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All right you 73 million Americans who probably voted for President Trump–this is not the time to lose heart, to whimper, to beg to have the harassment stop, to wallow in discouragement. You might need to put a seat belt on for this Blog. I have something to say.

This is the time for you to communicate–especially those of you in Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia–with the Governors of those states, the Secretaries of State of those states, and Election Commissioners of those states. Demand that they not certify any results that they are not 100% certain of–no matter what pressure, or threats are being directed at them, or their families, as was the case in Detroit two days ago.

To certify an election that wrongfully and willfully ousts a President of the United States is to be as complicit as those who schemed up what Joe Biden referred to recently as the best election fraud system in history. (very close to an exact quote) You thought it was a gaffe. It was not. He looked straight into camera, and very forcefully and slowly stated it. It might have been a “brain fart” but it was not a gaffe. He knew something, and he told us, albeit accidentally.

We must all hold the line now. This is an assault upon us and our fellow countrymen. Cheating to win is subversion. And, if adversarial foreign powers were involved, it is most likely treason. Whatever it is, cheating can not be allowed to become an accepted part of our culture.

Encourage investigators to find out who is the money behind Smartmatic? Who are the founders of that company close to? What foreign individuals or governments are involved with that company?


Call your state legislators, demanding that all election laws be reviewed and changed to avoid a debacle like this again.

Demand that the Governor of Georgia convene a special assembly of his legislature, to fix the dual identity verification systems that were used, thereby opening the door to fraud and unfairness. HE NEEDS TO DO THIS RIGHT NOW. THERE IS TIME FOR AN EMERGENCY SESSION OF A STATE LEGISLATURE. (No matter what state you live in, reach the Governor, and the head of elections in Georgia.)

Send money to the candidates’ election defense funds.

Ask your local GOP what is needed. Is it money? Is it phone calls? Is it marches in Washington, or other state capitols? Do you need to go to Georgia to volunteer in the Senate race run-offs? Follow the lead of the campaign.

President Trump is not fighting for himself. He is fighting for us and our political future. Listen and follow his lead. Back him up.

But, we must make the phones ring off the hooks, create such an influx of emails, tweets, social media posts, in-person meetings, texts–any and all communication channels available–so that no single person in authority in any state in the United States is not made constantly aware that something has gone dreadfully wrong, and that they must see to it that we slow down, fix the fraud portals, and get the next counts right. And, that if there are court actions, that we wait on those before we destroy the faith and confidence of We the People that we are We the People.

Some arrogant, power hungry thugs in Washington have forgotten who is boss. Never let up. Hold the line. Be peaceful, but firm. Stand on the Constitution and rely upon the Rule of Law. It will hold, but only if ALL of us pull now–together.

And, this is important enough and time-urgent enough that it is worth skipping some of your other “important things I have to do.” You matter. You always have. And I want to make sure you always will. But, make no mistake, if the will of over 70 million Americans can just be brushed aside and ignored, then we have elected reprobates, and we bear the responsibility.

A people get the government they deserve. I know we deserve better than this. All my life I–like you–have played by the rules, followed the law, been as honest as possible. And, I do not intend for people who say things to me like, “the riots in Portland and around the country are annoying, but necessary,” to prevail. I will not surrender this country to a group of politicians and their enforcement thugs who believe that the ends justify the means, and that it is important to win by any means necessary. Any means necessary. Think about it my friends.

There is a mob roaming our country and air waves that believes it is OK to lie, cheat, steal, burn, assault, and undermine in order to bring about the world they want. And you, and your values and opinions and dreams, are not part of the world they want.

I don’t want to hear anyone tell me Donald Trump is just fighting this for himself, and his ego. It is his right–and any candidate’s right–to challenge election “irregularities” and results. But, more importantly, it is his responsibility. “To defend the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic…” that is the oath. Notice that he is following the rule of law. He is using the courts. He is relying upon the Constitution, and following it.

He is fighting for me. He is fighting for you. For even one vote that was illegal cancels my vote. For the second vote that was illegal cancels your vote. How many thousands or even millions of us lost our vote on the night of Nov. 3, and the three subsequent days. He knows he will be gone–now or 4 years from now. But, we continue. The question is: Do we continue as an irrelevant schmuck whose vote is easily cancelled? Or do we continue as one of “we the people” whose vote is precious, revered, and determinative?

We let this happen. Now we must win “by any LEGAL means possible.”

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