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All Roads Lead To Rome, Part II

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Now, I’m just an author/businesswoman and patriot.  What do I know?  I’d rather be wrong about this next information.  But, after you read The White King Trilogy, I will leave it to you to decide.

In “White King and the Doctor” Ayman Al-Zawahiri, the Mastermind of Al Qaeda, and his Propaganda Chief Samir Taghavi pulled off one of the greatest intelligence hoaxes in history.   It was a hoax so skilled, it fooled the world’s intelligence communities, brought us into a still-lingering war, put our nation in deep debt, cost thousands of American lives, disrupted the United States, and discredited our own Intelligence community.

In the novel, the young hero–Grandmaster Chess Champion Andy Weir–discovered the chess move that would start this cascade and he and CIA analyst James Mikolas tried to warn the President not to invade Iraq..   Andy’s discovery?   There were no WMD in Iraq.   You know the rest.

Now, that same character “Samir” has eclipsed even that propaganda coup by luring Media, Politicians and global Intelligence Chiefs into a coup attempt.   The result has been years of strife created by US Intelligence involving US politicians, the demise of the Press, the discrediting of politicians and statesmen, and the stymying of negotiations globally due to the uncertainty about whether Pres. Trump would survive.

So, here are some dots to connect.   Most of these were “Unwitting” pawns of a brilliant psych-ops and information warfare strategy to cripple America. Some of this cast of characters–in my opinion–are “Witting” however.  (See last week’s Blog “All Roads Lead to Rome)

Stefan Halper who has worked with the FBI, CIA and British Intelligence Agency MI-6 attempts to penetrate the Trump Campaign to spy on it.  A Russian Collusion story is planted.  Written by “former” MI 6 agent Christopher Steele supposedly, produced by Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS (a propaganda firm) for the Clinton Campaign, the story at first went nowhere, UNTIL…

A Canadian official tells Sen. John McCain that he has terrible information on the President.   McCain dispatches his aide David Kramer to fetch the document in England,   In a scene that could be taken straight  out of a spy novel, Kramer surreptitiously connects with Steele, is given the Steele Dossier.  McCain gives it to the FBI, while Kramer starts disseminating it far and wide.  (Go to my Blog on Black Propaganda to see exactly what tactic this is.) Resting on the reputation of Sen. John McCain, the dossier picks up “credibility” and a supposed Counter-Intelligence investigation begins at the FBI. I believe Senator McCain was an “unwitting” dupe of very masterful propagandists and dirty tricksters.

James Comey, then Director of the FBI  shows it to President Trump, and that makes it “official.” James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence feeds the document to the Media.  Blinded by disappointment, hatred and embarrassment, it is eventually published by BuzzFeed, and then widely rote-repeated by news agencies like CNN, MSNBC, NY Times, Washington Post etc.  Jeff Zucker of CNN leads the charge, changing his programming to non-stop coverage–thereby lending additional credibility to the document and Collusion Theory.

John Brennan, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, becomes a hired news contributor at CNN, and is regularly seen planting misinformation about the Collusion “story,” breaking all protocols of intelligence chiefs by speaking out, thereby lending additional credibility to the “story.”

With the credibility of a John McCain,  a John Brennan, and CNN, they hardly needed James Comey, Peter Strozk, Lisa Page or any other characters. But nonetheless, Peter Strozk who was deputy head of counter-intelligence for the FBI, contributes.  They all eventually deceive a Secret Court, the FISA Court, (probably not the first time) and spying warrants are issued.

(Notice that the timelines here are all muddled.   This can all be straightened out, and a timeline will reveal the truth of who did what and when.   One of the tactics of deception is to muddle the time lines.)

Predictably this polarizes  Republicans and Democrats, and hamstrings a President.

Curiously, John Brennan of the CIA, James Clapper of National Intelligence and Christopher Steele of MI-6 and Glenn Simpson, a propaganda operative who runs Fusion GPS are currently linked to The Democracy Integrity Project founded in Jan. 2017 by Daniel Jones–former aide to Senator Dianne Feinstein when she was head of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

To make matters even more interesting, the Ambassador from Australia– who was the former head of Australia’s equivalent of our Central Intelligence Agency– sets up George Papadopoulos who was a volunteer during the Trump transition I believe.   Papadopoulos eventually is accused of facilitating the “Collusion” between the President and Russia.

