The Fifth Column & “Anonymous”

What is a Fifth Column, and is there one operating within the United States?  I’ll define this first, A fifth column is a clandestine, subversive group within a country furthering an invading enemy’s aims.  Their purpose is to break the solidarity of the people, and to sabotage.  Once weakened, then the target can be easily attacked from  the outside.

Brace yourself.  There are multiple Fifth Columns operating within our country today, so this subject will come up more than once.   And I challenge you that the survival of this nation depends upon you finally identifying for yourself who the true invading enemy is.   My novels address the fifth column that is dumbing us down and drugging us up.   You really should read them.

Because it was in doing my research to write the novels inspired by actual  events that I stumbled upon, and affirmed, an actual enemy.   This is not “conspiracy theory.”  It is genuine information warfare to misinform and misdirect.  I found my way through to truth by asking the fundamental question:   IF an enemy is doing this, and using a fifth column to accomplish it, WHY?

This brings us to this past week’s clown car–Anonymous and the New York Times.  Written without any name assignation, therefore hiding in the cover of darkness, and protected by the shield of the Press, an individual or group of individuals injected gossip and rumors into an Op-Ed piece.  Appealing to those who have already been seduced by lies told often enough, and to lies attached to a modicum of truth, the intention  was to get a broader audience of people to doubt, to hesitate, to fear, and even to react.   The target is the President of the United States including his Administration.   Or does it go beyond that?

Remember that one of the symptoms of having been brainwashed is the stimulus-response knee jerk reaction to news, accompanied by extreme negative emotion.   This week was a circus of people whose reason had been short-circuited.  Pavlov would be proud. Stalin would be proud.

One of the sane, rational principles of our nation is that the accused has the right to know his accuser’s identity, and to face his accuser.   Without the ability to see actual data and confront an actual person, any number of slanderous, libelous accusations can be made.   Careers, reputations, relationships are destroyed by this technique in America daily because of an erosion of this guiding principle.

And for their own clandestine reasons, the New York Times chose to “dance with the devil” and promote gossip.  Worse yet, anonymous gossip.  You wouldn’t let your children get away with such harmful, atrocious, and anti-social behavior.  Don’t let the Times get away with it either.  They have a right to do that, and we have a right to recognize them as less honest than your grocery store tabloids.   When the National Enquirer becomes more accountable and accurate than the New York Times, you know somebody has fallen victim to some very skilled Information Warfare operatives.   Someone told a lie often enough that the New York Times  has accepted it as true, and now someone has actually gotten the Times to be complicit.

The Times would do well to have a specialist come in who can teach them how to recruit a Fifth Column.   Then, they would likely spot that “someone” did that to them.

If there is a sane journalist or editor still there, they would be wise to find out who has gotten into their midst.   Who is trusted?   Who could have caused them to breach all normal journalistic practices and not even flinch?   Someone in their sphere has successfully compromised their reason, and it will go hard for that company.  Bias run rampant has always led to tyranny and loss of freedom.

Sadly, the New York Times is now doing the bidding of the Fifth Column.  We all need, for the sake of our own survival, to identify who that Fifth Column is, and bring them into the cleansing light of day.

Stay tuned…

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  1. Philip Pelton

    Thank you so much for sharing your insights. I agree completely with your assessment and have learned a great deal from all of your blogs so far. I will be reading your series of books to gain further insight.


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