A Lie Told Often Enough Becomes the Truth

One of Hitler’s known strategies was his understanding that a lie told often enough becomes the truth.  He used propaganda to get the German people to believe that the Jews were the source of Germany’s economic ills.   It was a lie, but the constant repetition of the marketing message in his perverse campaign to gain power, eroded, over time, the peoples’ natural reason. Pin that in your notebook.  The strategy of those who destroy is to make certain that reason does not prevail when an issue comes up.   They want a stimulus-response knee-jerk reaction to occur.   They desire to have emotion overwhelming reason.   Because then, and only then, can one  manipulate otherwise good people into an angry mob,  mobilize a group into a lynching,  stampede people  into riots and looting, or inspire people to overthrow a government.

Pavlov studied stimulus-response with dogs, eventually getting them to salivate at just the sound of a bell.   Skinner, that delightful fellow who is reported to have kept his own baby in a glass box for a year, to see how a child responds to no human contact, carried research into stimulus-response in man.   You have to ask yourself why?   For humanitarian purposes?   Hardly.   They were looking for ways to control men, and the behavior of men, through things they could do to their minds.

Their task–mind control and indoctrination techniques in order to overwhelm the natural reason of the individual and make it possible to control him and his actions.   The emotion–either fear or hatred, or both.   It is an enslaving mechanism.  To the Black Propagandist, you are not a soul, with values and morals, which would make you an independent thinker,  You are simply an animal to be controlled. Do not doubt this.  He has complete disdain for you as he feeds you the lies, and watches you do his dirty work thereafter.  Anytime you find yourself suddenly incapable of controlling a fear response or anger response to some news item, and you want to leap to a generality and tidily end all discussion because you “feel” that ALL people are just like the one bad apple you encountered or read about, you have been victimized.   Discernment has been erased, the ability to differentiate has been obscured, and you stand there howling to the moon that “the one equals the whole.”   And you then start repeating the mantra.   And the lie spreads further.

Let’s take an example or two of where I see the behind the scenes manipulator getting good men and women in this country to do his dirty work.   One powerful man engages in sexual harassment, whether it be a Harvey Weinstein or Matt Lauer.   And the knee-jerk reaction is to believe all powerful men  must also be sexually harassing women.  The assumption now is that powerful men are scoundrels and we women must take them down. Told often enough by the Me Too Movement that all women have had to put up with sexual harassment, a casual observer could conclude all men in America are reprobates who don’t deserve to have any power.   Because dozens of guys did bad things, now all 150 million American males are suspect.

The truth is some specific men did inappropriate things, or worse.   Their sins need to be individually identified, and an individual solution created to handle their misconduct.   But the lie told often enough now has men fearful of women’s “reaction” to their praise, conversation, flirtation etc.    If the goal was to make men afraid, goal achieved.   If the goal was to destroy healthy relationships in America which could lead to a strong family unit, then obviously having women hating men, and men afraid of women is a victory.

Do not misunderstand me.   If you got angry right then, slow down and take a deep breath.   The point is not whether bad behavior has occurred between men and women, where the man took advantage of a woman.   That is a given.   The point is that the conclusion that ALL men have this proclivity is not rational, and is a lie.   And I would like to suggest to you that what used to be called the Battle of the Sexes has now escalated into the War Between Men and Women.   Ask yourself, does that create, or does it destroy?   What does it destroy?   Trust, confidence, partnership come to my mind.   What comes to yours? And, who benefits from men and women at war with each other?

The next Blog will go right into the Lion’s Den.   The subject:  The Fifth Column, the New York Times, and the Feinstein Letter.


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