The “Deplorables” I Know

No news agency covered this.    Even major influential talk show hosts missed the point.   News agencies who were covering the rally would have likely cut away–as it represented too much dead air time.

Last night in Missouri, at the last Trump Rally he did for the candidates, there was an unusually enthusiastic, committed crowd of attendees who stood outside in the rain for hours to get in.  I challenge you to look up this rally online, and watch the whole thing.   It doesn’t matter the outcome of elections.   It does matter that you understand the character and grace demonstrated there.

Well into his talk, a woman suffered a medical situation.   What transpired from there reveals the “Deplorables” I know.   I grew up with them. I went to school with them. I work with them.   It wasn’t just that the President spotted her, and drew attention to the fact she needed a doctor.   It wasn’t just that he did not go on with the rally, as he had his attention on getting her medical help.   So, thousands of people just waited patiently while the rally was interrupted–not for 30 seconds, but for MANY minutes.

It wasn’t just that the President from the side of the stage spoke often to the doctor saying, “Take your time, Doctor.   It’s all right…”   Then later came back to him again, leaning in to reassure him, and almost coach him, “It’s all right Doctor.   Don’t be nervous.   Take whatever time you need.   We have plenty of time…”

It wasn’t just that the crowd, that had been the most boisterous crowd I have ever watched, came to silence while this was happening–apparently taking their cue from the President.

And, it wasn’t just that the crowd at one point tried to encourage her by applauding.   That is something I learned from brilliant business mentors of mine over the years.   When someone is struggling with fear, or mistakes, or body situations, if you applaud them, it encourages them, and empowers them, and says, “you are doing fine!   We are with you.   Keep going.”

What it was is this:   When the situation continued on, and it was obvious by the President’s face that he was still concerned–and it was also obvious something very serious must be happening– the audience spontaneously started singing “Amazing Grace.”   It was everyone, singing in unison, and a peace and grace came over the room.

Right after that, she apparently was handled enough that she could be moved.   The President went back to the podium, but still kept referring to her.  And the rally continued.

What I took away was the fact that the audience knew something serious was happening, and the President was soothing and encouraging a doctor.   When she did not get up, I expect that they didn’t know if she would ever get up.   Whatever was on the mind of each individual there, they reached for the song “Amazing Grace,” and I could not help but note that it would be those words and music that she would hear, and come around, or it would be those words and music she would hear as she left this life…

Either way, there was comfort there–not directed by anyone, not forced, not phony.   Just the genuine grace that one human being can give to another.   These are “the Deplorables” I know.

Ask yourself this:   the people that I hang with, and listen to, what would they have done?   The answer to that will speak volumes.

3 thoughts on “The “Deplorables” I Know

  1. Jan Houston

    A beautiful story relayed by a wonderful storyteller. Thank you for your depth of understanding and inspiration.

  2. Jay MacMichael

    I am so disappointed to see you exploit the “deplorable” comment in what was otherwise a moving account of a spontaneous demonstration of humanity. Who would doubt the capacity of any gathering of Americans to show such empathy? Not I.


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