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Justice and the “Right Target”

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We, as a people, are inherently good and just. Yet injustice has been the lot of man for all time. The more advanced all of us become, however, the more acutely aware we become of injustice, and we seek to make it right somehow.

So, why then, is America on fire over the death of George Floyd? There are platitudes and clichés enough for a lifetime out there. What I want to address is how do we go forward from blind mistrust, and even blind hatred into a future that can be better?

When an injustice occurs, such as the one in this case, but in all cases actually–and when the injustice is so obvious and loathsome as to turn everyone’s stomach–Americans exercise their 1st Amendment right to peaceably assemble, and we march in protest The operative phrase there is “peaceably assemble.” Not riot, burn, beat, and terrorize.

The Constitution is a simple and beautiful document. It allows for us to recognize a wrong, and come in great numbers to draw attention to the issue. But, for justice to occur, one has to insist on hitting the right target–not just any target that one bears a grudge against for whatever reason.

It appears that between 1 and 5 officers were responsible for the death of this man. It was a needless death, and a shameful one. Someone should be punished. Who? Though we might want to ball all injustice up into one tidy package and right everything at once, that is not life, my friends. You, as good people, address each situation as you meet it–insisting on justice for the harmed in that situation, and against the transgressor in that situation. It is the foundation of the Rule of Law.

Slow, as it might be, it is the only fair thing to do. Find the right target, and hit it with the right force, to change the behavior of that target. Then, if need be, move to another target.

What the anarchist does, however, is to prey upon emotion, fear, and past injustices to incite one to do things they otherwise would not do–to commit crimes themselves. And, in every case, they usually miss the right target in their rage to hit any target. They, in fact, create a worse crime because instead of attacking one innocent person as happened with Floyd, they attack thousands of innocent people.

Throughout this country, as I write this, innocent business owners serving the very neighborhoods that are on fire, have lost their businesses, their faith, their safety, and some, their lives. Certainly they are examples of hitting the “wrong target.” Why? To avenge the death of one man?

No, if you want justice for George Floyd, see to it that peaceful protests occur until the right charges are brought against the right man or men, and that an honest trial occurs. Whatever punishment may ensue then follows the rule of law.

Antifa, however, is an anarchist group. They do not have politics like you my Democrat friends and my Republican friends. That is a delusion. I met this group under a different name 50 years ago. Frankly, they could care less. Their game is hatred and destruction, and they take joy in getting you to hate along with them in the name of “justice.” Mass wrongs to avenge one wrong–in the name of all wrongs from all of our past history. That, my friends, is insanity, and criminality at a very high level.

It removes you automatically from present time rationality and use of your Constitution legally, and deposits you in the cesspool of mob irrationality and criminality.

We all despise lynch mobs. We also all despise men cloaked in white or black sheets, or masks, to hide their identity, and malevolence.

The anarchist wants you hating your neighbor, even though you had no quarrel before. The anarchist wants you to resort mindlessly to bats, rocks, torches, knives, guns, and bombs for one purpose–that you in your mindless fear will bring about fear in others. And, the society deteriorates into chaos.

Anarchy ends in totalitarianism. I wrote to you about this two years ago. (See The Rule of Law blog) The remedy you ask? Not just to anarchistic and other domestic terror groups, but to Injustice itself? Know your Constitution, and insist legally that justice–even though blind–can “see” well enough to hit the right target. Beautifully, once the right individual or group has been identified and handled, not with a torch or hanging rope, but by the rule of law, a calm comes over us. Even though there may be more work to do and more injustice to fight, hatred is dying and its toxicity is washing away from us–one “just” action at a time.

The injustice was created in a society one unjust action at a time, and the route out is to reverse it, one just action at a time, from here forward.

The anarchist is gambling that you will not have the wit, the strength, the patience, or the character to stay the course. The anarchist is gambling that they can inflame you into mass destruction and the setback of all. They wait for a true injustice to occur, and then attach to it and move to overwhelm your logic with generalities that the one bad actor represents all of his kind.

