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They’re Back!

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Often I take the time to point out a military strategy or tactic that I perceive to be in play in current events. I see one now that I want to illuminate for you. That tactic is “diversion.” We are massively diverting our attention right now to the election, recounts, court challenges etc. Those actions are all justified, but my sneaky mind says, “Lee, what are we not looking at? What are we missing?

You may need to put on a seat belt for the rest of this!

72.3 million of us voted for Donald J. Trump. Lawyers are battling now in 6 states, I believe, regarding varying types and degrees of voting “irregularities.” That’s a pretty wimpy word for an apparent attempt to overturn an election through fraud. I will let the experts and people responsible for this battle handle the string-pulling and evidence gathering.

My attention is on something else. The law firm hired by the DNC and presumably the Biden Campaign is Perkins Coie. Remember this name. You need to start getting this. Perkins Coie represented the DNC and the Clinton Campaign as well.

Perkins Coie hired Fusion GPS, and, for those of you who have actually watched testimony on Capitol Hill, or who have read transcripts of hearings, and seen internal now-declassified emails, you will recognize that name. Glen Simpson is the head of Fusion GPS. Fusion GPS hired Christopher Steele to write the now-debunked Steele Dossier. That dossier was maliciously planted, used, and led to a 2 year Mueller Investigation that found no collusion whatsoever between the Trump Campaign and Russia. Moreover, Steele himself has admitted it is unverifiable, and the “so-called” source has said it is not true–that it was a bunch of bar talk.

Well, that “bar talk” and “gossip” cost the American taxpayer $40 million dollars if I remember correctly, ruined the lives of countless Americans, and it put this country through hell for 3 years as Washington bureaucrats tried to find the President guilty of something he did not do. Fusion GPS is admittedly an “opposition research” firm. They created that debacle. Opposition research should be factual, even if lurid. To make it fiction, as well as lurid, should be criminal.

In any case, Glen Simpson is on the job again. Fusion GPS has been hired once again, and is currently working on something for the DNC. Wonder what new deception they are cooking up? It wasn’t election fraud, or machine ballot counting being done in Barcelona and Frankfurt, using a software purportedly created by Hugo Chavez for the purpose of election fraud. It could be. But my gut tells me it is something else. Something waiting in the wings, just in case the election night fraud scheme backfires.

In any case, they are back! Our Justice system did nothing to Fusion GPS, nor Glen Simpson, nor Christopher Steele. So, they have safely and with impunity started working on a new project for their employer. I expect Steele will have been jettisoned. But Fusion GPS and the DNC are up to something.

Follow the money, and follow their connection lines, and I suspect you will discover who masterminded the Propaganda War we are living through right now with this election. You will find who is staging a coup against the American people and our government.

Now I realize “them’s fightin’ words!” So be it. I have as much a right to my opinions as CNN has to theirs.

I have left clues in earlier Blogs. But, you might want to revisit the Blogs “All Roads Lead to Rome” and “All Roads Lead to Rome 2,” and “All Roads Lead to Rome 3.” (Archive dates 3/22/2019, 3/30/2019, and 4/1/2019) The same cast of characters keeps popping up.

And while your attention is on Dominion Software and Smartmatic? (and rightfully so) you need to also look really closely at our CIA. Very especially former CIA Director John Brennan. Stay tuned Mr. Brennan!

The Outrageous Truth

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Over a year ago I laid out various military strategies that might be waged upon us in a Propaganda or Information War. The importance of the use of psychological warfare can not be overestimated–if your goal is to suppress people, and create a totalitarian regime.

To weaken a country, or a people, one looks to break the solidarity of the people, and to sabotage their ability to think and reason. Once the target group is rendered impotent in terms of reason and logic, they are ripe for the taking.

Two tactics are used by everyone in Propaganda. You will recognize both.

The first is: the lie told often enough becomes the truth. That is why incessant hammering by the Media on the population has caused people to not be able to differentiate between a lie and a truth, between a fact and an opinion. It is the repetition of message–done almost verbatim–that eventually overwhelms one’s mind. Soon, you find yourself doubting your own reality. Or, worse yet, repeating what you heard and embracing it as truth. The lie told often enough becomes the truth.

I think we all can identify a plethora of that phenomena. But, the second one is equally deadly. Both of these tactics by the way were embraced by Hitler, and subsequent totalitarians. They knew they had to override the normal decent nature of people. Mind control done through drip drip propaganda did the trick.

Here’s the second, and I encourage everyone to really pay attention! It renders even the truth-teller almost impotent. Here it is: Tell a truth so outrageous it is dismissed as a lie. You can tell a truth about some dastardly thing you are going to do, and have it be so outrageous in its concept that the mind of good people dismisses it summarily. Then, with them not paying any attention to it, you go ahead and follow through with what you said.

