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“White King and the Seat at the Table”–Update

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Launch Plus Two Weeks. It has only been two weeks since the launch of “White King and the Seat at the Table,” and the buzz is STRONG on this book. First, a recent comment from a dentist whose wife “disappeared” after the book launch.  Here’s what he wrote, “ She just finished reading your new book.   I haven’t seen her for a couple of days because she couldn’t put it down.  She said it is masterfully crafted.  You nailed it.”

More comments are coming in each day, so I want to encourage all of you who already ordered books and want to give additional books to friends/family/colleagues/representatives etc. for Christmas, that you order NOW to allow time for printing and for shipping.  Those who plan to order, but haven’t done so yet, I encourage you to do so as well.  Everyone, just go to: to order at special prices, shipping etc.

And, while you are there, watch the video of the launch.  We recorded again and edited the original night to bypass the “interruption” many of you watched unfold.  So, the current launch video on the site is a GREAT place to send people that you want to have learn about the book and hear what was covered. 

In a few weeks, once those of you who ordered then or are ordering now have had a chance to read the book, we are going to invite you to a very exclusive, private meeting to address “Operation Stone-Age Viral.”  Though fiction, the situation is real, and the solution in the book is real.  And I am eager to elaborate with you on the future plans and your “seat at the table.”  For those of you who are asking, “what is Operation Stone-Age Viral?”—just keep reading!

You’re the best,


Something Nancy Said…

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Something Nancy Pelosi said about two weeks before the election caught my attention. I had an uneasy feeling then, and am dead certain now. In one of her many appearances in front of the news media, adjusting her color-coordinated mask, she seemed to be preparing all Democrat supporters for something they would experience on election night. She said words to this effect. (This is not an exact quote, but it is very close to it.)

Do not worry or be concerned on election night. Donald Trump may appear to be winning, maybe winning by a landslide on election night. But don’t worry. No matter what it looks like, by the time ALL the ballots are counted we will have won, and will have put Joe Biden in the White House.

A Press that has no intellectual curiosity whatsoever, and no critical thinking ability either, did not notice an obvious outpoint. It is the outpoint that stuck with me. Her assertion that even if Trump won by a landslide on election night, he would lose in the ensuing days was outrageous. If an election is close, and one candidate appears to have won at midnight, it is possible of course for the opponent to gain ground to wipe out a narrow gap.

But, one needs to ask, “How the hell do you wipe out a “landslide?” How do you reverse multiple states simultaneously, erasing huge margins of victory?

So, it begs the question, what did Nancy know? Why was she reassuring her hyper-emotional constituency that everything would be ok in the end–no matter how distressing the evening of Nov. 3 might appear?

There are now more than 11000 sworn affidavits by people who are alleging–under penalty of perjury–fraud or irregularities, spread throughout multiple states. That makes the “battlefield” extremely expansive and diverse, involving different states and their laws. Daunting task. The probable strategy: death by a thousand cuts.

We do not know how this will play out in the coming weeks, but one thing is certain: This is a contested election. Do you understand that Mitt Romney? Do you understand that Chris Wallace? Do you understand that CNN? Do you understand that everyone? Whether you wanted it to be over with on Nov. 3 and the result all wrapped up in a tidy package, tied with a bow, is now a moot point. It is what it is.

Like it or not–there are procedures and rules that govern elections and which cover what happens when results are contested and a candidate will not concede. The candidates represent the people who voted for them, and they have every right to try to ensure that the outcome matched the true will of the people.

We are a nation of laws. We operate anchored on our Constitution, and each state has their constitution. They also have election laws that the Legislative Branch of the state government has created over time. We operate by the Rule of Law–not the Rule of Dictate by the Fourth Estate, or marauding riotous mobs. We have Due Process.

This will play out in courts across America over the next few weeks. There is nothing Hitlerian, or Stalinist about it. To exercise one’s rights under the Constitution is not an act of Sedition. So, whether Nancy wants to say this or not, I am suggesting to her Democrat constituents, and to other Republican elites, that “no matter what it looked like the day or two after the election, in the end, you may have cause to be upset.”

