Crossfire Hurricane Part 2

Last week I reminded you of a con run under the color of law. Meant to look totally legit, and fool you, something truly terrifying was devised and implemented. The Horowitz report confirms it. And that report confirms that Devin Nunes was right, and telling the truth. And that Adam Schiff was not right, and not telling the truth. Keep that in mind as you watch the spectacle of a President being impeached for two non-crimes.

One of the Articles of Impeachment is gone already, since the Supreme Court has decided to take up the President’s appeal regarding privileged material. That automatically makes that a legitimate argument under our Constitution. In a conflict between the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch, one turns to the Judicial Branch for guidance and decision. So, try to prove somehow that the President using that channel– as has been done many, many times in our history–is “Obstruction of Congress.”

The other Article is a travesty. So, here is the second Blog I wrote about Operation Crossfire Hurricane. I encourage you to read the Horowitz Report about this operation. Then, pay very close attention to the FOUR countries I named last July as being involved. It may color your opinion of the farce that is about to show up in the Congress on Wednesday.


In an earlier Blog, I asked the question who was the target of this Operation Crossfire Hurricane?   Who was caught in the crossfire, and who did it?   Here are some answers.

The target was candidate Donald Trump and his campaign.   When that failed to stop his election, President Trump became the target.   Sadly, it was done–not just by foreign adversaries, but by the top echelon of the FBI, and, I believe, the CIA and other Intelligence personnel.

Almost a magic act of deception and misdirection, a lie was concocted and then planted, and then bounced around the country.   Sucked into its hurricane were media journalists like Michael Isikoff, Senators like John McCain., Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Atty General Rod Rosenstein.   Begun by Peter Stok, Andrew McCabe, and Lisa Page most likely, it appears to have been orchestrated by FBI Dir. James Comey, CIA director John Brennan, and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.  Other names to pay attention to as the data surfaces, and the evidence mounts are Sally Yates, Samantha Powers, Loretta Lynch, and the former President. The question to answer is this:  Who ordered the implementation of Crossfire Hurricane?  Who in the UK, Australia, Ukraine, and Italy were complicit?

The objective?  to take down the President of the United States.

Why? In investigations one has to identify the Who, the What, the When, the Where.  But, there will always be an underlying Why.  Some of you may not care to know the Why.   Some of you may be gleeful that for whatever reason they did it, you won’t pursue it because you have disdain for this President, and don’t really care what happens to him.

Now, here’s the point.   This time they did it to my guy.  The next time, it will be done to your guy.  None of these people care about Republican or Democrat, Conservative or Liberal.   They care about power and control.   And you, the American people, got in their way.   Certain they were set for life, the American people threw the grenade called Donald Trump into their cozy little den.   His presence threatened everything.

But, be sure, you are the ones they hate.   Why?   Because you have the annoying habit of believing you are smart, insightful; you have the tendancy to make decisions and to think independently.  Further, you are operating under the delusion–in their opinion–that you are the boss, and they are working for you.

To them, you are stupid and self-centered, and need to be governed. You were called “Deplorable” and recently you have been called “Garbage.”  James Comey last week said that you were a mob that should be put in a dark corner. Don’t miss this people. Regrettably, Crossfire Hurricane spilled out into our lives as well.   Donald Trump was not the only victim here. You were also the victim–and in my opinion the actual intended target.

You stepped out of line.   You superseded your “authority” in their minds.   You sent a true change agent.  And that person was capable of dismantling all their power and money structure.  Why?  Because, as an executive, he has the habit of asking the question, “Why?”   It’s part of the package of true executives.  They need to know why something is working or not working, why stats are going up or down, why public relations are strong or not strong.   The list of questions is endless, but always governed by the need to know the real reason why.   Once they identify the underlying “why” they can begin to fix and expand.

The American people sent an executive to Washington, not a self-serving, career-enhancing politician.   And that was a “sin” in the minds of the authoritarian swamp rats.   They may know that they can not get rid of the guy–at least by now they know that.  But the real message is one for YOU.   The message?   Don’t ever do this again.  If you try, we will destroy you, and anyone connected to you.

Talk about voter suppression!  Something to think about, my friends.   Something to think about…

Next Blog…”Make America Law Abiding Again”

3 thoughts on “Crossfire Hurricane Part 2

    1. Lee Kessler Post author
      Melinda, you fight back using the rule of law, and the ballot box. But, for now, you have to communicate with your Representative–Republican or Democrat. The link above gives you contact info on every member of Congress. And, I recommend contacting your Senators–of both parties, since they are likely to get this disgrace dumped into their laps. Make your opinion clear. Phone calls mean more than Faxes. Faxes mean more than emails. Arriving at their office means the most of all. Calling the Washington office may be busy signal for hours. But, their local offices should be available. If voicemail full, send a Fax.
      And, carrying forward, we must be ever vigilant because this happened under our watch. I think Americans are awake now. They see something is radically wrong in Washington. And, this is not self-seriving: Have people read “White King and the Doctor” as fast as they can, and then on to “White King Rising.” The books reveal TRUTH, and entertain. But, most of all, they offer hope.


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