You could also be someone who discovers an outrageous truth, and articulates it to warn folks. But, it is dismissed or vilified immediately, and your communication now falls on deaf ears.

One tactic wants open ears to the point you embrace the lie. And the other wants closed ears so you dismiss and ignore the truth. Either one opens the door to some terrible mischief.

We are living through the latter tactic right now. Two days ago, President Trump and his legal team told the nation a truth so outrageous the Media and politicians piled on, eviscerated it, and tossed it and the messengers into the trash.

That “truth” so outrageous it is causing even the most fair-minded to reel? So hard to look at, let alone accept? The assertion that our election and the precious ballots which represent the will of the people have been corrupted by machines from a foreign dictatorship, by software developed to look normal, but to cheat when needed, by real-time monitors who can surreptitiously change results, and those ballots are being counted and stored on servers–not in the United States–but in Barcelona and Frankfurt!

Now, that is outrageous! That is crazy, you say. Be careful here. Most Americans have already been compromised by “the lie told often enough.” By default, that makes it much harder to discern an opposing “truth.”

Slow down here, my friends. Don’t be too quick to judge, or dismiss. Don’t turn a blind eye. These machines have been used for several years now. I wonder how many other elections–local, state, or federal–have had a remote potential?

The reason I want you to slow down–even though it is terrifying–is this. Yesterday, the Trump team stated the “truth.” They were promptly vilified over and over and over again. Yet, here’s the kicker. Today, just 24 hours later, the Dominion Elections machine execs failed to come to a Pennsylvania state hearing to discuss the machines. 24 hours ago they asserted loudly their innocence, saying the machines are great, and not capable of doing what is alleged. They said there was no software connection with Smartmatic, and it is absurd to think ill of them. They said they wanted to come and explain their side of it, explain the reality so we all could understand and feel good about our election.

But today, they no-showed the hearing. They lawyered up, and under advice of counsel, decided it was best to just keep their mouths shut. That’s good legal advice, but it sure does not reassure us. It is reported also, although I can not verify this yet, that they closed their offices and deleted their Linked In profiles etc.

Now, by anyone’s definition, that is suspicious. Too bad we are talking about the election of the President of the United States, and not a local election for dog catcher!

(By the way, this same exact phenomena occurred with Fusion GPS, its owner Glenn Simpson, and “I take the 5th” testimony. Ultimately that company, the DNC, and Clinton campaign–this is all documented, undisputed public record now–gave us the Steele Dossier, the Russia Collusion Hoax, and the Mueller Investigation. And every one who tried to sound the alarm on that company was vilified. A truth so outrageous…)

Your future lives depend now on us not rushing to judgment on Trump Team’s claims or evidence. This will prove true or not true. My hunch? It is true. And God help us all if they pull this off, and get away with altering the outcome of the presidential election in the United States of America. This should not be a party thing.

Think about that. And, then think about this: Who really hired and sent them?

I was asked recently how it felt to be living inside one of my own novels. Well, sadly, we all are living inside this one. I would rather write novels about such perfidy, not live through it personally. So, that is what I am going to do.

Meanwhile, let the legal, rule of law, constitutional rights issues play out. Do not rush, lest you find out too late that this “outrageous truth” is actually just “truth.”

Do It Now!

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All right you 73 million Americans who probably voted for President Trump–this is not the time to lose heart, to whimper, to beg to have the harassment stop, to wallow in discouragement. You might need to put a seat belt on for this Blog. I have something to say.

This is the time for you to communicate–especially those of you in Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia–with the Governors of those states, the Secretaries of State of those states, and Election Commissioners of those states. Demand that they not certify any results that they are not 100% certain of–no matter what pressure, or threats are being directed at them, or their families, as was the case in Detroit two days ago.

To certify an election that wrongfully and willfully ousts a President of the United States is to be as complicit as those who schemed up what Joe Biden referred to recently as the best election fraud system in history. (very close to an exact quote) You thought it was a gaffe. It was not. He looked straight into camera, and very forcefully and slowly stated it. It might have been a “brain fart” but it was not a gaffe. He knew something, and he told us, albeit accidentally.

We must all hold the line now. This is an assault upon us and our fellow countrymen. Cheating to win is subversion. And, if adversarial foreign powers were involved, it is most likely treason. Whatever it is, cheating can not be allowed to become an accepted part of our culture.

Encourage investigators to find out who is the money behind Smartmatic? Who are the founders of that company close to? What foreign individuals or governments are involved with that company?


Call your state legislators, demanding that all election laws be reviewed and changed to avoid a debacle like this again.