It can be about race. It can be about religion. It can be about anything. Look around the world, and you will see ample evidence of “injustice.” The question is, are we hitting the “right target” or just “any target”?

And, once they have you dripping with blood–innocent blood–that is so repulsive, the “totalitarian” steps in to control us all. Slow down, friends. See that the police in this case who caused the death of this man receive the justice they deserve.

And then, move on to the next true injustice and hit the right target there. Eventually behavior changes, and honest men and women everywhere have rights.

The Judge who Skipped Civics Class

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If you have been scratching your head–no matter your politics, and assuming that not every decision you make is based upon personal bias–you may still be aghast at Judge Emmett Sullivan’s refusal to grant the prosecution’s motion to drop the case against Gen. Michael Flynn.

The motion was unopposed, since his defense also had a motion to withdraw his guilty plea. That motion too was obviously unopposed since the prosecutors wanted to drop the whole case. You don’t plead to a charge that doesn’t exist.

But, instead, Judge Sullivan appears to have decided to “leap across the bench” and become a prosecutor himself. He intends to see if there are charges he can file against Flynn, and is bringing prosecutors in from a time gone by, and a retired judge to show him how to still prosecute the man for something.

For all Americans, we have a right to a fair and impartial trial, whether criminal or civil. Under the Constitution, there are three branches of government–separate but equal. And there is a separation of powers between the branches. Each is to wear their own “hat” if you will. They are to do what their branch of government has jurisdiction over, and not breach that separation of the branches of government.

Prosecutors (of all titles) are in the Executive Branch, and are part of the Justice Department. (state and federal) Judges are part of the Judicial Branch, and their purview is to mediate, and make rulings that insure a fair and impartial trial. That presupposes there is an actual case at hand, and not one that has been withdrawn.

It is so fundamentally unfair, you almost can’t get your wits around it. A man is sentenced for a crime he is not charged with. That sounds like an old “Gunsmoke” plot, a story from the Wild West. Certainly it does not represent Rule of Law and Due Process.

Not only does Sullivan appear to have skipped his Civics Class when he was young, where he would have learned about the separation of powers and the role of the three branches, but it appears he also skipped his Constitutional Law Class. That, I believe, is the first class in first year law school.

Either way, Due Process is granted to all of us, under the Constitution, as it is written. If any of you even consider right now inserting “politics” into this, and attempt to avert your eyes because you hold opinions about the defendant, the prosecutors, the Justice Department or anyone else, I want you to stop. If our Judicial Branch turns into a prosecutorial arm, God helps us all.

Take a deep breath, and know that I am grateful you would never be sitting on a jury deciding my fate. The issue would be guilt or innocence on the charges, based on the facts at hand. It would not be on whether or not you like me, my husband, my boss, or my voting habits.

The issues are only: Was there a crime? Did I commit it? Beyond a reasonable doubt? If so, what should my penalty be? And if I were charged with something–and later evidence showed that not only did I not do it, but that in fact no crime occurred, but prosecutorial misconduct may have occurred–and the prosecutors drop the case to avoid turning into “persecutors,” I would expect you to grant their request, no matter your fermenting biases.

I was just funnin’ with you a few paragraphs back. I don’t think Judge Emmett Sullivan did skip his Civics Class. I don’t think he skipped his Constitutional Law class. I think he knows exactly what he is doing. And that, my friends, should scare the living daylights out of you.

Every single American should protest this outrageous behavior. And know that the next time you are in trouble, or on trial, and the Judge gets mad at you and says to the Prosecutors, “do you want to also charge this person with Treason?” and no one does anything about it, I won’t be there to defend you.

Not true. Funning with you again. I WOULD BE THERE TO DEFEND YOU, because I believe in civil liberties and I do not believe they extend only to members of one political party, or one race, or one religion.

I owe a dream debt–as I have written about before–to my ancestor who fought with George Washington, to make it possible for this nation to be free, and for our Constitution to be written and followed. I might not believe in you; I might not even like you. But I believe in the Rule of Law. Without it, we sink back into the age of the Spanish Inquisition.

