“Crossfire Hurricane,” the Dirty Penny!

In June of this year I published the first of two Blogs on Crossfire Hurricane as a preview of coming attractions.   I have reprised it below so that you can read it.  You can read the part two of it for yourselves  (Crossfire Hurricane Revisited)

Deception and Misdirection are tools of the Information Warfare establishment.   Call it Propaganda, Black Propaganda, Opposition Research, Horror stories–call it whatever you want.  Nothing changes the result: a manipulated and hyper-emotional you who can not distinguish fact from fiction, whose reason and emotions are at the effect of the propagandist, and whose level of hopelessness is dragging you down.

This is the stuff I write about in my prophetic fiction that is fact-based.   Today, I have Good News for you!!   Although CNN refused to cover the opening statement of the Horowitz hearing yesterday about his 400 plus page report on abuse of power, and other networks didn’t cover it at all, you can watch the whole hearing.   C-Span should have it.  Don’t rely upon any media outlet such as YouTube.   Go to the government source.

And know that while the fools on the House Judiciary Committee were hammering out the last bit of their putrid attempt to overthrow a President of the United States on grounds that aren’t even crimes, the source of their cancerous hatred was being exposed in the Senate Judiciary Hearing with Horowitz testifying about his report.  It remains to be seen how many Congressmen and women were actually complicit in this, and how many were just unwitting victims of a brilliantly executed, deadly, counter-intelligence hoax run against us.

Word of warning:   Don’t be lazy here!    Don’t rely upon news headlines for their one line summary of the Horowitz report.   Listen to the whole hearing.   Better yet, read the whole report.  If you want to understand “Abuse of Power,” I challenge you to dig deep. This report is only the beginning.   Its release was necessary so the data in it can get folded into the ongoing criminal investigation.   All of the Blogs that I have written that have been political in nature are about to come together at a nexus.   You will have that nexus in about 5-6 months.  All roads do in fact lead to Rome!

For now, refresh your memory with my Crossfire Hurricane Blog, and then go read about the Crossfire Hurricane details in the Horowitz Report, and watch the Dec. 11, 2019 Senate Hearing. It may scare you, it may embarrass you, it may horrify you, it may anger you.   But, it will not bore you.  Truth has a way of surfacing.   Hang on America.   This is the beginning of the final ride on this roller-coaster from hell.


If you have not heard that term, you have not been watching or reading the right news sources.  In the coming months, you, as Americans, are going to have to face something you never could have conceived, you never would have believed, and may not know how to handle.

Be calm, daylight reveals the truth.

Some of you who follow Congressional hearings have heard of Crossfire Hurricane, and it may have caused you to shudder.   It is real; it was testified to under oath by top FBI personnel; it was deployed against an American.   And we are going to explore it in the next few Blogs.

But, for now, just take a look at the name itself.   Ask yourself what crossfire is.  It is fIre from more than one direction converging on a single spot.  Ask yourself if you would like to be caught in a crossfire.   Certainly it is a tactic to guarantee that you hit the enemy from both sides, thus insuring he falls.

And Hurricane.   Well we all know the devastating force, winds, inundating floods, and treacherous clockwise/counterclockwise churning that a hurricane creates.   Not to mention its sudden changes in direction.   And it is broad, almost inescapable if you are in its direct path.

So, your tax payer dollars have been used in the last three years to create a hurricane deployed against American citizens.  Simultaneously, the individuals caught in the hurricane were hit with crossfire in an attempt to bring them down.

Who would conceive of this diabolical plot?   Who would further name it in such a sinister way?  Who was the target?  Did they survive?

Let’s talk.

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