are innately fair-minded as a group.   There will always be outliers in any group, but as a whole Americans I have found believe in fairness, and where they find a lack of it, they will work to improve the situation.

What I want to have all of us look at is what are we rewarding today in the political scene, given all my previous blogs.    There is another inescapable truth–and history will bear me out on this. If you disagree with a law, you change it.   You don’t break it.   Breaking laws we find unworkable, or reprehensible, or stupid just leads to a progressive lawlessness.   That leads to anarchy.   And once anarchy is marauding through neighborhoods and households, tyranny and totalitarianism arise to quash it and restore order.

Your solemn right to vote stands now I believe between hope and anarchy.   You will decide which prevails in the coming decade by what you choose to reward.

Here’s how I look at it.   One group of imperfect people stands for the Rule of Law, for Due Process.   Another group of imperfect people stands for lawlessness, character assassination, and reverse Due Process–guilty until proven innocent.

It is a given that I am imperfect, and I dare to say you are too.   What matters is which group of imperfect people will you reward.   Will you reward the group that at least keeps trying to bring about fairness and justice when they are confronted with unfairness–that is at least still moored to the Rule of Law.  Or will you reward the group that will destroy any person in its path, encourage the dismissal of our Constitution, and disparage the Rule of Law?  Look at the actions–not the words.   Look, don’t listen.

Will you reward overall civility?   (Remember I am talking about IMPERFECT people here)   Or will you reward those who demonstrate disdain for the very foundational elements of our country?

Remember the Blog “Good’s Dilemma” (reread it please) that explains GOOD and BAD people, and their motives.  Tomorrow, you vote.   Tomorrow you reward one group or the other.   Choose wisely.   Who does the most good?   Who does the least harm?

I have faith in the American people…always have.   My ancestors fought in the Revolution to bring about a flawed, but idealistic country.  They brought hope to Mankind.  Later, my ancestors fought to free slaves, and to bring about a fairer America–ending a scourge that had endured for centuries.   We have not attained the absolute.  We never will.   But, we attain only Hell when we abandon good, lawful foundations.  We move progressively toward a better America when we follow the Constitution, and we adhere to the Rule of Law.

The return ticket to Slavery is lawlessness and anarchy.   So, who is the real Progressive here?   And who is the Regressive?   As for me, I stand for the Rule of Law!   I stand for Due Process for the citizens of this great, imperfect land.