Mr. Schiff

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As a former citizen of the once great and now-decaying state of California, I have to tell you–as an expert in the mind, and the world of Propaganda Warfare–that you are an absolute and unrepentant, pathological liar.

For my fans, I have watched this man for the better part of 20 years, and none more closely than in the last three. It is said that elections have consequences. Well, that is certainly true. Whether you are Democrat or Republican, this past election had the consequence of placing a pathological liar and sociopath at the helm of the House Intelligence Committee. Think about that.

It would take hours for me to break down lie by lie to you, as I have periodically tuned in to see what he was saying, testifying to, or presenting to you, the American People. I do not have that time. You do not have that time. But, if you care to–and you dare to–you can communicate with me, and we will lay this out, detail by disgraceful detail.

But you need to KNOW, and really understand, that Inspector General Horowitz’s report stated the Nunes Memo to be true, the Schiff Memo to be false. (BASED UPON EVIDENCE AND INVESTIGATION) And that falsehood led to the disgraceful and very expensive Mueller Russia Investigation. And to the demise of the American Media.

I write fiction based on fact. It is your turn now. You either decide to run with liars who present fiction as fact, or you run with folks who present facts–even at GREAT PERSONAL RISK.

Adam Schiff will be memorialized in the history of the United States. If we survive as a Constitutional Republic, and the history books accurately portray this time, he will be a villain. Make no mistake about it. He is not the hero some would have you believe.

In this country, you are not guilty by accusation. You may have suffered such an injustice in your work, or even under the law. But it was nonetheless an injustice. Neither is President Trump guilty by accusation. You need to understand this is not a class thing. It is not a race thing. It is not a gender thing. It is an American thing.

Further, you have a right to be faced by your accuser. NO WHISTLE BLOWER CAN REMAIN ANONYMOUS. THEY CAN AND SHOULD BE PROTECTED FROM REPRISALS, BUT THEY MUST COME OUT AND FACE THE PERSON THEY ARE ACCUSING. Imagine a world where anyone could state anything, and remain anonymous. You could never defend yourself.

You are not presumed guilty until proven innocent. Neither you, nor the President, need to prove your innocence. Ever!!

Laws are clear, and need to be followed. This Washington debacle can not even site a law that has been broken. No crime, no evidence. Only Adam Schiff’s skillful, devious rhetoric alleges hoped-for crimes.

So, tell your Senators of both parties to end this with an acquittal tomorrow. Tell them not to be hoodwinked by a con artist the likes of which you have not seen before.

And, for all of you who have people convicted of crimes while he was a prosecutor in Los Angeles–and possibly still in prison– I suggest you get a really good lawyer and have EACH AND EVERY CASE REVIEWED FOR POSSIBLE WITHOLDING OF EXCULPATORY EVIDENCE. LOOK FOR PROSECUTORIAL MISCONDUCT.

He did not just start down this path with the Impeachment of a President. He started down this path a long time ago. And, to my neighbors in Burbank, un-elect this disgraceful man in November.


What if? A Diabolical Long Game…

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Many of you do not know me, or of me. I am not self-congratulating here, but rather setting the stage briefly for a picture and scenario I am looking at right now. I’m the author of the White King Trilogy–a series of political fiction suspense novels that shocked even Intelligence, Military, and Counterterrorism professionals in their accuracy over time.

In June of 2004, I was alarmed at the divisiveness in the country and set about to see what was causing it. I advanced a theory to myself, utilizing my professional acting background, my knowledge of the human mind and behavior, and my marketing background. I began with a “what if” exercise to identity the underlying motivation, and likely strategies and tactics, that one our worst real life enemies might deploy.

The first novel, “White King and the Doctor” revealed things you are living through right now–only it revealed them almost 15 years ago. The books have been regarded as prophetic. Don’t assume that I do not know what I am talking about.

Fortunately in my fiction, Andy Weir, the Grandmaster chess champion, figures out what this real-life, brilliant enemy is doing–what chess moves he would make in his long game to bring us down from within. Not to spoil the surprise, but Andy’s superior chess strategies and ability to “look” into the arena enabled him and his allies to thwart the worst bad guys in the world today.

