“Oh, what a web we weave…”

If you have read “White King and the Doctor”–and I implore you to do so–you may remember that our enemy’s Propaganda Warfare Chief, who owned an international public relations firm, laid out a plan to take down the United States.   That plan involved what is called a Fifth Column.  (See my early Blogs last year)   It is a military term for a force operating inside a country whose purpose is to sow divisiveness in order to break the solidarity of a people, and it also may involve actual sabotage.  Pay attention now please! If it is Information Warfare, there may be sabotage of the information the people receive.  The end result of a successful 5th Column attack is the weakening of the core of the nation, and an eventual implosion.

In our case, the United States does not have to be done away with.   But, for those whose goal is world domination, it does have to be relegated to a lesser status where it can be controlled and manipulated by others outside our country.

What I need you all to understand is that the United States is We The People.  To bring the United States down, we the people have to be rendered impotent.   Now that is a tough challenge in a country as diverse as ours, and with a population that is smart, innovative, rugged, and brave.

I would rather you read this in the novel, as it will allow you to get your bearings, discover some truths for yourself, and to digest it in a story that makes current life understandable.   But, there is not time for only that now.   Here’s why.

The strategies the man named “Samir” laid out to accomplish bringing America down from within were to get us to do it to ourselves.   No one else would have the money and military resources to do it in a conventional way.   Therefore, by default, the attack would have to be done through Information Warfare.   Whoever controls the information you and I receive, and whoever manipulates the interpretation of facts or lies, will control us.

Two strategies were deployed by “Samir” (please see the Blog “All Roads Lead to Rome”).  One is that a lie told often enough becomes the truth.   The other is that a truth told can appear so outrageous it is dismissed as a lie.

This is shockingly and, though obvious to me, perhaps unknowingly being done to you right now.  In November of 2020, the American people will elect their next President.   It will either be the current President, or it will be someone else.   It matters not who your preference is for this discussion. It matters that you understand within an inch of your life that the key thing is that the American People–and only the American People–are to decide who is President.

Now, I am about to express a truth so outrageous you may be tempted to dismiss it as a lie.  Don’t yield to that knee-jerk response.   Slow down, take a deep breath, and listen.   To me?  More to your own still, quiet heart.

A coup attempt is in fact going on in the United States today.  The target appears to be President Donald J. Trump, but he is only your stand-in.   I am not diminishing his capabilities etc. but I want to make it clear he is your representative.  So, an attempt to overthrow him–less than 1 year from when you all have the opportunity to legally and constitutionally pick your President–is an attempt to overthrow you, and undermine your power.

The two strategies to divide us all, and to render you confused and fearful, are these.   Be on the lookout for them.   You are already caught in the eddy, and the whirlpool is intensifying.   Here is what the Information Warfare tactics will be.   You will be bombarded  from all directions, every day all day, by lies– from Media and other politicians too dim to know they are being used. Lies planted carefully and deviously, supported by other lies, and intertwined with yet other lies, connecting to even broader webs of lies.  They may be about the President, or about those working with him, but make no mistake.   YOU are the target.   The goal is to overwhelm your reason with so much false information you eventually succumb and accept the lies as truths.  You begin to doubt your own reality, and the reality of those around you.

Sir Walter Scott said it best in a poem, “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.”

This web of deception will be done ahead of some major truths that will be exposed in the next few months.   Those truths are being relentlessly ferreted out through investigation, and those truths, I believe, will disrupt the world order as it is today.  And that, my friends, would be very devastating to those who want to control.  Therefore their propaganda campaign will flood the area with lies, so that when the truth appears, it will seem so outrageous to you–in the context of the lies–that you will dismiss the truth as a lie.

And bingo, the whole system goes upside down.   If “Samir” succeeds, you will be living in a world of political lies so pervasive you come to accept it as the norm–The “New Normal” in truth.   Only it is all a web of lies.  Then, you, on your own, will push aside or squash the truth when it comes out, since your mind will have been reprogrammed to view and evaluate through the filter of reversed truth.   You will be tempted to reject the truth in favor of the lie, and believe you are doing the righteous, patriotic thing in doing so.

Do you see how maniacal that is?   How Machiavellian?

The flaw in the ointment is this.   Americans are pretty smart.   We still have “gut instinct” and “common sense.”   And we are fiercely independent.   I think you know someone is doing something to you.   I think you feel it.   It feels like something may be trying to separate you from your own logic.

Sadly, this is part and parcel, stock and trade for the Black Propagandist, the Information Warrior.   He is the polar opposite of you.   He is the polar opposite of sanity.   Therefore, if you feel somehow that the world turned upside down, and you are wrestling with obscene illogics and punitive reasoning, just know the attack is on.

When I wrote the two books, “White King and the Doctor” and “White King Rising” which expose this and a whole lot more, and were stories of fiction inspired by actual events, I expected a tremendous amount of pushback from the readers, from the Intelligence Community, and others.   Instead, I got a resounding affirmation.   The immediate comment upon finishing the story from almost everyone was, “My God, I think this is true.”

Hold onto your truth, my friends.   You are being forced to reason on the foundation of lies that has been put in place.   It is, however, shifting sand.   There is something someone does not want you–the American People–to do in November of 2020.

My best solution:   Look at what the elites want you to do, what the Media wants you to do, what the Intelligence Community may want you to do, what some politicians may want you to do. Stand your ground, and do the opposite of what they want and expect.   That act alone may right the ship.

70 million Americans pulling the chain on this toilet can flush it all away.   We are the land of the free.    It still remains to be proven that we, as a people, constitute the home of the brave.

Hint:   When someone says they need to overthrow a President ahead of your election in order to save the country, you are looking at a lie.   Don’t let it become a truth, lest you forfeit your own power.   That power?   Your vote, my friends, your vote.



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  1. Tanii Carr

    While I gain insight with every post, Lee, some hit more deeply on an emotional level than others. That is the case with this post. Gut-wrenching truth. I will leave it at “thank you.”


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