As for me, I am a citizen, like you, who has voted proudly in every election since I turned 21. A few days before election day I drove 8 hours all told to get my 91-year-old brother out of an Assisted Living facility–even though it meant he would be quarantined for two weeks–because he had never missed a vote either. He is a Korean War veteran and really wanted to vote.

And, if even one vote was illegally cast and counted, then that vote–cast by a cheater–has cancelled my vote or perhaps cancelled my brother’s vote. I am a fair-minded person. If I lose in a fair fight, I will take my licks and come back another day. Donald Trump is no different than me. He has rights, and one of them is his right to fight on.

We allowed Al Gore to pursue the legal path when he felt he had been wrongfully robbed of the victory. We will go down this legal path now too. Enjoy the walk on the path of the Rule of Law, even if for some of you it feels like a walk into scary, unknown territory. Lawlessness though is truly hard on you. You will find a peace in following the law.

The Man in the Snow with the Wind in His Face

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It seems like a century ago, though it was only about 10 days. He stood in the snow, with bitter cold winds blowing in his face. Exuberantly he talked to the 20 or 30,000 Americans who stood with him in the snow and cold, to talk about our future.

That is a metaphor for President Trump. He has stood up to withering attacks and “cold North winds” for 4 years. And the people–by the tens of thousands–have stood with him. He has fought hard for all the American people in every arena of our lives. And we must stand with him, and fight beside him now for those very things.

Though the Media withheld all of these accomplishments from half our population, and censored anyone near the end of the campaign who posted on social media about what has been done for the people, those accomplishments are real. They are not a PR campaign. They are affecting real people, in positive ways.

Lest you be tempted to wimp out and retreat, accepting defeat just because Fox News told you that you lost, I want you to pause a minute and think about what we lose if we lose President Trump. If we lose in a fair fight with all legal votes counted, and all illegal votes thrown out, then fine. But, we have a ways to go before conceding. Fair fight or not though, we still lose the following:

For my black American friends and colleagues, here is what you lose if Donald Trump goes away. The Democrats have no programs or plans for you except what they have done for the last 70 years. They have nothing to replace these: You lose the Opportunity Zones that are bringing jobs and investment into the Inner Cities and poor rural areas to enable young men and women to work, and develop businesses, and prosper financially in the future. You lose School Choice for all of your children, relegating their education to the bottom of the heap. Trump has protected the income for HBCUs for 10 years, ashamed that previous Presidents forced them to come begging annually for funding. Knowing he will be gone by then, he gave those fine institutions as much security as he could. You may lose any Criminal Justice and Prison Sentence Reform unless it was done by the Congress.

Most important of all going forward, you will lose the Platinum Plan that he and Senator Tim Scott have created. Carrying an immense economic investment clout, it is a stunning move to enable black Americans to develop and expand businesses, employment, and prosperity. It is designed to close the wealth gap, by raising the wealth of black Americans, not by lowering the wealth of others.

You also will likely lose the lowest unemployment rate in history for Blacks and Hispanics. And lose the dramatic rise in wages that has occurred at the same time.

Now, what else do we as Americans lose? We lose Peace in the Middle East. You may not be aware that President Trump has been nominated for FIVE separate Nobel peace prizes!!!!! The Media did not even tell you about one. Just addressing the Abraham Accord, it is the most creative and innovative approach to the problems of the Mid-East ever conceived. The proof of that is that, if any other Administration had thought of it, they would have tried it. For 70 years no one did. Donald Trump did. And, it worked. However, if he goes away, and the Biden approach to Iran and the Mid-East returns, that peace agreement can not sustain.

You lose the jobs, factories, and manufacturing that Trump so painstakingly put together over four years. He brought American businesses home to America. A new Administration will take them global again.

You lose Energy Independence which we arrived at for the first time in my lifetime. That, by the way, was a key first building block that enabled us to forge a new approach to Peace in the Middle East. We could never have peace, because we needed their oil, and we were always drawn into conflicts that were all about oil. With energy independence, the United States can honestly broker a deal with Arab nations that they will trust.