So, this brings me to the historic Impeachment last night. That was insane enough, but Speaker Pelosi’s refusal then and today to send the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate for the trial are causing every commentator and politician in America today to be scratching their heads wondering and/or pontificating about why she’s doing it, what she wants, what she fears etc.

The cliched ones center around her knowing the case is absurd, and not wanting to see an acquittal, her looking for an off-ramp from the farce she acquiesced to, her desire to milk the most she can out of it before it dies. Or that she is buying time for some “Mitt Romney” to raise up insurgents in his own party. This is where my antennae went up, where I think the analysis is too shallow, too simple. Someone is diverting our attention. In chess, this analysis is rather myopic. Too short range. Too few moves that don’t lead to checkmate.

Whatever else Speaker Pelosi may or may not be, she is a very smart tactician, and so I did what I did long ago. I looked at this from a different angle, asked myself “what if?” and “saw” a different picture. There is not time for me to write another novel to expose this one. Buckle up friends. I hope I am wrong, but…

What if: Donald Trump has to be gotten rid of at all costs? What if his world view and successful actions threaten a 70 year plan to reshape an entire world order? And what if the timing of a trial right now–though thought to be desirable when Pelosi expected the public and the polls to turn against the President–would actually be the worst thing for that objective? What could the attackers do to make sure he does not get 4 more years.

Assuming the Speaker now knows that the trial will result in an acquittal, and that her party will not get a do-over in the House, and assuming she knows that even if by some miracle they got a conviction and removal, the President still could run again, as he is entitled to a second term.

Removing him in his first term then does not stop the President from running again (if I understand the Constitution), and being elected again. Remember, what if the goal is to stop him from the next four years?

Just spit-balling here. But, what if she and Shumer shift gears and turn all attention to the Senate for the election ahead? What if those two already know that Trump will get another 4 years, one way or the other? To shoot the wad of the Impeachment in the House, which will cost her in all likelihood the control of the House in 2021, leaves only the Senate as the chamber that could stop him in 2021–NOT 2020.

But to stop him, the Senate has to be flipped to Democrat. Then, a stalled Impeachment Trial would be hastily moved forward, and would be tried in a Democrat-controlled Senate. I think we all know how that would turn out.

At that point, the President would have been elected for his second term–and can not try again. If he is removed early in his second term, he can not come back, and the “deplorables” have no chess move to make. Please get this. If he is acquitted in 2020, he gets re-elected. Even if he is found guilty in 2020 and is removed before Nov. 3, 2020, he gets re-elected. He gets 4 more years and they will have failed to stop him–regardless of the verdict.


But, if he is found guilty in 2021after commencing his second term, he is removed, and he is gone–with no path back to the White House. Simple game then. She can lose the control of the House. They have already done their part in bringing the Impeachment.

She and others get 4 Republicans to lose their seats, while holding the Democrat Senate count. The Senate then goes to 51 Democrats, 49 Republicans instead of 53 Republicans to 47 Democrats right now.

The trial goes ahead, and on strict party lines, the President is convicted and removed–in her mind sparing the country–and the world–4 more years of the President’s reforms.

If all they need is 4 Senators to lose their seats, that is a winnable game. What if Speaker Pelosi sees the long game, sees a series of chess moves, and foresees checkmate? What if none of this is being done “on the fly” being “made up as they go?” Or even if that did happen, what if the strategist that she is has “looked” down the road, and saw an opportunity to do something that a current trial could never accomplish? Removed now, he comes back at some point. Removed in 2021, he is gone.

If you do not see her make a move to send the Articles over to the Senate in a matter of days, then pay close attention my friends. This is one I would rather be wrong about.