If you are tracking the words I have typed in bold type, something should have jumped out at you by now.  This was an Intelligence Operation from the get-go.   So, where is “Samir” you ask?

Well, “stay tuned” Director Brennan because the next Blog connects the dots between this merry band, and Christine Blasey Ford, her friends, and attorneys–and our friend Daniel Jones.   And former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe!!

The picture that emerges connecting the next set of dots is stunning.   Chilling, but stunning.

All Roads Lead to Rome!

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After reading my first two novels in the White King Trilogy, International Counter-terrorist Expert and Security Consultant, Steve Luckey, wrote, “If our adversaries are even one-tenth as smart as Ms. Kessler depicts them, we are in the fight of our lives.”

As time went on, and history is unfolding before your very eyes, those adversaries are in fact creating havoc with us in the United States.   Their goal:   to neutralize the United States and its power forever.

I did my research and wrote the novels from a 1000 mile elevation–a God’s Eye view if you will–in order to pervade the entire scene globally, and figure out who was doing what, and why, and how.   Then I told  a “story” that would carry truth in a timely and topical manner so that all people, now and in the future, could learn the lessons revealed there.   The strategies are in fact timeless.  They have been used before, and will be again.   My goal was to empower the reader.

But, those of you who know me, or follow my Blogs, know that the character “Samir,” though fictitious, really exists in my opinion.   I am through with the Trilogy, but I was not through with “Samir.”   The reason for that is that it is obvious to me by the shockingly sudden collapse of the American Free Press, and the tortured divides in the US on all lines, that “Samir” is here.  He is a stealth operator.   So, I have continued to come down from the 1000 mile elevation to see if I could triangulate him from current events.   (To be honest, I prefer the elevation.   It’s saner and more hopeful than the reality we are encountering daily now.)  I believe I have located him.   Time will tell.   But there are trails, and they all lead to one location.

I urge all of you to read or reread “White King and the Docto”r right now.   Our future may hinge on you understanding before the 2020 election what Steve Luckey recognized.  In the book, Samir Taghavi is the terrorists’ Propaganda Chief.   His strategies were to use Information Warfare and Counter Intelligence–both within the purview of Propaganda–under the guise of Public Relations.

There is a chilling scene in the book early on where he tells his mentor, the real life mastermind of Al Qaeda, how he was going to render the United States impotent.   He explains marketing buttons which are Public Relations talking points.   They are short words or phrases which, once embraced, enter the current discourse unexamined.  They can be, and usually are, false.   Samir’s dilemma in that scene was how could he make this happen quickly, so that this false data and confusion would spread quickly.   With the United States breathing down their neck, they had little time, and they had to saturate the public’s mind rapidly in order to get the people, by their own choice, to turn away from their government’s mission.

He decided to get one US media mogul–knowing that if he could compromise the top Media outlet, the others would copy-cat quickly.   They would not have the time for actual research, so they would rely upon the words and ideas of their major competitor.   They would rote repeat the Marketing Buttons (counter intelligence points) without verification.   He was in fact relying upon the ambition and laziness of today’s crop of journalists.

He further laid out two lists that proved to shock even his own mentor.   One was the “Witting” List, and the other the “Unwitting” List.   The first one was small, and involves actual trained enemy operatives under his control and payroll.   It is a “siloed” operation.  (You will be hearing more about this term in the coming weeks in the media.)   The second list was large and included men and women  who would unwittingly be drawn into this Trojan Horse attack, and would further it in its credibility and acceptance.   They would in fact be committing treason, all the while having no idea they had been compromised by a world-class mind control expert.

The “Unwitting” List included US Law Enforcement heads, a major US Media Mogul, US politicians at the national level, and members of the Judiciary, along with other leaders in business and education.  As top leaders in their respective fields, they in turn would influence millions.   Thus, Samir strategized, he could render us impotent and conflicted quickly.   (You really should read the book to see what Institutions he penetrated and what he accomplished.)

