“A Child of Arthur” wins Best Book Award

If I may toot my own horn for a moment, my inspirational novel, “A Child of Arthur” has just become an award-winning finalist in American Book Fest’s 2018 Best Book Awards.   Read more about this book which can help anyone answer the questions:  What do you do when hope fades?  Where do you go when you no longer believe in the future?   Go to:   http://www.americanbookfest.com   and http://whitekingrising.com

This is the first major award for this novel, but I doubt it will be the last.   At this Christmas season, I encourage you all to read it, and gift it to those you love in your life who may have experienced loss or disappointment in life.    The book is praised by all ages, backgrounds, and both genders.   It is a story of hope.   And, it is autobiographical.

The woman who writes these blogs, and who has lived a life that led to awareness of the issues I have been sharing with you, would not be that same woman but for the incident that happened on that mountain in Switzerland long ago.   I invite you all to the mystery and the journey of “A Child of Arthur.”




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