“What if?”…I do not have time to write the novel, juicy though it would be. If any of this resonates, you need to get this Blog, and some of my historical Blogs to people in power, and who have the influence. Get it to the White House, to any talk show host who would understand it. All it takes sometimes is for people to “spot” the attack, to see the “tell” in the con, and they instantly figure out a way to thwart it. The problem with playing with a Grandmaster chess champion is that often the checkmate move was made early on–with many ensuing moves by the unsuspecting opponent–and ultimately the opponent suddenly experiences the ambush and hears the awful word, “Checkmate.”

Is she that good? Are her global handlers that good? I don’t know. But WHAT IF?

19 Short Minutes

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19 SHORT MINUTES.  That is the amount of time newly-sworn-in President Donald J. Trump had before the Washington Post said, “The Campaign  to Impeach President Trump has Begun.”  Their shocking headline was either oddly prophetic, or revealed their intention and salivating desire to do the unthinkable.

Think about it.  How much trouble could one man get into in 19 minutes?!  How much could he have done?

He didn’t even make it to the Oval Office, before the Fourth Estate revealed they knew someone was planning to overthrow him.  Impeachment, dear friends, is not meant to overturn an election, the outcome of which you don’t like.  The American people–and only the American people–elect the President and Vice President of the United States.   If we want them removed, we un-elect them at the next election.

This President, who was electorally elected by the people and sent by the people to “drain the swamp” has been under attack 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for over three years.  Despite that, he is not only still standing, he has accomplished more in those 3 years in all matter of difficult arenas than anyone in my lifetime.  Some of his choices I agree with, some I do not.  But, I don’t want to see any future President hounded like this.  Ever!!

No matter your political philosophy, I think in your heart of hearts you know that no one deserves that.  Americans overall have an innate sense of fair play.  Again, in your heart of hearts you know that “something is rotten in Denmark” when a Media outlet covertly announces that the President will be overthrown–no matter what he does during his tenure.

The guy hadn’t even been to his Inaugural Ball before swamp creatures continued to implement aggressive plots.  Many of those men and women shook his hand that day, had photos taken with him, and congratulated him after taking the Oath of Office.   Knowing he had not committed any High Crimes and Misdemeanors while in office, their PR firm– the Washington Post–told the nation he would be impeached.   Are they clairvoyant?   Or were they complicit from before his Inauguration?

I believe that the great Americans I know–of all political parties and persuasions–would give the guy a chance.  Someone however doesn’t want to play well with other Americans.  They do not trust you, or your decisions.   They apparently intended to rig the game.

The result?  President Donald J. Trump had not even finished delivering his Inaugural Address before the Swamp bit back.

Before this nightmare worsens, call your Congressmen and women.   Call your Senators.   But, don’t limit it to just yours.   Contact them all, if need be.  Especially, if they are of the Democrat Party.   A once great party has been hijacked, and I suspect they will welcome your calls.  They hold it in their power to accept the results of the 2016 election, and to play out the 2020 election without the colossal election interference of an Impeachment.  But, they need to hear from you.

And you need to make your Senators aware of the fact you expect them to stand fast if this train wreck gets to them.  There is something more important than their re-election, and lining their pockets with lucrative contracts after they leave office, or delivering payback to a man they don’t like.   You are more important.  An orderly transfer of power is important.   And, within 19 Short Minutes, the signal was given to make it as disorderly as necessary.  The man the American people sent had to go.

Well, he is still there.   And so am I.   So are you.   And God-willing your vote will still matter 20 years from now.  This is important.   Go to this link to find the simple ways to contact people whom you feel need to hear from you loudly and clearly.   Contact many officials, often.   Give up a little TV time each night.  Give up a little computer gaming time each night.  Take fewer sleep medications.  Drink a little less wine. This game is real.   Someone has involved you in it, whether you wanted to be or not.   And they, apparently, make the rules.   The fools don’t understand the power lies with you.   So, please, exercise your power.  We are better than they think we are.

And I want to point out something so obvious one is likely to overlook it.   In order for the Washington Post to release the paper with the headline I opened with, the headline and article had to be written beforehand, and the trigger pulled well beforehand for the printing of that newspaper edition.   So….even before Trump was sworn in, the incoming rocket had been launched.   Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?   Go wake up your government officials.   They need to hear from you!