Be A Fruit Inspector

Years ago, a mentor of mine taught me and my business colleagues that if we were going to be leaders of people that we should learn what it is to be a fruit inspector, not a judge in black robes.

This lesson has completely escaped the MedIa and a very shrill public who seem not to understand a basic botany fact.    The fact is:  a bad tree cannot produce good fruit.   But a good tree can.   So, when in doubt about someone, look to what they produce–the “fruit.”  If it is good fruit, even though you may have a distaste for the person, or his/her appearance, or mannerisms, or leadership style, if it is good “fruit” the tree is good.

Instead, in today’s America, we are being programmed to put on black robes, and judge everyone and everything–based upon our own biases, and in many cases our own ignorance and emotional immaturity.   Make no mistake, when you are “triggered”–as I have covered many times relevant to Propaganda Warfare, and the stimulus-response reaction it produces–it is proof to others that you are not in control of your emotions.   Someone else is.   Who is that?   And what is their motive?

Could it be they want to trick you into believing that “bad” fruit is “good,” and good for you?   They may even look great, sound great, speak smoothly with platitudes galore, but what is their fruit?   Is anything improving?

So, let’s take a look, for example,  at some of the President’s “fruit.”  You have been told repeatedly that he is evil, vile, nefarious, inept, and the worst thing that could have happened to the United States.   Your disdain is so great that you may not want to hear the truth about Operation Crossfire Hurricane.   All right.   Let’s accept that.   But let’s just look then at some of the fruit on the tree of this President so far:

  1.  African-American unemployment is at an all-time low.
  2. Hispanic unemployment is at an all-time low.
  3. Hispanic incomes rising.
  4. Female unemployment is the lowest since 1969.
  5. Income for Americans has risen at least 3%.  (As it continues to rise, the middle class is being rebuilt)
  6. GDP is above 3% when the previous administration prepared us for a new normal of 1-2%, if I remember.
  7. Regulations lifted have allowed companies to expand, and are hiring.
  8. Companies that fled the US for economic reasons are returning.
  9. Mexico is cooperating more than ever on controlling the border to the US, and beginning to tackle the Drug Cartels.
  10. We have full, albeit emotional, attention on our own southern border.
  11. He and the First Lady are attacking the Opioid Epidemic head on.
  12. 3 Million Americans have come off food stamps.
  13. He is working diligently on the Balance of Trade Deficit with China and others.  (Our balance of trade deficit has been a problem since I was a National Debate person debating the issue back in the late 1960’s)
  14. He has brought the N. Korean dictator to the table to negotiate. (The entry point to resolving conflict is in fact communication.   If there is no communication, nothing changes.)
  15. The President of South Korea has publicly stated, and I heard this myself. “You are truly the Peacemaker.”
  16. The Caliphate has been destroyed.  Though Al Qaeda and Isis still exist, the land they took for their Caliphate has been retaken, and many enemy killed.
  17. He has started Opportunity Zones in the inner cities and rural areas where the youth have no economic opportunity and where crime is high. The program is designed to bring business and jobs to these areas, coupled with education, and security.
  18. He has reformed prison sentencing, so that people don’t end up serving a life sentence for a crime that should not carry that. He has worked on in-prison reforms that truly prepare the parolee for a Fresh Start.
  19. He is proposing that the Pell Grants be changed to allow African-Americans and others to use the grant for education which results in high paying jobs. Taking two years, and preparing those who want for jobs in trucking and manufacturing etc.
  20. Overall unnemployment is at an all-time low, in my lifetime.   (By the way, only 1 in 15 of those employed now has two or more jobs. The rest are living on just one job.  I believe that is the current stat.)

Look at it.   We do best when we look, don’t listen.   We can check the stats with the various government agencies who track the results of programs.

So, how’s the fruit on the tree?

One thought on “Be A Fruit Inspector

  1. Angela

    Wonderful perception on the subject of what’s going on with the political world we live in. I love the idea of being the inspector of the fruit not by the black robe. It is an eye opening for me and I hope it will inspire others as it inspired me.


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