My Bad–CNN did cover it!

Well, I was wrong. CNN did cover the President’s trip to India. Then all the other media sheep followed them with the exact same coverage.

Of course, CNN did not cover the purpose of the trip in any great depth or analysis. They did not cover the 110,000 excited fans in the arena, nor the reported other 100,000 people lining the streets for the motorcade, except as backdrop for the real story.

The real story according to CNN? The dietary habits of President Donald J. Trump. They decided to belittle and ridicule our President for his eating habits. They were all obsessed with what he was going to eat in India, since he likes steak. And they just couldn’t imagine that he would be able to endure the vegetarian diet that Modi would likely present to him. (Sounds a bit stereotypical to me. But then, no one is accusing these journalists of original thought or observation.)

They even had the ubiquitous “anonymous White House sources” tell them the President rarely even eats a salad. And, ignoring the trade deals, the cementing of an alliance with an ally, the potential securing of the region, they spent their time joking and demeaning.

Can you believe these folks are paid millions? As a former Human Resources and Labor Relations executive, I recommend you send every mean-spirited, shallow person you run into over to CNN to apply for a job.

They should fit right in.

So, there you have it–my official correction of my original inaccurate “reporting.”

2 thoughts on “My Bad–CNN did cover it!

  1. Tanii Carr

    In the 1980s I worked for a major television station in Los Angeles. While my jobs mostly related to production, programming and shows, I knew many of the news folks (“newsies” as one news director jokingly called them–he was speaking of the talking heads not necessarily the reporters in the field). I was also friends with the News Director who filled me in on how news gets more air time.

    He said that none of news stations or reporters want to be the first to take a stand on a big story (other than the usual controversy, conflicts, i.e., “juicy” stuff), if in anyway it takes a position other than the current view of things as reported. But once one well known reporter or major news outlet takes a new position on a big subject, the rest follow along, it now being “safe” to take a new position.

    Bottom line: None of them want to be the first to raise their hands and say “The King has no clothes!” Sheep. And that was from someone in the news business! This is another example, with the obvious exception that CNN didn’t really take a stand and new position. I suspect they simply realized that it would look too suspicious to neglect any mention of the trip, while at the same time, twisting and demeaning its purpose still promoting the negative propaganda about Trump.

    Worse than sheep….

  2. CJ

    No, you were right. They did not “cover” it. CNN only said he was there and then made him wrong on a very dis-related subject.


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