19 Short Minutes

19 SHORT MINUTES.  That is the amount of time newly-sworn-in President Donald J. Trump had before the Washington Post said, “The Campaign  to Impeach President Trump has Begun.”  Their shocking headline was either oddly prophetic, or revealed their intention and salivating desire to do the unthinkable.

Think about it.  How much trouble could one man get into in 19 minutes?!  How much could he have done?

He didn’t even make it to the Oval Office, before the Fourth Estate revealed they knew someone was planning to overthrow him.  Impeachment, dear friends, is not meant to overturn an election, the outcome of which you don’t like.  The American people–and only the American people–elect the President and Vice President of the United States.   If we want them removed, we un-elect them at the next election.

This President, who was electorally elected by the people and sent by the people to “drain the swamp” has been under attack 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for over three years.  Despite that, he is not only still standing, he has accomplished more in those 3 years in all matter of difficult arenas than anyone in my lifetime.  Some of his choices I agree with, some I do not.  But, I don’t want to see any future President hounded like this.  Ever!!

No matter your political philosophy, I think in your heart of hearts you know that no one deserves that.  Americans overall have an innate sense of fair play.  Again, in your heart of hearts you know that “something is rotten in Denmark” when a Media outlet covertly announces that the President will be overthrown–no matter what he does during his tenure.

The guy hadn’t even been to his Inaugural Ball before swamp creatures continued to implement aggressive plots.  Many of those men and women shook his hand that day, had photos taken with him, and congratulated him after taking the Oath of Office.   Knowing he had not committed any High Crimes and Misdemeanors while in office, their PR firm– the Washington Post–told the nation he would be impeached.   Are they clairvoyant?   Or were they complicit from before his Inauguration?

I believe that the great Americans I know–of all political parties and persuasions–would give the guy a chance.  Someone however doesn’t want to play well with other Americans.  They do not trust you, or your decisions.   They apparently intended to rig the game.

The result?  President Donald J. Trump had not even finished delivering his Inaugural Address before the Swamp bit back.

Before this nightmare worsens, call your Congressmen and women.   Call your Senators.   But, don’t limit it to just yours.   Contact them all, if need be.  Especially, if they are of the Democrat Party.   A once great party has been hijacked, and I suspect they will welcome your calls.  They hold it in their power to accept the results of the 2016 election, and to play out the 2020 election without the colossal election interference of an Impeachment.  But, they need to hear from you.

And you need to make your Senators aware of the fact you expect them to stand fast if this train wreck gets to them.  There is something more important than their re-election, and lining their pockets with lucrative contracts after they leave office, or delivering payback to a man they don’t like.   You are more important.  An orderly transfer of power is important.   And, within 19 Short Minutes, the signal was given to make it as disorderly as necessary.  The man the American people sent had to go.

Well, he is still there.   And so am I.   So are you.   And God-willing your vote will still matter 20 years from now.  This is important.   Go to this link to find the simple ways to contact people whom you feel need to hear from you loudly and clearly.   Contact many officials, often.   Give up a little TV time each night.  Give up a little computer gaming time each night.  Take fewer sleep medications.  Drink a little less wine. This game is real.   Someone has involved you in it, whether you wanted to be or not.   And they, apparently, make the rules.   The fools don’t understand the power lies with you.   So, please, exercise your power.  We are better than they think we are.

And I want to point out something so obvious one is likely to overlook it.   In order for the Washington Post to release the paper with the headline I opened with, the headline and article had to be written beforehand, and the trigger pulled well beforehand for the printing of that newspaper edition.   So….even before Trump was sworn in, the incoming rocket had been launched.   Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?   Go wake up your government officials.   They need to hear from you!



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