What You Reward…

There is a truth in life that what you reward you get more of.   If you reward good behavior or thought–whether the reward be monetary or attention–you get more good behavior and thought.   And if you reward bad behavior with attention or money or support, you get more bad behavior.

Americans are innately fair-minded as a group.   There will always be outliers in any group, but as a whole Americans I have found believe in fairness, and where they find a lack of it, they will work to improve the situation.

What I want to have all of us look at is what are we rewarding today in the political scene, given all my previous blogs.    There is another inescapable truth–and history will bear me out on this. If you disagree with a law, you change it.   You don’t break it.   Breaking laws we find unworkable, or reprehensible, or stupid just leads to a progressive lawlessness.   That leads to anarchy.   And once anarchy is marauding through neighborhoods and households, tyranny and totalitarianism arise to quash it and restore order.

Your solemn right to vote stands now I believe between hope and anarchy.   You will decide which prevails in the coming decade by what you choose to reward.

Here’s how I look at it.   One group of imperfect people stands for the Rule of Law, for Due Process.   Another group of imperfect people stands for lawlessness, character assassination, and reverse Due Process–guilty until proven innocent.

It is a given that I am imperfect, and I dare to say you are too.   What matters is which group of imperfect people will you reward.   Will you reward the group that at least keeps trying to bring about fairness and justice when they are confronted with unfairness–that is at least still moored to the Rule of Law.  Or will you reward the group that will destroy any person in its path, encourage the dismissal of our Constitution, and disparage the Rule of Law?  Look at the actions–not the words.   Look, don’t listen.

Will you reward overall civility?   (Remember I am talking about IMPERFECT people here)   Or will you reward those who demonstrate disdain for the very foundational elements of our country?

Remember the Blog “Good’s Dilemma” (reread it please) that explains GOOD and BAD people, and their motives.  Tomorrow, you vote.   Tomorrow you reward one group or the other.   Choose wisely.   Who does the most good?   Who does the least harm?

I have faith in the American people…always have.   My ancestors fought in the Revolution to bring about a flawed, but idealistic country.  They brought hope to Mankind.  Later, my ancestors fought to free slaves, and to bring about a fairer America–ending a scourge that had endured for centuries.   We have not attained the absolute.  We never will.   But, we attain only Hell when we abandon good, lawful foundations.  We move progressively toward a better America when we follow the Constitution, and we adhere to the Rule of Law.

The return ticket to Slavery is lawlessness and anarchy.   So, who is the real Progressive here?   And who is the Regressive?   As for me, I stand for the Rule of Law!   I stand for Due Process for the citizens of this great, imperfect land.

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