Too True

Last week I posted a Blog entitled “Who Benefits? The Answers” I encourage you to read the Blogs AND because only two days after I posted the “answers” analysis, the predictions I made in it started to happen.

I heard that the Drudge Report was trying to confirm “rumors” that were circulating in Washington. The rumor was that Michael Bloomberg and Hillary Clinton were going to team up on the ticket to run against the incumbent president.

Then, over the weekend, Dick Morris, who worked closely with President Bill Clinton as an advisor, and who now writes for Newsmax, predicted that Hillary will run again…that she will step into the race.

So, as I said last week, watch what she says and does in the coming weeks. Anonymous leaks and planted rumors are her stock in trade. If enough people go into agreement with the idea as the rumors take hold, then she could be “drafted” by her party. And thus, would not have to bother about the pesky and exhausting primary campaign trail.

And, if the necessary support never materializes, it all can be dismissed as “mere rumors,” not founded in any substance. So, what do you think? Is she testing the waters already? Or is she setting herself up to make a deal of some kind?

One thought on “Too True

  1. CJ

    If Bernie gets sidelined by HRC and the DNC “again”, there is a possibility that his followers will simply not vote and that would be an interesting turn.


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