What if? A Diabolical Long Game…

Many of you do not know me, or of me. I am not self-congratulating here, but rather setting the stage briefly for a picture and scenario I am looking at right now. I’m the author of the White King Trilogy–a series of political fiction suspense novels that shocked even Intelligence, Military, and Counterterrorism professionals in their accuracy over time.

In June of 2004, I was alarmed at the divisiveness in the country and set about to see what was causing it. I advanced a theory to myself, utilizing my professional acting background, my knowledge of the human mind and behavior, and my marketing background. I began with a “what if” exercise to identity the underlying motivation, and likely strategies and tactics, that one our worst real life enemies might deploy.

The first novel, “White King and the Doctor” revealed things you are living through right now–only it revealed them almost 15 years ago. The books have been regarded as prophetic. Don’t assume that I do not know what I am talking about.

Fortunately in my fiction, Andy Weir, the Grandmaster chess champion, figures out what this real-life, brilliant enemy is doing–what chess moves he would make in his long game to bring us down from within. Not to spoil the surprise, but Andy’s superior chess strategies and ability to “look” into the arena enabled him and his allies to thwart the worst bad guys in the world today.

So, this brings me to the historic Impeachment last night. That was insane enough, but Speaker Pelosi’s refusal then and today to send the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate for the trial are causing every commentator and politician in America today to be scratching their heads wondering and/or pontificating about why she’s doing it, what she wants, what she fears etc.

The cliched ones center around her knowing the case is absurd, and not wanting to see an acquittal, her looking for an off-ramp from the farce she acquiesced to, her desire to milk the most she can out of it before it dies. Or that she is buying time for some “Mitt Romney” to raise up insurgents in his own party. This is where my antennae went up, where I think the analysis is too shallow, too simple. Someone is diverting our attention. In chess, this analysis is rather myopic. Too short range. Too few moves that don’t lead to checkmate.

Whatever else Speaker Pelosi may or may not be, she is a very smart tactician, and so I did what I did long ago. I looked at this from a different angle, asked myself “what if?” and “saw” a different picture. There is not time for me to write another novel to expose this one. Buckle up friends. I hope I am wrong, but…

What if: Donald Trump has to be gotten rid of at all costs? What if his world view and successful actions threaten a 70 year plan to reshape an entire world order? And what if the timing of a trial right now–though thought to be desirable when Pelosi expected the public and the polls to turn against the President–would actually be the worst thing for that objective? What could the attackers do to make sure he does not get 4 more years.

Assuming the Speaker now knows that the trial will result in an acquittal, and that her party will not get a do-over in the House, and assuming she knows that even if by some miracle they got a conviction and removal, the President still could run again, as he is entitled to a second term.

Removing him in his first term then does not stop the President from running again (if I understand the Constitution), and being elected again. Remember, what if the goal is to stop him from the next four years?

Just spit-balling here. But, what if she and Shumer shift gears and turn all attention to the Senate for the election ahead? What if those two already know that Trump will get another 4 years, one way or the other? To shoot the wad of the Impeachment in the House, which will cost her in all likelihood the control of the House in 2021, leaves only the Senate as the chamber that could stop him in 2021–NOT 2020.

But to stop him, the Senate has to be flipped to Democrat. Then, a stalled Impeachment Trial would be hastily moved forward, and would be tried in a Democrat-controlled Senate. I think we all know how that would turn out.

At that point, the President would have been elected for his second term–and can not try again. If he is removed early in his second term, he can not come back, and the “deplorables” have no chess move to make. Please get this. If he is acquitted in 2020, he gets re-elected. Even if he is found guilty in 2020 and is removed before Nov. 3, 2020, he gets re-elected. He gets 4 more years and they will have failed to stop him–regardless of the verdict.


But, if he is found guilty in 2021after commencing his second term, he is removed, and he is gone–with no path back to the White House. Simple game then. She can lose the control of the House. They have already done their part in bringing the Impeachment.

She and others get 4 Republicans to lose their seats, while holding the Democrat Senate count. The Senate then goes to 51 Democrats, 49 Republicans instead of 53 Republicans to 47 Democrats right now.

The trial goes ahead, and on strict party lines, the President is convicted and removed–in her mind sparing the country–and the world–4 more years of the President’s reforms.

If all they need is 4 Senators to lose their seats, that is a winnable game. What if Speaker Pelosi sees the long game, sees a series of chess moves, and foresees checkmate? What if none of this is being done “on the fly” being “made up as they go?” Or even if that did happen, what if the strategist that she is has “looked” down the road, and saw an opportunity to do something that a current trial could never accomplish? Removed now, he comes back at some point. Removed in 2021, he is gone.

If you do not see her make a move to send the Articles over to the Senate in a matter of days, then pay close attention my friends. This is one I would rather be wrong about.

“What if?”…I do not have time to write the novel, juicy though it would be. If any of this resonates, you need to get this Blog, and some of my historical Blogs to people in power, and who have the influence. Get it to the White House, to any talk show host who would understand it. All it takes sometimes is for people to “spot” the attack, to see the “tell” in the con, and they instantly figure out a way to thwart it. The problem with playing with a Grandmaster chess champion is that often the checkmate move was made early on–with many ensuing moves by the unsuspecting opponent–and ultimately the opponent suddenly experiences the ambush and hears the awful word, “Checkmate.”

Is she that good? Are her global handlers that good? I don’t know. But WHAT IF?

8 thoughts on “What if? A Diabolical Long Game…

  1. Mary Kanady

    Lee, thank you for those “ifs” because whoever is pulling the strings has probably thought of this. Thanks for giving us food for thought

    1. Lee Kessler Post author

      Yes, I expect the President’s lawyers will be arguing that if there is a delay. We are in some new territory here. Our Supreme Court is likely to be very busy in the next year!

  2. CJ Johnson

    On the other side of the “What if” –
    What if the De-class happens?
    What if Huber happens?
    What if Durham happens?
    What if Trump is aware of the covert maneuverings and is prepared to counter punch?

  3. Lee Kessler

    Yes, that would be the other side of the chess game. Two Grandmasters playing. I think, in this case, the one who is most like Andy Weir in his flexibility, his observation, and his natural skills vs. planned maneuvers, is likely to win. I believe Trump is a better chess player.

  4. Tim

    But it isn’t a simple majority to remove an impeached President. Doesn’t it take 2/3 vote of the Senate? That can’t happen, realistically, without other extenuating circumstances taking place between now and then.

    1. Lee Kessler Post author

      Tim, Yes, you are correct on the 2/3. They, however, would happily take it up with a simple majority—and set the rules on what could happen. Goal, to get enough negative introduced as “evidence” and “witness testimony” that enough Republicans would turn, and then rely upon the “Mitt Romneys” to carry them over. That would be your extenuating circumstances..

  5. Midge

    Sorry but she never really had leverage to stop the Senate from acting one way or another. The Senate is,a separate body & not captive to her shenanigsns. Thus, it’s moving forward whether she likes it or not. Hey…she started this mess but they’ll finish it for her!


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