Enthusiasm You Say?

The Media is missing it once again. They misunderstood us in 2016, and they are misunderstanding us now. President Trump is doing 5 rallies today and 5 or 6 tomorrow–while still performing the duties of the Presidency.

Tens of thousands of people are turning out, standing in line for hours. Then standing even longer in the cold–and today the snow. The political analysts, the members of the press assigned to cover the two campaigns, even members of the campaign themselves, ALL comment on the enthusiasm of the Trump voter this year.

They look at the anemic turnout at a Biden rally where there are a few dozen cars, and no interaction between the candidate and the audience. And they are trying to analyze what this difference in “enthusiasm” between the two candidates’ supporters will mean on Tuesday.

To me, they are ALL making a mistake when they assign these throngs of people to “enthusiasm.” They are enthusiastic, yes. But, it is something bigger, more pervasive and lasting. It is Determination. The Trump people aren’t just enthusiastic this year. They are “determined.” And when pollsters, analysts, or political operatives assign what is clearly palpable to mere enthusiasm, they are going to misevaluate what is about to happen.

There is a big difference between mere enthusiasm, and enthusiastic determination! I can not speak for you. But, I can speak for myself. I am not just enthusiastic. I am determined. I am ready to “take the hill.”

And tomorrow I will give you what I predicted months ago would be the outcome of this groundswell of focused, enthusiastic, cheerful determination. It will likely surprise you.

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