“Wag the Dog 2”–new cast, same deception

The film “Wag the Dog” was released in 1997. The plot involves a President trying to get reelected who gets caught in a scandal. His spin doctor hires a Hollywood producer to create a war, one so convincing that the media and public will be distracted by the war, and not notice the scandal. The war was fake, but, through the filmmaker’s genius, appeared real. Real enough to fool the country.

It was a brilliant and funny satiric revelation of just how manipulative politics, media, and Hollywood can get. Through skillful writing, filming, and editing, one can make anything appear real–even a completely false story. You could fool the media into taking the bait. But, what if the media was part of the deception–willfully part of the deception?

You should note that when I was researching Bin Laden and Ayman Al-Zawahiri for the insights that eventually led to “White King and the Doctor,” I discovered that it was reported Bin Laden’s favorite movie was “Wag the Dog.” That is in fact what gave me the idea to have Bin Laden in a film studio filming various scenarios that might happen in the future, and to have him launch his propaganda chief into an attack that would undermine the American free press, causing the American people to bring themselves down from within. All of it, based on creating something out of nothing, and then making the “something” appear so real that it was accepted as the truth.

There is a “Wag the Dog 2” being created right now. Many of you may see some things on the news but have not trained your eye to spot what is missing. You may be watching Trump or Biden rallies on TV–or the parts the media allows you to see–and you have missed something.

I currently live in a state where rallies have taken place locally, and the local news reporters and their cameramen sometimes capture things CNN would never allow out for example. If you have been anywhere in the vicinity of a Trump rally, whether local or national news covers it or not, you know the rally is there and it is large. I have also personally witnessed car and truck parades miles long spontaneously happening in my state of Florida. Boat parades and rallies are popping up all around the peninsula I live on.

The reverse is true of Biden rallies. I first noticed it when Biden came to Tampa to handle something with a voting block, and a rally was announced. I do not know what you saw on cable news networks, but what I saw was that those who showed up were Trump supporters.

That caught my attention. After that I began to watch every time Biden came out to a “rally.” Occasionally the cameraman would slip up and show the audience area, and it was obvious that there was either no one there but the Press, or a dozen or so people. The camera would then cut away immediately to avoid the embarrassment or truth of the event. During his train campaigning, when he stopped at various towns, the camera accidentally showed no audience.

Then I checked Kamala Harris, and at her rally a week or so ago, even though she came out to the stage in the park or field (the usual setting for Biden or Harris) waving to fans and, in a very unconvincing performance, peering out over what seemed like a large and sprawling crowd extending into the distance, once again the camera caught the attendees. There were about 25 people in the audience. My response? I simply said to myself, “Oh, no…”

Even more telling is the Obama rally in Miami area last week. It was, like most Biden rallies now, a drive-in rally. I assumed there would be a lot of people at this rally, given that it was the former President in a historically Democrat area. This time, even the cable network got caught up. They turned the camera at an angle, revealing the car audience from the point of view of President Obama. In my estimation, there were perhaps 100 cars–meaning 200 attendees.

Another rally this week interviewed Biden supporters after it. They explained they had heard about a rally, and came to see him, but were turned back at the venue. They were told it was a “private event” and they could not come in. They waited outside the publicly announced venue, and eventually a small caravan of cars came out honking.

Folks, this is a classic Wag the Dog. The Biden campaign has skillful cameramen, editors, and PR people, and the result is that you have been led to believe there actually is a vibrant, massively-supported candidate. The news then hammers the idea home with the polls every night.

In reality, there is almost no one coming out. It is a faux campaign. I am now convinced that all the polls are wrong–and possibly even deceptively created to put us in fear and uncertainty, and to make us convinced that a candidate who is not attracting a crowd as large as your office staff is clobbering his opponent. The visuals are being distorted to make you believe the vast majority of Americans are clamoring for Joe Biden, and would love to see him.

Someone may successfully create a work of fiction that actually puts the man in the White House, but it will have been through manipulation of the American people’s perceptions. A coordinated effort is being fed to you in what I will characterize as a Voter Suppression effort, and a Voter Intimidation effort.

The solution: turn off the TV and radio for the next 3 days. Watch no cable news–not even Fox–and do not look at any polls. No matter what juicy stories, scary forecasts or speculations come out today, tomorrow, and Monday, just do your job! Our job is to take the responsibility that comes with our citizenship: to VOTE on Tuesday, or before, in person.

This is your country, your government. You are the boss. And, if my experience at the polls in Florida this past week helping my 91 year old brother get to the polls for a vote in person in a wheelchair is any indicator, you will have fun. They are well-organized and trained here. Voter fraud at the polls would be very hard, and there will not be intimidation in the parking lots.

You have already been intimidated enough by the nightly cable news, and by fake, scripted, phonied-up rallies.

Shut out all noise now. It is “blinders on” time. Head down. Do not allow “Wag the Dog 2” to become a national bestseller. Films die when poorly attended. Don’t let cable news continue to sell you this “movie.”

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