Schumer’s Done This Before

Brace yourselves, my fellow countrymen. Whether you are a Democrat, Independent, Republican or whatever, we all need to be sure that Sen. Chuck Schumer never becomes the Majority Leader in the Senate.

Normally he is quite covert in his back-stabbings and undermining activities. Recently however–whether emboldened by the fact his House colleagues pulled off yet another hoax, or whether he is just inadvertently showing his true colors–he has surfaced into open threats and intimidations.

If you actually listen to what he said to Supreme Court Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, and you understand that he is a leader from one branch of government threatening members of another branch of government, you will perhaps understand the assault upon the Constitution, let alone two Justices who have a job to do.

This time he blurted it out arrogantly and defiantly right in front of the Supreme Court while all Justices were hearing arguments on a case. Schumer wanted a particular outcome. What’s wrong with that? Well, he said directly to the two Justices, “You have sown the whirlwind, and you will pay the price….You won’t know what hit you.” The venom was pointed and unmistakable. Of course, he is walking it back now, trying to get you not to believe your own “lying eyes” and “lying ears.”

Was he threatening physical violence? I doubt it. He seems to be spinning this that he was talking about political consequences. What “political” consequences could he be talking about with Justices who are appointed for life? Impeachment. If they did not vote the way he wanted them to vote, he was threatening them with Impeachment.

The problem is, he has done this before. The word “Impeachment” should ring a bell. I am speaking sarcastically here! Sen. Chuck Schumer seems to be the enforcer/ring leader for someone. He’s the one who arrived at the Supreme Court steps to deliver the covert message of extortion and intimidation. The message? Yield, or suffer the consequences.

It was Chuck Schumer who “warned” newly-elected President Trump not to mess with the Intelligence people, because they can get you “six ways from Sunday.” At the time it was presented as if it were a friendly bit of advice to the newcomer. My guess is Trump received the advice as he does much advice–politely. Then he disregarded it. And in doing so, opened the door to the last 3.5 years of national nightmare–investigations, hoaxes, trials, vitriol. Because the Intelligence Community can in fact get anyone of us “six ways from Sunday.”

But suppose this was not a collegial warning to the “new guy.” Suppose it was in fact a threat–delivered behind the Cheshire cat smile that Schumer can make as he peers over his glasses.

Whether Trump recognized it and chose to ignore the threat, or whether he believed it to be a warning given to help him, we will likely have to wait until long after he is out of office to know.

But, here is what we know happened: (If you don’t know this information, you must be Rip Van Winkle, dozing somewhere, because this is now all documented, testified to, and being further investigated criminally.)

After ignoring the threat that–if the President tried to press the Intelligence Community, and discover some truths on his own–he would be attacked, the attack did in fact happen. We have all watched as it seemed to have been coming from a multiplicity of directions, a variety of sources, hidden communication lines, betrayal by insiders and complicity by Media.

1. Schumer warned or threatened. The President disregarded it.

2. Then FBI Director James Comey showed the President a section of the Steele Dossier, ostensibly to educate the greenhorn as to why he needed Intelligence briefings daily. That was a ruse.

3. Right after leaving that meeting, Comey then called Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, stating, “Mission accomplished.” What mission you might ask now? Planting the material they planned to use to bring down a President.

4. Now that the document had been “officially” shown to the President, it was news-worthy. Clapper then leaked information about that meeting to, if memory serves me, two Media outlets who had been standing by.

5. They could now officially run with it. After all, their source was James Clapper–a high-ranking government official. And run with it they did. And we have not had a day of peace since. Nor has the President.

6. Illegal FISA warrants were issued. A Court was lied to, and as a last act of perfidy before leaving office, Comey leaked government information through a friend to the Press, for an admitted purpose of forcing the Justice Department to create a Special Counsel.

7. Then, onto the stage stepped Robert Mueller.

Meanwhile demure Mr. Schumer could hide behind his original “warning,” shake his head in feigned disbelief, and tell us all that he had tried to warn the President. He almost got away with it.

Except for his blunder earlier this week. Watch the video. You will see that the underlying hatred, anger, and disrespect he has for the Judicial Branch of our government surfaced unmistakably. At that moment he was what he truly has been all along–a rabble-rouser with a cause.

The cause? I believe time will show that his goal is the overturning of our form of government, which is a Constitutional Republic. Mr. Schumer is one of those corrupt and delusional people who believes that our form of government has to be replaced. He may want one branch–the Legislative Branch. He may want a Parliamentary form, whereby Presidents can be thrown out, despite the will of the people. He may want a more totalitarian form of government.

Make no mistake. You are the target, my fellow countrymen. Heed his warning. “Don’t mess with the Intelligence people. They can get you six ways from Sunday.”

And brace yourselves. Because, soon, vile rumors and made-up accusations delivered by “anonymous” people will create false narratives. The Hoax will begin again. The goal? The removal, by Impeachment, of Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh.

If he becomes Majority Leader in the Senate, that is where and when it will begin. You be the judge. Were his words to Kavanaugh and Gorsuch just a rhetorical warning? Or were they a threat intended to intimidate?

It was just such analyses as this, and others that I have done along the way, that led to the story of “White King and the Doctor.” It was just such a little essay that I would write to myself, with projected attack lines by an enemy, that led to a novel so “true” no one has been able to discern what is fact and what is fiction.

You might want to heed me on this one.

One thought on “Schumer’s Done This Before

  1. Mary Kanady

    Schumer is a snake and his agenda is the overthrow of our Republic…just like Schiff and Pelosi, and Clapper and the rest of their ilk. I will throw Obama and Kerry into that mix. Obama is the leader of this bunch of traitors and is still going strong trying to change every States demographics.


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