Demand that the Governor of Georgia convene a special assembly of his legislature, to fix the dual identity verification systems that were used, thereby opening the door to fraud and unfairness. HE NEEDS TO DO THIS RIGHT NOW. THERE IS TIME FOR AN EMERGENCY SESSION OF A STATE LEGISLATURE. (No matter what state you live in, reach the Governor, and the head of elections in Georgia.)

Send money to the candidates’ election defense funds.

Ask your local GOP what is needed. Is it money? Is it phone calls? Is it marches in Washington, or other state capitols? Do you need to go to Georgia to volunteer in the Senate race run-offs? Follow the lead of the campaign.

President Trump is not fighting for himself. He is fighting for us and our political future. Listen and follow his lead. Back him up.

But, we must make the phones ring off the hooks, create such an influx of emails, tweets, social media posts, in-person meetings, texts–any and all communication channels available–so that no single person in authority in any state in the United States is not made constantly aware that something has gone dreadfully wrong, and that they must see to it that we slow down, fix the fraud portals, and get the next counts right. And, that if there are court actions, that we wait on those before we destroy the faith and confidence of We the People that we are We the People.

Some arrogant, power hungry thugs in Washington have forgotten who is boss. Never let up. Hold the line. Be peaceful, but firm. Stand on the Constitution and rely upon the Rule of Law. It will hold, but only if ALL of us pull now–together.

And, this is important enough and time-urgent enough that it is worth skipping some of your other “important things I have to do.” You matter. You always have. And I want to make sure you always will. But, make no mistake, if the will of over 70 million Americans can just be brushed aside and ignored, then we have elected reprobates, and we bear the responsibility.

A people get the government they deserve. I know we deserve better than this. All my life I–like you–have played by the rules, followed the law, been as honest as possible. And, I do not intend for people who say things to me like, “the riots in Portland and around the country are annoying, but necessary,” to prevail. I will not surrender this country to a group of politicians and their enforcement thugs who believe that the ends justify the means, and that it is important to win by any means necessary. Any means necessary. Think about it my friends.

There is a mob roaming our country and air waves that believes it is OK to lie, cheat, steal, burn, assault, and undermine in order to bring about the world they want. And you, and your values and opinions and dreams, are not part of the world they want.

I don’t want to hear anyone tell me Donald Trump is just fighting this for himself, and his ego. It is his right–and any candidate’s right–to challenge election “irregularities” and results. But, more importantly, it is his responsibility. “To defend the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic…” that is the oath. Notice that he is following the rule of law. He is using the courts. He is relying upon the Constitution, and following it.

He is fighting for me. He is fighting for you. For even one vote that was illegal cancels my vote. For the second vote that was illegal cancels your vote. How many thousands or even millions of us lost our vote on the night of Nov. 3, and the three subsequent days. He knows he will be gone–now or 4 years from now. But, we continue. The question is: Do we continue as an irrelevant schmuck whose vote is easily cancelled? Or do we continue as one of “we the people” whose vote is precious, revered, and determinative?

We let this happen. Now we must win “by any LEGAL means possible.”

Censorship–A Rose by Any Other Name

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Webster’s defines the verb censor as: to examine in order to suppress or delete anything thought to be harmful or dangerous.

Censor the noun is : an official who examines publications or communications for objectionable matter.

And Censorship is: the institution, system, or practice of censoring or of censors.

Well, there certainly is a lot of gray area in those definitions, isn’t there? You can call it by any name you want to, but a rose by any other name is still a rose. The real question is: Who decides? Who is anointed with the duty or power to suppress or delete? To decide what is objectionable? To create systems or institutions for the purpose of censoring?

I am no historian, but I do know that Ministers of Propaganda and Information have caused a lot of havoc, and destruction, over the centuries. Censorship is within their purview, and Censorship usually leads to persecution. It is a road to hell.

Hence, in our Bill of Rights, we are guaranteed Freedom of Speech. You can say and write what you like–even if people despise it, even if people counter it, even if people think you are crazy. No matter how abhorrent some people find your thoughts, mindset, and words to be, you have the right to express them. PERIOD!

You are not allowed to cry “fire” in a crowded theater, but that was not adjudicated by a “censor.” It was adjudicated in a court of law. See how this whole Rule of Law things ties together?

When I asked that question, I was asking it of whoever Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and various other mainstream news agencies have assigned to silence any thought they deem objectionable.

I for one will pit my intellect, and fair-mindedness, and Constitutional adherence against any 35 year old “woke” genius at these companies. You can think what you like, and you can say what you like. But, don’t censor me! And don’t censor those whose opinions you disagree with, or whose influence you want to diminish!