You lose any hope of closing that border to drug dealers, human traffickers, murderous gangs, terrorists etc . The immigration issue needs to be solved, but not by fostering lawlessness.

You will lose effective vaccines–at least for now–for the China Virus. You will get in exchange Mask Mandates and Lockdowns.

You lose any hope of China being held accountable for the Virus, its global effects and devastation–let alone any hope of containing China’s voracious military and economic appetite.

You lose the Durham report, and any hope of indictments in the coup attempt. You lose the truth about the Ukraine hoax that led to the impeachment.

But, you will get to keep Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and rampant looting, arson, rioting, and destruction any time you disobey the demands of “the mob.” You will keep the Swamp too!

This is merely a partial list of what was accomplished and what I believe will perish if we lose this Presidential election. So, stand fast my friends. Do not weary in well-doing. Do not flinch or fade, appease or cower in the face of daunting odds and clamors to concede. Do not shut up just because CBS wants you to.

Thousands upon thousands of Americans like myself and you stood in the cold and snow, or heat and humidity to hear a man who cast a vision of a better America–for all its citizens, not just the privileged elite.

So, when you make your choice this week, I recommend you follow the war cry of the Gladiator in that wonderful movie as he and his men faced fierce, unfair, and overwhelming odds. “Hold the line!” Don’t cower, crying out, “Please, just make it go away!”

Donald J. Trump did not do this for himself. He did it for you. Now, take a deep breath and find out what you can do to help.

The next Blog will be “Something Nancy Said…” and the one after that will be “A Backup Plan.”

Enthusiasm You Say?

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The Media is missing it once again. They misunderstood us in 2016, and they are misunderstanding us now. President Trump is doing 5 rallies today and 5 or 6 tomorrow–while still performing the duties of the Presidency.

Tens of thousands of people are turning out, standing in line for hours. Then standing even longer in the cold–and today the snow. The political analysts, the members of the press assigned to cover the two campaigns, even members of the campaign themselves, ALL comment on the enthusiasm of the Trump voter this year.

They look at the anemic turnout at a Biden rally where there are a few dozen cars, and no interaction between the candidate and the audience. And they are trying to analyze what this difference in “enthusiasm” between the two candidates’ supporters will mean on Tuesday.

To me, they are ALL making a mistake when they assign these throngs of people to “enthusiasm.” They are enthusiastic, yes. But, it is something bigger, more pervasive and lasting. It is Determination. The Trump people aren’t just enthusiastic this year. They are “determined.” And when pollsters, analysts, or political operatives assign what is clearly palpable to mere enthusiasm, they are going to misevaluate what is about to happen.

There is a big difference between mere enthusiasm, and enthusiastic determination! I can not speak for you. But, I can speak for myself. I am not just enthusiastic. I am determined. I am ready to “take the hill.”

And tomorrow I will give you what I predicted months ago would be the outcome of this groundswell of focused, enthusiastic, cheerful determination. It will likely surprise you.

“Wag the Dog 2”–new cast, same deception

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The film “Wag the Dog” was released in 1997. The plot involves a President trying to get reelected who gets caught in a scandal. His spin doctor hires a Hollywood producer to create a war, one so convincing that the media and public will be distracted by the war, and not notice the scandal. The war was fake, but, through the filmmaker’s genius, appeared real. Real enough to fool the country.

It was a brilliant and funny satiric revelation of just how manipulative politics, media, and Hollywood can get. Through skillful writing, filming, and editing, one can make anything appear real–even a completely false story. You could fool the media into taking the bait. But, what if the media was part of the deception–willfully part of the deception?

You should note that when I was researching Bin Laden and Ayman Al-Zawahiri for the insights that eventually led to “White King and the Doctor,” I discovered that it was reported Bin Laden’s favorite movie was “Wag the Dog.” That is in fact what gave me the idea to have Bin Laden in a film studio filming various scenarios that might happen in the future, and to have him launch his propaganda chief into an attack that would undermine the American free press, causing the American people to bring themselves down from within. All of it, based on creating something out of nothing, and then making the “something” appear so real that it was accepted as the truth.

