All Roads Lead to Rome!

After reading my first two novels in the White King Trilogy, International Counter-terrorist Expert and Security Consultant, Steve Luckey, wrote, “If our adversaries are even one-tenth as smart as Ms. Kessler depicts them, we are in the fight of our lives.”

As time went on, and history is unfolding before your very eyes, those adversaries are in fact creating havoc with us in the United States.   Their goal:   to neutralize the United States and its power forever.

I did my research and wrote the novels from a 1000 mile elevation–a God’s Eye view if you will–in order to pervade the entire scene globally, and figure out who was doing what, and why, and how.   Then I told  a “story” that would carry truth in a timely and topical manner so that all people, now and in the future, could learn the lessons revealed there.   The strategies are in fact timeless.  They have been used before, and will be again.   My goal was to empower the reader.

But, those of you who know me, or follow my Blogs, know that the character “Samir,” though fictitious, really exists in my opinion.   I am through with the Trilogy, but I was not through with “Samir.”   The reason for that is that it is obvious to me by the shockingly sudden collapse of the American Free Press, and the tortured divides in the US on all lines, that “Samir” is here.  He is a stealth operator.   So, I have continued to come down from the 1000 mile elevation to see if I could triangulate him from current events.   (To be honest, I prefer the elevation.   It’s saner and more hopeful than the reality we are encountering daily now.)  I believe I have located him.   Time will tell.   But there are trails, and they all lead to one location.

I urge all of you to read or reread “White King and the Docto”r right now.   Our future may hinge on you understanding before the 2020 election what Steve Luckey recognized.  In the book, Samir Taghavi is the terrorists’ Propaganda Chief.   His strategies were to use Information Warfare and Counter Intelligence–both within the purview of Propaganda–under the guise of Public Relations.

There is a chilling scene in the book early on where he tells his mentor, the real life mastermind of Al Qaeda, how he was going to render the United States impotent.   He explains marketing buttons which are Public Relations talking points.   They are short words or phrases which, once embraced, enter the current discourse unexamined.  They can be, and usually are, false.   Samir’s dilemma in that scene was how could he make this happen quickly, so that this false data and confusion would spread quickly.   With the United States breathing down their neck, they had little time, and they had to saturate the public’s mind rapidly in order to get the people, by their own choice, to turn away from their government’s mission.

He decided to get one US media mogul–knowing that if he could compromise the top Media outlet, the others would copy-cat quickly.   They would not have the time for actual research, so they would rely upon the words and ideas of their major competitor.   They would rote repeat the Marketing Buttons (counter intelligence points) without verification.   He was in fact relying upon the ambition and laziness of today’s crop of journalists.

He further laid out two lists that proved to shock even his own mentor.   One was the “Witting” List, and the other the “Unwitting” List.   The first one was small, and involves actual trained enemy operatives under his control and payroll.   It is a “siloed” operation.  (You will be hearing more about this term in the coming weeks in the media.)   The second list was large and included men and women  who would unwittingly be drawn into this Trojan Horse attack, and would further it in its credibility and acceptance.   They would in fact be committing treason, all the while having no idea they had been compromised by a world-class mind control expert.

The “Unwitting” List included US Law Enforcement heads, a major US Media Mogul, US politicians at the national level, and members of the Judiciary, along with other leaders in business and education.  As top leaders in their respective fields, they in turn would influence millions.   Thus, Samir strategized, he could render us impotent and conflicted quickly.   (You really should read the book to see what Institutions he penetrated and what he accomplished.)

Well, a few Blogs ago, I gave you a list of names.  Engaging in  a casual Internet research mode to verify some things I was hearing on the news, I found a group of players who were surfacing in multiple investigations, chaos, infamy, and slander.  The same “cast of characters” from the same background of Counter-Intelligence. Hmmm.  In the world of Intelligence, I don’t believe in coincidence.  All roads led to Rome.

I believe I have the source haven for the real life “Samir.”   He moves in many circles, but all the circles overlap, and this one organization provides security and anonymity for “Samir”–and all others who play games of deception in order to take control.

In the next Blog I will lay out where I think “Samir Taghavi” is, and who is shielding him–Wittingly or Unwittingly!   Be prepared.   This is going to take some courage.   The Unwitting include two famous and beloved US Senators, one Democrat and one Republican. (remember the game is to divide and conquer), a Media Mogul whose network is now in apparent disgrace, a prominent journalist, the Senate Judiciary Committee and others whose names you may not remember, but whose recent controversies you will undoubtedly have had an opinion about.

“Rome”–the epicenter–is a highly trusted research firm that people in power have relied upon for credible, accurate, research in order to help them make evaluations and decisions.   For a sneak peek, look up The Democracy Integrity Project.

And stay tuned for the cast of characters who have been circling in each other’s orbits.  Remember the computer adage:   Garbage In, Garbage Out.   Be prepared to be shocked, saddened–yet relieved and hopeful.    I think you, the American People, knew it all along.


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  1. Tanii Carr

    It is emotional for me to read this blog, on the heels of so many incredible writings, Lee. I will re-read your books. And I look forward–because we must have the truth whether pleasant or not–to your continued posts.


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