To watch wholesale censorship of the President of the United States is stunning. It is repulsive, and it is dangerous! That is not a mere embarrassment–as some would have you think. It is a disgrace. And I would hold that opinion even if the “shoe was on the other foot” and the candidate was not “my candidate.” Equal protection under the law applies here.

So, when you hear that Twitter accounts are blocked, when posts are censored, when they are hidden, when editors of newspapers are fired for allowing an opinion piece to be published, you know you are dealing with people who would do very well in any regime that seeks to control you, to suppress you, and erase you.

Speak up, while you still have the chance!

Call your state representative today would be my recommendation. No matter what state you live in. Tell them you will not support him or her unless they stand with the President, and the right of the candidate to go down legal and constitutional avenues. It is constitutional in a contested election for one person to pursue legal redress, recounts, etc. And, in this election, I am one of 72.3 Million Americans (that’s a LOT of people) who does not have confidence that the vote I cast was properly recorded–or if it were, that it was not cancelled out by planned late voting.

We must slow down, and get this right, for future elections, and generations.

Something Nancy Said…

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Something Nancy Pelosi said about two weeks before the election caught my attention. I had an uneasy feeling then, and am dead certain now. In one of her many appearances in front of the news media, adjusting her color-coordinated mask, she seemed to be preparing all Democrat supporters for something they would experience on election night. She said words to this effect. (This is not an exact quote, but it is very close to it.)

Do not worry or be concerned on election night. Donald Trump may appear to be winning, maybe winning by a landslide on election night. But don’t worry. No matter what it looks like, by the time ALL the ballots are counted we will have won, and will have put Joe Biden in the White House.

A Press that has no intellectual curiosity whatsoever, and no critical thinking ability either, did not notice an obvious outpoint. It is the outpoint that stuck with me. Her assertion that even if Trump won by a landslide on election night, he would lose in the ensuing days was outrageous. If an election is close, and one candidate appears to have won at midnight, it is possible of course for the opponent to gain ground to wipe out a narrow gap.

But, one needs to ask, “How the hell do you wipe out a “landslide?” How do you reverse multiple states simultaneously, erasing huge margins of victory?

So, it begs the question, what did Nancy know? Why was she reassuring her hyper-emotional constituency that everything would be ok in the end–no matter how distressing the evening of Nov. 3 might appear?

There are now more than 11000 sworn affidavits by people who are alleging–under penalty of perjury–fraud or irregularities, spread throughout multiple states. That makes the “battlefield” extremely expansive and diverse, involving different states and their laws. Daunting task. The probable strategy: death by a thousand cuts.

We do not know how this will play out in the coming weeks, but one thing is certain: This is a contested election. Do you understand that Mitt Romney? Do you understand that Chris Wallace? Do you understand that CNN? Do you understand that everyone? Whether you wanted it to be over with on Nov. 3 and the result all wrapped up in a tidy package, tied with a bow, is now a moot point. It is what it is.

Like it or not–there are procedures and rules that govern elections and which cover what happens when results are contested and a candidate will not concede. The candidates represent the people who voted for them, and they have every right to try to ensure that the outcome matched the true will of the people.

We are a nation of laws. We operate anchored on our Constitution, and each state has their constitution. They also have election laws that the Legislative Branch of the state government has created over time. We operate by the Rule of Law–not the Rule of Dictate by the Fourth Estate, or marauding riotous mobs. We have Due Process.

This will play out in courts across America over the next few weeks. There is nothing Hitlerian, or Stalinist about it. To exercise one’s rights under the Constitution is not an act of Sedition. So, whether Nancy wants to say this or not, I am suggesting to her Democrat constituents, and to other Republican elites, that “no matter what it looked like the day or two after the election, in the end, you may have cause to be upset.”

As for me, I am a citizen, like you, who has voted proudly in every election since I turned 21. A few days before election day I drove 8 hours all told to get my 91-year-old brother out of an Assisted Living facility–even though it meant he would be quarantined for two weeks–because he had never missed a vote either. He is a Korean War veteran and really wanted to vote.

And, if even one vote was illegally cast and counted, then that vote–cast by a cheater–has cancelled my vote or perhaps cancelled my brother’s vote. I am a fair-minded person. If I lose in a fair fight, I will take my licks and come back another day. Donald Trump is no different than me. He has rights, and one of them is his right to fight on.

We allowed Al Gore to pursue the legal path when he felt he had been wrongfully robbed of the victory. We will go down this legal path now too. Enjoy the walk on the path of the Rule of Law, even if for some of you it feels like a walk into scary, unknown territory. Lawlessness though is truly hard on you. You will find a peace in following the law.