There is a “Wag the Dog 2” being created right now. Many of you may see some things on the news but have not trained your eye to spot what is missing. You may be watching Trump or Biden rallies on TV–or the parts the media allows you to see–and you have missed something.

I currently live in a state where rallies have taken place locally, and the local news reporters and their cameramen sometimes capture things CNN would never allow out for example. If you have been anywhere in the vicinity of a Trump rally, whether local or national news covers it or not, you know the rally is there and it is large. I have also personally witnessed car and truck parades miles long spontaneously happening in my state of Florida. Boat parades and rallies are popping up all around the peninsula I live on.

The reverse is true of Biden rallies. I first noticed it when Biden came to Tampa to handle something with a voting block, and a rally was announced. I do not know what you saw on cable news networks, but what I saw was that those who showed up were Trump supporters.

That caught my attention. After that I began to watch every time Biden came out to a “rally.” Occasionally the cameraman would slip up and show the audience area, and it was obvious that there was either no one there but the Press, or a dozen or so people. The camera would then cut away immediately to avoid the embarrassment or truth of the event. During his train campaigning, when he stopped at various towns, the camera accidentally showed no audience.

Then I checked Kamala Harris, and at her rally a week or so ago, even though she came out to the stage in the park or field (the usual setting for Biden or Harris) waving to fans and, in a very unconvincing performance, peering out over what seemed like a large and sprawling crowd extending into the distance, once again the camera caught the attendees. There were about 25 people in the audience. My response? I simply said to myself, “Oh, no…”

Even more telling is the Obama rally in Miami area last week. It was, like most Biden rallies now, a drive-in rally. I assumed there would be a lot of people at this rally, given that it was the former President in a historically Democrat area. This time, even the cable network got caught up. They turned the camera at an angle, revealing the car audience from the point of view of President Obama. In my estimation, there were perhaps 100 cars–meaning 200 attendees.

Another rally this week interviewed Biden supporters after it. They explained they had heard about a rally, and came to see him, but were turned back at the venue. They were told it was a “private event” and they could not come in. They waited outside the publicly announced venue, and eventually a small caravan of cars came out honking.

Folks, this is a classic Wag the Dog. The Biden campaign has skillful cameramen, editors, and PR people, and the result is that you have been led to believe there actually is a vibrant, massively-supported candidate. The news then hammers the idea home with the polls every night.

In reality, there is almost no one coming out. It is a faux campaign. I am now convinced that all the polls are wrong–and possibly even deceptively created to put us in fear and uncertainty, and to make us convinced that a candidate who is not attracting a crowd as large as your office staff is clobbering his opponent. The visuals are being distorted to make you believe the vast majority of Americans are clamoring for Joe Biden, and would love to see him.

Someone may successfully create a work of fiction that actually puts the man in the White House, but it will have been through manipulation of the American people’s perceptions. A coordinated effort is being fed to you in what I will characterize as a Voter Suppression effort, and a Voter Intimidation effort.

The solution: turn off the TV and radio for the next 3 days. Watch no cable news–not even Fox–and do not look at any polls. No matter what juicy stories, scary forecasts or speculations come out today, tomorrow, and Monday, just do your job! Our job is to take the responsibility that comes with our citizenship: to VOTE on Tuesday, or before, in person.

This is your country, your government. You are the boss. And, if my experience at the polls in Florida this past week helping my 91 year old brother get to the polls for a vote in person in a wheelchair is any indicator, you will have fun. They are well-organized and trained here. Voter fraud at the polls would be very hard, and there will not be intimidation in the parking lots.

You have already been intimidated enough by the nightly cable news, and by fake, scripted, phonied-up rallies.

Shut out all noise now. It is “blinders on” time. Head down. Do not allow “Wag the Dog 2” to become a national bestseller. Films die when poorly attended. Don’t let cable news continue to sell you this “movie.”