Oh My, What a Dilemma!

For months now the supremely self-confidant, but monumentally ignorant, freshman Congresswomen, along with Climate Change “Experts” have told us that we have to do away with cows because of cow flatulence.   Apparently cow farts do damage to the environment and atmosphere, and are creating climate change.   The solution, apparently,  is the elimination of cows from our world.   Ok, so that, in and of itself, was enough to ponder.   But now, a real monkey wrench has been thrown into the arena.

Just yesterday I heard that cow manure can be converted into energy, and it can fuel our electric cars.  A movement is afoot–probably in California–to use manure as a source of energy. Electric  cars are supposed to be good for the environment, and climate change.  So, there you go.   Another idea on how to save us all from extinction.

This presents quite a dilemma, though, and I have been losing sleep over it.  Do we kill the cows, thereby negating any possibility of cow farts destroying us, or do we keep the cows and let the manure create energy for cars, hoping to avoid our extinction?  Or does one cancel the other–save ourselves by cow manure, but kill ourselves by cow “flatulence.”

Oh my, what an imponderable.   Can you help me?   I would like to put this cow manure vs cow fart issue to bed.  What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Oh My, What a Dilemma!

  1. Chuck Harral

    I suggest we pile the manure in her backyard and let her deal with it using her gas-guzzler SUV.
    Probably a better use of her time than trying to order POTUS around. (assuming it’s the same ignorant congresswoman)

    love your blogs Lee

  2. CJ Johnson

    Perhaps we should simply put turbines in the House of Representatives – with that much hot wind blowing it could solve the problem.

  3. Tanii Carr

    I had heard about the environmental impact of cow gas many years ago, so its not an entirely new subject for me. I’ve also read at least one article that stated that it cost much more in conventional energy sources to produce an electric car battery so there may be a bit of give and take on electric cars as well.

    I don’t think the powerful meat industry is going to fold on anything related to cows (nor would the McDonald’s-loving public). And electric cards have taken a foothold.

    Then there’s the issue of how insane can a person can be and still be perceived as intelligent and thinking. That, I believe, is the major danger we face environmentally. All these red herrings to distract us away from really important issues, too numerous to mention.

    Too much thinking for one evening. I’m going to bed and hope things look brighter, more rational out of D.C. tomorrow…..


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