Well, a few Blogs ago, I gave you a list of names.  Engaging in  a casual Internet research mode to verify some things I was hearing on the news, I found a group of players who were surfacing in multiple investigations, chaos, infamy, and slander.  The same “cast of characters” from the same background of Counter-Intelligence. Hmmm.  In the world of Intelligence, I don’t believe in coincidence.  All roads led to Rome.

I believe I have the source haven for the real life “Samir.”   He moves in many circles, but all the circles overlap, and this one organization provides security and anonymity for “Samir”–and all others who play games of deception in order to take control.

In the next Blog I will lay out where I think “Samir Taghavi” is, and who is shielding him–Wittingly or Unwittingly!   Be prepared.   This is going to take some courage.   The Unwitting include two famous and beloved US Senators, one Democrat and one Republican. (remember the game is to divide and conquer), a Media Mogul whose network is now in apparent disgrace, a prominent journalist, the Senate Judiciary Committee and others whose names you may not remember, but whose recent controversies you will undoubtedly have had an opinion about.

“Rome”–the epicenter–is a highly trusted research firm that people in power have relied upon for credible, accurate, research in order to help them make evaluations and decisions.   For a sneak peek, look up The Democracy Integrity Project.

And stay tuned for the cast of characters who have been circling in each other’s orbits.  Remember the computer adage:   Garbage In, Garbage Out.   Be prepared to be shocked, saddened–yet relieved and hopeful.    I think you, the American People, knew it all along.


Failure Principles: a Syllabus

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Thousands of books and articles are written on success principles.   Thousands of video gurus spread the word on the principles of success.   Why, then, are so many feeling unsuccessful in key areas of their life?   Success is real, and the principles that lead to success and prosperity are real.

Success leaves clues.  So does failure.   Let’s explore failure, and see if we can lay out a syllabus of key principles on how to fail: in business, in your careers, in college, in relationships, in leaderships, in health.  This Blog is especially written for Millennials, but it warrants attention by all of us I think.   Myself included…

  1. Spread gossip and rumor, without checking at all to see if the information you received is authentic.

2.   Speak as negatively as you can about other people–especially those you are jealous of.  Be hyper-critical of anyone who is different from you.

3.  Give yourself an unlimited forum of communication, and simultaneously block others from expressing themselves.

4.  Be ruled by your emotions at all times.   Allow as little rationality in as possible.   Go with your emotions and especially let the negative reactions and emotions govern your choices and behavior.

5.  Be the victim.   No matter what happens to you, and is done to you, take NO responsibility for any of it.   Point the finger of blame at someone else, and make sure they pay for hurting you.

6.  Deny any wrong doing on your part.   After all, you are a victim, right?

7. Go heavily into debt, in order to keep up with the Joneses, especially all your peers who are mounting college debt to the point it is now $1.5 trillion.

8.  Think inside the box at all times.   Do not, under any circumstances break out of the mold. Do not make waves.

9.  Be devoted to mediocrity.   After all, there should not be exceptional people or nations.   That would cause people to feel bad about themselves, if they won’t expend the effort to match the exceptional.

10.  Lower all standards so everyone feels comfortable.   After all, being stretched, nervous, or challenged must be a sign you are being victimized.

11. Take as many psychiatric medications as you can to handle your anxiety, depression, and psychotic tendencies.

12.  Lobby and vote for legal marijuana everywhere.   It is at best an ambition killer, so it should level the playing field for all of those who are ahead of you.   Make sure they play on a lower field.

13.  Do not learn to do budgeting or financial planning.   Spend everything you make.

14.  Miss as few “happy hours” as possible.

15.  Never break out of the pack, and the corollary is true as well.  Belittle anyone of your friends who does.

16.  Perpetuate the myth that the rich did not earn their wealth, and therefore it will be OK to take from them to help you.

17.  Be sexually promiscuous.

18.  Take no responsibility for your sexual promiscuity and its consequences.  When someone challenges you to take responsibility, say you can’t because it will effect your mental health.

19.  Be unfaithful in all relationships.

20.  Clock in on time, if possible.   But, don’t sweat being tardy for appointments, classes, or work.   If called out for it, accuse the person in authority of bias against you.   Shift the attention to them.

