The 110,000 person non-story

Today, more than half way around the world, 110,000 excited people filled the world’s largest cricket stadium. The motorcade arriving at the stadium drove through record crowds, throngs of people along the streets–many waving American flags–and deposited its occupants backstage.

Who drew such a crowd? For whom was such enthusiasm displayed? Who drew even bigger crowds than President Trump typically does in the United States?

I heard about this while driving to my yoga class this morning. I happened to turn on a morning business show to check in on what was happening business-wise when the host of the show, Stuart Varney, was lamenting the fact that there was almost no coverage of the event. He wanted to see and hear more.

But, our media was only begrudgingly commenting on this historic crowd and speechmaking. True, it occurred in the middle of the night ET, so perhaps they were just too exhausted hyping political activities here in the US to have been able to get up that early, or to stay up that late. Or perhaps they lacked the intellectual curiosity to find out why so many people were out, flag-waving, in a foreign country.

More likely they knew, but couldn’t stomach admitting the admiration the speaker was getting. Perhaps they couldn’t admit that this person is not universally hated. Perhaps the images of 110,000 cheering people in a stadium were so great a contradiction to the narrative they have told Americans for so long that they couldn’t even find words.

Some found a picture. Some may have reluctantly shown a small clip of a moment or two of the event in that stadium. Then they returned to the usual onslaught of negativity and falsehoods that we all have become accustomed to.

So, who was the visitor to India? President Donald J. Trump.

I challenge you to look it up and see what you can learn about why these people appear to love our President. You can be pretty sure you will need to ferret it out yourself.

Because if the conspiracy-theory Media has its way, you will soon be given a long list of countries that they believe are trying to interfere in our election. Any world leader who appreciates the United States and who respects our President will have to be added to the list of possible co-conspirators.

So far, we can add Prime Minister Modi of India, Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Great Britain. the Prime Minister of Canada, the President of Mexico, the Director of NATO, the President of Russia, the President of the Ukraine, the Prime Minister of Australia, the President of France, the President of Brazil, the President of Colombia, the Prime Minister of Israel, the King of Jordan, the Prime Minister of Japan, the President of China, the President of South Korea.

And the list goes on. Boy, that is an awful lot of countries who could be engaging in interference with the next election because they want to continue to work with our President!! Wow, former CIA Director John Brennan is going to be awfully busy framing all of those guys! It’s going to take the help of a whole crew of people. For sure he is going to need Comey and Clapper.

The “swamp” is going to be overworked for the next few months. This is going to be fun to watch!

Stay tuned, Director Brennan. Don’t forget “the Bloodhound” is still out there, getting closer and closer. You might want to up your doses of anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, and sleep medications.

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  1. Tanii Carr

    I just love this and relish every post, every sentence, every word in every post! And to end it on a rather cheery note–of how much fun it’s going to be–well, just makes it even more special and delicious! Given all the adjectives I’m using relating to food, I think I need to take a break for some food!


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