Merry Christmas & Other Controversial Salutations

Being older now, I just want to say Merry Christmas!  Admittedly my roots are in upstate New York, a small village of almost no diversity other than 8 different Christian denominations.  Naturally, we all had one thing in common at least.   And that was the celebration of Christmas.

In recent years, where many people seemingly live to take offense at almost anything that is said or done, many have strayed away from celebrating the reason for the season, or retreated into quietly doing it, so as not to offend anyone of another faith, or no faith.

Personally, I have come to know that if I get “offended,” it means I am not controlling my emotions.  Each of us can choose at any moment to let our emotions control us, or we can control them.   I prefer to take responsibility for my reactions and actions, and not point the finger at someone else for expressing an opinion or belief different than mine.  Though not perfect by any means, I practice this each day. When someone does something offensive, I don’t “get offended” anymore.   I merely look at it, and choose the emotion I want to display next.  The challenge is to display an emotion that creates some affinity and understanding, not one guaranteed to breach it.   It’s a challenge worth taking up. Humbling actually…

Along the way, I decided to not only celebrate Christmas with cheerful salutations of “Merry Christmas” but I have also chosen to be joyful of others’ holidays as well.   I just join in–and am willing to take happiness and togetherness wherever I find it.  Personally I believe we could all use a little more grace and cheer.   This time of year affords us lots of opportunity to smile and sincerely wish someone well–wish them some joy.   So, if there is an honest celebration going on, man, I join in!

So, with that said, I want to wish you ALL a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!



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