21.  Do what is expected of you, but no more.

22.  If someone “offends” you, never listen to them again.   You may even consider attacking them.

23.  Never set goals.   If you do, and you miss the goal, shrink back, lick your wounds, and don’t set that goal again.

24.  When you fail, refuse to learn anything from it.

25.  Keep your calendar on your phone.

26.  If you disagree with a law, break it.   And hold no one else accountable either for the laws they break.

27. Say mean things about your spouse, either to their face or behind their back

28.  Harbor resentment and think mean things about your spouse. Or your boss.

29.  Denigrate law enforcement.

30.  Avoid spiritual activities that challenge you.

31.  Do not share.

32.  Change majors, jobs, spouses etc. at the slightest hint of “hitting a wall” or running into a challenge.   If the going gets tough, say, “why bother?”

33.  Never learn to prioritize according to importance and value.

34.  Keep your eyes on yourself at all times.   And force all others to keep their eyes on you too.  Do not take your eyes off of yourself to put them on other people.  And never learn to say you are sorry.

35.  Be of as little service as possible.  If you can, force people to serve you.

36.  Do not uplift people. Leave that for some one else to do.

37.  Be a fault-finder, not a good-finder.

38.  Need to be admired.

39.  Seek the approval at all times of your peers.

40.  Never seek guidance from someone farther ahead of you in life.

41.  And last, be a taker, not a giver.  Remember at all times that all life revolves around you and your emotional reactions.

Sometimes we learn things better from the reverse perspective–if we are willing to look.

“Ghosting,” Tardiness, & The Road to Hell

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This commentary may be for you.   Or it may be for one of your friends, children, or colleagues.  So, pass it on to anyone you feel might benefit from these observations.

There is an alarming trend developing in the culture–which in the long run will prove devastating to those who engage in it.  Two things signal something about the “perpetrator” which will effect their ability to have lasting, trusting relationships, to secure great success financially, and to experience freedom and happiness.

The first of those is “ghosting.”   The definition of ghosting is:  “the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication.”  Regrettably all too many Millennials not only end personal relationships that way, leaving the other person in deep mystery and upset, but, worse yet, they carry the practice over into business relationships, job interviews, employment etc.

I am sure anyone who “ghosts” someone else–unless the other person is a jerk or crazy person–does not understand that they are telegraphing the fact that they themselves have such fear, low self-esteem, and disrespect for people that they can not even face them and tell them “no” or tell them “they are not interested” etc.   Unfortunately, word travels, and they and their reputation as a reliable, trustworthy individual are now on the “road to hell.”   Trust has to be earned.   Once broken, it is hard to regain.   And the reputation for being one who cavalierly “ghosts” people is a real turn off to people of caliber, whose own communication abilities are such that they can confront and face any person or issue they might need to–even if it is unpleasant.

Personally, I suspect this may be coming from the same mindset that created the Trophy Generation where everyone gets a trophy for showing up.   All of us as adults need to be able to take responsibility for our relationships, and the communications necessary to either sustain those relationships, or to terminate them.   Anything short of willingness to express the truth of something to someone is, in my opinion, cowardice.

Having been in labor relations, I can assure you that no one hires or promotes people who are that weak, and in such poor communication.   Communication is the tool to resolve things, and to also explain and clarify decisions–even if that decision might be disappointing to the recipient.

Now, on to “Tardiness.”   Pretty much, I learned early on in life that if I was late for a meeting, I was stealing someone else’s time.   Time is valuable to us all.   And for someone else to take their precious time, to be on time, to meet with me for whatever reason–and for me to be late for that meeting was a sign of my disrespect for that person.   I stole something from them that they can not get back.

Basically, both “ghosting” and “tardiness” demonstrate a fundamental lack of respect for others.  And no one of quality will date, marry, hire, partner with, promote, or prosper someone who disrespects them.  They will move on to someone where the relationship benefits and uplifts both.

You may think you can do this as a regular way of operating your life and demonstrating your independence.   You can.   But, in the end, you will be mistrusted, gossiped about, and alone.  And that “aloneness” is indeed the “road to Hell.”

Food for thought…