Public Relations vs. Propaganda

In the novel “White King and the Doctor” the Grandmaster Chess Champion, Andy Weir, is recruited by the CIA to help them identify what “moves” the mastermind of Al-Qaeda would make.   As Andy laid out a series of chess games he felt the terrorist was playing, he labeled each game from Religion, Military, Intelligence, Money, and others in an attempt to get the sequence the enemy might use.   Because of his own fame, and the fact he had a Public Relations person, Andy fatefully labels the game our government would have labeled Propaganda as Public Relations.   And it was that almost accidental choice which opened the door to finding a sabotaging force within the United States.

Are Propaganda and Public Relations one and the same?    Almost.   It’s how they have been used, and by whom, that has been the distinguishing factor.   But in reality, both implant data in the minds of the public often enough, and interestingly enough, that the public accepts the data, and begins to reach for more of the product, or more of the information.   Once the susceptibility to the message is in place, then the propagandist and the PR person can begin to use Marketing Buttons to get you to do what they want you to do.    The single word or phrase that you associate emotionally with the product now is symbolic of the product, or the information itself.   Thus, they no longer need to go through long press releases, or explanations of benefits, or reasoning on why you should take action.   They simply need to punch the Button, and you–having been preprogrammed on a stimulus-response basis–react the way you are intended to.   If skillfully done, you may not even know you are being manipulated.

I remember back in the 70’s and 80’s certain advertising agencies were even caught placing subliminal messages in their commercials, so that you  unconsciously would behave as they wanted.   Today, they are more overt, but manipulative nonetheless.

Regrettably the mere assigning of a label to a group for the actions or attitudes of a small number of individuals within that group, and then using that label as a “Button” to be punched in order to arouse emotions, has entered the landscape of American Politics.  You should look for “Buttons”–for if you do not, you will most certainly be manipulated.   We’d all like to think our evaluations and actions are reasoned.   But, the Black Public Relations person is as skilled as the Black Propagandist.    And he will get you to do his dirty work.

For example, in the 2016 election, I learned a great deal about myself–supposedly.   In many cases I even had to look up the words to see what “Button” was being pushed in someone else’s mind to get them to react to  me.   Remember that summer.  That was the summer that hundreds of millions of Americans were accused of being xenophobic, racist, misogynistic (to this day I have to look up the spelling of the word–which was not part of anyone’s parlance I dare to say until a very skillful Public Relations team made it so,), sexist, deplorable, bigoted, and the list goes on and on.

Some of you may remember being startled that your fellow countrymen thought so ill of you that they either called you names, or allowed you to be called names, where the name itself engenders hatred and violence.   You, as a reasoning, smart, thinking individual could be dismissed as just a “word”–as if the word summed up the totality of who you are and what you have stood for.

That’s insane, and you know it.   What you did not know–and I am revealing for the first time in this Blog–is  that “pulling the string” on that led me early on to find a Black PR firm.   The firm was masquerading as an Opposition Research firm, but it appears they just didn’t “research,” they also then got into “creative writing” to write and disseminate inflammatory, defamatory material about politicians they wanted to take down.   And some political candidates appeared to embrace them and their material.   It is one thing to dig up dirt on someone; it is altogether another thing to fabricate it, dress it up in a slick report, and pass it off as true.

So, before I end, I want you to brace yourself.   If you know me, you know I write political fiction which has proven to be astonishingly prophetic.   And well over a year ago–while still researching to see if I could find the real life “Samir” that I wrote about in my books–I stumbled upon a Black PR firm.   Long before the name came on your radar screen I brought the name up at the end of a “Meet the Author” event in Santa Clarita, Ca.    I asked the attendees to write down a name I was about to give them, and even though they would not know the name, I asked that they remember it, as I was quite certain it would become a household word in the coming year.

The name:   FUSION GPS

It’s time for you to unmask them for yourselves.   In my opinion, with people like this running around acting like friends of our country, who needs enemies!  Their only real mistake was in thinking you are too dumb or disinterested to ever really look into them, let alone actually perceive their vile manipulations.  I have never held you–or any other American citizen–in that light.   I believe in you, and your sanity, and I think that is why I was able to unlock the secrets of the White King Trilogy.   Prove me right please!


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